sarahlane Guilty pleasure Monday! "I've never seen Sharon look so bad before." "I did once before, but this is pretty bad."
boxcar such a brilliantly composed piece
boxcar this is a great new album
boxcar check out the youtube clip of Radiohead(Thom and Johnny) covering this track

PortisheadThe Rip

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boxcar a GOOD friday morning song


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boxcar his vocals on this track give me chills every time
boxcar such a beautifully haunting track

RadioheadGo Slowly

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boxcar one of my all-time favorites
boxcar was so into this album back in high school


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boxcar finally! this track was always unavailable. victory is mine.
boxcar Numbers friday night, anyone?
boxcar i LOVE me some M83

M83Teen Angst

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boxcar i always thought this version was quite cool
boxcar finally found a working version of this...
boxcar an amazing live show. incredible vocalist


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boxcar i LOVE discovering music on pandora

LouisMy Own Good

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boxcar i'm feeling lucky ;-)

The VerveLucky Man

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boxcar i had to make it a radiohead TRIFECTA.

RadioheadAll I Need

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boxcar my favorite song on this classic many colors and levels
boxcar such a quintessential elliott smith song. very FOND of it (...i know)
boxcar disco is dead indeed.....or is it?

MetricDead Disco

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boxcar for all my friends in LA LA Land
boxcar wow. glad i remembered this song...been a while
boxcar @adecemberist thanks! awesome blip. i LOVE jeff buckley as well as Ours (btw, seeing Ours live in austin was religious)
boxcar come chill with me....

The CureLullaby

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boxcar this may be the first of consecutive Simon & Garfunkel blips. i'm just in one of those moods...
boxcar been a looong time since i heard this
boxcar this is probably my favorite album of 2009 so far...
boxcar i'm ready to see these guys live again
boxcar i was introduced to this band by @Twoism back when this album came out. i haven't looked back since...
boxcar such a cool track, probably my favorite on this album

Kings Of LeonCrawl

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boxcar i LOVE this band. i wish they would come to texas more often
boxcar i think i sense another 4-song block....

The PridsThe Glow

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boxcar mmmm. loud - soft - loud at its best
boxcar wish these guys were still together
boxcar ha. such a fun live show!
boxcar i need to get into Relay more....


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boxcar i like this. nice and tight, and still cool
boxcar good call with the mutemath at the office @travist (reblip)


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boxcar loved this song even more when i found out it's an homage to Johnny Marr's work with The Smiths

RadioheadKnives Out

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boxcar even their b-sides were good!
boxcar ....and this concludes my "nighttime music" broadcast.
boxcar 20+ years later this band is still super-cool
boxcar one of my favorite songs from that era
boxcar my favorite song from the late 70s early 80s punk era
boxcar Two turntables and a microphone

BeckWhere It's At

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boxcar would not mind seeing these guys live sometime
boxcar such a good song...and it keeps going
boxcar not bad at all. @thekrose: "this band is going to be huge" (reblip)
boxcar nice. i forgot about this song. blast from the past! (thanks @jessicacostello) (reblip)

WeezerEl Scorcho

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boxcar dude is still makin' good songs
boxcar me too --- @travist: "i'm really digging this song!" (reblip)

Matt & KimDaylight

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boxcar very cool. thanks for the heads up ---- @Twoism: "Really been digging this......." (reblip)
boxcar this takes me back. shirley manson was one of my favorites


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boxcar i'm doing very well, @maypuffy hope u're enjoying the summer. it's 100+ degrees here in TX!
boxcar good sunday morning to all....
boxcar such an epic song, an all-time classic
boxcar cool. this one is playing...
boxcar one of my all-time favorite bands. and here is a link to another of my favorite bands covering this song:
boxcar i am so glad it's finally raining again! w00t!

The Cult - Rain

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boxcar happy July to all. may the heat be mild ....wishful thinking
boxcar "oh wait. i hear the drums now. there they are..."
boxcar they do electronic so well...
boxcar would love to see them live again...
boxcar the Pixies' live BBC radio sessions are among my favorite recordings of theirs
boxcar haha. very cool song, and appropriately named (the rest of the hobos will like this). thnx @maypuffy (reblip)

The RosebudsBoxcar

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boxcar and now to close out #musicmonday with a favorite of mine from a great texas band...
boxcar everybody loves "creep" but this is my favorite track off their first album


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boxcar this song seems to go well with the rain we're getting right now
boxcar good wendnesday morning...
boxcar i can't wait to see these guys open for U2! (thnx @Mia__Cavallo) (reblip)
boxcar i agree @paulastudio: "rb@katost: "Silversun Pickups – ...All the Go Inbetweens ...the more I listen to this band the more I listen .... "" (reblip)
boxcar i need to get back into this band. been a long time since i was all about 'Morning View'


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boxcar ok everybody, ready....... fist pump in the air!
boxcar my previous blip reminded me i haven't heard these guys in a looong time.... memories
boxcar 80s mood today. maybe start a new trend.... "80s Thursdays"?

The CureLullaby

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boxcar they have such a cool sound

The NotwistBoneless

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boxcar better get to bed, don't want to sleep through my alarm
boxcar i get a really strong 80s vibe from this track
boxcar my sincere apologies to all who clicked on the link on my previous blip(deleted). apparently it was routing users to porn. sorry again...
boxcar i would love to see this band live...
boxcar hey y'all. .....haven't blipped in a couple days. good to be back


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boxcar "back in the days.......before i had a pager" -- damn this is old school
boxcar and speaking of old school...
boxcar been listening to this album again. rediscovering, if you will...
boxcar yikes. it's past my bedtime....

RadioheadGo To Sleep

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boxcar "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see."
boxcar happy monday. it's been quite a while....
boxcar man.....this takes me back to high school art studio.
boxcar it's thursday already?

MetricCombat baby

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boxcar my new favorite song from this band...
boxcar man i hope they play this again tomorrow....

depeche mode - blue dress

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boxcar holy crap, just found out these guys will be in town later this month!! *excited...
boxcar they totally rocked this last night...

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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Electric Light Orchestra, Livin' thing

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boxcar I could probably blip Beatles for a solid week and still not get tired of it. @JRCohen #SLGT


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boxcar a great song on a great album..... so many colors
boxcar still geeking out over this band's live performance last night. they rocked Walter's
boxcar starting to get into this band too! (thanks @Twoism) happy #musicmonday
boxcar it doesn't get much better than old-school U2....


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boxcar "It's gonna be a glorious day."


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boxcar just got introduced to this band. i'm diggin' their stuff so far...

Van SheChanges

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boxcar i've been rediscovering Oasis - Definitely maybe..... still holds up.


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boxcar i'm getting into them now.... @Twoism: "My new fav band at the moment. Sick drummer!!!" (reblip)
boxcar i always wonder the same thing...... @maypuffy: "where is it? " (reblip)
boxcar back to reality - hope everyone had a great holiday

Acapella - Soul II Soul - Back To Life (However Do You Want Me)

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boxcar i sense a block of The Who is about to materialize....

The WhoBaba O'Riley

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John Lennon-Working Class Hero

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boxcar seems to fit as my theme song, for now
boxcar listen to the new album...
boxcar @katost: "The Kills – Black Balloon - a very cool track! (reblip)
boxcar Friday, it's good to see you!

PinbackGood To Sea

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boxcar If I find out who got me sick, heads will roll...
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