breezermariezer nick recently put this on a mix tape for me and i can't stop tracking back to listen again! (reblip)

Grizzly Bear "Two Weeks"

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breezermariezer bad idea #58: packing for a weekend trip and forgetting the eggs cooking on the stove.

Lush Progress: "Laying Eggs"

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breezermariezer gah i love this song - just sang my heart out in the shower and now i'm getting on a plane! see you on the east coast! wooo!!
SheLooksLikeEva the engine hums a sparrow's phrase for those who cannot hear the words
breezermariezer it's kind of nice to come back and have work to do at least.
breezermariezer mmmmm coffee. to hell with a cup, i want the whole pot. "The Ink Spots – Java Jive"
breezermariezer if you get this reference, then you're a total dork. not unlike myself. *sigh*
breezermariezer i just saw a girl with an ear warmer on...seriously? it's 70, we live in LA. give me a break. "The Great Mundane – Ear Muff"
breezermariezer i cleaned, i plotted, i cooked...and now, I relax. "Keller Williams – Relaxation Station"
breezermariezer holy crap. i'm not going to survive the next 45 mins. "School of Seven Bells – Half Asleep"
breezermariezer I'd like to thank you Ben Harper for keeping me awake and rocking on that hellish drive home.
Baby_Dre @breezermariezer PE baby....P - E !!!!! I'm already setting to work on the itinerary and preparing your room.

The Shins "Australia"

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breezermariezer oh hellz yeah. i'll be in Melbourne, right 'round midnight.
breezermariezer Zappa is a total effing genius, even if his claymation videos are wicked creepy. This is prob my fav; for you Jill. "Frank Zappa – Inca roads"
breezermariezer is overwhelmed with PE! "Hyperplush – Potential"
breezermariezer there's nothing like waking up with a hot cup of choco/raspberry coffee. "Black Moth Super Rainbow – Raspberry Dawn"
breezermariezer @Baby_Dre i'm going to have to start planning some trips for us while you're in town! up the coast for SURE.

Joni Mitchell-California (BBC)

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breezermariezer i'm going to be having some Good Company in September!! but only after my August Aussie Adventure ~_^ "Queen – Good Company"
breezermariezer hung out on Melrose today and watched Kerri be part of "How Do I Look?" lol good times. "Homer Greencastle – Melrose Plaza"
breezermariezer has officially asked for the time off to go to Australia! :-O "The Kinks – Australia"
SgLight I´m so...

Portishead- Glory Box

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breezermariezer holy crap. i booked it. so excited!!! PE is over, RE has just begun! "Rilo Kiley – August"
breezermariezer going to melbourne to see my friend...who then is coming to LA to see me!! woo! this song slays me LOL
breezermariezer it actually sprinkled here yesterday! crazy.
breezermariezer sooo good. michael, did you play this one? if not, next year! "Jason Mraz - Unfold/Java Joes"

"Just Like The Moon" by Brett Dennen

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breezermariezer from one of my fav movies ever 'Dummy'. klezmer rocks my world, esp if it involves Milla Jovovich."Milla Jovovich – Mezinka"
breezermariezer on this page...we see a little girl giggling at a hippopotamus. i wonder why?

6. Magic Medicine

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breezermariezer gaaaah weekend, where are you? "Black Eyed Peas – Weekends (Feat. Esthero"
breezermariezer it's been a long time since i enjoyed some Incubus...i forgot how much i love them. "Aqueous Transmission (Live)"
breezermariezer Sufjan singing Joni? Yeah, that's right.
breezermariezer there is something ridiculously catchy in this tune..."The Neverhood – Mail Reading Room Music"
breezermariezer this song is my favorite memory from our last trip to brooklyn. i want to BE there *le sigh*.

【HQ】[Feist]-[The PARK]

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breezermariezer i think i just discovered Bon Iver...

Bon IverRe: Stacks

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breezermariezer it's been a rough morning. i dreamt last night about an old friend who is no longer in this world and it made me remember how fleeting our lives are.
breezermariezer you won't find moments in a box. "Phish – Wading in the Velvet Sea"
breezermariezer @VARPULVAR haha alright, this should wake you up and keep you calm at the same time. classic Aphex."Aphex Twin – On"

Aphex TwinOn

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breezermariezer "Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (live)"

Pink Floyd "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" Syd Barrett Tribute

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breezermariezer "Goldspot – Friday" i think i'm a big fan of Goldspot now. good stuff.


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Ruxputin Dean and Laetitia from Stereolab covering the Serge Gainsbourg classic.
VARPULVAR Squarepusher – Tundra this is the first song that turned me on to squarepusher thanks lady blue
breezermariezer just watched Mighty Aphrodite! so good ^_^ "Billie Holiday – When You're Smiling"
breezermariezer strange single..but i'm excited for her new record regardless! "Regina Spektor- Laughing With"

Regina Spektor- Laughing With (Official Music Video)

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Baby_Dre i need la la la la la........I need la la la land 15 weeks and counting...

GoldfrappOoh La La

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breezermariezer the bassline in this is so hauntingly beautiful. "The Tiny – Lake"

The TinyLake

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breezermariezer this is SO right. "My Brightest Diamond – Feelin' Good"
allicette TWO 4 TUES: Nitin Sawhney & Reena Bhardwaj – Nadia

nitin sawhney & reena bhardwaj . nadia

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breezermariezer and for good measure..."Nitin Sawhney – The Conference"
breezermariezer omg. i used to think this was the hottest song on the planet. bwahahah. ahh. "Fluke – Zion"


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Janelle Monae: "Many Moons" Official Short Film

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breezermariezer 64 days. i started this countdown kind of early haha "Artur Rubinstein – Chopin, Waltz Op. 64, No. 2"
imnottwiggy my pc stalls/ won't start or turns itself off. hopefully my midis r saved. total horror.

RJD2The Horror

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breezermariezer "Jeff Buckley - Corpus Christi Carol"

Corpus Christi Carol

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breezermariezer who does stuff like this? one of my fav. tunes by Psapp, set to an MC Hammer video. LOL

King of you [web]

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breezermariezer oi. enrolled in fall classes today :-O "odd modern - rach enroll"

odd modern rach enroll

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breezermariezer today is not actually the greatest day i've known. alas, i heart Ben Kweller. "Today (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)"

Ben Kweller, Today (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)

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breezermariezer this is the story of my LIFE! "Radiohead – Banana Co"
breezermariezer just 58 more days! huge fan of this funky flavored tune "The Printing Press - Fifty-Eight Pianos"
breezermariezer sometimes i want to live inside music. esp. indian style violin music. "Robert Miles – Paths"
breezermariezer for Melissa ~_^ "Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby – Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, Alison Krauss"
breezermariezer 57 days ~_^ "Declan de Barra – 57 Years"
breezermariezer oh frane. you make my days complete.
Licks What the hell is this? Don't know but i like it
breezermariezer 56 days...i can't watch this without smiling. "Evgeny Kissin plays Strauss – Fledermaus op.56" (reblip)
breezermariezer 55 days ^_^ "Paolo Nutini - 55 to 1"

Paolo Nutini: 55 to 1 (NEW SONG!!!! LIVE 9/10/07)

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breezermariezer guess who's going to be learning harp? that's right...ME! mwahahahah "Joanna Newsom – The Book of Right"
breezermariezer 53 days to my Aussie Adventure. "Richter plays Scriabin: Sonata no. 5, Op 53"

Richter plays Scriabin: Sonata no. 5, Op 53

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breezermariezer 52 days :-p "Murder By Death – '52 Ford"
breezermariezer 50 days to my australian sojourn. "Splashdown – 50%"


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breezermariezer okay, JUST ONE. My fav. MJ video & song ever "Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson"

Little Dragon: After the Rain (Floating Points Remix)

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SNIZWHIZ @MarcusDeSouza i'm not calling u a liar...but Henry Rollins is...Ha Ha
breezermariezer wow. exactly 2 weeks from today, i'll be hopping on a plane to Melbourne. "Electric President – Grand Machine No. 14"
Stay19 Fol Chen – Cable TV<><>

Fol ChenCable TV

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breezermariezer traded Victorian for Mr. Rogers today. "Suit & Tie Guy – Goodbye Mr Rogers"
jessica_frances @breezermariezer - haha tell it to me sister, feels like that's all I ever do! starting up a meditation course tomorrow, should be interesting :)
breezermariezer if this doesn't move you, there's a fair chance that you don't have a soul. "George Mraz – The Peacocks"
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