cagey2519 @yamamiya You always take me somewhere sooo unusual. Thanks for listening! (reblip)
SimonWpt relax, it's really friday :-)


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azure The song that started Mariah mania.
Diordan Grande @luiz_com_z firme e forte por aí? Frio no Rio? Aqui esfriou de verdade!
bluebrummie I Only Have Eyes for You – Al Jolson
bluebrummie When You Were Sweet Sixteen – Al Jolson
jossGK #15 song played in the last three months. Pretty.
bouche Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo'ole --> Love this beautiful version.
suzan This song makes me feel better inside. & it's damned good. So cute!! (reblip)
Suzed trippin' down memory lane....

Ace Of BaseThe Sign

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sheryonstone @ladypn~I know you are not too c/w, but I don't classify this album that way. Thought you may like this soft thoughtful song :)
theamyshow Bet you got it all planned right.

SpoonDon't You Evah

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bronco_bob alright. this is pretty damn sweet. if your in the mood to tango.
cagey2519 Actually, it's snowing. But isn't this lovely?
Punched Al Jolson - When You Were Sweet Sixteen - I never knew this song was that old. Beautiful.
cagey2519 Thank you so much for a perfect Good Night song @2HandedJam,you are the best. (reblip)
Vacro C'est drôle les noms de groupes qui matchent avec leur toune
marieiris sure i can accept that we're going nowhere, but one last time lets go there. lay down beside me. grant my last request and just let me hold you....
cagey2519 Oh my gosh, one of my favorites of all time, rediscovered!!

HeartThese Dreams

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flybabyjen Come my love, I'll tell you a tale, of a boy & girl & their love story... (reblip)
mystwitch @RadioRider [don't you wish we had been there?]A woodstock player @NeedBlues2Live @mystwitch @djwttw @girleddy "At least he didn't pie walk into town" (reblip)
wwmello Ok, blippers. I'm outta here for the night. Have a good night, and I'll see you in the morning. *muah* ^_^ (reblip)
embrownny A nice song to end the night on... Closer to my dreams - Goapele


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cagey2519 I saw your name scrolling by, @threebears, and couldn't resist.
ladypn @by_starla I do too, love the harmonies... (reblip)

Indigo GirlsGhost

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Zubenelgenubi Hey, now, listen. There is nothing wrong with getting music off of JCPenny commercials. Shut up.
JohnLW Joni Mitchell - The Dry Cleaner From Des Moines. ‘Like Midas in a polyester suit!’ Pure gold from Wayne and Jaco.
cagey2519 A happy find, I LOVE IT, especially the zoo line! Good Night! (reblipping myself 'cause I'm out of energy) (reblip)
lilwldchld Just put that hammer down and give it hell....
lilwldchld Please turn on your magic beam... this is OLD, but I love it...
yamamiya Koop - I See A Different You (Featuring Yukumi Nagano)
bluebrummie Phil Collins & Phil Bailey – Easy Lover
marieiris what a great song. loved it from note one. (reblip)
JustPlainTim Music and passion were always the fashion... (reblip)
MissA0324 Everything it seems I like is a little bit sweeter...A little bit fatter, a little bit harmful for me
MissA0324 this is your anthem when on hiatus
bluebrummie Best Duets! - Peaches And Cream – Reunited
cagey2519 That guitar intro gives me the chills every time.
SimonWpt take a little time, listen and relax...
celestial @cagey2519- here is another Runaway version- love Del as well. have a great week..

Bonnie RaittRunaway

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DesertLily Getting off with a lullaby of a different sort. Falling, falling...
johno 2 uber talented former heavy metal guitarists from mexico city quit the genre, start playing acoustic axes, move to ireland, put out one badass album.
JohnLW Dino Saluzzi – Imagines . . .
cagey2519 Found it! And who says memory goes as we age? Mine is super. Love, love, love this!
sheryonstone goodnight everyone. Keep the excellent music coming. blip early, blip often :D
cagey2519 [She is singing to me. You know that, right?] Now now, @DownLow, it could me. (reblip)
cagey2519 When the drop of a name begins to sting your very toes..
cagey2519 [Simply Red Cover....Awesome] You're so right, @Triple5Light, love your blips! (reblip)

Angie Stone...Holding Back The Years

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cagey2519 Thanks, @Suse_t, great sunday blip because I feel like laughing today! Cheer up! (reblip)
gleegirlrock Tears for Fears~Sowing the Seeds of Love! What was that acronym for FEAR @taxibob Fear=False Evidence Appearing Real..thanks Bob,I like that!:)
cagey2519 Oh! It's as if someone looked straight into my brain!! xx/ooo @mystwitch!! (reblip)

Miss Marple

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sigepcory @HEAT - give this a chance. it's slow and weird, but is absolutely beautiful. like puppies and flowers and everlasting gobstoppers. (reblip)
De_Ann good morning...guten Tag...bonjour...buenas dias...@miguel58 Bom dia to ALL @Tigerbaby, @abarbosa, @Atomik, @Oldies @Prisalves. (reblip)
Suzed back when love was innocent....
Jalapeno This just seems appropriate to follow that last blip.. ; )
ZachsMind I'm suddenly in the mood for geek comedy. This is sung to the tune of the Gilbert & Sullivan's 'Major General' from The Pirates of Penzance.
azure Closing out the night with Alicia Bridges' I Love the Nightlife. Might be my all-time favorite disco tune.

Alicia Bridges - I Love The Nightlife

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mystwitch A little Zen Guitar for you
cagey2519 Browsing your blips, @Jacidbazz, and I like everything tonight. Nice, thanks. (reblip)
Hydrau1 [Steely Dan – Rikki Don't Lose That Number] (reblip)
organicsue Good Night Everyone. Thank you for following & listening. Till Tomorrow I send you ((hugs)), luv & Sweet Dreams.@>-----------------

Secret Garden - 06 - Song from a Secret Garden

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Suzed even though this always reminds me of Windows 95, I still like it....laid back, like a summer day...
azure Just heard this today on the radio. Pretty cool.


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Suzed ain't nothin' gonna break my stride....
Diordan @avivamagnolia I love Path Metheny! oi @cabrochette destroyin' as usual!

02-When We Were Free

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ARDELLd I couldn't preview this before I blipped it. Hope it plays :)
Kaleem1966 "Whatever happened to "TT".. we still got love for this one" (reblip)
Suzed Eyes blurry, yawning...g'nite, all - enjoy the music, and as always....peace...


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cagey2519 Wow,@suzan, I never liked this song UNTIL NOW! (reblip)
cagey2519 Hello, @SugarDoggy, you're sounding especially sweet to me tonight.
Suzed Time to leave you and the music....enjoy, blip friends....and as always....peace...


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cagey2519 "There's no reason to remain silent or seated at your desk."

Dirty VegasDays Go By

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ShiaoMei @SugarDoggy:Wow! i like...just keep blippin' the great tunes! :D "SJN! Nelson Rangell – Rainbow Shadows. @mystwitch @ShiaoMei @cagey2519" (reblip)
ShiaoMei @SugarDoggy: Refreshing!! I like.. :D~ "SJN! Bobby Lyle – Rain Walkin. Fun song... @poochiesan24 @cagey2519 @mylenechantress" (reblip)
cagey2519 @2HandedJam: "*** Teena Marie – Wishing On A Star * Time to head out! Thanks for all the props and re-blips! [No, thank YOU for all the music!] (reblip)
ianthomaz . @Diordan ... the boy plays it well ! / who's gonna blip the original ?
cagey2519 Thanks for this, @crowjane, and thanks for listening.
yamamiya Hello. Fiona Apple - Why Try To Change Me Now (Cy Coleman Cover)
cagey2519 Cool night, cool jazz, life is smooth. @SugarDoggy and all your listeners, enjoy!
its4am Thanks @SugarDoggy :) ... and I'm keeping it light and gentle on my side today. (reblip)
ambit Fresh Jazz Cafe: Hangin with Freddie and getting ready for some real SUMMERPLAY soon...... whatz up @SugarDoggy it's good to see you my friend!

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "100 Days, 100 Nights"

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Suzed Come and get your love (another one I used to play over and over)...
cagey2519 Reblipping @Jennaharg to say "This is nice, thanks, and thanks for listening!" (reblip)

Matt Wertz5:19

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marieiris I use to dig this song back in the day...still diggin it today.
cagey2519 Instant reblip, @NayanRoo, perfect for early morning. (reblip)

AimGood Disease

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mystwitch must RB@cagey2519: "Reblipping @Llubyloo - Wow, forgot all about this! Thanks, and thanks for listening." (reblip)
cagey2519 One of my favorites from Rod Stewart.
mystwitch Aha! you could not stay away RB@JLF: "Like it thanks viamystwitch" (reblip)
pgrell !Wolf Myer Orch & Parov Stelar: Soulgate (nu jazz)
pgrell Koop - Waltz for Koop (nu jazz, downtempo, female vocalist)
cagey2519 Reblipping @pgrell, Super! Thanks, love it. You have some great blips. (reblip)
pgrell Club des Belugas: It Don't Mean A Thing (jazz, nu jazz)
cagey2519 I will try all these methods to see happiness ahead.
DesertLily Caught up in a whirling motion
pgrell RB @cagey2519: "You Are My Sunshine never sounded so stylish." (reblip)

Nicola Conte

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cagey2519 It's one of those nights, even in the Northwest.
cagey2519 Reblipping @yourpennylane - thanks for this, and thanks for listening! Sweet music. (reblip)
cagey2519 Have a great get-away weekend, blippers!

Fly Away From Here

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cagey2519 Let's be it, whatever it is, as soon as we get up off the couch - OK?
1001queen nice pieces of a heart....happy blip this...graciass =)@ambit (reblip)
Suzed @ericsvonk - "Send it to SoCal, we're dry as a bone [Andy Scott – Rainy Day]" - would that I could! (wishing rainy days for you) (reblip)

Andy ScottRainy Day

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1001queen lovely day for all... sleeping beauty time
mystwitch Sweet indeed ty vi@yggoDraguS: "Jazz ♬ David Lanz – Luna. Very sweet piano melody and sax line. @ShiaoMei mystwitch @cagey2519 ;)" (reblip)

David LanzLuna

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cagey2519 Reblipping @Suzed: ["just cause I love it, and the story he tells"] Me, too, and perfect for full moon night, thanks! (reblip)
cagey2519 Reblipping @BBlanca, thanks so much for listening, I love love love this! (reblip)
ShiaoMei @ProEpic ~~ An obscure but amazing band from Japan>>> Masato Honda>> >>>>
1001queen Thanks so much 4 your kind dear...God Bless the Queen & God Blessed Indonesia in chaos Politic for sure ,Greetings from Indonesia, much luv2@cagey2519
ShiaoMei ♪♪ ♫~Moonlight Fantasy by ARMIK~@digitptღ....... ~@yggoDraguS@ambitღ ~@mystwitchღ ~@cagey2519ღ ♪♪♫
cagey2519 Via @Astrolabe, another listener in the A's, what a super blip! (reblip)
flyingscot_54 Original King Crimson member Fripp and Eno of Roxy fame collaborate on this track, taking me to my close for this session. Night all.
cagey2519 I am sooo relaxed, and this is sooo relaxing.
cagey2519 Listener tribute to @Byno. This is fabulous, and thanks for listening! (reblip)
cagey2519 Listener tribute, the B's. Wow @BillyBlue), let's have more! (Isn't this nice, @yggoDraguS?) (reblip)
cagey2519 Reblipping my 'D' listeners with thanks. Love this too much, @DeAnn! (reblip)
cagey2519 Thanks for noticing, @MrsASoprano. I never would have believed it when I started. Imagine how YOU feel! Props to you! (reblip)
cagey2519 Didn't I blip this just a little bit ago....?
cagey2519 Yipes! 30second bliptraps. Here's one that works.


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yamamiya last track, POP Ska*Jazz Venezolano Mr. Swing & The Bongo Clan – Mi Camino from VENEZUELA - Barquisimeto Musical
its4am Wish you a great weekend rb cagey2519. :) I luv this! Thank you. : "Ahhh, TGIF! good weekend ahead for you?" (reblip)
cagey2519 Reblipping my 'G' listeners with thanks - so flattered to have you as one, @GR8FL! (reblip)
ambit Fresh Jazz Cafe is a place we can get close....Brian Simpson~Let's Get Close!! Enjoy..Thanks for listening @MusicWithMsB @broadwayg @cagey2519
cagey2519 Oh, my, love it so @Byno. In fact, all your blips make me a litte crazy/happy. Here, @yggoDraguS...friend of a friend, dawg? (reblip)

Trentemøller: Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Remix ft. Ane Trolle)

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cagey2519 Go to sleep, may your sweet dreams come true...Good Night, all.
cagey2519 Emmylou's great tribute to Elvis. "He's a King and he ought to know."
cagey2519 rb new blipper @apwa - Welcome! Nice blip, this. (reblip)
cagey2519 Thanks for listening, @JendeMen. And bless you for this beautiful blip. Yes, what if? (reblip)

BruthaWhat if god.

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cagey2519 Hey, @jet333, this is the theme song of one of my favorite TV shows. Thanks for listening and for your great blips! (reblip)

Traveling Wilburys End of the Line

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cagey2519 Just one more from @jetcloud. That whole playlist is fantastic. (reblip)
cagey2519 Nice chill, @Jeliniro, thanks for being a listener. (reblip)

A Forest Mighty Black Tides

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cagey2519 rb @jareed007 Great blip, great listener. (reblip)

Tina arena Sorrento moon

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JazzoRenee Toni Braxton – Seven Whole Days
cagey2519 Wow, @jaimecser, this is crazy good, yes. Thanks, listener. (reblip)

Gary JulesMad World

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cagey2519 Hi, @TonyLetts - Love your "George Benson/Al Jarreau night". This is esp. smooth and sweet, @yggoDraguS@1001queen@mystwitch@DesertLily (reblip)

Nightshift- Gregg Karukas

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cagey2519 A Good Night smoothie from me and Joe. Pleasant dreams, friends.
misssabado @cagey2519 so you wanna reeeeelaaaaax, huh? check this out. it's verrrry relaaaaaxing :)
sheryonstone did you get any ? @GR8FL ~ I haven't yet :( Tomorrow is a busy day too. (reblip)
cagey2519 There's never enough Cantaloupe.
vincewilson This is dedicated to someone who said their feelings were hurt recently.

Ingrid Lucia Cry

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its4am Good morning @Atomik! Sending you warm sunshine today. Take care. xo | sorry, the new Blip won't allow me to rb replies :(
cagey2519 The only kind I wear...@ambit @DesertLily @carlnat @johno (hiya!) @JazzMunki (stop munki-ing around and play us a few!)


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amphore YES! thank you both :)) @mytaege: @JazzMunki: Incognito – Colibri. Nice & funky. @ambit @mystwitch @its4am @amphore @djwttw @cagey2519 (reblip)


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cagey2519 Ahhh, @thekestreldive, a great 'T' listener with super blips. Thanks! (reblip)
cagey2519 More wishful thinking. The windows are all misty at the FJC, but it's warm inside. Hi @mystwitch @johno!

Denny Jiosa Sunny

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cagey2519 Better than ever, aren't they?
cagey2519 Let's get one that works...I love it.
cagey2519 Sunday love songs...I hope your day is going beautifully.
1001queen @cagey2519 hi darling, how's everythin' goin on there?
cagey2519 Wow, who's this @vincewilson? New to me, love her, thanks for listening! (reblip)

Ingrid Lucia Cry

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cagey2519 @its4am: "just keep trying... ;)" Sweet, TY. (reblip)


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ShiaoMei Gotta go for now...@all:((( See u soon:)))

Joe BonamassaStop!

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its4am :) Let's listen to it again! TY rb @Toujours_Diva: "RB @bthecat: "@LYRIC: "And i love this one, so fluffy and dreamy! <---rb@Faddic@its4am""" (reblip)
cagey2519 @Jazzistico: How about something cool, for Kate?...Thank you, kind sir. Just what I needed. (reblip)
ambit YES>>"@Jazzistico: "This is awesome, @sooze27! Thanks again for the intro. Am I the only one who didn't know?? @mystwitch @cagey2519 @ShiaoMei @ambit" (reblip)

Avishai CohenNu Nu

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cagey2519 And I need it today, thanks! @Jazzistico: [Might want to keep one around....] (reblip)

Kelly SweetRaincoat

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cagey2519 Love it! @Atomik: ["some days feel like two steps back...but knowing me, I trip forward about 5 the next day..."] keep stepping! (reblip)
cagey2519 One of my favorites, yes! Thanks, Tim. @IverSlocum: "Dontcha just love that latin feel? (reblip)
cagey2519 A nice, cool evening piece...enjoy@Clary, thx for the props. (reblip)
cagey2519 Try, try again @MagusMom - @cagey2519: "Regards, @ MagusMom, and thanks for listening. Here's something so nice for you." (reblip)
cagey2519 Beauty, @backtoback: "I hope so" (reblip)


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DeliciousD rb@GAY_AMSTERDAM: "Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street (Full Version Remix)" (reblip)
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