Sherelle Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better Run run run run run run run aawaaaaaay
nige Love Stings jazz sensibilities...
nige Not even Mary could do this jam justice.

Chaka Khan & Rufus - Sweet Thing

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nige Did somebody say "Gipsy Jizzam"? "Romany Jizzam"? No matter. Dare you not to love this when the trombone kicks in...
nige I'm having a cowboy party tonight, and i'm going to play this shit when i walk in the room with my arseless chaps

New Order - True Faith

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Patti Smith - Because The Night

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blueskypoint washing off the summer dust...

Rose RoyceCar Wash

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blueskypoint Mixing the best of celtic and latin

Salsa Celtica-El Sol

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blueskypoint Mixing the best of celtic and latin

Salsa CelticaFuerte

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blueskypoint Plenty to choose from - get off mine!
blueskypoint Over her shoulder

Honky tonk woman

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blueskypoint Couldn't find another green world, but this is a good second
blueskypoint That's my samba-reggae man


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carlosenrique Un poco de música. Listening: Dancing Queen – ABBA

ABBADancing Queen

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Hnomad @fuzzygroove melting into the furniture is still on my ipod.
blueskypoint The one and only original Tom Waites

Tom WaitsSingapore

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blueskypoint !Another selling your soul - from Kissing the Pink


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blueskypoint !Guaranteed to raise a wee smile - Timbalada
blueskypoint A little bit of fun for a Sunday afternoon - even if it is Wednesday. Seaside rendezvous
blueskypoint I like the sea. Wonder where Isla Bonita is?
carlosenrique Listening: Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads.
dianamaria I miss you. Yeah, the truth is that I miss you so
jevs Now you can blip also from community page .
2Serenity @browneyes thank you for making the connection here for me. Spike Lee definitely was inspired in his film, "Inside Man" here with this song. Gorgeous!
blueskypoint !Well, the sun's out, looking for a more positive vibe

9. Sevara Nazarkhan - Yor Yor (Uzbekistan)

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blueskypoint !glide across that floor ...
blueskypoint !One of the all time classics

Peggy LeeFever

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blueskypoint !It's gettin hot round here ...
Hnomad putin pwns tiger:

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

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Cleber My Sweet Lord – George Harrison: CLÁSSICA!
dianamaria Just discovered Jeff Buckley. Now where has this guy been hiding? Surely not in my playlist!
Cleber Losing my religion – R.E.M.
2Serenity Hmm..not to sure what this Buddhist chant means but I am sending it into the universe. Need some prayer for the world. Blessing everyone w/ prayer


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dianamaria @mihaidragan Multumesc ca mi-ai amintit de

Bob Dylan - Times They Are A Changing

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carlosenrique "Take a jumbo across the water". Listening: Breakfast In America – Supertramp.
blueskypoint Love the wordplay title - nevermore


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blueskypoint It's only natural that I should want to be there with you
finestsuit simply amazing... where did these guys come from? and then... where did they go?
blueskypoint Les mouches heriteront le monde

les negresses vertes zobi la mouche ext

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blueskypoint oh no I've said too much; I haven't said enough
blueskypoint Say it again. Say it again. Say it again. Say it again.

07-Wig a wag - Nozvezh kentan ma eured (Gavotte)

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Carica anyway, let's do the waltz.:)
alpritchard A little bit of vintage scouse bombast to set you up for the weekend
blueskypoint Sheffield, 1980 something party memories flood back
blueskypoint I can't see the lines I used to think I could read between
blueskypoint Finnish precision


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blueskypoint If only 'only' was or wasn't 'only'
blueskypoint Back on that ole sunny theme again
chuketti hihihi chuketti finally graduate! eheheh dott. chuketti
chapita @DownLow oh man, you're the title of this song! XD
blueskypoint I love following a theme, you find all sorts of stuff
alpritchard A legend indeed...

Tobi Legend - Time will pass you by

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Hnomad ballplayers like ram jam

Ram JamBlack Betty

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hewletto Zippin' up my boots, goin' back to my roots


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chapita otro hitazo histórico que escuchaba en mi más tierna infancia por culpa de mis tías
chapita sigue cantando el vecino, con esto me olvido.
chapita qué pasó, que pasó Yolandaaaaaaa...
chapita y los Mejía Godoy son de antología
blueskypoint Red wine, chocolate, cheese ... comfort food

UB40Red, Red Wine

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blueskypoint Throwing stones, chucking rocks
chapita tarde gris en buenos aires.
carlosenrique Con Pink Martini llego a los 13 mil tracks en :D Listening: Hey Eugene – Pink Martini
Acidoriccio non sono pollicino. non semino briciole, io. non ho alcun interesse a ritornare sui miei passi. altre strade. tutte nuove. e ora, incontro ai sogni
Acidoriccio e se c'è da prendere altra pioggia, la spalle non le scanso
Hnomad proud day to be american, sad day to be californian.

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

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flavytcha para meu novo fav @johon e @ricricardo em ritmo de festa, pq eu acabei de comer um pão de mel :)


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stickylicks hear ye, hear ye, blippers 1 & Bruce Springsteen train a-comin down the tracks! Yippee-skippee-doo (w/link, FTW):
ecocity "Signing Off" was some vinyl that kept me going round 'round thinking about the racist immersion and pressures that posed as legitimate brotherhood.
ecocity @RealtorLefebvre whatcha drinking? a nice case of stout with messed up labels from Twisted Pine -great for chillin and launching a site to the Pixies (reblip)
flavytcha trilha do strip em 9 1/2 semanas de amor...qdo Mickey Rourke ainda era gente e não esse ser disforme q atende pelo mesmo nome :)
flavytcha do Terceiras Intenções, remake do Ligações Perigosas....pq não há nada de novo sob o Sol @luiz_com_z desmanchou do Alec Baldwin, e fez mto bem h
pavolo looking for jean binta breeze, but no luck

Jean KnightDo Me

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ecocity Ireland knew some "troubles" in these years, it's cooler now. We still have the colonization of mental landscape top deal with all over. (reblip)

The Cranberries - Zombie

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chapita Makeba tenía un espíritu sucesor.
pavolo that's the kind of moon i was looking for!

Neville Brothers Yellow Moon

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pavolo questa e` per mamma, a lei piace molto

Talking HeadsHeaven

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Acidoriccio lo ballerebbo (io) ugualougualo al Frankenstein jr. ora...
briangreene 15hrs later my eyes fail & i go to the land of nod. [soon]
flavytcha if trouble or money, I own more than any man should...I´m open to business in your neighborhood :) adoooro ela
briangreene @KristyKiernan thats the one i was looking for, you mind reader. tnx. (reblip)
pavolo castin' out my sweet line with abandonment and love, no ceiling bearin' down on me, save the starry sky above... @Will_deBloke (reblip)
briangreene Bette Davis Eyes (Acoustic) °°°‰°° Kim Carnes
stickylicks Hell yeah, Slumdog! Heck yes, Danny Boyyyyy. l . e
Clark_Griswold "is remembering that he is from dust and to dust she shall return."
briangreene this is it, this is the one, from This Is The Sea (tits) intro to swim in, WALL OF PAGAN CELTIC SOUND rb @newwaveclassics (reblip)

The Waterboys - Don't Bang the Drum

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briangreene noticing that the blip time stamp is Y2X incompatible. was it mar1 2009 or mar1 2008? in my case i only blipped since aug2008 feels like 5 years
chapita lo que está pasando por mi oído en este instante.
stickylicks Once again, ladies & gentlemen...Sandy Nelson, drummer extraordinaire.
Experiment1106 Jazzanova – Balanco - Metti Una Sera a Cena (Jazzanova Mix)
larweil12 St. Patrick's day is coming!
organicsue One woMan's Dream.......@>-------
pavolo did i win? @mammara


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organicsue @Diordan Olá! Hello! I was resting when I heard this. Just what I needed. Thank u @>-------- (reblip)
flavytcha oui @luiz_com_z mais le monde est marveilleux alors... \o/
Pierro @CLaueR thanks for the hint (reblip)


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flavytcha what are we gonna do with it?... once more, thanks @GR8FL for this wonderful upload :)
air ............and into the tunnel of love. I think the FBT are re-forming!
organicsue @drwh0 Thank u 4 Moondance. Full moon, so sure. (Tried to find Greg Brown's cover of this song, but found somebody's cover of a Greg Brown song.) (reblip)

Never Shine Sun

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air More from DCD (not CDC!).
revvvs Chug-a-lug ~ Roger Miller

Chug-a-lug ~ Roger Miller

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avivajazz Barbatuques – Andando Pela África // I love the 6/8 clave intro, and the body percussion (hand claps, foot stamps, mouth taps, and vocalizations). (reblip)
air Casual dudes............

america playing horse with no name

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revvvs Great swing from present times! Squirrel Nut Zippers – Ghost of Stephen Foster
revvvs Let's go! Madness – Night Boat To Cairo
air And to follow......................
Acidoriccio Now I have to go /jump to school/ the last formalities / and then in the printer/ to define the project/[almost /quiet]
avivajazz Motion Trio || Little Story
avivajazz Hadouk Trio // Baldamore // Baldamore
blueskypoint Ahhhh. Back on my playlist

Mr. Scruff 'Get A Move On' Music Video

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avivajazz Laurent de Wilde | Fleurette Africaine
revvvs Erasure – Sometimes


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tylermassey Jesca Hoop – Havoc In Heaven
avivajazz Nneka | Africans | The Uncomfortable Truth | Filmed on location in Lagos, Nigeria | #afrobeat #reggae


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avivajazz Balkan Beat Box w/ Women's Choir | Joro Boro | #balkan #world #fusion
avivajazz Ben Harper – When It's Good
avivajazz Changó y Yemayá

En honor a Changó y Yemayá

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Freak6d Another 4 in the morning for you @blueskypoint :)
TerriAD @dickadcock: "Rickie Lee Jones – Have You Had Enough of hypocrisy, rubber stamp, etc? " But, I haven't had enough of this music . Thanks for blippin'! (reblip)
avivajazz Hippy Boys w/ Glen Adams // Capo // Pretty darned unique "reggae," RB@rico. The organ's quite cool. (reblip)
briangreene hit the roof with this last night 2nd of 4 in an all irish set. teenage kicks - this - brewing up a storm - where's me jumper.....
briangreene not for MTV #Folk

Mavis Staples "Eyes On The Prize"

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blueskypoint Discovery


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"gli avamposti sono minati" di Egle Sommacal

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tylermassey James Brown – The Payback / Hits medley (Midnight Special 1974)
pavolo that was great, hit the spot @Corts all is good, in this hot florida late summer lazy day
chuketti nn so perchè ma mi sono svegliato con questa in testa aiuto

R.E.M. Losing My Religion

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gogin No comments. "Sad Lisa" - Cat Stevens
avivajazz Pizetta // Klezmer // Featuring Reagadelica // Dop Remix (reblip)
avivajazz Evgeny Grinko // Woody Allen // Cinematic Melodies EP (RAIG’s Accessory Takes)
avivajazz Mari Boine – Gullan Du (Hearing You) (reblip)
moissaclamb love it love it love it love it ..... GREAT

Crimson Dawn Video

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blueskypoint The one and only Jaaaames Brown - Get Up

James Brown-Get up Offa That Thing

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Mysterymix rb@Sobk13: "@2Tall Thank you, I do. And I know you love those Eastern fusion beats..." (reblip)
blueskypoint at the equinox

Josefine Lindstrand "There Will Be Stars"

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renaud_favier Not A Chance w/ Your Current Picture ;-) @Hellofacey ♫ Wilco – I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (reblip)
renaud_favier Don't Peace in The River ! At Least Not From The Bridge ;-)@blueskypoint: "get peace" (reblip)
blueskypoint love it

Okou "To The Bone"

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Mysterymix impressed by your cultural skills ^^@opus111: "The song that would later put a skip in the step of the dark horse, George Harrison." (reblip)
DavidL1313 Where I want to's now a Shopping Mall or was filmed in Pinewood Studios & & majesty like this can't be real...can it? @ladypn
briangreene Eleanor McEvoy SHIBBOLETH captures 'A devastating economic crisis' from the new album I’d rather go blonde
organicsue TY and Happy Thanksgiving! Big hug @BluesdaddyD: "have a great day my buddies" ~~ Willie Nix - Baker Shop Boogie (reblip)
blueskypoint And the original music to the Guiness ad - my favourite bit is the puppet timbal player. Class! Or as Paul Green once said "That's quality that is!"

Perez PradoGuaglione

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renaud_favier Thank You Blake Edwards, Good Roar for Tigers & Likes (don't forget to roar w/ WWF up There or Wherever ;-)
blueskypoint Wishful thinking

Rupa and the April Fishes "Wishful Thinking"

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blueskypoint Expatriate

Rupa & the April Fishes "Une americaine a Paris" video

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