boknowswhat don't worry. @kiarasex71 Just sit back and enjoy.
boknowswhat Good night all. I'll leave you with one more.
boknowswhat Everyone have a great day.

0970 - Pm Dawn - Set A Drift On Memory Bliss

| play
boknowswhat This ones for you son. I know you like Coldplay.
boknowswhat @Metatio- You gotta have some Tupac in your playlist!
killjenpoet ...@daydreamer - Thanks for the smooth wake up. It's 08:20 here, and this I hope keeps your eyes open! (reblip)
boknowswhat @kiarasex-Takes ya back?

ll cool j - rock the bells

| play
boknowswhat Ok, I'm out. Gonna spend the day shopping with my son.
boknowswhat I love this mix. 2 of my favs. Tupac & Phil Collins.Enjoy-
boknowswhat @kiarasex71--I know you like MJ!
boknowswhat The orininal techno- 19070's!


| play
boknowswhat @Metatio- Enjoy your night with the family.

ACDCBack In Black

| play
boknowswhat Always need Marley in the mix.

Bob MarleyJammin

| play
boknowswhat Hope you're Savin' Me from this blipping addiction (reblip)

NickelbackSavin' Me

| play
boknowswhat Love this song! Reminds me of my cousin.


| play
boknowswhat Everyone needs some Yaz in the playlist.


| play
boknowswhat @Metatio- This was your Aunt Lisa's fav. song when we were young.
boknowswhat I still wear mine the same way.

Run-D.M.C.My Adidas

| play
boknowswhat I saw her in concert. She is the real.
boknowswhat @kiarasex71- You wanna ride tomorrow?
boknowswhat for all those in different parts of the world.
boknowswhat It's Easter so lets all have a celebration!
boknowswhat Man, I used to pump this all the time. Digable plants.
boknowswhat I need a little Sly Fox in my playlist.
boknowswhat Any Lifehouse fans out there?


| play
boknowswhat @Metatio- One of these gals lives around the corner from you.


| play
boknowswhat @Spudski- This was a great band when I was kid.
boknowswhat Takes me back to my club days.Everybody get on the dance floor.
boknowswhat We all know what tomorrow is, Monday.
boknowswhat This song is always so soothing to me.Very ecouraging, always.
boknowswhat Everyone could use an angel!
boknowswhat @Metatio-Perfect man.

Scritti Politti - Perfect Way

| play
boknowswhat @DarlaV Glad you enjoyed it. I'm out. Time to go pay some bills.
boknowswhat My last one for this morning. @MichelleLeslie Thanks for the shoutout.
AliveinMe Psalm 136: Give thanks to the LORD for He is good!! His faithful love endures forever!!!!! (reblip)

Chris TomlinForever

| play
boknowswhat Yeah, The Last of the Mohicans was an awesome movie. Unconditoinal love! Killer score!


| play
boknowswhat Dance, Dance, Dance!

Another Night - Real Mccoy

| play
boknowswhat Another one from Take The Lead Soundtrack.
De_Ann woot woot...who's dancing with me???? @RunningRealtor DeAnn Start Shakin' (reblip)
boknowswhat This is my weekend motto.


| play
boknowswhat This was a crazy looking trio. The music was good though.
boknowswhat @kiarasex71-Here you go baby. What up wit ya?
boknowswhat It's baseball season so get in the outfield.
boknowswhat For the city boys.

Nick Gilder - Hot Child In The City

| play
boknowswhat @Spudski-You should check the site out.
boknowswhat @liz777ann2 Than you for tuning in.


| play
boknowswhat Always new she was talented-Keri Hilson

Keri HilsonEnergy

| play
boknowswhat Smooth cd-Exist!


| play
boknowswhat Long day. Need a little of this to relax.


| play
boknowswhat Holla at me baby


| play
boknowswhat One of my favs.The Platters
boknowswhat I got to get me some food. This is the last one for the day.
boknowswhat Aaron Neville-I could hear this all day.
boknowswhat One fine day-Man these girls could go.
boknowswhat My last doo wop for the evening---Yakety yak

CoastersYakety Yak

| play
DJddsNorth We ALL just want somebody to love. Awesome classic song by Jefferson Airplane. Goodmorning shoutout to @boknowsshoes!

Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to Love

| play
boknowswhat I am in an old school rap mood. EPMD
boknowswhat Sugarhill Gang-First rap song I ever heard. Hooked since.
boknowswhat MC Lyte- She had dudes scared to battle.

MC LyteCha Cha Cha

| play
boknowswhat Young MC-My last old school rap.
boknowswhat The ultimate forgive me song.


| play
boknowswhat All of us can you some love.DeBarge-Love me in a special way.
boknowswhat I love when the rappers of today hit up an old 80's pop tune. Flo Rida

Bad Moon Rising - CCR

| play
boknowswhat These guys just keep on going. Aerosmith


| play
boknowswhat Steve Windwood- Use to jam this one all the time.


| play
boknowswhat Des'ree Still going strong for me.

Des'reeYou Gotta Be

| play
boknowswhat US3- My last one for the evening.


| play
boknowswhat making my playlist for the day.

Boulevard_1_Blue Murder

| play
boknowswhat Since it's morning and time to eat breakfast.Breakfast Club
boknowswhat Lets all sail away-Christopher Cross
boknowswhat Hello all. Lets get some Depeche Mode going.
boknowswhat I need some soothing music to get rid of this headache. Elvin Bishop
boknowswhat Does anyone remember the double dutch bus?

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking

| play
boknowswhat For all of you having a bad day.

Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better

| play
Gaz50 Bon Jovi -Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
boknowswhat More Prince wildness-Head


| play
boknowswhat Do me baby-Prince

prince - do me baby

| play
boknowswhat NWA wilness-F the police

NWAFuck the Police

| play
boknowswhat Ok, it's time to mellow out. SWV

SWVCan we

| play
boknowswhat May J. & Luda- The smoothest

Ludacris ft. Mary J. Blige - Runaway Love

| play
boknowswhat Since it's baseball season-Dire Straights
boknowswhat time to get my playlist together for the day. Young Joc
JeremyBever this one is full of so much emotion
boknowswhat @GabrielleWhite You like smooth R&B, you should check this out.
boknowswhat Silent morning- I am in an 80's mode this morning!
boknowswhat Add some KRAFTWERK and my playlist is done for the morning.
boknowswhat The Verve---Bittersweet Symphony
boknowswhat Freddie Jackson-You Are My Lady

Freddie Jackson-You Are My Lady

| play
boknowswhat GREGORY ABBOTT-shake you down
boknowswhat Thanks for the props @girlsflyingsolo. The System – Don't Disturb This Groove
boknowswhat Thanks for the props @JanBlom. Ready For The World – Tonight
boknowswhat Thanks for the props @pajaritos. Manhattans – Shining Star
boknowswhat Loose Ends – Slow Down

Loose EndsSlow Down

| play
boknowswhat Thanks for the props @MissM773. Soul II Soul – Keep On Movin'
boknowswhat Some old school---------------ERIC B. & RAKIM - LET THE RHYTHM HIT EM (REMIXED)
boknowswhat SCHOOLY D - P.S.K. (WHAT DOES IT MEAN). Thanks @LisaLuvListen & @2Tall

Nice N Smooth Hip Hop Junkies

| play
boknowswhat BIG DADDY KANE - SMOOTH OPERATOR. Your welcome @2Tall! Thanks @wetrust!
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