HerMenUtoPic “When two people meet, each one is changed by the other so you've got two new people.” ― John Steinbeck
nofrills Very very powerful video and music. Thanks rb@terrene: "haha! @nofrills's saul reminded me of this. ahhh..." (reblip)
erroneous Count the stars in the sky. Measure the waters of the oceans with a teaspoon. Number the grains of sand on the sea shore... Impossible, you say?

Pick Up The Phone by The Notwist

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hawk_pl "stereo wildlife - so this is what it feels like" - try using this tune to chill out if/when you get tired of the heat in spain. ;) @Apple_chic

Slow Dance directed by Isamu Hirabayashi

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Cuckoo! (Moonrise Kingdom choir song)

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inlighted Tysm!@RADIOMARTINET: "Personal pianist of Shostakovich. 70 minutes" (reblip)

Dmitri Shostakovich: 24 Preludi e Fughe, Op.87 (Libro I°) (1950/1951)/ Tatiana Nicolayeva

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Vladimir Rebikov: 2 Dances from op.28 Jouni Somero, piano

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ayogafriend great lake swimmers - Moving Pictures Silent Films

Moving Pictures Silent Films .

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Diplopito Rene Aubry ~ Salento | Inspirada por ti Pia, boa noite :-) @matoart


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French for Rabbits- Claimed by the Sea (PLAN REMIX) Official.

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The Best Pessimist-Sleep Well

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The Mountaineering Club Orchestra ~ Cruising In The Ice

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Seekwhence_ Commix – Japanese Electronic (InstraMental Remix)

Old Apparatus 'Derren'

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tenderlee For The Earth Had Circled The Sun Yet Another Year" composer Dustin O'Halloran #ambient

takagi masakatsu (Pia #12)

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DepartmentEss Pantha Du Prince – A Nomad's Retreat (The Sight Below Version)

Plaid: This City (HD)

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aZiMuTh Mice Parade > The True Meaning of Boodleybaye [1999] > Dasher, Prance, Donner & Blitzen

Mice Parade "Dasher, Prancer, Donner & Blitzen"

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Pierro _____ Save Yourself _______ #konterfai
Pierro #tgif ----> Tricky —> Time To Dance

Tricky — Time To Dance (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

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elae Husky Rescue | New Light Of Tomorrow (Bonobo Remix)

Husky Rescue | New Light Of Tomorrow (Bonobo Remix)

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midas22 • DJ Koze - Cicely

DJ KozeCicely

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signum I'm not really "back" @bydefault . I'm just going in circles.

Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Believers

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longtide some more detroit old pearls. carl craig.
adrift @bytera: What keeps mankind alive? is a song composed by Kurt Weill, lyrics by Bertolt Brecht for their drama The Threepenny Opera. Int by Burroughs. (reblip)

William S Burroughs on September Songs

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serveauxx Suppppp Captain Freeze? rb @die_Kalte: "v_v" (reblip)

Bonobo : Cirrus [Official Video]

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hajoni Hidden Orchestra – Tired and Awake
RADIOMARTINET Docu-classic by Jean Rouch English subtitles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_maitres_fous

Les Maîtres Fous (1955)

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signum Last day at a job I've had for 5.5 years. Last few days in a city where I've lived for 11.5 years.


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bydefault ohhh unstable and nice

Sleep Whale mom video

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bydefault (gasp) Ruckus Roboticus!! Man-child extraordinaire! rb @Foudefafa (reblip)

Ruckus Roboticus unofficial "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" remix

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Adam Michalak: Third color

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Marisalanuit I don't know... but I'm surely addicted to good voices ;) @sleepydrummer

Ane Brun -This Voice 2013 (Official Video HD)

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aZiMuTh The Orb > Shine on you crazy diamond Pt 1 (Fluffy Clouds Remix)

Pink Floyd- Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pt 1 (Fluffy Clouds Remix)

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HaLaN Tim Koch – Vakohai

Tim KochVakohai

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leffi333 as long as I can hold my breath (by night). harold budd & akira rabelais

Harold Budd & Akira Rabelais: As Long I Can Hold My Breath (by Night)

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leffi333 the war. jennie abrahamson


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midas22 • Europa Europa and The Knife - För alla namn vi inte får använda
HaLaN Distance – No Sunshine
Martinshorn ... and a special one for @Annamira - enjoy the weekend!
erroneous how about a frogs & crickets, wet pavement, environmental remix or perhaps an old school instrumental... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EDCNgRJ33E

Land of the Loops Multi-Family Garage Sale music video

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Pierro Andrew Weatherall

My Bloody Valentine Glider EP Remixes (Andrew Weatherall)

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inlighted Good Morning!


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Nils Frahm Boiler Room x Dimensions Opening Concert Live Set

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Filastine feat. Nova Ruth_Gendjer2

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Diplopito Trio Chemirani (with Omar Sosa & Ballaké Sissoko) ~ Azadeh | #IntoTheNight
midas22 • Lorde - Tennis Court (Diplo's Andre Agassi Remix)
HaLaN Amycanbe – All the Places | rb@amycanbe :D (reblip)
M_Zu officially one of my faves now :) @tuned (reblip)
Aslai Vacaciones con mudanza incluida. Me vendieron este paquete :-) @bytera: "There is one poet on Blip. Currently on vacation. Her name is →((@Aslai))" (reblip)
hajoni Håkon Kornstad and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten- Paa Hinside Ørken | Elise, 2008

Håkon Kornstad and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten: "Paa Hinside Ørken"

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inlighted Tyvm@Usva: "Easy to RBTY@nananna: "ty@Diplopito: "Totally agree, thank you! @4UbyMoBo: "Beautiful: Faran Ensemble" (reblip)
Diplopito Omer Faruk Tekbilek ~ I love you | Totally, completely, undoubtedly, utterly, sublimely inspired by @frolica <3
aZiMuTh Nigel Stanford > Cymatics (Science vs Music)

CYMATICS Science Vs Music Nigel Stanford 1

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Martinshorn ... greetings to @Annamira with this song and all the best for the weekend!

ハチスノイト/matematika from album "Universal Quiet"

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M_Zu <3 Ponchos

Free Go Lily

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aZiMuTh Philip Selway (with Quinta, Adem Ilhan & The Elysian Quartet) > Weatherhouse [2014] > Around again
formalhaut hi dear @gdrago thanks a lot! everything is fine again :) (reblip)
HaLaN Jonson – Recyclestep


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midas22 • Cavalier x KRNE - Hands Tied
p_ferd Happy New Year 2015 @ll


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leffi333 lonely daze. kate tempest
aZiMuTh Yonderboi > Splendid Isolation [2005] > Before you snap

YONDERBOI Before you snap

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aZiMuTh Röyksopp (with Kato Ådland & Bjørn Sæther) > Senior [2010] > The Fear

RöyksoppThe Fear

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HaLaN Kattoo – Place8 | thanx @BeNine :D cc. @die_Kalte @M_Zu @axefield


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Seekwhence_ Blocks ft Jennifer Hall - Haven..I may have found mine.
midas22 • Bugge Wesseltoft, Henrik Schwarz & Dan Berglund - Take A Quick Break
Pierro "Té TO Té" via @gdrago (reblip)

"Té TO Té" Yasuyuki ENDO + Ballet National de Marseille

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DepartmentEss Until the next time....goodnight.

Aphex twinCurtains

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impulses ft. Scout Larue and Will Epstein
Seekwhence_ DJ Krush feat. Zap Mama - Danger of Love
Diplopito Hi Raquel, no pls, it's a very good mix (just a comment on the last song, you may disagree of course, its your mix ;-)). Cheers and hugs :-) @raquelxx (reblip)

Fabrizio Paterlini ~ Untitled (Lost Letters)

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Seekwhence_ Lamb – We Fall in Love

Lamb – We Fall in Love

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impulses . . . advance directive . . . year of the ... my choice
Seekwhence_ Massive Attack – Protection (Quiet Village Remix)
lackluster Here we go, a track from "Lackluster: Swansong Ep"

swod . sans peau

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Diplopito Dear Akira, while you practice by yourself the Tibetan dance, here is the medieval dance. Might be easier if you practice Tai-Chi before ;-) @fuuji
Diplopito Evgeny Grinko ~ Faulkner's Sleep | What happens when William enters the bar, Laura? ;-) @eyedeal
Diplopito Evgeny Grinko ~ Серенада | Totally, absolutely, undoubtedly, utterly, completely, entirely, thoroughly and wholly inspired by @frolica :-*
hajoni "1/2" of The Books -->Paul de Jong – Auction Block | If, 2015 (Germany: it's a pity, listening only on YT with unblocker)
Diplopito Sounds surreal Akira. Still, don't let the snow freeze your blipper skills! @fuuji
Diplopito Matthew Halsall ~ Been Here Before | and it feels comfortable, but I have to go now. #BlipXpress

Pablopavo \ Iwanek \ Praczas \ Październikowy facet (Official Video)

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Marisalanuit Can't stop listening


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Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm: 21:05

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matwater213 Samaris - Ég Vildi Fegin Verða ~~~>>

Kraftwerk: Radioactivity (No Nukes 2012, Tokio, Japan)

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leffi333 when love walks in. david sylvian & mick karn

JFC: Love Dub [HQ/HD]

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signum Massive Attack - Dead Editors . New #massiveattack EP Ritual Spirit

Dead Editors

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signum I wish I had clothes like this remix.
HaLaN Tigrics – Göndörgát
erroneous I don't think we stand a chance without the elves' guidance

Sense of Doubt. Philip Glass David Bowie Brian Eno

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Moderat /// Ethereal [2Pas0s Remix]

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Seekwhence_ J Majik - Repertoire

J Majik Repertoire

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Röyksopp & Robyn "Monument" (Music Video)

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formalhaut arigatou gozaimasu! rb @p_ferd: "Happy new year @ll …" (reblip)
signum Bulgarian chanting plus beats equals freshness

MODERAT Live In Berlin (2016)

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Unkle Ever Rest feat Joel Cadbury

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Seekwhence_ Fink - Perfect Darkness
p_ferd ♥︎ Autumn here too … rb@bumble_b: "no need to cry dear @me hope you enjoy your summer holidays - even though it feels a bit like autumn right now" (reblip)
HaLaN Tosca – Springer | #nowlisten


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Seekwhence_ Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough
Seekwhence_ William Basinski - Watermusic II
eubieland David Bowie •Golden Years[Reflex remix] (reblip)

David Bowie • Golden Years [The Reflex Re√ision]

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erroneous the bats have left the bell tower


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p_ferd "Best Gangsta Rap track ever? Memphis in the hizzay!"
HaLaN Rechenzentrum – Pantokrator
Seekwhence_ Telefon Tel Aviv - Bubble and Spike
Diplopito Nog een foto met die glimlach, graag!!! Wanted to send you this one https://goo.gl/HnGRlS N/A on their site now: http://cinemagraphs.com/ @C_light

Jeroen van Veen plays Tiersen

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Diplopito I'm definitely going to explore it more, thank you :-) Do you like this one? Also to share with cara P. @mylittleradio @Marisalanuit #pianotime
Diplopito Sebastian Plano ~ Emotions (Part II)
longtide @CalMa_Fdd really?? guarda che non ho ricevuto niente ...
signum And this modern western would also be a bit cyberpunk because we're basically living in a William Gibson novel as interpreted by The Onion.

Talking to Satie (Alessandra Celletti)

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longtide stay with the tide and enjoy. bye.
longtide due incinte in una settimana, ormai sono in odore di santità ... e pensare che non amo particolarmente il genere umano (ad essere diplomatici).

Nosaj Thing "Eclipse/Blue" [Official Video]

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longtide I don't wanna be a star But a stone on the shore

James Blake : Overgrown

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aZiMuTh Trentemøller > Fixion [2016] > November

Trentemøller: November

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If Only Tonight We Could Sleep by The Cure (Album version) Subtitulado

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longtide love this young man.
longtide [rb@axefield] After Tom Hardy's Taboo I might begin all my human interactions with the words “I have a use for you” #welovetomhardysomuch (reblip)

Kasper Bjørke: Heaven (Official music video)

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longtide tutto passa.

This Bitter earth dinah washington and max richter

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longtide probabilmente l'unica cosa fantastica di oggi.
manip_ #mashup can - smoke (E.F.S nº 59) + arve henriksen - parallel action + ellen fullman - departure

can + arve henrkisen + ellen fullman

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Diplopito If Benedetti would have known Blip, he might have replaced "stones" for "blips" and "windows" for "station". Thx for the blip @Limerence: [...] (reblip)
Diplopito Fabrizio Paterlini ~ Walk in Bern (Bonus Track) | That's how Bonus Tracks must sound, thanks @MarigoldGrace #PianoSunday (reblip)
VaguesPacific DJ Krush ~ Beyond Raging Waves
signum "The more I push it away, the longer it stays"

Patrick Melrose 2018 Soundtrack | 02. Running Through the Grapevine | Hauschka OST

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