bwmson @CaffeinatedLiby, for some odd reason I think you probably can wipe me up on 70's tunes (reblip)
bwmson In one of those moods

The Eagles Desperado

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bwmson Another great song for my mood right now
bwmson Thunder----STRUCK.

AC DC - Thunder Struck

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bwmson One of the best. Love Chic.

ChicLe Freak

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bwmson It will now take 20 minutes to get this song out of my head.


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bwmson The Cars had a lot of great tunes.

The CarsMagic

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CaffeinatedLiby Okay, here's one I will stick with...I think. Thanks again @bwmson - I promise to stop stealing from you (mainly 'cause I'm headed to bed soon) (reblip)
bwmson Great part in the movie
bwmson Not a big fan of Pink, but this is good.
stevetuf It's what I perennially like about BlipFM...!
bwmson @SSMinnow7, if you thought Stairway to Heaven was great, this one is even better.
bwmson @ssminnow7, start scratching the tune.....
bwmson I love this tune....maybe better than the original. Damn, it is good.
jethostel (((( long time ago...1999 ))))

Lou Bega - Mambo number five

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bwmson This is an all time fav.....get up and dance.
CaffeinatedLiby Now all we need is a parade, just like in Ferris Bueller.
bwmson Classic Queen. Freddie sure could sing.
bwmson For some reason I have always liked this song

The WhoAthena

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Shortmann Oh snap..lookie what I found on teh Internetz!
bwmson ...and I believe this is from Smokey and the Bandit
bwmson Leaving tonight on a very high note......They were the best.

The Beatles - Cant Buy Me Love

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bwmson On of my all time favs.....
bwmson Could listen to this all night


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bwmson Why do I like this song??? It haunts me. Damn you Yacky Doodle.


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bwmson And while we are talking about songs that haunt me....
bwmson I bet you think this song is about you.....
bwmson How cool is Tom Jones??? Answer: Extremely.
bwmson ..and Animal House was a great movie
bwmson Oh, the good old days.....


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CaffeinatedLiby Quoth @bwmson "Oh, the good old days...." It's good to know that someone else is a fan because I love this whole soundtrack by Prince. (reblip)


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bwmson One of my fav Bowie tunes....
bwmson And let's talk about the best ever.....

Twist and Shout

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bwmson Not a big fan of her....but this song is good.
bwmson BIG Peter Gabriel fan here.......
bwmson One of my all time favs. I love this song


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bwmson @DGenX, nice to see another R&S fan :)


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bwmson She sounds awesome in this song.
bwmson Signing off with a nice Beatles tune....
Anniepooh Playin' this for my little Ian (4 yrs old) so he can *maybe* sleep.

Beatles - Hey Jude

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CarolannB Psst...yeah, you :D Get up & "Everybody Dance Now" (C+C Music Factory)
CaryAtid quincy m.d. theme with someone singing funny words over it.


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CaffeinatedLiby Quoth @bwmson "Not a big Moby fan.....but this kicks" I AM a Moby fan...and you're right, it kicks. (reblip)
bwmson GREAT cartoon.


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bwmson One of my favorite Queen tunes....simpler than most of theirs.....

QueenSave Me

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bwmson Great tune.


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bwmson Love Scrubs, love this song

Scrubs Theme Song- Im No Superman

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bwmson Checking out tonight with some Noah Drake.....
myriam Abbott and Costello - Who's On First...For the first laugh in the morning. (reblip)
bwmson A strong cover.......VH in their prime (my opinion)
bwmson I've been driving all night, my hands wet on the wheel.....


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bwmson Ok...checking out tonight on a sweet, mellow note.


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bwmson Perhaps as good as Nina's version.....
bwmson Love this song.....

Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer

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bwmson another great 70's tune.
bwmson One of their earliest hits....and one of their best

The Police - Syncronicity II

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bwmson always liked the Beatles sound of this song......
bwmson Closing tonight with one of the best instrumentals of all time....nicely done, Marvin.
Certifiable Carry on my wayward son! (Some awesome guitar work here.)
bwmson Short list of blips tonight.....end it on an all time was 20 years ago today. Just GREAT.


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toosweet4rnr [Toto – 99] so is 99 a pet name or the number of girls he's loved, I wonder.


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bwmson I remember the SugarHill Gang alarm clock on Scrubs....
bwmson and speaking of cool movie music......where are my mashed potatoes??
bwmson Steely Dan has an impressive collection.
bwmson Closing on a silly song I love listening to.....Father wears his Sunday best......
bwmson In an Elton John mood right now.
bwmson Adding this one to the list of awesome tunes....
bwmson don't you come back no more.....what you say?
bwmson you broke my will...but what a thrill....
bwmson Was it ABBA or Boxcar Willy that sold more records than Elvis and The Beatles????


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bwmson Great 80's classic.....oh, the memories.

Howard Jones - No One Is To Blame

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bwmson Little more recent.....just as good.....
bwmson Is it Joe Cocker....or John Belushi?
bwmson Great tune from Steve Winwood....
oOJulie LOVE this song!!! Sorry.. finally found it. Mannfred Man, Blinded by the Light
bwmson GREAT version. Lenny got it down perfectly.
bwmson ...cause you know it don't matter anyway.
bwmson One of the all time classics......
bwmson It's not unusual to go out at any time.....
bwmson One of the coolest tunes ever......
bwmson Closing down tonight on a great the fella once said, ain't that a kick in the head????


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gleegirlrock Dear Blippers U've had enough of me!Thanks,be back 2morrow (if ya let me!)As 4 now,I'm BEAT!B4 U do it 2 me I'll let Paul~ Take It Away! <3&XXs Glee:)
bwmson You better you better you bet....whoooooooo.
bwmson Just love listening to this song
bwmson Nice tune from Janet....that's Jackson if your nasty

Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do Without You

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bwmson Last blip tonight.....SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!
bwmson I got might, I got night fever.....
bwmson Love the movie

Michael McDonald-Sweet Freedom

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Rocky Burnette Tired of toein the line

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One of the Living: Tina Turner

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One of the Living: Tina Turner

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HEAVY METAL-Don Felder-Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride)

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john forgerty-rock and roll girls

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