alek RHCP me faz lembrar as tardes d verão desocupadas q eu passava só ouvindo música em casa dpois da escola...


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alek groove is in the heart... a trilha sonora do nascimento da mtv, q eternizou a imagem de ícones do rock,pop,hiphop,electro,sexo,drogas,anti-drogas etc
cliffagogo ok @deepbluesealove yeh this is perfect for Sunday morning... :) (reblip)
PositivelyPouty You're supposed to check those links, ya know?
DareToEatAPeach Time to mosey on home. Wish I could bike, but the tire I fixed last night was flat this morning. LAME!
caryseen "push it" can mean many things to many people. whatever this song and the words "push it" mean to you..... (reblip)
alvariver There ain't no party like my Nana's tea Par-tay. Hay. Ho.
squidbrain Hmmm. Can't find the original or a live cut of this track, so I guess this will have to do. Lenny is worth seeing live for this song, so you know. (reblip)
threebears Hi @patita sweetie! Golden Filter are a New York girl/boy electro-pop duo - Solid Gold was their first single. Hope that helps. ;) ;) ;)
GiantPimpslapper Red Hot Chili Peppers - Breaking the Girl ...from Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991) .great album.


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Atomik going back to not talking about this drama and only playing music. I will do it because I love it- and love blip. I will be imeem free where I can be
caryseen acoustic version...either way, either way...she's gonna kill u.
caryseen more fantastic san francisco music. here's some self-proclaimed, "dream pop", from minipop. whatever u call it it's another great cut & vid.

Minipop"Like I Do"

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caryseen more of the bay area vibe....sf's answer to swedish pop.
caryseen this is really the one i wanted to play, so it's a double shot, i'm afraid...


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caryseen @vjfdm & @samodiva...hay, thanks for the love! ; )


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caryseen this is one of my new favourite tracks. lovelikefire is from san francisco & this is the coolest vid...definitely check it out! : )
caryseen old danzig classic done in a girly fashion by melissa & mrs. jack white...another of my latest faves.
caryseen what's it gonna be....? what's it gonna be, do u want me? } ; )
caryseen vi@squidbrain & vi@Shukitty of my cult faves, but it seems until now, i was one of the few to love it. now i know i'm not alone! ; D (reblip)
caryseen u know what....? i think this is pretty awesome.

Faith No More (Portishead "Glorybox" cover)

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caryseen better version, so i'll delet the last one... ; )

When I get Up

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UberDorkGirlie Been around the world and found that only stupid people are breeding.
caryseen uh oh......sounds anyway, on this happy note...nighty, night, folks....sweet dreams! } ; )
Atomik LOL vi@turnitto11: "Watch the video - I think I saw these guys filming this when I was driving through Taco Bell one night" (reblip)
caryseen vi@UPriedMyEyesOpen: "say it ain't so. your drug is a heartbreaker. say it ain't so. my love is a lifetaker." very nice...thx! (reblip)
theraygungirls @LikeAnAngel: "two great tastes and all that..." (reblip)


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caryseen vi@lifer0727 like this...thx! ; ) (reblip)


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caryseen vi@sherryonstone thank you....looooooove this one! (reblip)
yourfavoritedj Another from @FUZZYFM that I've never heard (reblip)


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caryseen oh baby.....i'm so i'm signin' off. thx & g'night! } ; )
azzriel999 night all

The 5678's-Woo Hoo

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caryseen so what...... } ; )

Jessy Moss

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caryseen TFF-Chris Cestor from JET, Brody Dalle from The Distillers, Dolf de Datsun from The Datsuns & Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs-I'll Take You Down

I'll Take You Down song

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yeah yeah yeahs mr you're on fire liars cover

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caryseen now the original to compare & contrast....

liars mr. you're on fire

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caryseen my token blip today.... more tomorrow if i'm lucky... } ; )
caryseen another one of my favourite covers.....
caryseen a very old fave...great space out music... } ; )
caryseen this is probably my favourite 'chords tune...right up there with business time.... } ; )
SabriESC @nastysurprise72: Hmm..hadn't noticed! But I did find it interesting that in their version, "poor" and "more" no longer rhyme.... (reblip)
caryseen quite good, if somewhat surprisingly so.....
caryseen vi@santamistura this is awesome..thx! ; ) lilly wood & the prick - l.e.s. artistes (santogold cover) (reblip)
caryseen okay....michael jackson vs u2 - i wanna rock with u2 (rock with you vs beautiful day) give it a's sort of good.

I wanna rock with U2 mash up

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caryseen vi@threebears & vi@HaiTsung thanks to both!!! dune - john wayne vs. mary chain (reblip)
Gioca I like the French Version


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caryseen ✯♏ɑɳƴ ʈħɑɳƙϟ ɑḺḺ... Ǥ⚈⚆Ɖɳiɡħʈ❢☾ martina topley-bird / anything
marijaanadj Faith no more – Surprise you're dead
caryseen vi@midnightwalker awesom...thx for this! alice russell - seven nation army (white stripes) (reblip)
caryseen vi@midnightwalker your cover selection is amazing...many thx!!! cat power - wonderwall (oasis) (reblip)


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Iggy Pop White Christmas

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caryseen teaches of peaches dj moule mash..... (reblip)


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caryseen nirvana's smell's like teen spirit over lady gaga via dj lobsterdust


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caryseen another this one --- DeceptiShot (pat benatar vs. le tigre)
caryseen don't know who this guy is, but i love his arrangement..... kate bush/fleetwood mac - stripped & mashed live

Spaceman on fire (bang a gong)-Killers vs.T-rex vs.kings of leon''''Lasso the moon

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"White Piggy" NIN VS Billy Idol DJ Tripp & Bass211

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crispast just passing by to say ciao.. have a great saturday (if i can i'll bbl!)!!!

U2 : 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (Live Red Rocks)

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chris_is_cool @by_starla @daretoeatapeach #christmasmusic I don't want to sound like a cynic but *ahem*

'Tom Waits' & 'Peter Murphy'-Christmas Sucks

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by_starla RB@daretoeatapeach-oustanding-much respect & <3 back to you :) : "My #alltimefavoritechristmas s#christmas_fights any excuse to play this in Dec" (reblip)

Faith no More the Morning After

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caryseen vi@marijaanadj & vi@docstimulas always love this one ..thx! Alice In Chains – Would? (unplugged) (reblip)
caryseen this is verrrrry nice..... i think my new favourite mash. dj morgoth - back in kreuzberg (bloc party vs. ladyhawke)
caryseen ooooooooh i found another unexpected cover... revolting cocks - do you think i'm sexy? (rod stewart)

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult Dirty Little Secrets

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caryseen ministry - lay lady lay (bob dylan, byrds, buddy guy all did versions, i'm not sure who wrote it)
caryseen astounding, live, pared-down video version... nine inch nails - something i can never have (still)
caryseen another great mash... dj bootOX - 7 nation teen spirit (white stripes vs. nirvana)
caryseen stardeath & the white dwarfs with the flaming lips - borderline (madonna)
caryseen ✯ɡσɲȵɑ ʆovϵ U & £ɛɑvϵ U, ƀȴiƤϟʈɑƦϟ...ʈħɑɳƙϟ 4 ʈħϵ Ḻovϵ&ŦUȠϵʑ... ɡσoȡ ȠiǤĦʈ❢☾ delphic - this momentary (parallels remix)
caryseen death cab for cutie - lovesong (the cure)
caryseen sorry about that last malfunction.... css - artbitch

CSSArt Bitch

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caryseen wow...awesome. nine inch nails - last (butch vig remix)
caryseen vi@Shukitty awesome...thx! : ) lovage featuring mike patton - stroker ace (reblip)
caryseen the postmarks - goodbye (james iha remix) (reblip)


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caryseen usually this australian duo do electro stuff, but here they do an acoustic crash into me cover that's better than the original...
caryseen vi@DJHelloKitty another one of my faves. thx again. smashing pumpkins - landslide (fleetwood mac) (reblip)
caryseen vi@Dramathan another thoroughly decent track. thx! courtney love - dirty girls (reblip)
caryseen freakin' weird words, awesome tune......think if peaches was into horses. fagget fairys - feed the horse (original mix)
caryseen awwwwww......dancing all by hockey - too fake (RAC mix)
caryseen TFF -Chris Cestor from JET, Brody Dalle from The Distillers, Dolf de Datsun from The Datsuns & Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs-I'll Take You Down (reblip)

I'll Take You Down song

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caryseen @cwtab thx for following! really nice track..i'll be looking for u when u guys play in the u.k. creature with the atom brain - is that lady sniff?
caryseen dream team.... massive attack featuring hope sandoval (mazzy star) - -paradise circus (gui boratto remix)
caryseen vi@bhughling originally...thx again dude!!!! } ; ) tegan & sara - nineteen (acoustic) (reblip)

Kirsten Dunst cosplay music video- Turning Japanese

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caryseen ivy - let's go to bed (the cure)

IvyLet's Go To Bed

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mark_till @tricia1216 Anthrax : The Bends Radiohead cover

Anthrax : The Bends

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mark_till she sends a comfort.... Ministry - Radar Love
mark_till Psycho Killer (Talking Heads Cover) - Cage the Elephant
caryseen one of my favourite covers of this fave is death cab's. the brunettes - lovesong (the cure)
caryseen last track w/ primal scream's bobby gillespie & kasabian's tom meighan, too. waaaay better than we are the world, eh? ; ) the drums - let's go surfing
caryseen cancer bats - sabotage (beastie boys)
iNAViSiON Bizarre Love Triangle [medicine eyes remix]

Frente - Bizarre Love Triangle (Medicine Eyes Remix)

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yeah yeah yeahs mr you're on fire liars cover

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caryseen i think i almost love this more than the original....& that's saying a lot! johnette napolitano (concrete blonde) - dancing barefoot (patti smith) (reblip)
caryseen peter gabriel - heroes (david bowie)
caryseen part of a triple shot of kele tunes..... tiesto featuring kele okereke - it's not the things you say
caryseen one of my faves..... the ramones - my brain is hanging upside down (bonzo goes to bitburg)
caryseen okay...just one last one...but only because i like it so much.... yeah yeah yeahs - soft shock (them jeans acoustic remix)
Bahk squarepusher – Love will tear us apart
caryseen blast from the past..... pylon - beep


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caryseen vi@Sparklepony, vi@Gen22 & vi@shiverspt ...nice one..many thanks! The Raveonettes - I Wanna Be Adored (Stone Roses) (reblip)
Mysterymix Cathy was 11 when she pulled the plug On 26 reds and a bottle of wine Bobby got leukemia, 14 years old He looked like 65 when he died
TriggerHappyJax Jammin' Java is in Vienna...some really good acoustic sets there and some great's small but effective =) @revbeatman
caryseen really like this cover... the butchies - your love (outfield)
DJFrankie Creepy song as requested, @anothercraze... Oh, you said "Spooky"? My mistake.
caryseen ✭❤Ŧħɑɳƙ U & Ǥσoȡɲiɡħʈ❢❤✯ thom yorke - creep (acoustic)
caryseen damn, can't believe i've never come across this before! ace quality clip of iggy pop's madonna tribute... iggy pop - burning up/ray of light (madonna)
caryseen vi@LikeAnAngel this is an awesome cover... thanks!!! blitzen trapper - crazy on you (reblip)
caryseen of montreal - instant karma (john lennon)
caryseen NOFX - go your own way (fleetwood mac)
caryseen Sylvain Chauveau – Never Let Me Down Again (depeche mode)
MissM773 nice... one of my favorite yeah yeah tracks. Thx!@rockthetropics: "Check out Florida boy Laws (ft. Yeah Yeah Yeahs) @aktovoir @MissM773 @miaalien" (reblip)

Laws- Runaway

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Sarah McLachlan- Possession (Jon Fryer Mix)

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caryseen nirvana - rape me (mtv live & loud)

If Love Was a Gun- Divinyls

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Juliette and the Licks-20 Year Old Lover

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caryseen jane's addiction - 1 % (audio only)

jane's addiction 1%

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caryseen if you like phoenix, evan voytas may be up your street... evan voytas - tomorrow night we'll go anywhere

Best Coast and Wavves: Got Something For You

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caryseen vi@leSlovene, vi@DIGGIT & vi@THREE_Dutchguy22 lovely...thx! Bettie Serveert - Lover I Don't Have To Love (reblip)
LikeAnAngel I can't tell if that last remix was SUPPOSED to sound like that or not but it made me a little tension-y so I am sending in a sub. (reblip)
LikeAnAngel pretty much i just want to go home.
caryseen vi@LikeAnAngel awwwwwwesome.... thx! ; ) dum dum girls - there is a light that never goes out (the smiths) (reblip)
caryseen vi@Henrie_Schnee the offspring - self esteem (from back in the day when they were any good) (reblip)

Trouble Andrew "Falling Apart"

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caryseen lykke li - will you still love me tomorrow (the shirelles)
caryseen the jesus & mary chain - my girl (the temptations)
caryseen fol chen - the beautiful ones (prince)
caryseen warpaint - ashes to ashes (david bowie)
caryseen dub pistols featuring terry hall - rapture (blondie)

Dub Pistols feat Terry Hall 'Rapture'

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caryseen gwyneth paltrow - this woman's work (kate bush)
mark_till Peter Murphy: Instant Karma ( John Lennon )

Peter Murphy: Instant Karma

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mark_till Peter Murphy: Space Oddity ( David Bowie )

Peter Murphy: Space Oddity

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mark_till Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down
mark_till Ministry - Under my thumb (Rolling Stones)
caryseen one of my favourite new girls & tracks of the minute; i think it's all in her delivery... lana del rey - video games
caryseen i already played this recently, but it's a really awesome cover... D Heavy - The Prayer (Bloc Party)" (reblip)
caryseen doesn't really match my set, but this is so wrong, it's right..... dj moule-jack me off this way RHCP vs. aerosmith vs. chemical brothers
caryseen chromatics - running up that hill (kate bush)

Chromatics- Running Up That Hill

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caryseen opeth - would? (alice in chains)
caryseen i really like this video & enjoy the guy's peter gabriel impression... gotye - somebody that i used to know (featuring kimbra)
caryseen ignore the lame karaoke lyrics video and just listen.... mother love bone - chloe danc
caryseen chris cornell - call me a dog (temple of the dog)
caryseen crystal castles featuring robert smith - not in love. (platinum blonde) try to not imagine the influence of platinum blonde's influence on
caryseen awesome.... thanks for introducing it to me! ; ) via @serveauxx: "rb @semmy" (reblip)

CurveI Feel Love

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If Love Was a Gun- Divinyls

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Jane's Addiction- Ted, Just Admit It...

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caryseen love this track...wish the studio & remix versions were still available on youtube. the weeknd - high for this
caryseen shonen knife - raindrops keep falling on my head (burt bacharach)
caryseen nice.... i know - lightning love
caryseen RAC - let go (featuring kele okereke from bloc party & MNDR)
caryseen awesome....@vjfdm: "rb vi@PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: L7- hanging on the telephone" (reblip)

L7- hanging on the telephone

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caryseen tracey thorn - in the cold, cold night (the white stripes)

Tracey Thorn / 'In the Cold, Cold Night'

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caryseen awesome cover... tegan & sara - time after time (cyndi lauper)

Tegan & Sara Cover Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" LIVE

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mark_till Adele--Last Night (The Strokes Cover)
caryseen weezer - paranoid android (radiohead)


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Studio 360: Neneh Cherry, "Blank Project"

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caryseen what?! so awesome! thx! @NotAsPunkAsYou: "love it.. @mimnsee: "J Mascis – Fade Into You #mazzystar #cover"" (reblip)


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