BklynRunnerDJ Step one you say we need to talk He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
BklynRunnerDJ You could be happy and I won't know But you weren't happy the day I watched you go
BklynRunnerDJ When you were here before, Couldn't look you in the eye You're just like an angel, Your skin makes me cry


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kdiddy ooh boy, I love you so

Rose RoyceOoh Boy

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butterflysong @amysprite Of course I love the original, but Tori rocks!

Tori AmosLandslide

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butterflysong Of course I love the original, but Tori rocks! (reblip)

Tori AmosLandslide

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AbsinthEve Top of the morning to you!! sorry I was in a rotten mood the other night....@vidabatine..check out my last blip- it is a very creative pick up line.. (reblip)
butterflysong I'm sure I've listened to this song at LEAST 1000 times!
butterflysong I liked Eddie singing & it's with Rick James, Bitch! (reblip)
butterflysong Who doesn't like Wine, Women, and Song? :)
butterflysong Saw Rachael Yamagata live. Although it seems impossible, she's better live!
butterflysong Keep it kind. Keep it good. Keep it right. If you love a cappella, have a listen. There's a version with music. Elephants
butterflysong Sorry for so many blips! I get pretty wrapped up in music! This one's kind of erotic and haunting.
butterflysong Aha! I figured out how to not send this to Twitter all the time! I think...
butterflysong I love this song so very much.

Woman in chains - Tears for Fears

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butterflysong Naturally, when I hear this song, I think of Grey's Anatomy. That's where I gather my list of new songs from!
butterflysong Immediately makes me want to dance! "The loud bright colors that I wear BOO!"
butterflysong I still listen to this CD on a regular basis... "Be strong. Serve God only. Know that if you do, beautiful heaven awaits"
butterflysong If you have children, this will tug at your heart... Caution: Country-ish song! ;)
butterflysong "That that don't kill me, can only make me stronger" Hell yeah!
butterflysong Lady GaGa has some great stuff!

Lady GagaLove Game

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butterflysong "Momma tells me I shouldn't bother." Listen to your Momma!
butterflysong Reminds me of Pink Floyd for some reason...

Blue OctoberHate Me

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butterflysong It's hard not to love Enya! This is my favorite!

EnyaMarble Halls

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butterflysong "All i wanna do is make sure you stop chasing rainbows."


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butterflysong "There's God in the trees. I'm weak in the knees" He died too young...
butterflysong "You make me feel like the amazon is running between my thighs." Is it hot in here??


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butterflysong I would loved to have been there for this one!!
butterflysong "It's getting harder keeping life and soul together." So happy he's still putting great stuff out there!
butterflysong @MichJoy61 Fantastic song for running!
butterflysong "I wanted more than this I needed more than this I deserve more than this"
butterflysong Great cover! I cannot believe how much I like Miley's singing :-\
butterflysong Explicit version

Kanye west ft. Jamie foxx and Ray charles - gold diggers

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butterflysong One of his best!

Suddenly - Billy Ocean

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butterflysong "When I awoke today, suddenly, nothing happened. But in my dreams, I slew the dragon"
StonyTunes I CAN'T WAIT - Nu Shooz


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butterflysong Love old Michael Jackson

13- Farewell my summer love

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butterflysong Nu Shooz - I Can't Wait


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butterflysong YES! I haven't heard this in years!

T'PauHeart and Soul

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butterflysong Lifts my spirits. Ode to Jackie and Marvin
butterflysong Hélène. He's from my home province!
butterflysong "Big accordian solo!" Too funny...
butterflysong @amysprite I thought maybe you'd like this. For some strange reason, at the beginning, it reminds me of Metallica?? How odd!
butterflysong "Echo in my head like a scream!"
butterflysong "When my lonely eyes see only your face at night"
butterflysong Very funky and raw! Thanks @MichJoy61
butterflysong Speaking of funky! Love the drum beat...


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butterflysong Gloria's great, but Cake + swearing = my favorite version!

CakeI Will Survive

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butterflysong Thanks @CaptainDumbass I would never have found this without your help!
butterflysong Nina Gordon covering Skid Row's 18 & Life @CaptainDumbass


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StonyTunes NEW SENSATION - INXS - @toxea @butterflysong @greenlane @mystwitch @EgoAnt from AU 2 U :-)

INXSNew Sensation

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butterflysong I was looking for The Cover Girls version, but this will do
TheMonsterApathy I am so gay for this song it's ridiculous
butterflysong Lauren makes me smile!

lauren hill - fugees - cant take my eyes off of you

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butterflysong I like this as much as Roberta Flack's original version
butterflysong A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion "Let the rain come down and wash away my tears. Let it fill my soul and drown my fears."
butterflysong Who knew Nicole and Ewan had these incredible voices!? "Storm clouds may gather And stars may collide But I love you until the end of time"

Moulin Rouge Soundtrack - Come What May

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MixMasterEddie I guess I should have known by the way you parked your car sideways that it wouldn't last.. (reblip)
butterflysong Jennifer Rush - The Power of Love I wish I could do it justice in karaoke!


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butterflysong If I had more hours in a day, I would look for more songs like this! (reblip)
butterflysong I'm totally singin' this bad boy the next time I go to karaoke! I just need to gather a few other lunatics to join me...
MixMasterEddie Hey @Clark_Griswold AIG Execs are bunch of Material Girls.
butterflysong Who doesn't love En Vogue? Groovy...
TheMonsterApathy A semi-charmed life is defined by the quality of its "doot doo"s.
butterflysong FREE . YOUR . MIND "Why oh why must it be this way...before you can read me you gotta learn how to see me"
butterflysong Makes me think of the movie Something More every time I hear it! Great movie!
butterflysong What cool, funky version of Billie Jean!! (reblip)


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butterflysong Michael Jackson vs Blackstreet - A new way to listen to Billie Jean! (reblip)
butterflysong @MonsterApathy "This is what happens when Big Band has sex with a beatbox and a bunch of synthesizers" - Indeed! (reblip)
butterflysong The only American Idol winner that sticks out in my mind! (reblip)
butterflysong Fan-freakin-tastic! One of my absolute favorite songs!
butterflysong "I'm alive. I can feel the blood rushin' through my veins." Hell yes! Go Canada!
butterflysong And I've lost my light. For I toss and turn I can't sleep at night (reblip)


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butterflysong I'm not sure all these people understand...You, I thought I knew you. You, I cannot judge. You, I thought you knew me.
butterflysong We'll say the last P stands for property...:)
butterflysong @MaggieDammit This song made me think of the Violence Unsilenced website.
butterflysong Sarah Polley singing Courage. Voice of an angel!


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butterflysong This song is just so happy!! Thanks @MonsterApathy (reblip)
butterflysong Every time I hear this song, I think of Kevin James dancing in Hitch and giggle! (reblip)


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BklynRunnerDJ Hopped out of that house with my swagger Hop in that with girl, I got places to go! People to see, time is precious


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butterflysong Another gem I didn't know the name of! Thanks! @StonyTunes (reblip)


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BklynRunnerDJ There's something wrong with me chemically Something wrong with me inherently

Depeche ModeWrong

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butterflysong Oh THAT's what happened to me! "I was born with the wrong sign. In the wrong house" (reblip)

Depeche ModeWrong

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butterflysong My sister calls me Constantinople because of this song!! (reblip)
BklynRunnerDJ no, this can't go on your advice for young mothers to be we'll never find the words, darling believe me
StonyTunes ALLEY OOP OOP OOP OOP - The Hollywood Argyles
butterflysong "I forgot how nice romance is." :) Makes me want to snap my fingers!
butterflysong Oh my goodness! I am HUGE fan of Tears for Fears, but I like the way Adam Lambert did this! (reblip)
butterflysong Because of Kris Allen on American Idol, this is now one of my favorite songs!
butterflysong Ah Celine...even the people who say they don't like her, like her! "I made a deal with the devil for an empty I.O.U."
butterflysong When I saw the movie Labyrinth, I had a crush on both David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly! Poor Hoggle...
StonyTunes ~ LETZ DO IT ~ LICK IT WILD ~ DJ Matt Hite ~ one blip to go from here :-)
butterflysong "One day when you discover just why I ran...I'm losin' my way back to you-ou-ou-ou-ou." Blue Rodeo is so great live!
thebloggess I love this song and not just because me and @DrPants are tight like OJ's glove. (reblip)
butterflysong Anybody remember The Sundays?? Totally AWESOME!
butterflysong OH MY GOD!! @iamchrismann got it up!! Yay! Oh...wait...that would imply I know him intimately. Whatever. Go listen!

Kanye West's 'Heartless' by Chris Mann

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butterflysong Sneaker Pimps! Need I say more!?

Sneaker Pimps//Six Underground

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butterflysong @thebloggess: "This song is never loud enough." - ABSOLUTELY! (reblip)
butterflysong I am an Alanis fan. I once sang and recorded this for an ex... We're great friends now! :)
butterflysong Who didn't dance to this as a child!? Diana...you are a true Diva! (reblip)
butterflysong Who, including @schillingfan, does not want to shake SOME body part when this song plays!?

Dj dley- C&C Music Factory Everybody Dance Now (remix)

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butterflysong I love this frickin' Paula Abdul song! Remember the cat in the video!?
butterflysong Honestly! Watch the video! How cute is @iamchrismann?? And the vocals...this boy NEEDS to make it HUGE!

'Slow' preview from Chris Mann's Sony Debut, iTunes 4/'09

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butterflysong There is something about this guy's voice that gives me chills!
butterflysong "I have to *gulp* every time I hear this song. This is live...wow! "We ask that life be kind." (reblip)

celine dion ft. josh groban, the prayer

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butterflysong Wow! Wow! WOW!! Check this out! @sarakamin & @oliverpigott #musicmonday
butterflysong Is it weird that I listen to this almost every day? @iamchrismann has the type of voice I enjoy the most. Any recommendations?

Kanye West's 'Heartless' by Chris Mann

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butterflysong Kinda hard to argue with Metallica...and an orchestra, right!? Nothing else really matters! :)

Metallica & San Francisco Symphony Orchestra-Nothing Else Ma

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butterflysong Miles To Go (Before I Sleep) for @mother_tongue Celine Dion ...written by Corey Hart!

Celine Dion Miles To Go (Before I Sleep)

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