briangreene November [loadz of violin makes BHG happy]
briangreene kate nash meets eliza carthy ~ first heard on KGRL ~ and because I iLiked it on the PSP twitter tells me it is Laura Marling - New Romantic :) (reblip)


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briangreene @evablue played this & i couldn't prop as I was over exposed in that direction so a reblip does the same, & takes more effort. (reblip)
briangreene Transistor Radio ~ George Coleman
briangreene Shine On ~ The House Of Love : working with a rebranding with
briangreene news: Ed Miliband to exempt Sellafield firms from Freedom of Information Act
briangreene how soon is too soon to reblip yourself? ~ Transistor Radio ~ George Coleman (reblip)
briangreene [a kick up the 80's] [-_-] Love this - strings to die for ~ Brilliant Mind ~ Furniture
briangreene Music inDustry wants exclusivity of outlet;Internet radio is not under their influence like antenna using radio systems so their agents price us out
briangreene How Glad I Am ~ The Greyboy Allstars Feat. The Living Sisters
briangreene @threebears ceasefire ~ soup & a cold shower after this 'extraordinary rendition'
sandraew Newfie Rap - Great Big Sea
briangreene Those Dancing Days ~ Those Dancing Days
briangreene You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve ~ Johnny Boy
briangreene 7 heures du matin ~ Jacqueline Taieb
briangreene Laisse Tomber Les Filles ~ April March
briangreene @jojofm 3 months is nothing, look at a baby grow in 3 months. :) DJ'ing 24 years next May {scary}
briangreene heavy fellow meat loaf jumping around to your own record made it skip!!! acapella Eileen ~ wow ending!


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Sally29 @briangreene Sounds like the perfect evening. But as mine are chez nous I'll be considering other options! Roll on Sat - only 1 out of 3 to entertain!
allmyfaves @row1e @eynat wow ,,,,,,,,, not everyday u discover a song like this (reblip)


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ZachsMind Is it too early to start playing Christmas music? ...what do you mean? This isn't Christmas music? Sure it is! It's got a Santa in it and everything!

09 father murphy - butterflies and bats.mp3

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geo_ mellorégis ta fazendo foto em vinhedo! ua semana foraaa @Joice
briangreene Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top cover) ~ Dragonette
briangreene friendly fire? civil war? self regulation? democratic capitalism? = morons oxymoron's [-_-]
briangreene Sentimental Heart ~ Zooey Deschanel
briangreene Preparedness ~ The Bird And The Bee
briangreene Wish You Were the Woman ~ Libbie Schrader
briangreene Soul Dracula


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mammara bye, see you later.


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briangreene early crazy frog ~ Eek a Mouse

Eek a Mouse - Obey your mother

| play
briangreene Natty Dread Dub ~ The Revolutionaries
lilwldchld I've got the power... :)

Snap I've Got the Power

| play
briangreene @evablue if the cap fits wear it, and i did :) NP. 3 kids, the scary part is they are like me.
briangreene my right ear got this full blast off an EV speaker in the ice rink
briangreene Fuck the PUSA (Peaches vs. The Presidents of the United States of America) ~ Immuzikation
briangreene via @threebears a capella ~~~ go raibh maith agat (thanks) (reblip)
geo_ sim, eu queria! // boa, @Rick_Rocks, sabia que tu irias se render às musguinhas legais rs (reblip)

Pato FuEu

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briangreene @krishnade thanks for the nomination now in 4 categories x 1 :) i'm after one in each now!
briangreene Tender Mending ~ Brooke Waggoner
briangreene This Is Not A Tango ~ The Juju Orchestra
briangreene Could You Be Loved ~ Banda do sul feat Sawa
briangreene Master-Blaster-Dragster-Disaster In A Gangster Hotel ~ Lost Acapulco
briangreene whisper in my ear when its over, then play it again.
briangreene {]////////\\\\\\\\[} accordion but not in this tune
briangreene ]-_-[ every day and every night
briangreene nn - good night blip where ever you are
briangreene superwoman (where were you when i needed you) (feat. terry d) ~ 4hero - do revolutions go full circle? is this a design fault or a bug needing a fix?
ellengalvao em forró é melhor mas eu nao achei
kevin7211 totally forgot about rusted root
briangreene Don't You Want To Share The Guilt ~ Kate Nash
Aluciel sense and sensibility. @sarah_o <3 Feist! (reblip)
by_starla @DownLow i am OK--not the best day ever, but it's been nice to be on blip tonight. lovely to see you! :)
ladypn I just wrap my arms around you, cuz I don't know what to do.
threebears So 1,2,3, take my hand and come with me Because you look so fine and i really wanna make you @thalitacl ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
briangreene [-_-] Barrowland Ballroom ~ Amy MacDonald
mine1044 Stars is super awesome and needs to be on blip more
briangreene You've No Clue Do You ~ King Creosote [some break]
briangreene Long Haired Child ~ Devendra Banhart
d33pak Amazing song.. worth listening to umpteen no of times.
briangreene My Year In Lists ~ Los Campesinos! [-_-]
briangreene someone played this earlier, but the fav star failed so I reverted to C&P memory. i'll find out in a second who has been playing it.
briangreene Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (August 30th) ~ Vampire Weekend
briangreene El Desconfiado ~ Juana Molina [-_-]
bendrix DOPE! I thought I had this in my playlist already. I have heard this and LOOVE it - haha I'll tell Dutch you send kisses reblip=> @lub (reblip)
briangreene Laisse tomber les filles ~ France Gall
briangreene 7 heures du matin ~ Jacqueline Taieb
briangreene Pourquoi Pas Moi ~ Mareva Galanter
ladypn @RamblinMan I just discovered Colin Hay last night and really enjoy! His voice sounds familiar somehow. :) (reblip)
briangreene Lady (Acoustic Version) ~ Modjo
briangreene Kiss Me While Im Starving ~ The Heart Throbs

Kiss Me While Im Starving - The Heart Throbs

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briangreene Romina Johnson on vocals

Artful Dodger - Movin Too Fast

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briangreene Une americaine a Paris ~ Rupa and The April Fishes
briangreene Subterranean (Hidden Kisses Mix) - Hands Upon Black Earth – Artemis
briangreene Cuba today celebrated the 50th anniversary of a 1959 revolution.
briangreene zhil ya v shumnom gorode odessa ~ La Minor
Figgywithit I guess this is going to be the theme song for my attitude this year...
briangreene Addicted To Bad Ideas ~ World Inferno Friendship Society
Nettys @ebetas - Danke. Re-blip - Ana Prada. (reblip)
threebears another twitter theme tune. Noah and the Whale (as in fail whales, i'm tickled) re-blipping @DarenBBC have you noticed less fail whales? miss them :( (reblip)

Noah And The Whale - Five Years Time

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threebears Carlos paying @Feathers ^_^ thanks! "older" ? how can you be certain of that? not being ageist, maybe I'm older ^_* (reblip)


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threebears (a capella) why are you so shy? you're my perfect dear - but since you never talk you're not much fun...
lilwldchld You wreck me baby, you break me in two, but you move me, honey, yes you do...
briangreene The Baltic Sea ~ The Social Services
lilwldchld Come away with me in the night....
briangreene Radio Waves ~ Against All Authority
Madigan lovely gavin glass track with Cathy Davey, watch out for the outro. pure class.


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briangreene i asked jerry he told terry terry sang a song just for me lynvall gave a msg 2me rhoda screamed & then she asked me where have all the rude boys gone?
ladypn @briangreene I can't give you any more - props that is - so must reblip! Thank you! ;) (reblip)
briangreene War & Peace ~ Ryuichi Sakamoto
Sally29 'In the darkest of places he gets his thrills' - One of those voices that sends shivers up my spine.
briangreene rb @Gentz ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ska ska ska ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ (reblip)
SarahShoeMe Hello everybody! I'm back, first blip of the year! A very special one - I've never blipped Django before. My terrible fault. Enjoy my dear friends.
briangreene @GR8FL yep I'm gonna get down and groovy with the teenagers! March in Dublin
Leighmm Cool funky remix. It makes filing these bills away not seem so mundane.
ShyTrbleMaker @briangreen Samba remixes work? (also anything by Sergio Mendes)
iddybud California Tuffy – The Geraldine Fibbers
liligarcia @RobertoFendler Pense numa branca que gosta do negão! :) So yo! (reblip)
LesleyLambert I choreographed a tap solo to this song...great beats here!
evablue blip it. don't. everyone has blipped it a gazillion times today. so what. do it. no. yes. no. ok. [enter]
threebears goodnight blip friends and thanks for your company! have a great night/morning/day will catch up with props some time soon. ~_~
briangreene @abarbosa and we love you for playing it. tnx. (reblip)
SarahLibrarina @klapklapklapid - I love hummus, pesto, crackers and Rilo Kiley too! (reblip)
by_starla hello everyone! @MusicRex--here's another band you may like--do you have any BYOP?
evablue rocky was for the perspiration fingers are about to drop & this is to keep my head bouncing as i reblip frenzy. jazz hands! (reblipping) @threebears (reblip)
iddybud Burnt Sugar - The Brahmsian - avant garde/awesome


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manolova64 Si me llevas contigo,... prometo ser ligera como la brisa.
briangreene [-_-] this is one of my all time favourite songs. this version is new to me.
briangreene love the name 'Tesco Chainstore Mascara' songs good.
briangreene I Love It (Riot in Belgium Forest Rave Mix) ~ Sneaky Sound System
briangreene Stompin' At Th E Savoy ~ Lisa Ono
briangreene Mrs.G has been on at me since Jools / Dec31st to blip this. I think its play listed of broadcast radio in Dublin.
briangreene i'm watching a Grace Kelly later! one of those DVD prezzies
illuminato Like the last blip, this one also comes from @Diordan, essa é fina! (reblip)
io_malo @djMucho oggi non è per niente wonderful

Paolo Conte - It's Wonderful

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aoi_zero Rock Creek Park – Blackbyrds
briangreene Opfer Dieses Liedes ~ Les Reines Prochaines

Jewel - Standing Still

| play
briangreene WOW! [-_-] Blue Monday (acoustic) ~ Flunk ~ dancing like a robot from nineteen eighty....
threebears bed would be nice - good night blip friends! thanks for your company! Have a good night/morning/day. xx
threebears If it aint broken don't fix it, and yellow faced. @robbwindow ^_^ thanks! (reblip)

K-OSFly Paper

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briangreene suits my last one. food pack travel play drive home crash, in bed not on the road. (reblip)
BarrysLounge @briangreene - SoCalled hey ! Don't 'ya just love him ... and he plats with Gonzo too !
by_starla hello @mammara!! hoping you are having a good weekend. :)
elfgirl you got any hip hop? eh, this isn't really the crowd for that be we'll try. the closest you get is kanye <3
dan3marti acorda, vem a ver a lúa llevo tres horas de tutoría y ahora a clase, espero empezar con la agenda antes de la noche (reblip)
davidwatts1978 this song has been covered & blipped this is a pretty far out rendition & mash up
cosita hola migraña

ABBA - Chiquitita (Spanish)

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briangreene SisterS thereS SibilanCe on this recording but its Ssso odd itzzz good
briangreene @angrybob deliberates "1004 people at this moment, have chosen specifically (or by computer generated chance) to listen to this more than once a day." (reblip)
iddybud Arms To Hold Me – Josh Joplin Group
boamorte mais um vento e vamos!!!!!!!!!......

Ultraje a Rigor - Nos vamos invadir sua Praia

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iddybud Batyar (Bigmouth Strikes Again) – The Ukrainians
briangreene did she say objects in bed or Object Embed ?
threebears "from the depths I called to you... return to me ..... in your dreams.... "
briangreene Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood ~ Santa Esmeralda
briangreene Marijuana ~ Reverend Horton Heat
briangreene rb @anakin1814 "Dolly sang this when I saw her in Nov. It was a goose-bump concert moment. " tnx! (reblip)
djxkn "Station To Station" by David Bowie [his longest studio recording] (from 1976 album "Station to Station") - thanx @PlasticRobot! (reblip)
briangreene La Del Toro ~ Bersuit Vergarabat ~ seen in todays home matinée, I watched "La Toma" Naomi Klien

Bersuit Vergarabat-La Del Toro

| play
briangreene @gigia DJs blip non stop 24hr for charity, donations by paypal to be sent to charity that helps kids in Gaza.♥ ♥ ♥ 14th Feb (reblip)

07 - Maia Hirasawa - And I Found This Boy

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briangreene British Hustle ~ Blaxploitation Ed
cabrochette i use to pay sugar with more sugar, @cdub. sugar and soul are both tasteful. :)
CouraJess but I haven't got a thing to wear
briangreene [-_-] Forest Fire ~ Lloyd Cole ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ 14th Feb ♥ ♥ ♥ i'm doing a 24hr blipathon for the children of Gaza. donate via
bendrix I'm happy you dug that Madita track - Here's another that features her. This will sweep you away like a moon crooning siren. @CynDyn (reblip)
iddybud Distant Radio – Devics
gabrielouback música pro final do sábado, pra quem fez plantão/expediente.
Sally29 @GR8FL How are you? I am trying to instruct my other half in the art of lamb curry - whilst not going into the kitchen or knowing the recipe! eeek!
ladypn If I could show you how I feel, I'd hear sweet heaven sing your song on New Music Sunday! ;)
briangreene radio.radar.blip.echo'
briangreene Blues for Bukowski ~ Chris Murphy
briangreene ♥♥♥ 14th Feb ♥♥♥ ~ open your heart ~ share the love ~ 24 hour non stop blipping for charity
briangreene I Melt With You ~ Nouvelle Vague
Madigan last gavin track, and last blip for ahora. night blippíní
Delfin (NC) Ajude você também a pavimentar uma estrada para a paz. Participe, seja ouvindo, blipando ou doando. é o canal. Issaí.
briangreene ♥ ♥ ♥ 14th Feb ♥ ♥ ♥

Apollo 440 - Cant Stop The Rock

| play
jerrycurl @GiantPimpslapper another one of my favorites from dj shadow......wanted to play organ donor but it's a bad link
Flower You're not alone @briangreene all of us are with you!♥ ♥ ♥
Delfin | @briangreene, here in Brazil Blipathon is going to have 25 hours. At midnight, our watches return to 11 o'clock. Time travel!
toosweet4rnr February 14 birthdays - Maceo Parker, American soul jazz veteran saxophonist [Pass the Peas – Maceo Parker] {pls donate}
briangreene not over til its over ~ needs donations, not running totals but a figure on Monday we should have. keep blipping. donate with PayPal
adbert [Dance With Somebody – Mando Diao] The doctor said: {title}. Will you help me, @patricia_coelho? *\o/*
threebears Hiphop, gypsy, salsa, merengue, rock - embracing the chaos, literally. @enilejna ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
FernandaW basicamente é isto:viver a pao de ló e moe chandon...
jerrycurl @alkina you will here this at my wedding whenever that may happen


| play
iddybud Lucky Girl – Ingrid Lucia
iddybud How'd You Learn To Shake It Like That? – Ana Popovic .....her Daddy was a preacher but her Mama was an alley cat..
DareToEatAPeach #6 on the rock charts. I like this too. *See, self--- corporate radio isn't all bad* I'd love to get ya'lls feedback on these chart-toppers!
anakin1814 This is about as naked as a person can get.
Flower "El (tango) número uno es Adiós Nonino. Me propuse mil veces hacer uno superior y no pude." Astor


| play
ladypn The dawn is breaking, a light shining through You're barely waking, & I'm tangled up in you
briangreene @dean i have no idea what your saying :) little chunks i understand
briangreene tease violin loop ~ weaves the sine wave but will it ever explode? its trip, so perhaps not, lets listen, Quite down the back! lets begin.
threebears twitter is over capacity and the fail whale is up. anyway don't tweet my blips as that creates too much noise on twitter ... hint! hint! hint!

saint germain - cafe del mar (finest electro jazz compilation)

| play
Versh Or my favorite S-pop (Sweden pop music) (& yes, I'm criticizing the flimsy categorical structures of music genres based on location or origin)
Aluciel This song makes me sad. ;_;


| play
Slewth rb via @Sparklepony via @Domarts. The grapevine works. Great stuff. (reblip)
briangreene a once #SXSW performer Missy Higgins

Missy Higgins - Greed For Your Love

| play
binaria "Yeah I'll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone"
wurst sorry to interrupt @bendrix - i wanted to share my 1st/favorite - Mos - but i can't find Hydro anymore. damn. well, here's the newest. @Karuna
briangreene fogged in . in Dublin. I'm going up howth hill to get above the fog and drop 2K of leaflets. #fb
Diordan Young man she said I'll show you some rhytm
boamorte thx @Karuna! some are great! prefer Love and Rockets though...
briangreene heard some Danish folk or RTE Radio1 nine days ago. dipping my toe now. NN all. next blip from horiz PSP.


| play

Nina Hagen - 06 - African Reggae

| play
briangreene almost random still surprises the soul
calamari Lovely cover of a Billy Bragg song...
estrogen @aLxAa doing cordon bleu with risotto today... wanna join?


| play
fcraviee @deedes nunca tinha ouvido ^^ vou caçar... curti ^^ (reblip)
iddybud Happy birthday, Madame Speaker Pelosi! Here's some music from the fantastic duo Maura and Pete Kennedy to help celebrate your day! ~ Jude


| play
bendrix if Artemis's voice was a thief it would would be walking off with the Taj Mahal in Broad Day light. in front of India's Special Forces Unit & tourists (reblip)
briangreene psp for me. NN all in vertical world. ...
briangreene goodbye March - Hello April
briangreene "The Twitter machine is kept so clean and it tweets to a waiting world"
briangreene nn.2 - title of the week - Defrag My Heart
briangreene orange = plastic hits? great tune.
briangreene @DecoDelight 'love' is an odd word to use with that song. Chilled me when i heard it first. left an impression. Jerry said people should hear it once.


| play
briangreene as used in Heineken advert 'My Life' which i just saw on the TV. Don't cry over spilt Heineken
Diordan Yess @QuicksandRangero and @Atomik my firend this is the meaning of ATAP!! great song!! (reblip)
Diordan The look of love hummmmmmm
briangreene not a great 24hrs but its getting better.
bendrix I felt like a NYC tourist yesterday instead of a resident - It was a great day thanx for askN=> @Heike Hello @bendrix, how´s your party been going? (reblip)
briangreene fashion show cues: has no one MASHED Love Cats & The Walk - "Love The Cat Walks" ?? ah come on now.
cosita i can see you in my dreams with your moon boots on
briangreene Remote Control Me from The Pink & The Lily LP. wow!
Apple_chic for @The_Kraken - who this apple is always Buzzin' About!! :) good blips and makes me laugh! Mwah! X
estrogen @briangreene [(are the titles correct on this song? Children of the Storm?) ] yes, my dear....
brabul eis que chega... é essa a velha hora tão sonhada
yojibee Found this one among the SXSW 2009 Showcasing Artists
ababelado ... well it's been a long time, long time now, since i've seen you smile...


| play
LaKarune @briangreene this band does an amazing Peter Gunn that I don't see on blip...thanks for the Sarah Vaughn.
Wally1 @briangreene I am, I am... though not for much longer...
bendrix Interesting hmm => rb@Deesound #bendrix ....this album of BJ is pretty nice so i did put the album down ....have a listen and enjoy ...(::) (reblip)
briangreene is this being played much on blip. Im sure I have only heard it here, my blips a blur. NN soon all. big UP & thanks for al the props.

Hip Hop Violin - Paul Dateh_Inka One

| play
briangreene <mark me up in this language />
serifenlos The Go! Team – Get It Together ...
DaHilster just time to say a quick Hi. Now its bye. @Atomik it's new comic book day in the UK :-)
briangreene congrats to @melodyofyourlife on 20k listeners, the busy blippers most listeners section is broke as the blip XML is void of important stat data :(
chiron08 @anjuscha - na dann gute reise .. samstag steig ich erst ein .. ins rechenzentrum
Diordan @DesertLily:" Zeb & Haniya ~ Paimana bitte ~ lindo de morrer! You can only give 3 props per user per day. Come back tomorrow to give @DesertLily more. (reblip)
LusCastro Quem não gosta de uma rapariga com cheiro a tangerina?
Kaffeetante Es ist ja schon zur Ausnahme geworden, wenn sich ein Stück mit Musik und mehr als 30 Sekunden Spieldauer findet. :(
heavenlyhands Be back later, there is a garden to tend to :)
briangreene greeting fellow blippers (Flippers) DJs flipping tracks of flipping brilliance! but Imeem but Imeem I'm #ImeemFree via a crude & effective IP block
pernasilici @denis_lastrucci pois é, me falta a criatividade necessária para tal coisa.
threebears reblipping @estrogen ^_^ thanks! 'maybe I'll die without you by my side' (♡imeem not) (reblip)
mystwitch RBlippin @djwttw: and I have a special softspot for the name myself @pastelmagick! (reblip)
briangreene goodnight west coast - europe blippers head to work. me on holidays of a sort.
avivajazz @hajoni: Yes, hotshield is only for blipping on a computer you control. @The_Kraken @briangreene @In_Cognitus @GR8FL @threebears @serifenlos

The Mummers vs. Passion Pit

| play
Figgywithit Hey complainers: Didya notice that our pool of blippable songs has increased by 50% overnight with the youtube additions?
DaHilster I'm surprised by this utube thing, I'm sure I read in the news that music vids would be blocked in the UK. Hope it lasts
briangreene transfixed vision - "Television? The word is half Greek, half Latin. No good can come of it" C. P. Scott
briangreene I want to be there,

Alabama 3 live at the Astoria "Mao Tse Tung says"

| play
bendrix This is the sound of @BohemianChick standing in a triumphant pose with her futuristic sunglasses & matrix outfit showcasing her blip prowess... (reblip)
adocicainheaven I'm moving on / I hope your coming with me
Aluciel It only took one brick to make that window drop/Finally we got our own P.A./Where do you think I got this guitar that you're hearing today?


| play
threebears reblipping @sunnysunnysunny ^(^ thanks! Your name should really be nominated in the blip name awards (reblip)
Diordan thank you blipupper and @BlipUp for this great track!
briangreene [-_-]

which side are YOU on? by REBEL DIAZ

| play
antonhio @Kikka cosa ne pensi di questa?

Articolo 31-Un'altra cosa che ho perso

| play
Madigan More Landan folksters. Any excuse for me to play M&S, really. thanks for the proppage @SkeematicSpaz @lilshap84
sheryonstone back to the 60's and a fave instrumental. just easy going & free <3 RIP Richard Farina
briangreene from the Polish Pop Idol

Ania Dąbrowska-Can't run away (Kelly Price cover)

| play
briangreene this coffee break was brought to you by Fair Trade
briangreene nn.65 "drop the debt not the bomb" go tell the world - speak it from the roof tops - with long wires and dipoles propaganda & radio shows - stay tuned
briangreene from the May 2009 Album Travelling the Face of the Globe
dianatanzt I'm in love,my fingers keep on clicking to the beating of my heart-my heart is beating like a jungle drum-read my lips,all they say is kiss,kiss,kiss
elinejv The killers - When you were young (acoustic)

The killers when you were young acoustic

| play
Rio_Youers From one extreme to the other. Check out the video. It rocks!
HepCat_ one of the original greats (reblip)


| play
belouxs I listened to this song all day yesterday. #musicmonday
briangreene these guys covered cars by numan
avivajazz Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo (Spiritual Song) // Female singer accompanies her song on the traditional begena (similar to a bass lyre).

ethiopian ortodox tewahdo song

| play
Voxetta Rick McKown – The Doppelganger's Ball - (my Doppelgänger's having more fun than me)
briangreene @briangreene: "using blip timeline to see how much sleep im not getting. I'm only Sleeping - Marian's Audiolog" dash out buy day after not much sleep (reblip)


| play
jofelices una mirada a la nostalgia

The CorrsOld Town

| play

The White Stripes Little Ghost

| play
Zarabeth Inspired by @lilyetc to @thepetshopboy (especially for the Vince Clarke remix ;)) : I guess I have a sort of OCD for the quality of my blips... O_o