cRAIGmITCHELL This is from THE best album of all time...INNERVISIONS
jencvs But I can't help the feeling I could blow through the ceiling...if I just turn and run.
cRAIGmITCHELL I WISH that he'd performed this at the Apollo show
cRAIGmITCHELL Most people don't know this one from MS. CHAKA. She MEANS IT when she sings!!! She HAS to sing otherwise...WATCH OUT! ;) Good night all!
TimMothE "Last night I couldn't knock on your door. I do not understand you."
cRAIGmITCHELL A great marriage of genre with strewn together to showcase an AMAZING song, melody and most importantly, artist (reblip)

David GrayBabylon

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL John delivering a proper remake of this Stevie Wonder classic
cRAIGmITCHELL Their first two albums...BRILLIANT! Adam became a bit too self involved/important, which i think helped to end their streak, but this is a CLASSIC! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL I KNOW, I KNOW...I ask people to do this too often, but it's what makes me ME. ( bugs me too)
cRAIGmITCHELL Basement Jaxx is a PERFECT remix team for Adele. Just enough soul woven in between boundary pushing bleeps, bops and beatz!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL Makes me want close my eyes and let the words wrap around me.
cRAIGmITCHELL A reminder that great songs and great music still exist.

The FeelingSewn

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL It's like a great early 90's wet dream.
cRAIGmITCHELL 99.9% of the time 100% of the people in the room or listening will have 100% better more fun than you will EVER have-david wolfe
cRAIGmITCHELL A groove that won't quit and toss Chaka into the mix...OMG!
cRAIGmITCHELL Wish I was on a highway driving a bit too fast with the windows down in the summer...thinking about all those who...
cRAIGmITCHELL Interesting how everyone from Pharrell to Kanye are on these guys. I LOVE this song so much. NO LABELS NO LIMITS on my station...still building! :)
cRAIGmITCHELL Stevie doing a proper "pop" track...
cRAIGmITCHELL SEE HER will change your life. Her bass thumb and silky lyrics and voice will dive into your soul and rearrange you.
cRAIGmITCHELL Even his voice gets inside you...INSPIRING!
cRAIGmITCHELL If I close my eyes, I'm wearing a tight brown suit, ray bans and walking through the streets of London. I've never even been there...WEIRD!

AdeleRight As Rain

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Heard this in the movie THE STRANGERS. Funny how such a beautiful and innocent song can be so haunting when married to something terrifying.
cRAIGmITCHELL This guy should write movie/television scripts
cRAIGmITCHELL Introduced me to drum and bass/jungle in a way that I could understand...then the rest was easier to figure out after. One must crawl b4 they walk ;)
cRAIGmITCHELL She performed this when I saw her open for John Legend. What an amazing night and a GREAT song. It's like Motown all over again!
cRAIGmITCHELL He MEANS it. Listen to that voice!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL Makes me want to eat good food with a nice glass of wine.
cRAIGmITCHELL The first time I heard Sade the IMMEDIATELY became part of the soundtrack of my life!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL I LOVE THIS SONG...reminds of when MTV still played the states, at least (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL For the feet...for the body...for the mind!
cRAIGmITCHELL This was my introduction to Stereolab...i was forever changed. I imagine nibbling on cheese in a field of tall green grass


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL This song makes me OH SO...

FloetrySay Yes

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Even more feeling than even Kate Bush's original
cRAIGmITCHELL His voice is like a warm blanket on a cold night.
cRAIGmITCHELL Used to perform some his stuff Orange Factory...those were good times. It was great therapy for me to be on stage EMOTING. ;)
cRAIGmITCHELL It's like a riding a one speed bike in spring
cRAIGmITCHELL If only more people in the state GOT him!
cRAIGmITCHELL Makes me want to roller skate naked
dagfooyo Here's audio of the Massive / Tool remix up on Youtube - plz ignore the Dragonball Z that accompanies. Or not.
cRAIGmITCHELL I'm thinking of one of my favorite tv shows HOUSE...and beyond that, the track leaves me speechless (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Image: me, by myself in Michigan when I was thumb was my micrphone...the wall in my mom's living room, the crowd.

SadeSmooth Operator

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Rock fusion remix that makes me want to put on a black beret, wayfarers and walk into a random smokey club...

PortisheadToy Box

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL If they don't make you feel like this...or feel this way about you...
cRAIGmITCHELL Everyday I want to get on my camel and ride...;)
cRAIGmITCHELL John Legend at the Apollo was one of those blips on the page of my life that I'm glad that allowed to be written
cRAIGmITCHELL I had forgotten all about this one! WOW...Thanks sabuga! (reblip)
ilmaborges te quiero, te adoro, miiiiii viiiii-da. (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL This is just dirty, in a strangely innocent way
cRAIGmITCHELL BRILLIANT!!! LITERALLY! This is so intricate, but so soothing to my soul, at the same time!
cRAIGmITCHELL FUNKY, FUNKY BASS!!! OMG...Flutes and thumpin' bass! OUCH! :)

Boz ScaggsLowdown

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL From the compilation RED HOT & RIO from the mid/late 90's...helped to grow my EBTG obsession.
cRAIGmITCHELL I'm seeing him in Boston on March 11...I know and respect that he's doing more of a rock thing now, but REALLY want to hear some oldies from him.

TrickyBroken Homes

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Some people were upset with him when he broke away from the Police. I LOVE The Police, but those 1st two solo records were/are BRILLIANT!
Falcon @roxyepoxy- And ain't nothing gonna break yours!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL I used to have this 45. Even Joe Jackson was doing to appreciated synths back then. ha ha ha
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: Driving around in a convertible on a summer day with your partner leaning back on the head rest staring at the tree tops and skies above
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: Patchwork bell bottoms, fishnet tank top, shark tooth necklace and an afro that stretches up to heaven...LORD LORD LORD!
cRAIGmITCHELL Image: a parent talking to their child during these trying times
cRAIGmITCHELL Discovered this by mistake and I'm glad I did. Typo's aren't always bad!

Pablo Sanchez - NY Minute

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: playing ball in the park on a hot summer day. You're sweating your ass off, but you don't care cause you're just happy to be alive!
cRAIGmITCHELL Instead of RAGE he chose music as a way to try to free the emotional pains of the inner city...MAJOR PROPS to the late great Mr. Mayfield
cRAIGmITCHELL That VOICE...lyrics that rip through your soul because they are so REAL and that production! When this was new it borrowed the best of it ALL!
cRAIGmITCHELL Maya Angelou married with lush pads and voices, with drums that are cooking but hypnotic if you allow them to be.

LTJ BukemHorizons

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Used to perform some his stuff Orange Factory...those were good times. It was great therapy for me to be on stage EMOTING. ;) (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Another one of those songs that paint a picture of TRUE LOVE!

Stevie WonderAs

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Her voice is so amazing that it has made me cry.

SadeKing of Sorrow

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL I used to put this on lots of mix tapes when this first came out.
cRAIGmITCHELL A great cover of this Rolling Stones classic


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Classic soft rock! What can I say...I dug that sound and STILL do.
cRAIGmITCHELL I was so different from most of the KIDS in my neighborhood. I was 12 years old and the album simply called JARREAU lived on repeat.

Al JarreauMornin'

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL One of my favorite tracks and artists from the 80's...her new album is AMAZING, btw. Her best yet.
cRAIGmITCHELL At a recent show, my friend Jeffrey Gaines pulled me onstage to sing this with him. Didn't know prior to him calling me up...I FORGOT THE WORDS...LOL
cRAIGmITCHELL Makes me want close my eyes and let the words wrap around me. (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL A b-side of this Are You Gonna Go My Way single
cRAIGmITCHELL BABY MAKIN' MUSIC fo' sho! Remember listening to the Luther Vandross version on late night dedication radio EVERY NIGHT when I was a kid. WWWS 107.1
cRAIGmITCHELL Hey world...not sure where we're going or how we're gettin' there...but a song like this reminds that we've been to hell and back. Can we do it again?

Harold Melvin and the Blue notes-Wake up everybody

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL CLASSIC reggae. There's so much tension and fear in the song, while there is a hope there. He is a voice of a people in need of something more.
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: Walking the streets of Chelsea/NYC late night when the city that doesn't sleep is ALMOST silent.
cRAIGmITCHELL Saw them in Burlington, VT right when this album came out. It one of those OUR album situations, plus my b-day and a night b4 break up! major tears! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL I'm just getting to know him...a new addition to the soundtrack of my life...from the sounds of it, I'm welcoming him with open arms. (reblip)
ngl Weird... I meant to blip Must Be Dreaming on my last blip... I guess the right link hid itself... ;)
ngl This song seems to be everywhere around me now so it's also in my head all day and reminds me that I don't just like my favorite tracks from the album

SantogoldLights Out

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL I'd known it years ago that Mark was a genius, and that it would have been genius to sign him. It's his ear that found Daniel to do THIS cover!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL Haunting and magical all at once. The story that he tells and the passion in which he tells it. I truly do hope his in a happier place...for HIM!

Nick DrakeRiver Man

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Don't just listen to how he's playing or what he's playing...feel it! Close your eyes and let it in. (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Another anthem for our trying times. This one is in the background right now as OBAMA is speaking.
cRAIGmITCHELL Curtis was a voice of Black America, but did so in a way that did not and would not alienate the rest of the world. VIVA CURTIS!
cRAIGmITCHELL Stumbled upon this while searching for something else. Adele covering Sam Sparro? Two of the NEXT voices of our time...WOW!
cRAIGmITCHELL Seeing him live was one of those blips of my life's story that I'm so happy got written in. From EMERGENCY to now...which reminds me...STAY TUNED! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL It's a shame that it makes even more sense in 2009 than it did in sure is FUNKY though, isn't it?! :)
ChiGurlCee Walking In Rhythm – The Blackbyrds (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL This just makes me smile...WIDE! I think about Studio 54, Larry cream trucks, penny candy and stick ball! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Great Cover!!! If you haven't seen the movie ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, see it YESTERDAY! One of my favorites of all time, already! (reblip)
GiantPimpslapper Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary ...what could have been for Jimi Hendrix and the rest of us.
cRAIGmITCHELL YES, I love this song and IS part of my life's soundtrack, but the reason for posting is that here in Boston the wind is NUTTY right now! ;) (reblip)
Figgywithit Congrats to Jai ho for best song. I'm psychic!!
cRAIGmITCHELL Not only did we get a gem of a movie, we, here in America, had our ears opened a bit more to music other than our own. KUDOS! (reblip)
DJmonkeyking seems i'll forget it cuz it's really so simple...

K OSCrabbuckit

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL This is just plain fun. He's only a blip of a blip on my radar/life's soundtrack, but I have to change that somehow. I dig his stuff, for SURE! (reblip)

K OSCrabbuckit

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Love this movie, love this song, but it's Jim's voice that does it for me with this one...His voice is infectious...PLEASE don't cure me. ;)
cRAIGmITCHELL Mark Ronson...who's BRILLIANT...producing Estelle...who's Brilliant!!! Those lyrics...that melody. I HAVE to visit London.
zivo Speaking at Digital Music Forum tomorrow and talking about how nothing's really changed in the music biz since K&D first came out with this song...
cRAIGmITCHELL GREAT memories of this song...I'll keep them to myself, though...somethings I can't go on about, but I miss taking the world on together. (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL I LOVE this group and this song. Great memories of Danny Tenaglia sets @ Vinyl in NYC. One of my favorite 4/4 tracks of all time. (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Just listen to this production. Reminds me a bit of Air Supply, but that's ok...shhh, don't tell anyone, but I kinda dig A.S. there, I said it! LOL
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: Mom cooking in the kitchen, splashes of flour on the floor, oil spills on the stove, dishes in the sink, and DJ Kermit Crocket on the radio.
cRAIGmITCHELL This is just MAGICAL a magical version of this song. Love the fact that Chris Martin/Coldplay are part of the cover (?) LOL :) (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL I wish that I could've gone to their show in Montreal the other night. IMAGE: sitting on a pillow on the window sill watching the world go by.
cRAIGmITCHELL Another one of those songs that if it doesn't feel this way...!!! Michigan childhood memories flooding my brain!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL This is from THE best album of all time...INNERVISIONS. I STILL sing the ALBUM to myself on long walks. The cover kinda freaks me out still, though (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Shitake Monkey features my old bass player, John Hill, from my band Orange Factory. WAIT, is this the same JOHN HILL that produced Santogold? *hint*
ladypn Out of props for you my friend, @PaulFrankRizzo! How can it be? ;) (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL I LOVED this band. I mean, listen to his voice. (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL If we can't get THIS right, why the hell are we even going to space? We can't "control" and MAYBE breaking the ozone layer ISN'T GOOD!
cRAIGmITCHELL good morning/good night! Life's soundtrack scenes: high school...pimples...scared...FIGURING IT OUT...J, i miss you A LOT and probably forever!
cRAIGmITCHELL I LOVE LOVE LOVE this woman's voice and this song. Yes, the Al Jarreau version is one of my favorites of all time, but this is OH SO... (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL From one of my favorite albums of all time...their best in my opinion, DOTS & LOOPS. IMAGE: riding around Portugal on a Vespa in the fall. :)
cRAIGmITCHELL The words say it's tough to get there sometimes...but it's songs like this that make you smile and get at it! ;) (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL OMG...I love love love the original to this song...such desperation. Didn't know this version. This is a welcomed addition to my life's soundtrack!! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Seeing him recently made me more of a fan...thanks ANNE. His passion within the lyrics and melody is unmistakable. A song to LOVE...YES!
cRAIGmITCHELL One of the greatest voices EVER.He wore his pain on his sleeve and eventually it took him away from us, but I'm HONORED that he left his music for us.
cRAIGmITCHELL A major player in my LIfe's Soundtrack, as you can tell. "why'd you take so long to come to me...were you hiding from me...?"
cRAIGmITCHELL Interesting how everyone from Pharrell to Kanye are on these guys. I LOVE this song so much. NO LABELS NO LIMITS on my station...still building! :) (reblip)
budda 切れるときと切れないときがあるなー
cRAIGmITCHELL 切れるときと切れないときがあるなーI had to be done...ONE MORE D.H. song for the morning. I hope that up YONDER he can still apprecia (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Sexy, funky and DIRTY. Love the scene in Boogie Nights with this song playing! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL This is where is all started from...Hacienda & MP(squared). The first time I heard this record I KNEW!
cRAIGmITCHELL One of the most forward thinking projects of the time. That entire first album was burned into my brain and then the videos...mind bending, even today

Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Full Version)

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL I SO wish I'd gone to see them @ the DEMF. Seeing the group in the place they influenced enough to create "techno"? might go home for DEMF this year
cRAIGmITCHELL Another one from da MONKEY, featuring my old bass player, John Hill. WAIT? That IS the Santogold producer! He's GOLD, yeah? What happened!?
cRAIGmITCHELL This was a regular part of my college radio show...even then it was a mixture of sound...NO LABELS, NO BOUNDARIES!
cRAIGmITCHELL Just listen to this guys voice! If you don't know of him, you're cheating your senses! Just FEEL that!
DJJazzyJacq one in ten and rising!

UB40One in Ten

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL A rallying cry for me in college! (reblip)

UB40One in Ten

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL This introduced me to the dub/reggae/rock steady sound as a kid...Stevie opened my senses up to lots of sounds as a kid. THANK YOU!!!
macello @RonnieBebop had this song in my mind the whole day but forgot the name...thanks for the original one
cRAIGmITCHELL @RonnieBebop WOW...I'd forgotten all about this!!! VIVA Norman Cook/Fat Boy Slim! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL OMG...the memories! This feels so good to hear again. I grew a lot as a person in college, so did my musical tastes/education! This is BRILLIANT!
cRAIGmITCHELL This was a GREAT time in music for me. The "drums" make me laugh a bit now, but it's her voice and the strings...that's ALL that I need to hear!
cRAIGmITCHELL I'm LOVING these guys! Again, so happy that they are linking with Common, Kanye, Pharell, et al. The boundaries are FINALLY being pushed...HARD!


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL These guys are GREAT live...and a lot of fun, as you can tell by this cover of OUTKAST! LOL!
cRAIGmITCHELL When the original of this song crashes through your speakers, you're not sure if it's the big one or the 2nd coming, but you're UP FOR IT after that!
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: Aunt Rita in the 70's with her afro perfect and her bell bottoms starched on her way to the Saginaw Civic Center to see them live.
cRAIGmITCHELL The Clash were ahead of the curve and then Mike Jones started B.A.D. and created a whole new curve!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL First heard this when Danny Tenaglia opened his set @ Montreal's BAL EN BLANC in '99, I believe. It raised me off the ground. I LIVED!
cRAIGmITCHELL I used to spin the record at gigs way back, sometimes twice in a night! Gotta bring this one back out! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL This mix is hot, but Danny Tenaglia's mix is LEGENDARY! I played this original to end the night years ago, DT's mix more recently was/is PEAK HOUR!
ladypn @NicLizD I LOVE this one! (reblip)

Fiona Apple - Slow Like Honey

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Across The Universe...have seen the movie probably 30 times and Jim's voice is just as infectious as it was the first time I heard it.
cRAIGmITCHELL One more from Across The Universe...can't wait for Jim Sturgess to do an album. Mark Ronson, take note! :)
cRAIGmITCHELL First heard him on Mark Ronson's STOP ME and have been hooked ever since. Funky, head-nod inducing, SOUL!
cRAIGmITCHELL Met him @ last year's WMC in Miami. I don't get starstruck that often, was wild putting a personality to a voice that I LIVE for.
cRAIGmITCHELL Trevor Horn (producer)=GENIUS! Helped shape me early on, for SURE!
cRAIGmITCHELL It's amazing how some voices can cut right through you...grab ahold and force you to listen.

David BowieChanges

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL WAIT...wasn't the producer, JOHN HILL, Gold with her being SANTO? I'm confused! VIVA John Hill.
fuzzygroove Pretty chill little cover of The Specials. A little extra electro flair, looking forward to the new album.
cRAIGmITCHELL One of my favorite childhood groups. HORNS for day. Saw them live as a kid and they blew my mind!
cRAIGmITCHELL Remember buying the original 12" of this one.
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: me in my mom's living room, putting the needle back on this track over and over again...the wall was the crowd, my thumb was the microphone. ;)
cRAIGmITCHELL OK, so I heard this in a Doubletree commercial and hadn't heard it before, but HAD to blip this...such a good feeling song!
cRAIGmITCHELL I did promotions with Verve records on the first VERVE REMIXED compilation, which put Verve back on the map and introduced them to a new generation.
cRAIGmITCHELL Monday nights were BLUES night on WWWS 107.1. My mom and myself would dance around the kitchen together singing while I tasted the cookie dough!
cRAIGmITCHELL Slinky...sleazy...slippery... The thrill just slipped on out the door, but thank goodness, 'cause we wouldn't have this one otherwise.
cRAIGmITCHELL Saw them several times as a kid. Yes, I was very lucky that, even though they weren't musical, my family supported the fact that I was.
cRAIGmITCHELL Baby makin' music from Rick James with...wait...SMOKEY ROBINSON?! OH GOD...I BET some of y'all were conceived to this one! :)
cRAIGmITCHELL I can't tell you how many times this one has supported my loss or moved me to dance depending on the time. Amazing record to be able to do that.
RagainsT One of the few Coldplay songs I find is worth listening,
cRAIGmITCHELL Is it her strength of her "performance" on this record that makes such a sad subject so uplifting? LEGENDARY!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL For some, Motown was the stuff they cut their teeth on...this was one of the groups that was "IN MY DAY" "MY GENERATION". Just FEEL that!
cRAIGmITCHELL The soundtrack...the song! Superfly was good, but it was Curtis that made it for me, but maybe I was too young to understand it fully.
cRAIGmITCHELL Was our theme one year when I DJ'd for spring break in Negril, was my sneaky way of protesting the way the BOSSES treated the staff!
cRAIGmITCHELL I used to play a lot of their tracks in my opening sets in the mid 90's...time to bring them back, FOR SURE! (reblip)

St. GermainSo Flute

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Reminds me of the early days of, stings voice and melody always moved me!
cRAIGmITCHELL I'm SOOOO excited to see him here in Boston in March. Pre-Millennium Tension is one of my favorite albums of all time...This is from Maxinquaye
cRAIGmITCHELL I used to ROCK the remixes of this one at EVERY gig for weeks when it first came out. This was dancefloor bliss!
GR8FL I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, that much is true...
cRAIGmITCHELL Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis took them into that Minneapolis sound that Prince helped to design. I didn't feel the rest of the record, but THIS...MAGIC
cRAIGmITCHELL My absolute favorite song of theirs. It's the memories mixed with the sounds. I was a DJ at my college station, WWPV, and this was a STAPLE!
cRAIGmITCHELL Ok, I was reminded of it by the E*TRADE commercial, but it doesn't take away the fact it belongs in my LIFE'S SOUNDTRACK.Really, it belongs! No lie.:)
cRAIGmITCHELL The system-don't disturb this groove. IMAGE: Cruising around...high school...parking lots...watching the time so I didn't get home too late.

Don't Disturb This Groove

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Funkadelic was a mind bender for me. This was SOOO opposite anything that my childhood neighborhood was about...LIKE ME!
cRAIGmITCHELL The track picked up where Art Of Noise left off. Sure, BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE was good, but this blew my mind.
cRAIGmITCHELL I used to think I was impressing people as I would walk through school reciting every word...thinking back on it and the faces they made...not so much
cRAIGmITCHELL This was one of the first tracks I got doubles of on vinyl to practice beat juggling.
cRAIGmITCHELL This group influenced so many. This could be an Estelle, Adele, or Santogold track today. Even Chester French would fit next to this. Let's try it.
cRAIGmITCHELL MORNING! I put you to bed with this one, and now waking you up with it. Can I marry this song?
cRAIGmITCHELL It's a double shot of Pharrell productions I'm loving music again. Industry. I know we're hurting, but don't try to make this POP and ruin it! please
cRAIGmITCHELL Grace puttin' her spin on this CLASSIC soul/funk anthem. "if it feels this good gettin used, keep on usin' me 'til you use me up!' ok, maybe NOT!!!

Jones, GraceUse Me

| play
CampbellX let's forget his domestics for now, such a lovely song
cRAIGmITCHELL When things get bad, this picks me up...when they are good...I float in the clouds! What am I don't RIGHT NOW!? (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL This song paints the picture for you in that you can SEE it happening in front of you if you close your eyes.The language and the performance=colorful


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL As fitting today as it was when it came out nearly 20 years ago. Will we EVER going to figure it out?

XTCDear God

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Remember this video? WOW...and keeping true to himself, their biggest hit in the states was a social commentary, like their first record. LOVE IT!
cRAIGmITCHELL I played a show with these guys and they BLEW me away. They jam, then slide into an original tune, then back to the improv. SICK!
cRAIGmITCHELL The since of longing in his voice and the production let's you know that he ever gets his prey, it just MIGHT win an Oscar for the show he puts on! :)
cRAIGmITCHELL Trippy, funky, and sexy all at the same time. Put your head in between the speakers...the production is STELLAR! Feel it wrap around your head.
cRAIGmITCHELL The movie and this song showed his dedication, determination and longing for something more. This proved that he truly was/is the real deal.

EminemLose Yourself

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: My aunt and uncle putting on a "concert" to this song in my grandmother's living room.
cRAIGmITCHELL I didn't know a lot of Bill's work until I left Michigan and moved to Vermont for college. It is/was worth the wait!
cRAIGmITCHELL From their album, BLUE LINES, a cover of the William DeVaughn classic. This album, which featured Tricky, was a college staple in college for me.
cRAIGmITCHELL This is my favorite song of Morcheeba's. This was the one that made me pay attention. They were the soundtrack of some tough times in the late 90's.


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Needed this as a warm up before my gig tonight. Happy blipping! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL forward thinking...left of center...tasty, GOODNESS!
cRAIGmITCHELL YOU'RE RIGHT! If you are a regular listener of mine, you by now have figured out that I can't get enough of this song!!! INFECTIOUS STUFF! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL To this day, one of my favorite bands and songs of all time.
cRAIGmITCHELL Love the song, but PLEASE M, from a DJ, don't kill the messenger! We don't want to hang the singer...
cRAIGmITCHELL Made me feel like I was doing something dirty when I listened to this as a child. Another one of those by myself living room childhood concert songs
cRAIGmITCHELL One of the most beautiful voices of our time. YEAH, I'm a bit of a sucker for an adult contemporary love song, but...this one makes me tingle!~
cRAIGmITCHELL The Radio Slave remix of this song is a staple of my DJ sets, but it's the original that made me pay attention to the remix AND Radio Slave
cRAIGmITCHELL From the opening guitar riff, you know that you're in for one of the most sultry and satisfying rides ever. This is what love SHOULD feel like.

Sade - Cherish the Day

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL When a friend sent the acoustic version of this song to me years ago and said CHECK THIS GUY OUT, we both knew...we just KNEW. You could feel it.
cRAIGmITCHELL The pictures that Billy paints, you almost feel like you're there. You can almost smell the roasted peanuts on the corner when Billy's singing.
cRAIGmITCHELL The passion in the lyric, melody and performance move me near tears. Not a traditionally GOOD voice, but the breath and longing in his voice is magic

SealLove's Divine

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Massive Attack AND Tracy Thorne together? I could die peacefully with this song playing. ALL drama/stress floats away, doesn't it?
cRAIGmITCHELL Even without the movie, Donnie Darko, this gets under your skin. It's like being in someone else's therapy's sad and a bit eerie.

Gary JulesMad World

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL One of the funkiest tracks EVER! Those flutes, the snappy snare and that bass thump...FORGET IT! This song made me feel COOL as a kid.

Boz ScaggsLowdown

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL I used to know every word from every song off of the Mothership Connection Album... I turned the vinyl white from so many plays.
cRAIGmITCHELL One of my inspirations for dance/house vocals. Plus, this song was one of the tracks that HOOKED me. DJ 4 LIFE! :)
cRAIGmITCHELL Hey DJ keep playin' that song...ALL NIGHT!

ZhaneHey Mr. DJ

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL VIVID memories this playing @ Border, a club in Burlington, VT, now known as Club Metronome. Border helped to mold my ear and my style...THANK YOU!
cRAIGmITCHELL GORGEOUS! This was a staple in my early DJ sets and makes a REGULAR guest appearance. Perfect way to send them home after an afterhours gig.


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL With the state of the economy, I figured this is a PERFECT one for the times.Bernie Madoff...where are/were his parents? Did that raise him like that?

Ojays - For the love of money

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL I feel sorry for him, for sure. He's an AMAZING singer/performer, but when that's ALL you've ever known and were FORCED into it... :(
cRAIGmITCHELL When I saw John @ the Apollo recently, with Estelle opening, they performed this during his set. What a night.
cRAIGmITCHELL The real deal!!! One of the most inspiring and uplifting voices in music.
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: walking down a sidewalk in fall under a gray sky, surrounded by brick buildings with someone close on your mind.
cRAIGmITCHELL One of the best live bands I've EVER seen.


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL YOU'RE RIGHT! If you are a regular listener of mine, you by now have figured out that I can't get enough of this song!!! INFECTIOUS STUFF! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL At one point in my life, I would end my DJ sets with this. I needed a CHANGE in my life, it was on the way and was bittersweet.

AerosmithDream On

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Pre-Millennium Tension was one of the best albums of the 90's BY FAR!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL Listened to this song A LOT in college. Sometimes in life you're looking under rocks and rugs for answers. This song let me know I wasn't alone.
cRAIGmITCHELL This song scared me to listen to when I was a kid. Now I love it. Used to play the bootleg mixes of this in the early 90's.
cRAIGmITCHELL Even before I'd been to NYC, it reminded me of it, if that makes sense. When I visited NYC for the first time, I was right on.
cRAIGmITCHELL NYC freestyle at it's BEST! So much FLAVOR!
cRAIGmITCHELL CLASSIC!!! I Still break this out once in while to end the night. Great way to bring them out of the tribal/tech pit into the sunlight.
cRAIGmITCHELL This is one of my favorite songs from that part of my life. I wore out the 45.
cRAIGmITCHELL I remember checking the 45 single out of the library and played it OVER AND OVER AND OVER. When they got it back, the grooves were white. LOL
cRAIGmITCHELL Watched a Paul McCartney concert on VH1 Classic a couple of weeks ago while on a jetBlue flight. Was reminded of so many great tunes...great memories
cRAIGmITCHELL I think it's fitting just much today as it was then. I wish there was a voice that could scream loud enough for all to hear...STOP, and they would!

Paul Hardcastle19

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL This was such an uplifting song...and still is!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL What a fun record. I STILL love this song. You don't hear it as much as other songs from it's time, but when I do hear it, I SMILE WIDE!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: Riding around with Mom, listening to AM radio...we couldn't afford an am/fm car stereo. THANK GOODNESS...I still love talk radio and this song!
cRAIGmITCHELL I remixed this with my production crew at the time, Orange Factory. Those were great times and I STILL love and play this mix.
cRAIGmITCHELL I remember the first time I heard this...the industrial influence, plus that weird video of Phil Collins' face HA HA HUH! VERY COOL!


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Another 45 that LIVED on my record player when it first came out. I remember dancing around my mother's living room like a FREAK to this one.
cRAIGmITCHELL The one guy's hair looked like the jar of peanut butter and jelly mixed. lol Another living room "solo" concert song.I was THAT kid and I still am! :)
cRAIGmITCHELL This one doesn't get as much play as the a lot of her other songs...this is a party and a half. Had that swampy, post disco groove!


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL You're twisting my melon, man! Discovered them while playing on my college radio station, wwpv. HEAVY rotation!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL I would practice scratching and mixing to this when I was 12. I loved listening to this in headphones. Felt like I was being lifted off the floor.
cRAIGmITCHELL It's listed as Bill Withers, but it was actually Grover Washington Jr. featuring Bill Withers. Grover was a regular part of my childhood soundtrack.
cRAIGmITCHELL Another AM radio classic from my childhood. His voice was a soft place for me in a hard world.
cRAIGmITCHELL One of my favorite songs of all time. This song touches a place in my heart in ways I can't explain. I guess I've known that story too many times.
cRAIGmITCHELL The Massive Attack remix of this Peter Gabriel gem adds even MORE emotion and longing to what already is a a gift for the soul.
cRAIGmITCHELL Girls who want boys, who like boys to be girls, who do girls like their boys, who do boys like they're girls. Always should be someone you really love

BlurGirls & Boys

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL From their 2nd and final album, this track set the bar high for the future of digital recording. FRANKIE SAYS RELAX... (viva trevor horn)!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL OK...yup...I'm a Bon Jovi fan...I'll admit it. This, their first big single, is so much fun. Saw them live in '88 with Skid Row...WOW!

Bon Jovi - Runaway

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL I love this song, even though when I we were growing up, I wasn't much of a BIG brother, admittedly. Can we really make up for lost time? I'm trying.
cRAIGmITCHELL This was one of the biggest groups of my childhood. I think I saw them live twice...I didn't beg for much besides music and concert tickets. LOL
cRAIGmITCHELL It's really too bad what he's become...he is one of the greatest voices of the 80's. ALTHOUGH, there was Live Aid, so we were warned. ;)
cRAIGmITCHELL From Stevie's HOTTER THAN JULY album, I would sing along to this OVER AND OVER again. I would go to sleep singing this to myself. I still love it.
cRAIGmITCHELL Detroit native, Anita Baker, could do no wrong...the love she sings of, is the one we ALL dream of, each in our own way.
cRAIGmITCHELL A late night radio call in dedication song of my youth. I mean, if someone I was with or INTO dedicated this song to me, ANYTHING AT ALL...ANYTHING :)
cRAIGmITCHELL This may be about a person or times where you KNOW you shouldn't. You really DO need more, but...
cRAIGmITCHELL Was just playing in the background on the latest episode of BIG LOVE. "She wants to be where the grass is green, to know how love is supposed to be"
cRAIGmITCHELL Like an old soul record where the singers put everything out there. That 'I love you so much it hurts' type of peformance is rare these days.
cRAIGmITCHELL One of the most amazing musicians of our time...she deserves SO MUCH MORE. Too real? Too good? Too right?
cRAIGmITCHELL Was in Montreal a few years ago for the last day of Jazz fest on a whim. Rounded the corner and playing by the Place Des Arts was Pat Metheny!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: Sunday morning, cup of coffee...watching the world go by on a park bench. Wanting someone to stop and talk and NOT at the same time.
cRAIGmITCHELL It builds and builds...swirling the groove into a frenzy that almost makes you forget that the lyrics are heavy and on point. Was he sneaking them in?
cRAIGmITCHELL Another one of my childhood, THIS is FUNKY! PEEE-EEEEUUUUUWWWWW, as George Clinton would say.
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: 70's...inner city...beat up ride that you drive but are proud of 'cause it's paid for...sick and tired of being sick and tired...but SO in love
cRAIGmITCHELL From his 2nd album...and I think that the fact that he was so cocky after the success of the first that he alienated EVERYONE...hint hint, Kanye!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL LOTS of people blipped/reblipped this today, but I HAD to do it. I used to play FAME '90 in clubs back then in HEAVY rotation. Makes me want to STRUT (reblip)

David BowieFame

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL I'd always liked this song, but listening to it now reminds me of one of my favorite movies, A Bronx Tale. Think I've seen it 100 times, and counting
cRAIGmITCHELL From the movie, VELVET GOLDMINE. It's fun to play dress up, isn't it? Got busted for PLAYING in my mom's stuff I have oLIVERtWISTED! ;)
cRAIGmITCHELL A powerful and soulful voice with something to say? A rare gem in today's cookie cutter, "daddy, make me a star" reality. 'I DON'T WANNA BE..."!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL Don't be afraid of a little bit of pain, pleasure is on the other side... Let down your guard a little, I'll keep you safe.. TRUTH & PROMISE=rare! :)
cRAIGmITCHELL Lots of great memories of this band/song. If it could only be as REAL and easy as it was then. MISS YOU, MUCH! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL When I first heard this record I IMMEDIATELY wanted to play it on the dancefloor...that is where this one LIVES!
cRAIGmITCHELL The late 80's were one of the happiest times of my life. We didn't have to work at it. Everyone is compared and it's not fair, but... (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Reminds me of NYC. I worked promo on this project for Kinetic/Arista and debuted the remixes @ Tunnel...the crowd LIVED on the first listen/play!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL Interesting remix of a GREAT tune...You listen to this guy's voice and you KNOW that he means bones about it.
cRAIGmITCHELL 'Baby, I love you so much, I'll do it in the middle of the road during rush hour and forget that there are people are around!' SOMEDAY...;)
cRAIGmITCHELL Rod Stewart was at the height of his career...MTV played videos and I LOVED it.
cRAIGmITCHELL When I first heard this on Live Earth, I wasn't sure about this song, but when I heard the recorded version, the longing in the song is thick!
cRAIGmITCHELL (I'm SURELY going to the Watchmen) This was my favorite track from Violator. I guess I do like the devil's in disguise, or maybe NOT so disguised. lol (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL via @ AMY, I hope not...but (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL WOW...I love Montefiori Cocktail and this cover is great. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this. (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Another of the childhood AM radio jams. LOVE that synth. Such an epic many changes. Put the headphones on and listen to all the guitars!
cRAIGmITCHELL They were part of the EDM movement before there even was one...This gem from the Risky Business soundtrack is brilliant, not to mention RICOCHET!!!
bwmson When it was showing music videos, MTV was awesome.
cRAIGmITCHELL I just can't deny a good song/melody and this is no exception. Plus, the vocal is so heartfelt...I get chills. It seems so personal...I LOVE IT!
cRAIGmITCHELL Trentemoller's production is so smart...every sound makes sense. Reminds me of updated versions of early house/tech tunes that moved me...


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL I remember buying the 12" vinyl when this one first came out. What a GREAT way to end the night...reblipping this CLASSIC track!!! 'night! Thanks! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Gotta love that 50's style organ. I want to go out and get a shark skin suit, turn back time to the 50's and grab a drink @ Bar-B Bar on Bowery.
cRAIGmITCHELL Good way to open a room as a DJ or to have as the mood music in a "cool kid" restaurant! Beat Pharmacy is for the head and/or the feet.
cRAIGmITCHELL Ahhh...speed garage was such a great hybrid of styles and this is up there with one of the best...that vocal is so slinky...YES, PLEASE!
cRAIGmITCHELL This was the track that introduced me to Saint Germain...and have been hooked ever since. This used to be a staple of my DJ sets when it 1st came out (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Just heard this while my roommate was changing channels and made him stop...I'm glad I did.
cRAIGmITCHELL Ummm...U2 being remixed by today's IT remixers, Crookers? Make room, I've gotta do my Bono dance!
cRAIGmITCHELL Jamie Cullum taking on Pharrell. He took the cd, jumped in the time machine to head back in time to entertain the Rat Pack
cRAIGmITCHELL How much do I LIVE for this woman?.I soak in her words, her cadence, her freedom, her beauty, her FIERCENESS and then Mos Def with her? I smile wide!
cRAIGmITCHELL In looking for something else, I came across this masterpiece for The Nuyorican Soul CD (masters at work)...this is BRILLIANCE preserved forever!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL George was on that childhood soundtrack quite a FEW times...this one was one that I used to "perform" when I was home by myself, which was a lot.
cRAIGmITCHELL I would sing this one in my room with the record on repeat. It would make me tear up each time. Reminded me that I was alive.


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Recently discovered, they are a staple of my DJ sets these days.
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: late evening, driving on the west side hwy for a night out on the town. the city lights and traffic lights only help to build the anticipation
cRAIGmITCHELL Their performance of this on letterman this week was STELLAR! If U23D comes to your town...SEE IT!

U2Beautiful Day

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL A friend turned me on to these guys tonight and I LOVE IT! Very forward thinking stuff.

La Rouxinforthekill

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Not until MTV, were we able to hear lots of bands from around the globe. Shame on today's MTV, which is more an acronym for MINDLESS TELEVISION!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL From the opening strings, you know that you're in for an INCREDIBLE RIDE!
cRAIGmITCHELL The frosted hair, the white outfits, the guy-liner, a huge synth pop hit...they had it all...EPITOME of an 80's band. :)

Kajagoogoo - Too Shy

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Maybe it was/is a battle cry of an un-cool kid, but this was/still is my favorite Cure song. STILL not cool, and damn proud of it! :)
cRAIGmITCHELL As a little kid, this song made me feel like I was being bad when I listened to it.It's a bit too lyrically blatant for me now, but still a great tune
cRAIGmITCHELL So, it'd been a few days since I'd blipped my latest favorite obsession!!! I LIVE for this song and these guys! VIVA C.F.!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL MTV late night on the weekends and Night Flight on USA used this as an anthem for a while.Lots of my sex education came from this wonder! ;)

Berlin (gr8fl)Sex

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL I try to live my life without color lines, labels, a kid, this song helped to shape my ideology. ONE WORLD<ONE PEOPLE<ONE LOVE

INXSOriginal Sin

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL I used to wear a white jean outfit in honor of the video. I wore either an orange bandanna or t-shirt to represent the flags from the 12" cover/video
cRAIGmITCHELL So dark and forward thinking for the time. Green Velvet's RED LIGHT had to be inspired by this song/group...their EARLY stuff, at least. ;)
cRAIGmITCHELL Where is it going? Which way did he go? What's around that corner? Stop asking questions, put on your headphones and just enjoy the ride!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL One of the best live shows I've seen. Saw him live @ Space in Miami for WMC in 2001, I believe. Urban jazz, anyone!? I hate labels, but fits so well.
cRAIGmITCHELL First heard this in the VIP room of what was Club Exit in NYC in 1999/2000...begged the info on it!!! A year later I saw his live band...MAGICAL!


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL This one is ALWAYS in the cd book...just in case I need a stormer to get the crowd going/back into it during my dj sets. Always have to have a safety
cRAIGmITCHELL This Australian chanteuse was a little ahead of the curve with this one, in the U.S., at least. Not as catchy as Amy W, Adele, Lily, etc, but...;)
cRAIGmITCHELL A moody song a by itself, it's like the notes and her voice are swimming in molasses on this cover. With some biscuits and butter, all is good.
cRAIGmITCHELL I 1st met him when he was 15/16 years old. Would bring me CD's of his tracks. It wasn't hard to figure out that Morgan had/has IT. KUDOS, my friend! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Shame they broke up. I wish the remaining members my best, now known as THE DRUMS!


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL The John Creamer & Stephane K mix of this track is top notch.

New OrderCrystal

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Their first album was a MAJOR part of my high school soundtrack. SO many memories this song brings back to me...good and bad, but glad for them all.
cRAIGmITCHELL Another collaboration between EBTG and Massive Attack...moreso, M.A. Tracey Thorn. Her voice is a warm blanket on a winter's afternoon.
cRAIGmITCHELL With this album, of the same name,Ben Watt staked his claim of his portion of the limelight.His production on this album is a good way
cRAIGmITCHELL This could have been on the Barbarella soundtrack! :) FUN!
cRAIGmITCHELL Haven't heard of them? Go to or your local store and get K&D Sessions, YESTERDAY for God's sake!!! If you have...ignore my outburst! :)
cRAIGmITCHELL ADMITTEDLY, just was reminded of this song via a tv commercial, but I'm SOOO happy it did. TV commercials, the new RADIO! Just ask Dirty Vegas! LOL

Louis Armstrong - A Kiss To Build A Dream On

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL After the ...Blue Turtles album/Bring on the Night film, I couldn't wait for his 2nd sold album. It was everything and more!
cRAIGmITCHELL One of Sting's BEST! And then, Slowhand, himself, CLAPTON! Forget it...after listening to this, you could die satisfied and FULL!
cRAIGmITCHELL I'm late to the Jamie Cullum celebration party, but fashionably late is better than not at all. ;)
cRAIGmITCHELL Rock/jazz fusion at it's absolute BEST!
cRAIGmITCHELL Robin channeled Babyface with this one. Ok, it's a bit dirtier lyrically than Baby, but...what a record!
cRAIGmITCHELL Herbie giving us deep, sexy and smooth jazz with an undeniable latin feel.
cRAIGmITCHELL And I know, I know, I know... Just listen to that performance...he MEANS IT!
cRAIGmITCHELL Love, Love, Love...why'd you take so long to come to me? It may be selfish of me, but I wish we'd gotten more record...
cRAIGmITCHELL Lionel revealing a bit of his love of country music. One of my favorite songs from the 80's.
cRAIGmITCHELL My Aunt Rita played Air Supply CONSTANTLY. This guy's voice was incredible. Dennis Deyoung eat your heart out.
cRAIGmITCHELL Now, THIS is a soft rock ballad, rhodes and all!!!


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL They took rock/jazz fusion to a whole new level.
cRAIGmITCHELL Most only know Car Wash, or REMEMBER Car Wash, but they has a slew of hits, including this this gem from an era where PRODUCTION mattered!

Rose RoyceOoh Boy

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL Many don't know that this classic R&B/Soul jam was the catalyst for Mary J Blige's hit.
cRAIGmITCHELL YUP, I'm a sucker for a rock ballad...Great memories of that time in my life for SURE! Can I turn back the clock and stop it for a while?! PLEASE!
cRAIGmITCHELL IMAGE: Saginaw, MI...not a care in the world. "Together, forever" SEEMED like it actually could have been.
cRAIGmITCHELL A college soundtrack song/band. Not sure why, but I always feel like I'm on the edge of cry when I hear this song.

06 Toad the Wet Sprocket-Come Back Down

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL I LOVE LOVE LOVE Baz Luhrman's Romeo & Juliet!!! that is all
cRAIGmITCHELL Someone had posted the Ronnetts "Be My Baby", so I HAD to do it. Love this song. One of the best sing along choruses ever!!!
cRAIGmITCHELL U23D is/was a defining moment in my life. It took them to a differently level for me. I wasn't as big of a fan, I'm HOOKED!
cRAIGmITCHELL I can't wait for the new album. From the sounds of the lyrics of WRONG we're going to get a really personal record.
cRAIGmITCHELL When these Pharrell/Neptunes protege's opened up the LIVE EARTH concert (ny/nj leg) I was BLOWN AWAY! They deserve more & MORE! We can give it to them
cRAIGmITCHELL Heard in the one of the episodes from one of my favorite shows right now, CHUCK (NBC). I'm a casual fan of this band, but CHUCK reinforced that.
cRAIGmITCHELL Going to see Tricky live tonight @ The Roxy in Boston tonight, so I HAD to get myself in the mood a bit. ;)
cRAIGmITCHELL I would LOVE to see them live. I bet they are a LOT of fun!
cRAIGmITCHELL The guy who sang this on American Idol last night was REALLY good. Besides, his performance, he reminded me of this GEM!
cRAIGmITCHELL So funky, you might have to wash afterwards.
cRAIGmITCHELL They were playing in Vegas recently and wanted to see them when I was there, but was going to the UFC that night! It's not's SLANKY!

WarCisco Kid

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL I can't go to the sold out U2 theater show in Sommerville, MA tonight, but I'm going to see Tricky who used to be in Massive Attack. 6 degrees! :)
cRAIGmITCHELL I'm usually not into braggadocios music, but this is SOOOOO freaking hot that I can't deny it.
cRAIGmITCHELL Estelle taking Boy George's roll? YES, PLEASE!
cRAIGmITCHELL Fun music to dance to, void of labels and genre specifics. Taking the dancefloor to a whole new place.
cRAIGmITCHELL HOPEFULLY someday he directs movies/tv shows. He can paint a picture with words...imagine if he had a camera. OK, I'll even take BOOKS. ;)
cRAIGmITCHELL I used to have this one a K-TEL vinyl compilation. Used to sit in my room by myself and LAUGH and LAUGH. My mom used come in and do the bump with me
cRAIGmITCHELL I LOVED this record as a kid...made me smile. I used to "perform" this for my family.
cRAIGmITCHELL the first time I heard this tune I was FLOORED!
cRAIGmITCHELL Innovative...forward thinking...with a nod to the past. BIG HORNS and a groove that won't quit!!!


| play
cRAIGmITCHELL When their first record came out, it was ALREADY a classic and is even moreso today!
cRAIGmITCHELL Saw him live tonight and what a show. It was like watching him GOING THROUGH IT. A fly on the wall during a therapy session. BRILLIANT!

TrickyCrazy Claws

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL tricky performed this tonight at the show...WOW! couldn't find his version to blip, but... I love the original also and the poignant!

XTCDear God

| play
cRAIGmITCHELL WOW...this is HOT! I'd never heard this tune, nor had I heard of the artist. GREAT BLIP! (reblip)
cRAIGmITCHELL Just listen to that!!! If you get a chance to check them LIVE or on LIVE AT ABBEY ROAD on television, DO IT! Just as hot, or even hotter, LIVE!
cRAIGmITCHELL ONE WORD... Isn't that all we ALL need to hear!