iClimateAdviser Hi blipers excelent day/ Bom dia 10:00 am and 25ºC allready :-)


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busto i just love music and almost all music if it is good! good night!
busto ok worth the listen and love the guitar Danial Ash is a god!
busto i am free flow blipping tonight with whatever pops in my head no plan no reason but sometimes isn't that the point
busto ok I am blipping a little for all my personalities tonight
busto love this song and it was such a great one to dance to

the bubblemen are coming

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Carmilla You're welcome, top spot lost (prob for a few weeks yet) @Totengrber: "thanks @last_week's_top5: @Lunaladee@atank@Carmilla@ducks2007@PenelopeVintage" (reblip)

"Free Yourself" by The Untouchables

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busto response to @romanus Atomic dog blip
busto actually like watching the video with this song. (reblip)

Queen- Sombody to Love

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Ministry Rio Grande Blood (Adios... Puta Madr)

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busto Spot on Russell Brand... 30 years he has been living off of one song! But a friggen good song
busto :-(

Beatles Taxman

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octoberland hey now, i thought we were only picking on musicians that way :) @camdalamb
AtheDJ Rolling Stones Rehearsals – Waiting on a friend
busto running with the rude boy's...
busto just like the start of this

The xxIslands

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they say I'm Mello Yellow

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quorum +20K songs :: 1809 songs left :: Ignore previous fortune.
bankaiAP man blip is on fire today. This should even improve my last.fm (reblip)
busto OK now your reward is the The City Sleeps: (1991) MC 900 Ft. Jesus is his best song he released.
busto UFO's Are Real: (1990) MC 900 Ft. Jesus
ShesAllWrite #moonsongs Does this count? I mean the moon technically is our Satellite - BT


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busto Just love the piano in this song... this was the perfect song when you are really pissed at someone you care about
busto I like the original but if I did not know the original I would really like this.
busto I recall when I first heard this I said to myself oh man this is something I really like, 20 years later who knew... NIN would have such staying power
tswarbrick kidneythieves • crazy

Kidneythieves- Crazy

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bankaiAP room with out a window get me out get me out
quorum +20K songs :: 3553 songs left :: From listening comes wisdom and from speaking repentance.
Alfea tnx → rb@zoja01: "rb@redoctopus: Nouvelle Vague – The Killing Moon" (reblip)
bankaiAP i love this dub shit@RafaelCortines: ""[Jah Division - Transmission]"" (reblip)
quorum +20K songs :: 3554 songs left :: Theory is gray, but the golden tree of life is green. -- Goethe
DirtyUrine Sent u a DM bro! GN! ==>@ChadThomas: "One last rb! Killer tune!! rb@Damiana: "days of the new • touch, peel and stand"" (reblip)
quorum +20K songs :: 3552 songs left :: An editor is one who separates the wheat from the chaff and prints the chaff. -- Adlai Stevenson
busto try this with video much more intense
busto try this on for size truly genious RIP Mclaren
busto looking up a 808 State song and came across this...
busto sorry the song just popped in my head so if you are singing the lyrics for the next 24 hours my bad
busto see i do not like the original.., this version to me is awesome!
busto nice mix of Sugarcubes song, Bjork voice is just great for this style of music
busto almost works... i think i know both songs to well... you take a listen
busto How the heck Robert Smith wrote this and 17 seconds I don't know but I like them both
LoopZilla The Art Of Noise – Paranoimia (Max Headroom Remix) - de @misterperturbed (reblip)
busto Man I wished Michael Jackson actually found this side of his music.

Switchfoot Hello huirricane/Hello Hurricane =).

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Alfea → rb@darkrider1: "rb @CharlotteSometimes: "@SaveAnni Thanks: "Siouxsie and the Banshees Painted Bird w/ Robert Smith" (reblip)

Siouxsie and the Banshees Painted Bird w/ Robert Smith

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Alfea 'giorno → rb@JanetSEyre: "The Smashing Pumpkins – Perfect" (reblip)
Carmilla I've got Ds but they came with the kids,lol. Maybe she felt old & unattractive. Don't like plastic surgery myself. @Totengrber: "rb@Carmilla (reblip)
ShesAllWrite @octoberland What's good? I just started training for my 1st marathon 10/10/10. Super excited! ~ Mercury Rev – Senses On Fire (Fujiya & Miyagi Remix)
busto just a simple riff... with interesting lyrics
busto number 12 .... three imaginary boys... simple in every way but exquisite
busto ok we return you to safety, number 10
busto ok could not locate number 9 the cure "so what" but this version will do just right :-)

MinistrySo What

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busto number 7 could not find the cure version
busto number 6 one of the greatest base lines
busto ok liver version number 5

The CureObject

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busto number 3 no way to describe how much this album meant to me only to say this song and the album spoke to me
busto OK i am going to blip the whole first cure album number 1
MrEckshun Sorry, forgot to say good night to @busto Off the Sm:)e label #techno #90s
busto ok typed in weedy burton and this was popped up... number 13 to close out the The Cure first album


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busto interesting fools dance was not as popular as roberts other side project the glove

Fools Dance / Happy Families Waiting

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busto watch the video to get the sincerity of the singer/artist
busto i could not get enough of this band when I first heard them. Very much worth the investigation of all their material.

Habitual Inmate by The Bastard Fairies

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CharlotteSometimes rb@supersusie: "how did we get this far apart? i thought this love would last forever." (reblip)

The CureApart

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CharlotteSometimes @mszebra Don't listen to this band much anymore, but when I did, this was my song...
busto @shiner: "Not just U rb@ramboswife: "Gonna take a break and get some chores done bbl...My Blipfm went a little "Bonkers" <<was it just me? LOL ;)"" (reblip)
busto goodnight

moby run on

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busto @ducks2007 my blip was taken way out of context i blip 1000homo as like Puscifer they were made up of headliners from other great bands and like RevCo
makinloverite 2x's since you have been defending my honor :) still cooking@RHYTHMjunkie: "Kiss me twice" (reblip)

Death In Vegas, Aisha

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Carmilla eye candy for the dark and disturbed.
tswarbrick me too.. guten nacht -_- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
BLUESBOOGIE Cool!! THX Bro- @hawaiibuzz: "John Lee Hooker - I'm Bad Like Jesse James (w Canned Heat) u got me in the bluesy mood my friend BLUESBOOGIE" (reblip)

John Lee Hooker - I'm Bad Like Jesse James (w Canned Heat)

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DChain Haha - well, I must say: you are extremely well informed ;)) Good mornig to you! @JTMaustin: "good morning @spacespencer and "Claudette"" (reblip)
Carmilla love it @skunk63: "The radio plays another song for broken hearts & tired swans" (reblip)

"Under My Control" by Leaether Strip

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busto This song is like the movie hackers and how we were happy at one time with a 14k modem connection... well weren't we?
ladypn In the end we're all just taller children... love this track! Thx & rb@space_cadet (reblip)

Joy Division- I remember nothing (album version)

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Carmilla using your editing skills to uncover the true meaning? @ducks2007: "mwah! rb @Carmilla: "...better get some @PyrettaBlaze..." (reblip)
busto love the english slash hispanic accent
busto Nice pull whoever originally found this one... nice!
busto we are the family... some of the best drumming
busto i like the original but this is worth a listen if you like mix stuff
busto OK we need a revival of bands like this. Loved it.

siouxsie and the banshees dazzle 12 inch extended version cover

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Carmilla *spits* I wish I could take back my ballot paper and ram it up his ass @JimmyStagger: "Nick Clegg to be deputy PM @Carmilla @Shanti_baba @fluffyboots" (reblip)
busto for those who like peter murphy you may like this band... know the singer personally great guy
busto ok sorry I still want to close with this... thanks though @curatEar Goodnight ALL great night of blipping and blipped upon :-)

Depeche Mode Remix: Goodnight Lovers The Speedy Mix

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busto BB groove holmes... letting their musicianship speak for itself

Groove Holmes

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mocking bird TOM WAITS acoustic cover

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So long I'll See Ya

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busto ok so when you are feeling blue... this is a GREAT ALBUM The Early Years, Vol. 1 Tom Waits
DChain rb and ty @AnotherLeaker: "rb @pagemac: "don't rip your skirt ;) @Nymph: "stuck on the fence""" (reblip)
spacespencer oh come on – could be worse... ;) @DChain
DChain :))) yr more than welcome! @MuesliDD The Smiths - A rush and a push and the land is ours (reblip)
busto What I liked is as MC 900 Ft. Jesus kept putting out songs he started getting into some good jazz like hooks... like the style he was starting
busto I loved this song from Monster Magnet... they almost became the next huge thing in the 90's...
spacespencer bitte. musik ist immer noch die beste Troge! @DChain
DChain @spacespencer das ist übrigens seit gestern mein neues Lieblingslied! :D Danke!
octoberland mmm...sounds lovely. the fireflies are finally showing now. love those bugs. {rachael sage : moonlight and fireflies}
NirvanaCC how cool is that?! vi@NikkiPixel: "RB! @Nirvana454 | Nouvelle Vague - Master And Servant" (reblip)
busto I know you all were wanting all ABBA mix
Carmilla @darrenoftinley: "::blushes:: cant handle" Awww would you prefer it if we hid under that blanket? (reblip)
octoberland hey! well, okay. me too ;) @colourjunky: "ty@anatos: "David Bowie (feat Nine Inch Nails) – I'm Afraid Of Americans"" (reblip)
busto ok your head is going to explode... and like Craig Ferguson say's you are welcome.
Carmilla Carmilla brings more pleasure - see they even made a song about it ;-)
octoberland didn't want to play this track, but it's so darn good. {the national : mistaken for strangers}
busto OK what I can say... this should be and yes I am a ...

Nick Cave and the Dirty Three-Time Jesum Transeuntum

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octoberland nicked from @TarinnAdaria: "Tricky – Poems........" (reblip)
octoberland nicked from @TarinnAdaria: "Vanessa Daou - Snow" (reblip)

Vanessa Daou, 'Snow'

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AtheDJ Paul McCartney – Elton John - Sting @ Hey Jude Live
LiveHeart13 "COOL,A Good Day 2 U@TarinnAdaria: "Tricky – Poems........" (reblip)
AtheDJ Maybe I'm thinking of Gremlins;Drb@ANOUK4US: "They could do no harm @AtheDJ. /DJ: Didn't you hear.You're never supposed 2 close Ur eyes around Muppets (reblip)
NirvanaCC I've been here just over 6 years now vi@GarishDragonfly: "Crazy!! How long you been in RVA? @Nirvana454" (reblip)
DChain denkst du, ich sollte ein paar Schlafstunden nehmen? ;) @spacespencer
busto Appropriately named song! Waiting in anticipation...

Bauhaus- Nerves

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octoberland no joke. lived there nearly 10yrs. miss it. have you been to the city by the bay? @GarishDragonfly: "San Fran? Big change! @octoberland" (reblip)
busto I love the sax in this.
Awannabeangel ty all 4 this one ! @Dancer12: "TY RB@JonathanDune Luv this! @lillianwong: "Gnarls Barkley vs. The Shirelles – Crazy Baby It's You @jimbonz" (reblip)
busto OK for those who... well you know who you are ;-)
busto @DChain And here is why she is in parties... it's in the can!
musicalmind Back when Tower Records was still in existence....

BIGOD 20 A2 One (Jack Dangers Instrumental)

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busto mix of sounds of so many bands that I like in this song
musicalmind Gorgeous version of this song.The big drama, vocal delivery,& musical style (multi-part harmonies, etc.) of this song r very reminiscent of Queen,eh?!
DirtyUrine Godsmack – Good Times, Bad Times !! ~ I fucking love this cover and video... and I will tell you this same shit again !! \m/
busto Really ahead of their time so much of the english early 90's sound could be traced this band. Even the video
Alfea → rb@6km: "rb@junie12e: "Placebo – Running Up That Hill" (reblip)
busto OK to be honest... I wanted to see if I typed something in like "cool shit" would i find something I liked and would blip... and I did

cool shit i like. (Her Space Holiday)

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busto like the bass work in this
DirtyUrine Are you in France? @patita: "and here in Paris lol moneytalks :D heheheh....... kisses and hugzzzz to you all!!!!!" (reblip)

AC/DCMoney Talks

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busto This is my favorite of The Sound
Awannabeangel Bassbrazzer – A Sunny Day (AudioLow Remix)
quorum Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run. -- Mark Twain
busto This is absolutely my favorite song by the The White Stripes.
SomeMoSir thanks for listening. thank you even more for sharing. each one: teach one. your bwoi in san francisco loves you. be easy ya'll.
busto The song the video the band. RED and BLACK made cool.
SomeMoSir my fave track these days. 10 mins of heaven on earth.
busto ok I admit I like this... is that so wrong
Microdot Then... The Teardrop Explodes. I love the way the vocal overlaps, it's just like Sleeping Gas:
busto If you like Joy Division you should give this band a listen, they came from the same period.

The SoundJeopardy

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mark_till Kaiser chiefs - never miss a beat
busto I am actually surprised that I have not come across this blip. Too bad this was their one song

Icicle Works / Whisper To A Scream(Birds Fly) PV

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busto I remember thinking this was so intense when I was uhm younger
busto Nice lyrics... could really be reworked for today.
SomeMoSir T pain with gimme the night back beat. has the ness. hotness.
Alfea Jovanotti °*° Piove > grazie/thanks @zoja01 @jakite unfortunately today here in Tuscany is a rainy day..


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busto interesting ending to video... like this instrumental piece

No Te Va A Doler / It's Not Going To Hurt

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busto A oft forgotten band
busto I actually like them better now than when I first heard them. I only listened to them at first because David J was with them for one album.
busto OK I listened through Crispy Ambulance and I remember why did not like them so much... I wish they did instrumental's as they had some good music but
busto OK this is cheesy but I'll be damn if i did not listen to it all the way to the end.
ducks2007 rb @PenelopeVintage: "Something beautiful before bed... good night/day to all! :)" (reblip)
mark_till Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
AtheDJ Doctor and the Medics – Spirit in the Sky
OhAngie Rocco's favorite Beastie Boys song :)
RoxUranus For you Bay Area folks...TKK and the Lords of Acid will be playing at DNA on 15 July.
busto This song from Crispy Ambulance reminds me of The Mighty Lemon Drops – Closer To You

crispy ambulance

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Carmilla Why can't I get just one screw? Why can't I get just one screw? Believe me, I know what to do...
busto I just like this song and don't like it... go figure

Sleigh Bells - Crown On The Ground

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busto enjoy... turn out the lights close your eyes and listen.
quorum +20K songs :: 567 songs left :: An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. -- Benjamin Franklin
Carmilla Nightbreed Records I used to have all their compilations. Still chat to Trev Ghost. The 80's Goth scene was like that.
octoberland enjoy your rest :) @camdalamb: "Good one. The cure know how to say things. @octoberland: ";) @camdalamb" Sweet dreams, shortcake. I'm out of here." (reblip)

The CurePush

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busto My favorite... Siouxsie & The Banshees song is Dear Prudence
busto We use to play this album before we went out clubbing, yes this does date my age
DChain my train is leaving now. bye bye - cu later!
mark_till me 2. @SGMan: "Always enjoy this one #mark_till: "Robot Rock - Daft Punk"" (reblip)
mark_till Radiohead - Skttrbrain (Four Tet Remix)
AtheDJ Beautiful! Hi&TYVM rb@ladypn: "To know what to say... so lovely!! Thx & rb@spacespencer: "long time not played. (reblip)
ladypn Nice to meet you @the90sgirl!! How cool, @lukesharp 's daughter?? : "Well see yall tomm." (reblip)
busto OK I admit it my daughter has converted me to being a Glee fan if only because the show really does showcase some classics
busto ok i am done as i have milked this for what it's worth
busto this person already lost his way... but this song he does justice to
busto OH the reflections of my life...
DirtyUrine Hey girl! rb@LindyLuv: "@aZiMuTh ~thought you might like this..." (reblip)
DChain rb and good morning to you :) @JTMaustin: "Nancy Sinatra ~ "The Last Of The Secret Agents" (1966)" (reblip)
busto you must give this compilation from Tom Waits a serious listen...The Early Years, Vol. 1

Tom Waits Poncho's lament

| play
busto OK I am going to start with this album and blip the whole album if i can...this is where my head is at and it is almost a qtr to 2, The Early Years V1
busto OK more in the mood for this stuff tonight
busto REM Night Swimming blip for my friend

Night Swimming

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ducks2007 let's tear this damn place up! - The Cramps – Tear It Up
ducks2007 marvy, how about u? rb @dabruser58: "good gawd I love this :=) rb@StreamingMimi: "Etta James *** The Very Thought Of You"" (reblip)
ducks2007 The Misfits – Hollywood Babylon
ducks2007 Junior Boys – Bits And Pieces
busto OK I am dichotomy as I would like to be both Tom Waits or Peter Murphy or BOTH! Love the horn in this song.
busto this is a great version of this song
obz sorry Polynomial-A was unavailable. :(
Awannabeangel Sooo nice dear that is awesome ! :-) @ShutterBugGeek: "I've been having fun w/family & friends in spring! @Awannabeangel (reblip)
ducks2007 hope it's a better week! I'm way too tired for a Tuesday... rb @PenelopeVintage (reblip)
busto closing with this only because they did it justice...
busto NOT Tom Waits but this guy is out there somewhere... just think about it!

Frank's Song

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busto yes being self indulgent tonight but really isn't that what this is all about
ducks2007 rb @Totengrber: "@rafaelladm: "really love this song [rb @micoy]" are you on facebook or twitter?" (reblip)
busto best liver version of "ring of fire" from WOV

Wall Of Voodoo "Ring Of Fire"

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daffodilical I don't care, I love Coldplay. (Coldplay - Sparks)


| play
GR8FL need to chill down with @klitoria 's mango... delicious, danke :)

WALL OF VOODOO "Mexican Radio"

| play
asterion ...

AIR Sing Sang Sung (sayCet RMX)

| play
asterion holly crap, i have this on my ipod too, & had no idea... btw thanks @chiefski...
busto OK of you just listened to Mingus moan... I could see these being mixed

Calabria-enur by Natasha

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asterion had to play this because this is a jazz standard, search any great jazz artist, & they probably did this song...
busto hell i am all over the map tonight next i will be posting some be bop :-)

Violent Femmes: Good Feeling

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busto love this song anyway she does it and love the way she say's her own name
busto better connected site for song

SomedayThe Strokes

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asterion i blip @busto, if there are clubs out there... i go to Burning Man, this sort of music rules out there, so im collecting a playlist, im there 3 weeks
asterion ...


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busto for asterion good blips tonight
asterion thanks @busto...


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midnightwalker #spotifyplaylist Thanks for reminding that I should add End Times to my playlist!rb@Alturn8tive: "{Eels – Mansions Of Los Feliz}" (reblip)
busto WOW this is mixing a lot of stuff together but somehow it works
busto This guy added his drums over this song not bad
asterion im saying do you know who owns Fox News???
leaferi Excellent. rb@xyzzytwit: "CABARET VOLTAIRE - SENSORIA" (reblip)
busto rb@leaferi: "Score. rb@Hypnotica: "Electrotete – I Love You. Old CLASS! ...."" (reblip)
busto old is new again and so it goes...

These Things (Older Version)

| play

Bauhaus -Stigmata Martyr (Dance mix)

| play

Roads and It's a Fire by Portishead

| play
busto For Monday (reblip)

The Pogues Streams Of Whiskey

| play
busto I am going to end with the original and i can't believe I spent almost an hour listening to the same song... mental. But Love Johnny's best! Good nght
busto does anyone know if adam copied UHP version or did he copy theirs
busto the guitar god playing this song

Dick Dale Ring of Fire

| play
busto ring of fire cover of cover of dick dales version of this song

Nitro + Ring of Fire

| play
busto WOW did not expect this cover version... my new favorite
busto country cover of.... almost could not blip this one :-)

Dwight Yoakam Covers Ring of Fire, Atlantic City, NJ

| play
busto notice how all put thier stamp on it
busto You have to listen to all the versions of this song as it is a education in the construction destruction of a song
busto ok for some reason i just like this song

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

| play

Man next door (Massive Attack) + Film (S. Beckett)

| play
busto @paeix: "from@cammy again... thanks - good to see you." Nice Elvis cover (reblip)
BunnyHoney ~smiles~ was looking for roadhouse blues.. found this instead..
midnightwalker @moloko_sp: "@midnightwalker I have heard their new album! Excellent!" Is this from it? So it has leaked before the release date January 25th ;) (reblip)
busto ok i am going to blip all the ring of fire covers
busto love this song and her version of it
busto ok rave song all the way
busto love the sax in this one.
busto This single song convinced me to be Bauhaus fan.
busto listen to this song one of those songs that you go really?

Tones On Tail- Slender Fungus

| play
TriggerHappyJax Fish | The Perception of Johnny Punter......kills....kills....kills...give it a listen.