rogue_fm Congrats to your Wings @messinwiththekid Both your team and mine just managed to avoid OT with one of these in the final couple of minutes.
brucefraser double shot of sloan. These guys used to live down the road from me when I started university.

Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine

| play
brucefraser love the Slayer sampled all through this Public Enemy track


| play
brucefraser great tune. Love Dallas Grene's vocals
brucefraser this one always reminds me of an old friend of mine
HuMBush {Killswitch Engage – My Curse}
ICEGIRL152 do you remember the video ? ^_^ loved it. IS THIS THE VID @sheryonstone? WHOAA--VERY INTERESTING!! (reblip)

The Flys - Got You Where I Want You

| play


| play
Metal_Rocks Dokken – Burning Like a Flame. Great tune!
Metal_Rocks Sweet – Fox On The Run. Some Glam Rock from 1975!
Metal_Rocks Queensrÿche – Operation: Mindcrime. @brucefraser I blipped the whole album in it's entirety the other day! Great fun!
brucefraser vry cool! r/b @rogue_fm r/b @batchout A version of this appeared on the Cole Porter tribute album 'Red Hot & Blue'. (reblip)
brucefraser Wow! haven't heard this in a long time :) r/b @PurplePrincess Saga - On the Loose (reblip)
brucefraser Rush double shot... Subdivisions!


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brucefraser one of my favs from my old skateboarding days... seems so long ago.
brucefraser @MetalRocks I always loved that album... great concept. It could've been made into a movie :)
brucefraser Temple of the Dog - Hunger Strike
Nesmee gah today proved once and for all humanity = epic fail. *pours a stiff one*
Nesmee Ahhhh time for Mr. NoNeck!!! *gonna jam out with her clam out*


| play
brucefraser great band from Nova Scotia

Matt Mays - Cocaine Cowgirl

| play
Punched :: The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black ::
brucefraser Annihilator - Alison Hell

Alison Hell

| play
brucefraser signing off for tonight... for the black metal fans, a little something from Nova Scotia!
brucefraser oh come on... you know you like this one! ;)
brucefraser I'm fresh outta props folks, so props out to @johnrod, @PurplePrincess, @Nesbitt, and @MetalRocks
CamGreen The Man Who Sold The World .. but never sell your soul


| play
brucefraser mellowing out for a bit


| play
holyshadow Instrumental songs that rock!


| play
Metal_Rocks Soundgarden – Fell On Black Days. Great tune!
brucefraser great fuggin' tune! RB @barucco: "Pretend We're Dead" (reblip)


| play
brucefraser love this tune... blipped it a couple of days ago. The Charles Manson sample is creepy.
brucefraser from my favorite X-files episode 'All Things'

Moby - Play - The Sky Is Broken

| play
brucefraser Did you know Slayer's Kerry King plays this guitar solo?
brucefraser thanks for the tunes! RB @SpinningDiscs: "A Perfect Circle – Magdalena.. Shout Out: to @DarlingHyde, @brucefraser (reblip)
brucefraser Change is good.

Deftones - Change (In the House of Flies)

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brucefraser RB @ reesesmonkey ♫ Zakk Wylde – Too Numb Too Cry (reblip)
LisaE Thanx to @MisterJimbo ...this is just the song I wanted to hear (reblip)
brucefraser thanks for the props! RB @ scorpionkiss ♫ Matthew Sweet – Girlfriend (reblip)
brucefraser me too... @LisaE: "Thanx to @MisterJimbo ...this is just the song I wanted to hear" (reblip)
brucefraser Thanks for the props! RB @iconoguy: "Best hard love ballad" (reblip)
brucefraser my favorite Ramones tune, and one of their only real political songs
brucefraser i'm on a deftones kick today

Earth Crisis- Provoke

| play
Metal_Rocks Seether Feat. Amy Lee - Broken. Great collaboration between two excellent vocalists!


| play

Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

| play
brucefraser Korn - Somebody, Someone no flies were hurt in the taping of this video

Somebody Someone

| play

Chevelle - Vitamin R

| play
brucefraser fuggin' awesome! @MetalRocks: "Pantera - Cat Scratch Fever. Almost forgot my 'Daily Play' tune! (reblip)
brucefraser RB @pinkpolkadots thanks for the props and the great tunes! (reblip)
SpinningDiscs Machine Head – Bite the Bullet
Metal_Rocks System Of A Down - Lost In Hollywood. Love this tune...great vibe to it!
Metal_Rocks Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen. Couldn't play just one!
brucefraser thanks for the props! great tune :) @Tacoshack27: ""Stranglehold" Ted Nugent" (reblip)
brucefraser @MetalRocks: "System Of A Down - Lost In Hollywood. Love this tune...great vibe to it!" (reblip)
brucefraser Thanks for the props :) great tune! RB @DJ_rebeccalee ♫ tool – forty six & 2 (reblip)
brucefraser oh, yeah come on 1984! love the video for this song :0
brucefraser "in my basement room, with a needle and a spoon"... frickin classic
brucefraser Thanks! i hadn't heard this cover before R/B @MetalRocks: "Metallica - Remember Tomorrow. (reblip)
brucefraser @SpinningDiscs Dude, this song is fantastic... thanks (reblip)


| play
SpinningDiscs Shout Out: to @polarkat & @brucefraser ...Thanks for props! Oops, got to remember not to type out all the things that are in my head!!LOL
disasterpiece73 Chevelle – Prove to you Going out to @brucefraser
disasterpiece73 Queen – Princes of the Universe Going out to @Mexirican76
SpinningDiscs Cinderella – Nobody's Fool ...."Hold Yours Lighters up...oops, I meant cell phones up and sway!!"
brucefraser going out to all you canucks on this last day of the Victoria day week-end, drink up for tomorrow we work!
brucefraser Wicked, finally found a copy of this one on blip....
SpinningDiscs Skinny Puppy – Addiction ...wonder if this should be my theme song @Metal_brad ..LOL
brucefraser Ministry rules! RB @VampyrMentality RB @rntk: ">>>>"And yet we rock on,mindless of what we face in the future!Great Song!" (reblip)

MinistryLet's Go

| play
Metal_Rocks 3rd Machine – Core Of The Machine. Hey everybody, this band features our very own @OmeRoon on guitar! Add him to your favourites - He knows his Metal!
brucefraser Man... this kicks ass! RB @MetalRocks: "3rd Machine – Core Of The Machine. Hey everybody, this band features our very own @OmeRoon on guitar! (reblip)
brucefraser shout out to @SpinningDiscs! "give me something to believe in"
brucefraser Gotta play this one again... @MetalRocks: "System Of A Down - Lost In Hollywood. Love this tune...great vibe to it!"" (reblip)
brucefraser oh yeah... one of my favorite JP tunes... 1974 baby. "you keep to the gutter in case you fall"
brucefraser one of the best videos ever!
brucefraser Axl is a bit fuct, but this tune is really cool. Saw "body of Lies" on the flight home and it stuck with me.
disasterpiece73 Are you sure @Cinebo ? I think this might be your song...
sneekysneeky Dope- Die Mother Fucker Die..............

Dope- Die Mother Fucker Die

| play
Atomik vi@SabriESC: "@Zarabeth: Out of props for you- had to reblip this one. " (reblip)
brucefraser oh yeah! R/B @GiantPimpslapper: "N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton : Straight Outta Compton (1988)" (reblip)
brucefraser ok, I gotta play this again... watch the video. this guy is hilarious!

Slayer vs rathergood com

| play
brucefraser R/B @sneekysneeky: "Ministry – Just One Fix............." (reblip)
brucefraser Frickin' awesome Ministry track.... full of energy! A storm's a-brewing!
brucefraser speaking of energy! ATR has lots to spare :)

W.A.S.P. -Sleeping In The Fire studio version + lyrics

| play
brucefraser R/B @elland666: " "Black Sabbath - Neon Knights"" (reblip)

Black Sabbath - Neon Knights (1980-Ronnie James Dio)

| play
Gypsylyn Her shadows play in the shape of a man's desire....
brucefraser R/B @DjLx44: "thx@SkyeCebh 4 props and rb's!!! Amorphis~Silent Waters" (reblip)
brucefraser R/B @OmeRoon: "Mastodon – "March of the Fire Ants" (reblip)

Red Fang "Prehistoric Dog" (high quality feature)

| play

Kix- Don't Close your eyes

| play

As I Lay Dying "Nothing Left"

| play
brucefraser R/B @ChadThomas: "dig everlast!!! rb@ash1111: "Everlast - What It's Like"" (reblip)
brucefraser Night folks... been swell. See you all tomorrow.

Robert Plant-Darkness, Darkness

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brucefraser R/B @Ryche666: "@Vrockaknolkasa "Come Clarity" by In Flames "I want you to lead me, take me somewhere, don't want to live in a dream one more day"" (reblip)
brucefraser R/B @TaraKLucero: "thanx for the props! \m/ @Metal_Rocks: "Foo Fighters - Everlong. One of my fave songs for one of my fave blippers @DirtyUrine (reblip)

stabbing westward - haunting me

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angelheart Monday Morning Blues@angelheart: "@scorpionkiss@RisingAngel: "Nina Simone – Feeling Good......"" (reblip)
brucefraser RIP Dimebag... we all miss you dude. #RIPDimebag
brucefraser Rip Dimebag! #RIPDimebag

Pantera-This Love

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brucefraser Dude, thanks for all the RBs and props! R/B @bluetyson (reblip) Rotting Christ – A Dead Poem (reblip)
brucefraser Ahhh shucks! thanks :) R/B @TaraKLucero: "thanx for the props! u ROCK and great blips by the way! a blip jus for u! @brucefraser" (reblip)

Pearl Jam Evolution

| play
brucefraser going out to @TaraKLucero keep the great tunes coming!
brucefraser Going out to @AuthenticSeacoast Thanks for the props!

Matt Mays & El Torpedo "Cocaine Cowgirl"

| play
brucefraser Great band! love the creepy intro RB @OmeRoon: "Disillusion – "Don't Go Any Further" - BRILLIANT band!! Check this out!" (reblip)


| play
ICEGIRL152 one of my favs @brucefraser, thx for blippin! (reblip)

L7 -Shitlist-

| play
brucefraser Matt Mays and El Torpedo, one of my local favs... check out Matt and Sam surfing Lawrence Beach, NS @

Matt Mays & El Torpedo -Terminal Romance

| play
brucefraser awesome tune from local Nova Scotian band Wintersleep... Orca
OmeRoon Within Temptation – "Forgiven" - this one's for @Metal_Rocks, the no. 1 Sharon fan! 8-)
OmeRoon Thirdmoon – "Crawl Through Subspecies"
OmeRoon Foo Fighters – "The Pretender" - brilliant band, brilliant clip....
OmeRoon Beneath The Sky – "7861" - seven eight six oooooone !
DirtyUrine excellent pick! ~ @TerriAD: "@DirtyUrine I remembered this one... haven't heard it in years" (reblip)

damn yankees - high enough

| play
Moshers_Moll ''Bullet Ride'' In Flames: ''It's the cowardice that pulls you under,and takes you to the end where it begins...''
Moshers_Moll ''I never seem to understand,the time,the place & who I am,Define a way to stay alive,it's like I'm living a lie..This is the freefall'' In Flames

In FlamesFree Fall

| play
brucefraser @Moshers_Moll: "'I never seem to understand,the time,the place & who I am,Define a way to stay alive,it's like I'm living a lie..This is the freefall" (reblip)

In FlamesFree Fall

| play
brucefraser @Moshers_Moll: "''Bullet Ride'' In Flames: ''It's the cowardice that pulls you under,and takes you to the end where it begins...''" (reblip)
SkyeCebh GOD IS BACK! ♫♥♪♥ We're saved!! :P Good to see you! @Metal_Rocks (reblip)
MysticEclipse Listener Appre #17. Cuz @brucefraser's not... F-F-F-F-FOOLIN! Great track choice off his bliplist. (reblip)

Foolin Def Leppard

| play
brucefraser RB @OmeRoon: "My Dying Bride – "The Cry Of Mankind" @vix_rock Forest of Shadows sounds pretty cool indeed. (reblip)
brucefraser Thanks! RB @MysticEclipse: "Listener Appre #17. Cuz @brucefraser's not... F-F-F-F-FOOLIN! Great track choice off his bliplist." (reblip)

Foolin Def Leppard

| play
brucefraser RB @Metal_Rocks: "Guns N' Roses - Estranged. No comments, No shouts...Just great tunes! Enjoy!!" (reblip)
brucefraser RB @MysticEclipse: "Randomizer #20. Now I'm tied to Twitter. Curious 2 c how that works. OK last one for now. My current favorite from UNSUN. (reblip)
brucefraser RB @CharM666: "W.A.S.P.-Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane Cover) - shout to @Metal_Rocks ...cuz i luv ya!" (reblip)

W.A.S.P.-Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane Cover)

| play
Metal_Rocks Mastodon - Oblivion. This tune rules!! Shouts to some awesome DJ's @brucefraser @michi66f @spinecut @n3l1t4 @Tattooed_Angel
brucefraser Awesome! RB @Metal_Rocks: "Mastodon-Oblivion. This tune rules!! Shouts 2 some awesome DJ's @brucefraser @michi66f @spinecut @n3l1t4 @Tattooed_Angel " (reblip)
brucefraser RB @Aredhel73: "Lethian Dreams | "Elusive" | Album: "Bleak Silver Streams"" (reblip)
brucefraser RB @SkyeCebh: "Honey! @romanus: "rb!! @DirtyUrine: "rb@MrsASoprano: re "She was taking her time, I was loosing my mind... AC/DC – Touch Too Much" (reblip)
brucefraser RB @OmeRoon: "Danzig - "Her Black Wings"" (reblip)

Danzig-Her Black Wings

| play

Metallica- Welcome home (Sanitarium) music video

| play

Fear and Loathing by The Black Velvets

| play
brucefraser RB @Darkangelkas: "Thanks :) @DamnTheMan: "Lemme give you a quick fix girl @ Darkangelkas"" (reblip)
brucefraser Blipping from a terrible net connection in Luanda... here;s my current fav slayer tune! *Slayer*!!

slayer - cult

| play
brucefraser Home at last... sorry for being off blip for so long.. good to be back.

10 Ministry Khyber Pass Featuring Liz Consta

| play

Megadeth-Angry Again

| play
Aredhel73 Daylight Dies | "All We Had" | Album: "Dismantling Devotion"
OmeRoon Black Sabbath - "No Stranger To Love" - from the brilliant Seventh Star album @OKBettsy I have no idea.... indeed a weird bandname!

Black Sabbath No Stranger To Love

| play
OmeRoon Testament – "Practice What You Preach" - the album from the "Clash of the Titans" tour with Megadeth, Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies.
CMFlinn Can't You Hear Me Knocking - Rolling Stones

Can't you hear me knocking- rolling stones

| play
DamnTheMan I like it!!!! Queen Of The Reich just made my playlist. You shared yours so it's only fair, this one's my fav @sarahcarina
Dysn0m1a follow on twitter too everyone<3 Chi @RobbyDobbyDobby: "#Deftones - I hope Chi Cheng comes around.It's been SOO long already. (reblip)
brucefraser RB @Aredhel73: "Daylight Dies | "All We Had" | Album: "Dismantling Devotion"" (reblip)

Dragonforce Through The Fire And Flames Official Music Video

| play

No Quarter-Tool

| play
brucefraser Wicked tune, thanks for the blip! RB @larva: "Tool – Vicarious" (reblip)


| play
brucefraser Need my 3rd Machine fix.. go @OmeRoon! RB @SkyeCebh: "♫♥♪ 3rd Machine - "Core of the Machine" ♥ (reblip)
brucefraser @Metal_Rocks: "L7 - Pretend We're Dead. Love this tune!" (reblip)
brucefraser RB @DreamWarriorz: "Thanks.. :)@GrimLuxuria: "@DreamWarriorz: " Hypnotic.. \m/ Deftones – KimDracula""" (reblip)


| play

Chevelle - Closure

| play

Robert Plant-Darkness, Darkness

| play
brucefraser RB @marijaanadj: "Soilwork | Stabbing the Drama" (reblip)

Soilwork | Stabbing the Drama

| play
brucefraser I'm gonna miss these guys when they come to Halifax... damn
brucefraser RB @HeatherMacc: "Megadeth - Trust - it's hard to pic a fave from Dave squared, but this might be mine." (reblip)


| play
brucefraser RB @DreamWarriorz: "I'm outta here...Have a great night! Linkin Park – What I've done.." (reblip)
brucefraser RB @Angie74: "GAK! No clowns I HATE clowns!! ;) And you know you love *my* ass! ;) @Sylak: " (reblip)
brucefraser This is me this morning... ugghh great tune though! RB @DJruthianna Godsmack – Whiskey Hangover (reblip)
brucefraser you're welcome :) great blip list btw! @mizhelena: "THX guys! (reblip)

In Flames- Evil In A Closet

| play

Priestess Blood

| play
brucefraser these gals kick ass!

KITTIE Cut Throat (new 2009!)

| play
brucefraser Thank *you*! RB @OmeRoon: "Amorphis – "Silent Waters" - this one goes out to my good friend @brucefraser - thanx for the kind words!" (reblip)
brucefraser Love the new avatar @OmeRoon! RB @OmeRoon: "Dark The Suns – "The Dead End"" (reblip)
brucefraser Wow, haven't heard this in awhile. Definitely epic! @OmeRoon: "Candlemass – "At The Gallows End" - epic...." (reblip)
brucefraser hadn't heard of them before, thanks man! RB @Ravenbiker: "Ireland's biggest metal band" (reblip)
brucefraser @Ravenbiker... talking 'bout Ireland got me thinking about shamrocks, which got me thinking about this cool House of Pain remix
brucefraser Wow, excellent choice! thanks ;) @Santasdevil: Sick Puppies – You're going down - w/ lyrics @kowboyfromhell @Muddgutt @AgentSpymonkey @SpinningDiscs (reblip)
brucefraser RB @TarinnAdaria: "awesome song rb@hizzapuf: "Lake of Tears - So Fell Autumn Rain "" (reblip)
OmeRoon Engel – "Casket Closing" @brucefraser my job is webdeveloper... ;-) The band is purely a hobby. So there is hope! Hahaha!
brucefraser Black Label Society – Spoke In The Wheel
brucefraser Nice one! RB @Elmetalismo: "- Metallica || The Frayed Ends of Sanity || C'mon!" (reblip)
OmeRoon Dan Swanö - "Sun of the Night" - and with this brilliant song I say goodnight. Check out @brucefraser as he is blipping great metal! Cheers mate!
OmeRoon Worth a reblip... hahahaha!!! 8-) Thanx Bruce! @brucefraser: "blip's own @OmeRoon people!" (reblip)
OmeRoon Insomnium – "Mortal Share" @brucefraser would be cool, but unfortunately Holland is too small for professional metalbands... and I am just too old!
brucefraser Wow, you have tons of great stuff! RB @Moshers_Moll: "Rb What a tune! :) @vagrantdead: "One of the most epic songs EVERRR #metal (reblip)
brucefraser love this! RB @SkyeCebh: "♫♥♪ Opeth -"The Drapery Falls"♥ (reblip)
brucefraser Really can't figure out why I like this one so much ;) (reblip)

Domenica- Above Me (Official Video)

| play
Moshers_Moll Enjoying brunch-listening to Novembers Doom ''Eulogy for the Living Lost'' I am not gonna be as down as yesterday,gonna kick this days ass.Pow
Moshers_Moll @brucefraser Thanks man,how about this one? I only discovered them recently,pretty cool :)
brucefraser Insomnium – The Elder

InsomniumThe Elder

| play
brucefraser Isis – Holy tears

IsisHoly tears

| play


| play
brucefraser Judas Priest – Blood Stained
brucefraser Draconian- She dies

Draconian- She dies

| play
brucefraser These guys kick some ass too! Swallow the sun – Descending Winters
brucefraser thanks to @Moshers_Moll, I'm now hooked on these guys!

Novembers DoomRain

| play
brucefraser DBC power and corruption

D B C power and corruption DEAD BRAIN CELLS

| play
brucefraser Nice one! RB @LeandroAzevedo: "Celtic Frost – A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh" (reblip)

Dozer- From fire fell

| play
OmeRoon Katatonia – "My Twin" - it always felt like @Metal_Rocks was my twin brother... so yeah, this hurts.

KatatoniaMy Twin

| play
brucefraser RB @BL00D_ANGEL BURNING BLACK – MECHANICHELL - 08 - Dangerous Game (reblip)
brucefraser trippy! RB @adversary1 Starting Over – The Crystal Method (reblip)

Guns N' Roses-Night Train (Audio Only)

| play
brucefraser "From green to red our days pass by, waiting for a sign to tell us why"

In FlamesTrigger

| play
brucefraser Vader – Dark Transmission
brucefraser gotta blip this one again... love their sound

Behemoth "Ov Fire And The Void" official HD

| play
brucefraser RB @ReflectionSymmetry Ayreon-Age of Shadows (reblip)

Ayreon-Age of Shadows

| play
brucefraser Inspired by the Stars-Wars-a-thon on Space tonight :) RB Vader – Dark Transmission
brucefraser Cancer Bats – Lucifer's Rocking Chair
DavidManley Been stuck in my head for the past few hours
brucefraser D B C terrorist mind

D B C terrorist mind DEAD BRAIN CELLS

| play
brucefraser Daylight Dies – A Life Less Lived
brucefraser RB @doomyflo Shape Of Despair – Angels Of Distress (reblip)
brucefraser Satyricon – The Pentagram Burns
brucefraser RB @aagochan Saint Vitus I Bleed Black (reblip)

Saint Vitus I Bleed Black

| play
brucefraser Thanks man! you too :) RB @Elmetalismo: - Melechesh || Purifier of the Stars || By @brucefraser || Nice playlist! ;) (reblip)
brucefraser Hate Eternal – The Victorious Reign
brucefraser Behemoth "Ov Fire And The Void"

Behemoth "Ov Fire And The Void" official HD

| play
brucefraser Me too! RB @JezebelTheGreat: "Fuck, I love these guys." Deftones – Deathblow (reblip)
brucefraser inspired by @ReflectionSymmetry and @Edvangelius --> Megadeth – Kill the King
brucefraser RB @Moshers_Moll: Amon Amarth "Twilight Of The Thunder God" (reblip)

Amon Amarth "Twilight Of The Thunder God" official video

| play
brucefraser As I Lay Dying- Meaning In Tragedy

As I Lay Dying- Meaning In Tragedy

| play
brucefraser Still Remains – Bed Of Nails
brucefraser It Dies Today – Sixth of June
brucefraser one of my faves too! RB @ReflectionSymmetry: "@TPJK: "thanks rb@RunswithCizers: "inspired by @TPJK one of my favorite Ministry tunes.""" (reblip)
brucefraser RB @Elmetalismo: "- Behemoth || Be Without Fear || " (reblip)
brucefraser Hey man! good to see you on here tonight @TheMorbidSlayer Nile – Those Whom the Gods Detest
brucefraser Caliban – I see the falling sky
brucefraser thanks to my new listener @CrazyBitch!


| play
brucefraser Whoa, I'm slow tonight... this is pretty cool! RB @DjDiddlesSkittle: "Sammich @vixxeninpink: "(wham cover,seether doin wham,who saw that 1 coming?) (reblip)
brucefraser Sybreed – Bioactive


| play
brucefraser wow! Some nice audio/visual ;) RB @OmeRoon Pyramaze – "A Beautiful Death" a clip my friends @Metal_Rocks #brucefraser @DirtyUrine will appreciate. ;-) (reblip)
brucefraser Trivium - Like Light To The Flies

Trivium-Like Light To The Flies

| play
brucefraser Lord Belial – Mark of the Beast
brucefraser Bloodsimple - Dead Man Walking

bloodsimple dead man walking

| play
brucefraser Hey kool kat! how are things tonight @PyrettaBlaze? "DevilDriver – Pray For Villains"
brucefraser Divine Heresy – Closure
SkyeCebh One of my absolute favorite groups!! TY! RB vi@ReflectionSymmetry (reblip)
doomyflo soooooo beautiful!!! hope to learn to play guitar like this...
brucefraser cool remix --> Foo Fighters – Best of You (Foo to the Floor Mix)
brucefraser Welcome to blip! RB @DJKartos Nine Inch Nails – The Hand Thats Feeds (reblip)
PyrettaBlaze rb@skunk63: "Frenzied biting,sucking, licking, Come now, join in the feast, Satisfy your deepest desires, RB@PyrettaBlaze" (reblip)
brucefraser sonic syndicate – denied
brucefraser Machinemade God – Next To Me
brucefraser \m/(-.-) Neaera – Desecrators


| play
brucefraser Sybreed – Bioactive


| play
SkyeCebh Rb!! #metal :D @brucefraser: "I'm in Cole Harbour. this place went nuts last nite! fuggin gr8 game man RB @DJKartos Chimaira – Left For Dead" (reblip)
brucefraser Ha! definitely #metal! \m/(-.-)\m/ Love it! RB @SkyeCebh Hey sweets! You're getting sucked into even more #metal it seems :P We like it! @ brucefraser (reblip)
brucefraser damn this is good! RB @SkyeCebh: "RB #metal vi@OmeRoon: "God Forbid – "Chains of Humanity""" (reblip)
brucefraser SyBreed! nice RB @OmeRoon: "Sybreed – "ReEvolution" - dit is best lekker hoorrrrr! @Trompie @3rdMachinejohn @domin8r" (reblip)


| play
brucefraser Thanks! definitely one of my fave Sabbath covers :) RB @Time2Burn: "Great pull bud! rb@ brucefraser: "1000 Homo DJs – Supernaut"" (reblip)
brucefraser SHRINEBUILDER – Pyramid of the Moon
brucefraser Blut Aus Nord – Fathers of the Icy Age
brucefraser Dead Brain Cells (D.B.C.) – Public Suicide
brucefraser A little off the wall, but I've had this song in my head today "David Bowie (feat Nine Inch Nails) – I'm Afraid Of Americans"
OmeRoon Daath – "Wilting On The Vine" @3rdMachinejohn
brucefraser The Ziggurat – Into the Dank Abyss
brucefraser great video for this track "EX DEO – Romulus"

EX DEORomulus

| play
brucefraser Niflheim – The Cold Wind of my Breath is Always Blowing
brucefraser Secretly in Pain - Departure

Secretly in Pain Departure

| play
brucefraser Coldworld – This Empty Life
brucefraser Daylight Dies – All We Had
brucefraser Insomnium – The Elder

InsomniumThe Elder

| play