bitinic só pra manter o tema e o clima pesado @CelsoBessa
De_Ann @brokertothestars DeAnn All I want to doooooo, is get back to youuuuuuu!
De_Ann @andreayates 4 DeAnn's stones kick :) @morebrains hell yeah! if they even think of not bringing it back next season i will STEW!!
cansong @DeAnn: thanx ;) love your Stones collection
brabul loneliness, is such a sad affair and I can hardly wait to be with you again what to say to make you come?
star45 30 Seconds To Mars – Was It a Dream?
cansong my beautiful


| play
cansong Memphis Minnie = pearls to pigs
cansong Paulo, é só abrir, baby.
cansong A música que as enfermeiras ouvem quando estão matando:

Mundo Livre Sa - A Música que os Loucos Ouvem

| play
cansong Television = very great


| play
cansong Love the Reverend. Respect the Reverend. Listen to the Reverend. He KNOWS.
cansong wtf? quem são esses caras?
cansong @ everybody out there listening and giving out props. I'm severely addicted to this guy's music. Pls don't get annoyed ;p LOVE to yall
cansong Qual é a diferença entre contratar um hacker e contratar o johnny estrella? They only did it cause of fame...
cansong Thank you!! Crazy flashback here ;) Love+Peace @crowjane: "@DJ_Jeff: "thanks ~yeah babe~~" (reblip)
cansong This is a precious version. Wonder... (reblip)
cansong This is "The Man", ladies & gents. Chet, not the Squid. Defrost.
cansong this is at least 23 years old. think about it.
cansong finally! takes extra zen skills to find the stuff round here. then it pays off ;)
cansong what shall we do when midnight comes around? cry behind the door?
cansong @mmlariu grandes resgates. kudos pra voce e obrigada por compartilhar!! (reblip)
cansong hail to the reverend!! gracias @negrolndo: "love & happiness" (reblip)

Al Green

| play
cansong Delícia! :) 1969?


| play
cansong And if you don't like me, don't look at me - and see if I care! (reblip)
cansong smthng like the patti smith, only... better. ha! cause it doesn't hurt. HA!
cansong I love the way ppl modify names of songs + artists just so that the passion can be shared with the entire planet. (reblip)
cansong @bbergher Maybe you haven't heard all of them. This is fckng gr8!

The Strokes Unknown song

| play
cansong @bbergher uma canção de aniversário que tem quase a tua idade rsrs, quando a Bjork era legal rsrs HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


| play
cansong @cansong: Le cool extraordinaire ;) Up Up Up - Crystal (reblip)

New OrderCrystal

| play
cansong @crowjane: "aahh the sound of needle on wax~pure music" you're so right, dear! very lovely!! (reblip)

Doris Troy Just One Look

| play
cansong @albertsdad - Thank you for this one. Love them so damn much and no Joy D attached lol. (reblip)
cansong @radioemporio : manifestem-se!! :)

Hooverphonic ::: 2Wicky

| play
cansong 3 mil canções com o mesmo baixo... e não cansa rsrs -- 3 thousand tracks with the same bass line n it won't wear out...
cansong Oy, time traveling... So J&MC lolol Beautiful!
cansong Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The JamStart

| play
cansong 2 generations in 1 aural gem.


| play
cansong Tolices. Quero Longe de Tudo - please - 1987 - 1985


| play
cansong Serguei - Living Legend - COOOL!
cansong Listen and melt - Ouça e derreta

Júpiter Maçã, As tortas e as cucas, Programa Lado B.

| play
cansong Fck yeah! @Oldies - you might enjoy this
cansong Awesome. Who is this, please?


| play
cansong @DarkMusique - this soooo good! Thnx for finding it ;) (reblip)
cansong They're so freaking great, makes me *sick*..
cansong He's so freaking great, makes me *very* sick.

SlidingIan McCulloch

| play
cansong Most Unique LOVE @courtneylover79 "I never wanted to be the person that you see, but THANK YOU"!!!

A Letter To God-Courtney Love

| play
cansong @geebeebee - thnx for this one and don't you look great as Kittridge blipping F as in Frank...? Thank you + PEACE (reblip)
cansong Opa! @cactuscream Que legal!
cansong @cactuscream - É a nossa versão do video, baby

Ponto de Fuga

| play
cansong My boyfriend and lover till death.
cansong @cactuscream just for the record: this Pocket Simphony was released before Air released theirs.
cansong Cinemascope - @cactuscream yeah!
cansong essa vida é loka e nela eu tô de passagem - RACIONAIS!

VL parte II

| play
cansong "Por isso eu vou na fé" - MV Bill - Rio - Brasil

Só Deus Pode Me Julgar

| play
cansong Nega Gizza arregaça!

Nega Gizza Prostituta

| play
cansong Chamo isso de Gangsta Gospel: Apocalipse 16 - Vixe!

bobby womack-harry hippie-1973-

| play
cansong "Why not try it all if you only remember it once?" (reblip)

Depeche Mode- Barrel Of A Gun (Official Video)

| play

The Jesus & Mary Chain on Letterman 21-05-07

| play
cansong -_-

THE YARDBIRDS -"Evil Hearted You" (1965)

| play

Neil Young amp amp Crazy Horse Cinnamon Girl

| play
cansong like it's coming from the radio

The Doors: You're Lost Little Girl, Live In Boston 1968 (Rare)

| play
cansong -_-

The Velvet Underground-Sunday Morning

| play
cansong Breathing - Respirando

01 Pioneer to the Falls

| play
cansong "tonight I'm gonna rest... my chemistry" - what a sound!
cansong As said b4, i'm gonna rest my chemistry tonight. Since it's only 2:30, tho, I'm still cooking, ykwim... ;)

All The Drugs by COURTNEY LOVE

| play
cansong 'rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll another one...just like the other one ;D

The Fraternity Of Man-Don't Bogart Me

| play
cansong marrento. 'electricity comes from other planets'
cansong some good old Stones

Can't you hear me knocking- rolling stones

| play

Love On A Train-Tangerine Dream

| play
cansong 2008/2009 - Haxixins seem a bit over their heads already but they sound pretty alright.
cansong Celebrating the life of this divine *child* - I Want You Back
cansong @DJMami: "this is my favorite Clash song." - Good call. Cheers. (reblip)
cansong -_-

Slow Hands :Interpol

| play
cansong @leaferi: "Excellent, thanks!" -- and I echo. thnx!! (reblip)

Interpol Obstacle 2 musicvideo

| play
cansong "yeah lucky lucky you're so lucky!" -> HOT
cansong how can 1 say thank you @wrinkledsocks
cansong tweeters: want more c'mere - keep posting strokes just to annoy yall :) we r all trying
cansong J R L/W S - oh, baby

The JamMonday

| play
cansong i know for sure... I Don't Live Today
cansong oh! what a gr8 version; backing vocals and all... heavenly.

The Strokes-This Life (Demo)

| play
cansong in the end of the day youve got to take it *slow*
cansong Mr. Silly e a Aurora Boreal. @star45 u were on MTVBRASIL the other day; a story on music networks showed the public tmln and there you were. Lmao!

Kevin Shields "2" La La La Human Steps song, My Bloody Valentine

| play
cansong " were clearly never meant to go... typical me...absolutely vile..."
cansong ...when u say it's love... d'you mean the back of love? ECHO
cansong Já fez o seu kraokê psicodélico Stoneano hoje? 'Citadel' sem vocais ;)

Rolling Stones Citadel (Demo) 1967

| play
cansong é o delux do interpol?

Cut cityManoeuvres

| play
cansong finding new illusions in old songs
cansong Julian C. + DangerMouseSparklehorse = *o*_ d+ _vocais genius la la la "twisted little girl"
cansong StoneStrokes *o*

the strokes- clear skies

| play
cansong Must see+hear at least 1ce if u love music. Tem q ver+ouvir ao - 1 vez se ama musica.
cansong Wow! Uáu! Memphis Minnie!!! 1929!!!!

Memphis Minnie-Frisco Town-1929

| play
cansong Estado Crítico-Xis: De Esquina *Paranóia Delirante*

XisDe Esquina

| play
cansong Não só a música, a gravação é foda. (reblip)

Solomon Burke: Don't give up on me

| play
cansong *o* the older 1s took me to a MP gig in NYC @cszt
cansong Eu agradeço, irmão @dubkilladjset: "Cumadi Silvia D., produção lo-fi, Música sicodélica e nomade, curta a viagem." (reblip)


| play
cansong Genio musical. #AlbertHammondJr : "this will pass". Then *everyone gets a star*. These guys need prayer-that's NOT religion.
cansong Slip Inside This House - 13th Floor Elevators = + psicodélico ever. De época...

13th Floor Elevators (Slip Inside This House)

| play
cansong listen closely - it's pitched way down. they take turns checking out the drummer. I Wanna Know what they're on ;). My fav version ever.
cansong killing lies - lying kills
cansong "the wiiind blows rain into myyy face" p.s. sabe aquela foto dos strokes? é dos Stones ;) (reblip)
cansong Ah, moleque! Julian C. ao vivo :-)

Julian Casablancas "Glass" Live Spaceland Secret Show Los Angeles, CA 11.2.09

| play
cansong optimum cover band..not so gr8 themselves..presumptuous..gr8 sound though.

CakeI Will Survive

| play
cansong Dias muito estranhos

The Cure A Strange Day In Orange

| play
cansong real thing - BOB MARLEY - no bullshit

"I Know A Place" Bob Marley & The Wailers

| play
cansong Mercenárias - uni-vos - punk
cansong Vacilão - Catra é clássico

Mr CatraVacilão

| play
cansong Só quem é louco se identifica....
cansong letra do Escadinha. traiu o cv, formou com o tc e se fodeu. sample-base: Originais. com DJ KLJay
cansong i walk as damn hard as i please

Dewey CoxWalk Hard

| play
cansong hardrock driven punkpop. the persona is nothing; her music's as awesome theirs. talks 2 much shit but rocks like no other woman

All The Drugs by COURTNEY LOVE

| play
cansong A Dylan cover is *always* better than BD itself.
cansong A música, o lamê prata, a hidrocoreô com espuma - uáu. Ronnie Von+Vips na TV em 1967. Bon Voyage!
cansong never been a big mccartney fan but this is too precious. '50s and '60s combined so well :)

The Beatles- I'm Looking Through You (HQ)

| play
cansong That's vodka, you know. I *adore* this performance. And Elvis.
cansong A friend of a friend shot that video. Quite the Stonesy Julian.
cansong "Your problems are more important, of course... of course!" (Strokes) Haha. Gotta love the cheese. *O*

Barry ManilowMandy

| play
cansong tony christie covered by the pretenders

Pretenders~Walk Like A Panther

| play
cansong tom jones in 1964 -> :) very groovy
cansong C'est moi avec Dubkilla. Lo-fi video obviously mine. :)

Trouve Dubkilla avec Silvia D.

| play
cansong Voce se parece com todo mundo - Roberto Frejat

Você Se Parece Com Todo Mundo

| play
cansong Preciosidade: ensaiando numa levada diferente. Versão Valium =p ~ Real different beat, slow, mellow.
cansong Rap Brasileiro top 5. De Menos Crime - São Mateus Pra Vida - 1,2 1,2 Drão (1998)
cansong Caramujo sonolento! Quinto Andar (hilário) em A Lenda (que vacilo)

Quinto AndarA Lenda

| play
cansong Voce leu, mas aposto que ainda não ouviu: JC covers Strokes @ Coachella 2010

1. Julian Casablancas- Hard to Explain (Strokes cover) (Coachella 2010)

| play
cansong Ian McCulloch sings Changes (David Bowie cover)
cansong É tão cafona que acaba ficando lindo -> Metrô avec Leo Jaime -> Johnny Love. Audio only.
cansong @santamistura : yes we are ;0 - AND WHAT A GREAT BEAUTIFUL TUNE!

CAKE "Friend Is A Four Letter Word

| play
cansong Anne Clark, the pioneer. Great 1983 Canadian treat.

Anne Cark: Sleeper in Metropolis (1983)

| play
cansong Language is a Virus - Laurie Anderson - gotta love the eighties *O*
cansong My teacher Bia Sion - Cheek to Cheek
cansong Incredibly PUNK ROCK Andy Kaufman.

Andy Kaufman: "I Trusted You"

| play
cansong OLD HOLLYWOOD chapex

Julian Casablancas "Old Hollywood" / Interview (Live @ Viva Radio)

| play
cansong adoro

The Strokes ~ Early Demo Is This It

| play
cansong Slideling - Ian McCulloch
cansong in orange, the cure, sinking
cansong Old school da melhor tá valendo

Raising HellRun-DMC

| play
cansong Psychedelic, always. 196..


| play
cansong Psicodelia de Hollanda - Love Buzz original do Shocking Blue
cansong Careful with that axe, Eugene! Hmmm.... ;[} som loko

Pink Floyd- Careful With That Axe, Eugene

| play
cansong Gr8 home movie - The Doors - bad yet worthy live audio of "The Changeling"
cansong "Even the greatest stars fix their face in the looking glass" - Siouxsie, Hall of Mirrors
cansong Magnética: Siouxsie & the Banshees, Israel
cansong "if you believed there's nothing up in my sleeve, then nothing is cool"
cansong Sunday awakes in the 1970s. Bacharach Trips.

Burt Bacharach Nikki.wmv

| play
cansong Badfinger = '70s Sunday morning selection.
cansong Uia! Arrangement based on Serge Gainsbourg, voice effect, the works. Who's this David Williams?
cansong 1971. i'm very trapped in the '70s today. such a Sunday! beautiful song; early Santana.

Everything's Coming Our Way ~ Santana

| play
cansong Mudando muito de assunto, quem não ouviu a Chatuba de Mesquita não ouviu o real funk carioca. Antigo, né, Essinger? Estômago forte e senso de humor
cansong MC Cidinho e Doca. Escolhi esse video porque é feito por quem tem a cara dessa canção de amor tão pobre, singela e linda. Tolerância Mil. Zona Oeste

Rap da Estrada da posse

| play
cansong Sad Song - The Velvet Underground - anyone who won't listen to it is a fool! :~}
cansong Pobre Angelica. Papo bizarro, gente bizarra, rock safado dos Cascavellettes há uns 3 mil anos. #vidaloka
cansong Melhor formação do Jupiter. As Tortas e as Cucas: "senti meu corpo derretendo..." descubra o resto :~}

Júpiter Maçã, As tortas e as cucas, Programa Lado B.

| play
cansong The Birthday Party - 1976->1983 - radical
cansong I know ive blipped this one before but this version is -lack of speech- you know? the slowest, really good sound +curious band dynamicspls forgiveme
cansong JAM! a classe operária vai ao paraíso

The JamFuneral Pyre

| play
cansong Chillin' out com Tangerine Dream: bon voyage!

Tangerine Dream Love on a real train original

| play
cansong Fcking awesome SHOEGAZE Israeli rock from the 80s. Suck it ;~}
cansong Ele é foda pácas, o Timmaia.

Tim MaiaLamento

| play
cansong PQP, que voz é essa, viagem doida de americanizado universal, papa Timmaia,amém

Tim MaiaIdade

| play
cansong sempre me arrepia essa mix de primeira hora muito phoda, esse Timmaia

Tim MaiaPadre Cicero

| play
cansong Palavras não bastam.


| play
cansong Band of Gypsyes, Buddy Miles canta.
cansong incrível. demo do ghost in the machine, 1981
cansong e outra pre da mesma faixa, mesmo disco.
cansong Metamorphosis

Rolling Stones I don´t know why metamorphosis

| play
cansong Metamorphosis


| play
cansong new wave era uma coisa tão divertida! o¨o @cszt @zezonis

Missing Persons Walking In LA

| play
cansong Unidade repressora: continua me esculachando que isso pra mim é vitamina, tá, me bem? ref: sky


| play
cansong O concreto já rachou, malandragem. Eu falo o que quero, sim, apesar da repressão. Pra me calar tem que me matar. Entendeu intimidador babaca?

Plebe rudeProteção

| play
cansong Com salva de palmas pra quem se vai, o maior fã do Frank... ao menos eles vão tomar whisky juntos. :~}
cansong electrical storm probably live on the radio; very *very* good indeed.

U2Electrical Storm

| play

'Black Horse Blues' BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON (1926) Texas Blues Guitar Legend

| play
cansong Until the philosophy which hold one race superior And another Inferior Is finally And permanently Discredited And abandoned - Everywhere is war...

keith Richards-Hate It When You Leave

| play

'I'm A Bad Luck Woman' MEMPHIS MINNIE (1936) Memphis Blues Guitar Legend

| play
cansong "Golden rose, the color of the dream I had not too long ago. Misty blue and the lilac too, never to grow old. It's only a dream."
cansong "They say what we know is just what they teach us~And we're so ignorant cause evrytime they can reach us thru political strategy, they keep us hungry"

The Strokes The Modern Age Live Isle Of Wight 2010

| play
cansong This is the original, the real thing, stolen by that drooler Jimmy Page. JP drools, have you noticed that?
cansong he is such a virgo...

julian casablancas -11th dimension -original video HQ lyrics

| play
cansong Gilber T - Seu Amor É Suicídio
cansong cake - you turn the screws
cansong charlotte gainsbourg - tel que tu es
cansong Chuck Berry - Too Much Monkey Business
cansong Blue Sunday - The Doors
cansong musica -> cactus cream :: videoarte -> eu = me
cansong yeah! sylvester, a loka. alegria é uma coisa boa. joy is good.
cansong disco rappin' very cool chaka kahn live & high in 1985
cansong "Paint it Black" in a Brazilian version by the group Os Baobás back in the '60s. Weird, fun.
cansong @cactuscream : great Cactus Cream song; great Silvia D. video
cansong RB @dirod: "Jesus And Mary Chain – Her Way Of Praying" (reblip)
cansong (brilliant) RB @turnitto11: "You weren't a band unless you were Live in Rio" (reblip)
cansong it is but it isn't: rock, disco, rap, new wave. austria style. falco!!!

FalcoDer Komissar

| play
cansong "samba loko da rapaziada" (diziam fellini, the band) - old new Stones
cansong Ben ao vivo em 72, Rita Jeep para @litaree_real : menina que faz bem à saúde.

Jorge Ben "Rita Jeep"

| play
cansong Patch it up, baby - lovely
cansong Hojerizah - Senhora Feliz - 1987

hojerizah senhora feliz

| play
cansong my fist will meet your face very soon. liars can't be forgiven.

Hole- Retard Girl

| play
cansong I Hate You So Much Right Now!
cansong ch ch ch ch cherry bomb exploding on your sweet liars faces porque um porteiro-bouncer babaca precisava muito exercer o seu machopoder (reblip)
cansong não existe mundo. essa foi a última vez que não chamei a polícia pra enquadrar racista. fuck yoooouuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!
cansong "Die, My Darling", clássico do meu repertório de ira desvairada. Tipo qdo um racista me esculacha e eu não reajo. E eu nem ia entrar de graça :>{
cansong Strange, Weird, Corky, Jagged, Crooked, Twisted, Misfit, Hopeless, Weak, Wilted

The Doors: The Soft parade

| play
cansong 1933 - Cab Calloway - The Reefer Man
cansong 1926/1927 - Victoria Spivey - Dope Head Blues
cansong dazed and confused: no, led zeppelin did not write this song. they stole it and ripped off this cat jack holmes.
cansong Ui. Spirit, não Led Zeppelin, se é que voce me entende. :D


| play
cansong Salsicha do Scooby canta que "o bagulho é de quem tá de pé". Bons tempos...
cansong Virguloides, o esculacho faz falta. Grosso, escrotildo, hilário.

Virgulóides house da madame

| play
cansong Love Master Burke Always And Forever.

Solomon Burke Don't give up on me HQ

| play
cansong how come @colove1 never recorded this with Ian? i mean i HEARD him in an interview sayin how he'd love that.
cansong Much underrated sweet ballad maker; Jimi Hendrix - Drifting

Jimi HendrixDrifting

| play
cansong Slideling - Ian McCulloch Live and Unplugged: don't even try to take it away from me. I'm dying. all my daddies are insane
cansong these are the bands: stones, velvet, doors, beatles, ECHO, strokes. that's all there is - excluding solo acts like elvis and jimi and ;] @oficialeatb
cansong and then there's a CURE for everything, they say..;) i was there, selling t-shirts in xchange for my admittance. lmao.
cansong head on the door - bang mine

Six Different Ways-The Cure

| play
cansong What are you going to do with your life? Tell me!
cansong Chet Baker - Let's Get Lost - "to celebrate the night we found each other"
cansong "Help in my weakness" - Jesus - The Velvet Underground (reblip)
cansong Sepultura & Zé Ramalho = suuuuuper loko ;)
cansong Heart and Soul - Joy Division - @Gr8tunes
cansong Matador - XMal Deutschland
cansong If I can't have you - The Waterboys
cansong Radioactivity - Kraftwerk
cansong Take a Ride - Luscious Jackson
cansong From Here to Eternity - Giorgio Moroder
cansong Das Model - Kraftwerk - Not just a sound so unique but the entire visual concept... Just brilliant.

KraftwerkDas Model

| play
cansong IRM - Charlotte Gainsbourg - Radioactive patients will understand a bit better.
cansong Ultrapassado - mundo livre s/a - different kind of samba...
cansong Leonor - mundo livre s/a

Mundo Livre S/ALeonor

| play
cansong I don't enjoy liking u2. can u dig? thta one's such a (RB) @Gr8tune: "U2 - Beautiful Day" (reblip)

U2Beautiful Day

| play
cansong In the End - Charlotte Gainsbourg - one of the most compelling songs I've heard in a lo-ong time.
cansong Chelsea Hotel the movie bit + pink punk Nico Singing Chelsea Girls.

Nico Sings Chelsea Girls in the Chelsea Hotel

| play
cansong i don't want to die right now: Charlotte Gainsbourg sings Heaven Can Wait – live concert prive for Canal+
cansong O Lerap é meu amigo e tenho orgulho disso. Domingo Sangrento versão 1 - DE MENOS CRIME
cansong São Mateus em Estado de Choque - DE MENOS CRIME: tem 11 anos essa música.
cansong 1,2 1,2 Drão - DE MENOS CRIME - filé do rap paulista de 1999.
cansong Mais IRM, mais cirurgia, searching for the Invisible Sun.
cansong Take It So Hard - Keith Richards, 1992, vivo
cansong Can't Be Seen - The Rolling Stones - sexy song sung by Keith. wish he was my father.
cansong Heaven - The Rolling Stones, 1980
cansong I read in a book that Neil wrote it for Pam Morrison (Jim's). Wow. Cinnamon Girl.
cansong Massive Attack - Psyche RB @Versh: (reblip)

Massive AttackPsyche

| play
cansong Levi Stubbs' Tears - Billy Brag 1985/1986
cansong Felt - The Optimist and the Poet RB @mamaom (reblip)

Felt- The Optimist and the Poet

| play
cansong Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground - live at The Max's Kansas City; must hear, dear. Possibly last VU concert with the second classic ensemble.
cansong 1966 - Querem Acabar Comigo - Roberto Carlos
cansong 1970 - Se Eu Pudesse Voltar no Tempo - Roberto Carlos

ROBERTO CARLOS se eu pudesse voltar no tempo

| play
cansong Peter Tosh - Bob Marley - Thank You Lord
cansong Gueto – Borboleta Psicodélica
cansong L.A. Woman - The Doors

The DoorsL.A. Woman

| play
cansong I'm Going Away. For Real.
cansong The very psychedelic version
cansong "let me out again..."

Ponto de Fuga

| play
cansong 4 Chords of the Apocalypse HQ Live: Drunk sailors welcome haha

Julian Casablancas- 4 Chords Of The Apocalypse [HQ-Live]

| play
cansong The Verve - Lucky Man
cansong Miss World - Hole (Reading 1995) - "I am the one, you know, the one who should have died"!
cansong Under Cover of Darkness - The Strokes 2011
cansong Summer's Almost Gone - The Doors

The Doors Summer's Almost Gone

| play
cansong Blood Red Wine - The Rolling Stones
cansong @OfficialEATB here's some real good British product special for ya,whom I don't know but love dearly. Stray Cat Blues live - on Valium
cansong The Driver - Earth: brain-melting psychotropic sound; requires no drugs to get you sky high. Go fly.

EarthThe Driver

| play
cansong Earth - The Dry Lake ~~ Melt with me and I will clean you up.

EarthThe Dry Lake

| play
cansong Earth - Divine and Bright ~~ say nothing. i wanna go down. all the way down.
cansong You're So Right - The Strokes 2011

The Strokes- You're So Right

| play
cansong Life Is Simple In The Moonlight - The Strokes ->2011 3rd new song, live last night: rocking as hard as ever!! @casablancas_j (reblip)
cansong RB @Alvaroxx: Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (reblip)

Urge Overkill - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon

| play
cansong I never get tired of Echo. RB@Fortharrison: "Echo & The Bunnymen ~ Bring On The Dancing Horses" (reblip)
cansong Perfect live performance: Siouxsie And The Banshees – Candyman (Live French TV 1987)
cansong High Command - Earth ~ the ultimate stoner sound

EarthHigh Command

| play
cansong Earth – The Dire and Ever Circling Wolves
cansong The 13th Floor Elevators – Kingdom of Heaven god i love this!
cansong When I Get Free - Tupac Shakur
cansong Party's Fall - Siouxsie & The Banshees
cansong Arabian Nights - Siouxsie & The Banshees - @ your privitive's best
cansong White Wedding - Billy Idol - 1981 (reblip)
cansong Siouxsie & The Banshees- Cascade (live 1982)

Siouxsie & The Banshees- Cascade (live 1982)

| play
cansong :D @dubkillah: "na ponte rio-santos Silvia D + Caio Bosco/Emerson Tripah. músicasicodelica com efeitos da ensolação..." (reblip)

Trouve Dubkilla avec Silvia D.

| play
cansong Forest Fuel - Vibrasphere
cansong Electric Feel - MGMT RB: @vampyrekittie (reblip)

MGMT electric feel

| play
cansong their finest track, i think. RB @Gr8tune :) @purewaves: "one of my favorites, thx @Vifke: The Cardigans - Erase and rewind" (reblip)
cansong Hard to Live in the City~Thank you for making most any day not suck @alberthammondjr (reblip)
cansong The Rolling Stones – Down In The Hole ~g'd i love this one so dearly
cansong albert hammond jr – spooky couch
cansong The Doors – Summer's Almost Gone (Demo 1965) who's singin really? never heard that b4 but it's pretty mean ;)
cansong The Rolling Stones – Winter~glad that the summer's officially gone. ☆
cansong The Jam – Funeral Pyre ~ wonderful live version from 1981

The JamFuneral Pyre

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cansong Cake – You Turn The Screws
cansong The Cure – The End of the World ~wonderful~ RB @mark_till (reblip)
cansong U2 – In a Little While

U2In a Little While

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cansong Radiohead – Let Down - thank you RB: @trinaunz (reblip)

RadioheadLet Down

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cansong The Cure – All Cats Are Grey - never get old
cansong Echo & The Bunnymen - All My Life ~ love this record " RB @Gr8tune: "Enjoy! :)@irfung: TY!!" (reblip)
cansong OMGin the 90s on a k7 with a mid80s JohnPeel's Festive50s truestory ThankYouMuch! @Gr8tune: "Thank you! :)@irfung "XTC - Making Plans For Nigel" (reblip)
cansong Joy Division – Transmission (Peel Sessions 1979) @irfung @Gr8tune
cansong MAY EAST – NORMAL ~ é new wave demais ;)


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cansong Fellini – Rock Europeu ~ brasil, 1985
cansong You're So Right – The Strokes ~ amazing band
cansong Keith Richards – You Don't Move Me ~ from talk is cheap, best Stones record in the 80s haha kidding~sexy song
cansong EILEEN – KEITH RICHARDS how i love my dad!
cansong The Rolling Stones – Hamburger To Go still hidden, still pearls.
cansong The Velvet Underground – I'm Set Free ~ so help me god
cansong The Kinks – Set Me Free ~ protopunk
cansong The Jesus And Mary Chain – The Hardest Walk
cansong Júpiter Maçã - As Tortas e as Cucas ~ psycheloko mil grau

Júpiter Maçã, As tortas e as cucas, Programa Lado B.

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cansong The Sex Pistols – Liar ~ especial pro Ricardo Bruno

The Sex PistolsLiar.

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PrincessDayle So glad they have a new album! The Strokes - Modern Age (reblip)
cansong The Psychedelic Furs – President Gas ~ epic, delicious
cansong Frank Sinatra – That's Life ~ tryin 2 relieve the pain from the saddest day in Rio #Realengo
cansong Nelson Cavaquinho – Folhas Secas ~ nelson, 1 deprimido notório, e bêbado. anos 60, morros do Rio.
cansong nojornalnazionale! dia triste d+ RB @dubkillah: "eu vi!" Titãs-Massacre(Clip Clip,TV Globo, anos 80) (reblip)

Titãs-Massacre(Clip Clip,TV Globo, anos 80).avi

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cansong Elvis Costello & The Attractions – (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love & Understanding ~ nick lowe song
cansong Arte no Escuro – Beije-me Cowboy
cansong Escola de Escândalo - Complexos (1986)
cansong Violeta de Outono - Dia Eterno

Violeta de Outono, Dia eterno

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cansong Maria Callas "Habanera" - Carmen, Bizet ~ when she cracks is when rock n' roll gets in the picture. Last greatest DIVA, first opera rocker
cansong CAKE - Friend Is A Four Letter Word

CAKE "Friend Is A Four Letter Word

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cansong The Kills – The Void

The KillsThe Void

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cansong Fleetwood Mac – The Chain - The Dance -1997 RB @marcylauren: "@fxp123: "ty @odajoe (reblip)
cansong You're So Right – The Strokes ~ fav du moment
cansong The Psychedelic Furs – No Easy Street ~ mas eu nunca disse que não era anglófila.
cansong 'not necessarily stoned, but...' Arctic Monkeys - Take It or Leave It (The Strokes cover) RB @Gr8tune: rb @simplemindsfan (reblip)
cansong Suede – So Young a.k.a the london suede RB @alemanuel (reblip)
cansong want candy ? Bo Diddley – Hey Bo Diddley
cansong lol bo diddley anyone? Bow Wow Wow – I Want Candy
cansong The Velvet Underground - I'm Waiting For The Man RB@sho1ch (reblip)
cansong Cocteau Twins - Loreley

lorelei/cocteau twins

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