simple Me la recomendaron, veamos...

Bon IverFor Emma

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LuisAcoltzi if i had 20 million dollars in the vault somewhere baby... it wouldn't matter anyway... I <3 John Legend
LuisAcoltzi the radio's on, you're tuning me out, I'm trying to speak, you're turning me doooown... John Legend tambien me comprende


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rociof Demasiado para tan pequeño espacio
rociof He escrito prosa poética, liada en cosas amarillo

MetricWet Blanket

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keane "You'll be the death of me..." Would I die for you?... I live for you.
hieronymus Need to hear more of The Dears.

The DearsDisclaimer

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leafhouse Hola, Cayoooooo. Vaya invento este!


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Stay19 Lucky Soul – Lips Are Unhappy<><>
leafhouse ¡Mi canción favorita del último año!

Beach HouseGila

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by_starla @craigz--thanks for the acoustic Sebadoh :)

Lou BarlowHome

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by_starla In truth there is no better place to be Than falling out of darkness still to see
JuJuBee This was the #1 song on the day i was born...36 years ago *sigh*
miguesme My Chemical Romance – I Don't Love You
napoleonskid It's been a longtime i haven't heard this song


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pavolo interessante, forse chopin si sta rivoltando nella bara...
paeix thanx___________________________________________________ from@tonioloneto (reblip)


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maymakuta Eu fui sincero como não se pode ser...
krftd Morning Tweeps, something to jumpstart my day (reblip)
craignewman @crazymilk, while you're enjoying bottles, cans and such, add this to your drink menu.
by_starla hello @Will_the_bloke--sorry i missed you in last wave of replies--didn't see you there! and hello to @bronco_bob and apologies for same reason. :)
onceacurmudgeon best song title of the day. by far. the banjo helps as well. a lot
serendipityjones i fascinate myself when i'm alone.

Andrew BirdLull

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leafhouse Voy a poner todas las canciones que en algún momento me han obsesionado. ¡Esta es una!


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ninaseele Great for an extra boost after a good run.
onceacurmudgeon a version i had never heard. fun fun fun. via @mammara (reblip)
bj5s @Elling_ ahha! Hey Missus;) Good te cya!!


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paulzy I totally forgot how to sleep last night.
Foxles If you really want to escape...
r0g1 2nd/1. @tubilino :: ☑..--. , 42th. @organicsue :: ☑..--. (reblip)
dj411 Sergio Mendes - Mas Que Nada.. Getting ready for the warmer weather!
onceacurmudgeon getting feverish for dinner. it seems my rice cooker might be on its last legs, as it is taking for bloody ever. but this is pretty damn fantastic.
cabrochette acho o passionoia o disco mais fraco deles, mas adoro esta aqui. ^^
petershin wife is killing me
cabrochette esta versão, em compensação, @gziller, quase dá vontade de rir. :)
LEM_40 @cayoyin You're welcome. I just gave you some more!

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

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by_starla @Starfighter1479--it is wonderful. how are you, btw? "I love this record" (reblip)
cabrochette de novo, salvadô. tira o pé do chão! jkdhkshdkshdkshdks.
celestial great one-- did not know this moon song- great tribute to a gorgeous moon tonight thx @Sassy_N_Classy (reblip)
Flower y este a Marquitos Di Palma jaa
Ctd3 Raina plays tonight here in "the other Portland" Maine @ the North Star
Flower hoy estoy con la cuestión climática
estrogen @wowi [..I know you like it ;o)] you mean the sand or the pearl? (reblip)
rkmonkey one of my fav covers and one of my first blips @cayoyin

SiaParanoid Android

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LEM_40 "You didn't forget least immediately."

Missy Higgins - Greed For Your Love

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Flower In-fal-ta-ble


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leafhouse Mi canción de la semana

Bat For LashesGlass

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Flower estos franchutes los debes conocer @cayoyin. Hola @anomiamusic


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pavolo i agree with you. @sudaca70 change is good, especially in the middle of your life. maybe i'll open one in ba :) there is enough italian culture there!

David BowieChanges

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leafhouse Esta canción me quitó el mal rollo
essodubble Best Bjork song ever - Joga


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No te vayas Bandoneon / Preludio para la cruz Del Sur

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essodubble I like the beat on this, lyrics are kinda whatever - Discovery – Carby (ft. Ezra Koenig) (reblip)
Flower para @dk5 por razones obvias :)


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cayoyin perfecta cancioncita para el que amaneció trasnochado, es un café! (reblip)
Flower para @cayoyin que me escucha desde su campanario

Tipitos "Campanas en la noche"

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stereophonics - i miss you now

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Flower otro #cover de un tema q me encanta en todas sus versiones, venite a Blip @flasheante!

Violent FemmesCrazy

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De bonnes raisons

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Tiken Jah Fakoly " Africain a Paris "

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onceacurmudgeon blip has been lacking in the amiee mann blips of late. thanks for helping to rectify this @estrogen (reblip)

Aimee MannFreeway

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briangreene me neither RB@Jalirex: "Jump - all the songs I've heard by Aztec Camera and never heard this cover until today :)" (reblip)
Flower para desestresar.....5 set just breathe ufffff
Flower Todos le cantan a la chica, Ella y yo le cantamos al boy the Ipanema
Flower fui a la muestra de World Press, quedé muda *x*


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Flower Spam al gtalk! azzzzucar
Flower vos no tenés memoria real y yo no tengo memoria virtual, que dupla carolaaaaaa


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cayoyin joooooo que buena, la encontré de casualidad! Yeah!
brendaland Una de mis favorita de Paris combo!
onceacurmudgeon wow @sudaca70 this is wonderful. never knew they did a version of this. (reblip)
tkhead a ver @cayoyin , si viene uno de tus videos con esta joya...
hieronymus first heard Persephone's Bees here on
Flower Hey @DJstromer19 Piano Magic is really beautiful! cheers!
Flower props por la creatividad @Diordan: " ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿̿'\̵͇̿̿\=(●̪•)=ε/̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿ ̿" (reblip)
Flower awe

Silent Sigh by Badly Drawn Boy

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by_starla [Modest Mouse - Autumn Beds] for @the_night_manager. and hello @Aluciel--how are you?
brendaland Otra que me gusta de este adorable loco@cayoyin gracias x prop
Flower ahora que ya lo sabés todo @cayoyin

Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon Eclipse

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Flower Yo entonces tenía treinta y siete años y me encontraba a bordo de un Boeing 747...

Tokyo by The Books

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cayoyin Amo es video, aun cuando en lo personal detesto los slideshows
essodubble @shwnt my bad homie I been feeling like this lately

Kid CudiCudi Zone

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essodubble @shwnt Have you heard this before? From one of my favorite movies, Pan's Labyrinth (reblip)
brendaland @patricia_coelho : Felicitaciones Rio ya es Ciudad Olimpica!
Stay19 thinking about you<><> nite my dear friends. all the love.
Stay19 Florence + The Machine – Cosmic Love<><>
onceacurmudgeon still waiting for the stars to show up

Logan Lynn: Feed Me to the Wolves (2007)

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onceacurmudgeon oh... just met Jules Feiffer. pics to come
onceacurmudgeon for my dear friend @nycjenny who longs to be in paris as much as i do.
iamfran ahora que ya reblipié dos de @Flower y @cayoyin empiezo yo.

The DearsMoney Babies

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Rope by Hey Negrita

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twosecondsaway best Copeland song ever? hard to say... but it is definitely awesome

Jay Farrar & Ben Gibbard "These Roads Don't Move" 10/23/09 @ El Rey Theatre

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by_starla [Camera Obscura - Come Back Margaret]
Flower Esta versión en francés @sr_bigotes es para Dj´s con boinas
Flower podrán hablar y murmurar


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Flower Rara como encendida

Tango Los Mareados por Adriana Varela

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cabrochette a música linda que o pulha do nando reis estragou pra sempre. :~
cayoyin a cor dessa cidades so eu, o canto dessa cidade é meu

Daniela Mercury O canto da cidade

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briangreene <again/> "Women Artists get a mention in this Alt version of 'A House' classic 'Endless Art'" @radiomustgo (reblip)
Flower tremenda! @flan4k: "Solo este paquete de ídolos puede mejorar a la versión de Nina Simone" (reblip)

David Gilmour-I Put A Spell On You

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Ces_E Creo que AMO esta canción! <3

Ke$haTake It Off

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Ces_E Esta también! =)


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ckafadar2 Have a good year:) rb@bthecat: "sinead 4 abba" (reblip)

Sinéad O'Connor : Chiquitita (ABBA) 1998

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luiz_com_z @cayoyin, felices años setenta, bá rá rá
TheOneAndOnly Great !!! Have a nice evening @careen: "Hello Blipsters! Between a blip and another, a bit of work! :) Greetings to all." (reblip)
creativeness lmao! you can do it man!@DirtyUrine: "My New Year's Resolution was to not drink any more or any less in 2010! ~ @creativeness: "like it"" (reblip)

Royal BlissWhiskey

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broken social scene-Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl

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by_starla [The Album Leaf - Falling From The Sun] @eliott_is_dead there is no way i can refuse your offer! staying for a while-i'm in good hands. :)
DareToEatAPeach rb@Versh: "Kind of a blend of Death Cab for Cutie, Phoenix, and Beach House" (reblip)
by_starla [Yo La Tengo - Green Arrow] @lilyetc-Sushi is absolutely gorgeous! what a great picture. how are he and Fleur getting along? // hello @Alturn8tive :)
by_starla [Rogue Wave - Sightlines]
Stay19 my latest obsession<><>.much needed.


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brendaland @cayoyin a ver si la conoces Lykke Li - Paris Blue

Lykke LiParis Blue

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brendaland Esta es como para tus momentos de morseo @cayoyin, anda que si!
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