nige Did someone say "classic disco bassline"? Uh huh.
calamari Inbox tsunami...too many emails this morning. Running for cover!!!
carlosenrique Listening: Never Ending Story – Limahl
calamari It's all right, cuz it's over.

Van SheChanges

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calamari I told her on Alderaan, that nothing else was going on.
calamari The disco-flavor to this song is perfect for this morning.
calamari I could hide 'neath the wings of the bluebird as she sings.
calamari @waugaman @wilg Yeah, Cowboy Junkies are great!! Here's another voice I love...Nina Persson, the lead singer from The Cardigans.
daytea if you don't know what it is,
calamari Just hanging around the internet.
calamari Watching "The Day the Earth Stood Still" on AMC. They are remaking the movie with Keanu Reeves, we'll see how it turns out.
NyQuilDriver @kaflooey Take off to the great white north! It's their hit single! With an assist from Geddy Lee.


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Federiko back to the roots: let's dance !!
row1e I love the sound of you walking away... Brilliant line.
jamiec @calamari you've found my hidden passion for synthesizers ;-)
cosita full glass, empty heart

The CorrsRadio

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Benedict mmm.... just because i don't know japanese doesn't mean i can't listen to japanese rap. anyone can translate?
cosita i'm watching this dog walk funny outside my window. come to think of it, i haven't seen the dogwalker in ages.
calamari wrapping my head around my workload this week. I'm not very good at wrapping.
whitson gonna here quite a bit about this band
lellolopes A mais divertida música dos anos 80 feita nos anos 2000.
lorimeyers @liisie tó sua música de amor de hoje :*
calamari @willwrite4food Yeah, I always forget how many great songs Counting Crows have.
calamari Come on The Rapture, motivate me to work on this GUI project.
calamari Cause: I stayed up last night playing videogames = Effect: I'm sleepy
calamari @sh0kr0k Thanks. I'm off work now, so free from my Cubicle...'til tomorrow, then rocking the cubicle will resume :-)
didib this is the day when things fall into place.
gilit Do you feel wonderful tonight?
macari Yeahhh baby! You Make My Dreams Come True! Hall & Oats rocks!
lelira I wanted to listen "She Lied" but this is cool too!
supervanilla nada como essas letras inspiradoras pra eu me sentir feliz.
DJVee Oh, Brett. You are a wise sage in the body of a ginger-haired guy who looks 14. Your voice skewers me sideways.
DJVee Great cover. Her voice is all pure and Bjorkey.
sophie_o morri! que linda essa versão do ben kweller
milas @marcusm...geração de talentos! Essa é a minha última, pra despedida!
butterfly1208 "And like the flower in spring, love will rise again to heal your wings"
TheDiva Mashup - and I'm out...hope you enjoyed the Divide & Kreate set :)
calamari This could be my favorite cover of a Smiths song.
Evelyn we could live for a thousand years
giovanibarros e (não) tá faltando mulher...
gilbarbara "Oh oh oh / I… I’m alone in life to say / I love the Chivers anyway / ‘Cause Chivers look divine"
calamari I'm going to write a song called "Crazy guy on the subway, please don't sit next to me".
driczz isquibiribibi iundurudu isquibiribibi iundurudu iundurudu paparopo uiiii paparopo uiii paparopo paparopo....
Wallace Isto não é uma música. E uma obra de arte assinada por Joni mitchell. :)
selwyn ...and smoke all my cigarettes again.
zeze lixo que eu amu!

Trash - Suede

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misimpatia "'Cause I'm always where I need to be."
Crimsonmuse This song reminds me of campgrounds, fire pits, beer in hand, bare feet, S'mores, laughter and cool ocean breezes on a warm summer night.
njr " 'Choose the highest bidder', was my answer when they told me I was up for sale."
calamari I like her music. Lots of different influences here.
calamari Just read about this band this morning. I like 'em
calamari Really lovely song. Off the Sopranos Soundtrack.
calamari I like this. reminds me a bit of jamiroquai
calamari Just what I needed to start the day. Thank you The Cars!!
calamari All this talk of college music made me want to listen to Luniz.
calamari another IAMX song. Can't get enough of this band today.
calamari Lights go out. Here I go again.
calamari Off to a meeting. Last Blip for me today...
calamari Climb the wall to make the sun rise in time
calamari I was going to blip a song by Cranes, but this popped up too. I like it!
calamari I never saw the Alfie remake with Judy Law. But I do like this song from the soundtrack.
calamari @djdangernun I just finished watching the vid on youtube. It's brilliant. Thanks very much!!
calamari cool indie synth band from Texas
calamari The Pet Shop Boys remixing The Killers. Yeah, it works.
calamari Johnny Marr is now officially a member of this band??!! whoa.
calamari Great song by a great band.
calamari @djdangernun I've never heard the French Kicks cover of regret. Have to keep my ears open for it. Your band too!! It's a great song to cover!!
calamari This band has sort of a goofy name. But their music is outstanding!!
calamari I'm late jumping on board with this band (they've been around for several years). Really, really like them though!!
calamari That romantic '80s electropop sound is back. Bring on the nostalgia. I'm ready!
penkala quem esquece a cena antológica de DE VOLTA PRO FUTURO, quando o Marty precisa substituir o guitarrista? antes o "primo" do Chuck tocava essa aqui
macedonia i really hope this one plays cause it's one of my favorite remixes ever. "check the techniques, see if you can follow it..."
VinnyBrasi @calamari I really wish you and world could understand portuguese better. This song is about live simple, be strong to the hard things Never say never

Cazuza - Codinome Beija - Flor

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calamari Just looked outside and realized it was dark already. Summer is definitely over. :,(
allesmoegliche september is ja schon, gleich gibts auch reichlich wind, wenn ich so ausm Fenster rausschau.
VintageRain Shop around before you settle down.
calamari Really digging Mobius Band right now. Kinda sorta reminds me of Postal Service...a little.
calamari @lorisgirl Hoping that the next leap, will be the leap home. ;D
jplages Em homenagem as ligações da tarde.
babibio Ótima sequencia, @lunarboy. Mumm-Ra, I love you but I've chosen darkness, Maximo Park, The Rakes...
calamari Just one look at you and I know it's going to be a lovely day.
TheSun Taz would a conversation with him go...would prolly involve a feather boa...spandex...hmmm


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thaislapastini How bizarre, how bizarre

OMCHow Bizarre

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Diordan @calamari Brassssssssssssss Realy Hypnotic a mix o brass and oriental stuff
hootmama i'm not aware of too many things i know what i know if you know what i mean
calamari @RadioTwitter This song is called Icicle, but it's HOT!
amberella Popped into my head. Deal.
falki bin auch vollgefressen...
magali ... another very good band ! ...

Bats For Lashes - Whats a Girl to Do

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hootmama gotta love this song... kind of forgot about it!
purplesime A voice worth listening to. If you don't know Ms Williams, now is a good time to be introduced.
bunkinho ist das eigentlich noch p? sorry ist mir gerade egal
didib it's time for a holiday. life is a cabaret! come taste the wine, come hear the band. :D
paularibeiro brazilian rock'n'roll from 60's!
hearsmusic @calamari Here ya go! I had the album so upped it for you.
MAJIRE my dad got a signed record from these guys once on vacation. Reminds me of an old show I don't remember the name of
davidwatts1978 I once knew a girl called Nancy, she had a laughing face, but she was too in love with her horse
nonar i love this song... i think that thom yorke too :) creep
Clapre Tá na estrada? então escuta essa, num é perfeita?
ayedavanita @calamari - I guess he is. Do you like the Sundays?

The SundaysCry

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gridlockd "New Moon On Monday" (1984) by DURAN DURAN, a fine tune by a great band.
calamari @cammy LOL! Very true. I worry about giant rats running around in the sewer system. :D
calamari @briangreene Thanks so much man! Love hearing and sharing music on blip, it's the highlight of my day. :D

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

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JustinThiele Checking out a bunch of new music today. Inspired by this list on Tiny Mix Tapes:
alinesalazar Con esta canción lloro, indudablemente.
ShyTrbleMaker The ultimate love song. @calamari was going to play a jumping off the cliff song, but couldn't find one. Take the leap. This fall won't kill you.

The Hollies Bus stop

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fabi_k you gotta go where you wanna go, do what you wanna do!!
calamari The darkness can sometimes be a pleasure to me.
tatialmeida_ "Hurry up, baby, 'cause we're going somewhere tonight. One glass of wine and you're mine". ;p
medina Isso que é cover de peso!
calamari Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Alan Parsons Project?
calamari Still have one more hour at work, but I'm...

Boy Kill Boy - Ready to Go

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calamari @Diordan @gigia @daretoeatapeach @ShyTrbleMaker @jeff YUP! I'm going to sit out tomorrow night b/c of work, but definitely in for Dec. 3!! :D
daytea ahaha what a fun song :D everyday is sunday for a student on summer break too *points self* (reblip)
jupinkoski dizer que aprendi... que na vida a gente tem entender...
calamari Sunny days in November! Oh San Francisco, your weather is always a happy mystery.
calamari Ryan Adams writes the best songs for when you're feeling sad.
calamari I close my eyes on the dance floor.
didib eu sou assim...quem quiser gostar de mim, eu sou assim. meu mundo é hoje, não existe amanhã pra mim. eu sou assim, assim morrerei um dia.
calamari Let's not get too cynical...wait, too late. ;-)
kalsangikid I'd never have guessed that this was a Bond theme song. Guess I'm too young.
miguesme Yo quiero ser una chica Almodovar – Joaquin Sabina
cammy I'm late, i'm late, i'm fucking late.
sophie_o hahahah thanks @calamari! i hate that stupid 3 props per day thing! i'm out of props for you too!
calamari Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. Ah-ah-ah-ah the get go
tonandon como uma banda tão redneck rocker em algumas músicas pode ser tão melódica em outras? Kings of Leon realmente agradam de todos os lados!
calamari Neal Casal is a member of The Cardinals (Ryan Adams' band), but his solo music is also brilliant.
calamari I don't know where to turn when you're gone
calamari @DearPrudns blipped Nick Cave earlier and it made me want to hear this song.
TheSun ...wish I could have seen his daddy live...oh well, he'll do just fine...
andhow @sunnysunnysunny, as one of my favourite poems go, "The weight of the world is love." - Allen Ginsberg :) (reblip)
TheSun ...another one of my jams...

Exhibit A (Transformations) []

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calamari holy sh!t, Kool Keith and Tom Waits on the SAME song. I almost fell out of my chair. This is the coolest song evah!!

NASA Spacious Thoughts (feat Tom Waits and Kool Keith)

| play
Lighty @calamari. Liked your Josh Rouse but how's this for the all time sunshine track?
marilovisky (maybe) the most beautiful song of the world. ow.
calamari @gigia Jan. 28th is cool with me. @daretoeatapeach was looking at some locations. Is there anything you need me to do?


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calamari Ben Harper!! Nice choice iPod shuffle mode.
calamari I love you iPod shuffle mode. You have chosen a cool song by Ed Harcourt for me to blip.
calamari @joabsilva LOL! I forgot Harry Dean Stanton was in that Bob Dylan video. (P.S. next up on my iPod shuffle playlist is The Temptations)
candyslexia this is pretty noiseeeeeee :)!

LiarsFreak Out

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calamari She's
calamari I'd forgotten this song was on my iPod. Love it. #MyiPodTellsMeWhatToBlip
calamari My iPod seems to be picking dance songs this afternoon. Are you trying to make me dance iPod? #MyiPodTellsMeWhatToBlip


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calamari Okay, last song of the day. I'd like to thank my iPod for picking my blips today and not running out of battery. #MyiPodTellsMeWhatToBlip
purplesime @calamari Did you check this out the other night? If not, here's a dedication to you. People, you should follow @calamari and hear some great music!
calamari Listening to -- Castaneda "All Eyes"

Castaneda-All Eyes

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calamari Listening to -- Evidence "Chase the Clouds Away"
anotorias Saul Williams (feat. Esthero) - Tao of Now
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