cccdynapro This kinda sums it up for me. A man who knew singing about the only One who really does know. I miss him & know Him.
cccdynapro I like songs by down to earth people @ Jesus. This hits me where I am at. This is the version I listened to for years.

Doobie Brothers | Jesus Is Just Alright

| play
cccdynapro @hippiechick: "@LionaB: "Huey Lewis & The News – Heart And Soul"" This song moves & gives a mood all its own. Thanks. (reblip)
cccdynapro Man, these guys were good fxp123. I grew up with them.
cccdynapro Talk about a song that digs up some feeling and a strong resonant guitar. Thanks dkrmdude (reblip)
cccdynapro @Sly_dog .... prayers for you to experience God's comfort now. This music is soothing.
cccdynapro @VintageMamma Thanks for this funky up beat song that made me smile before I check out tonight!
cccdynapro @Maria_P: "paul <3" Paul McCartney took us all away with this 70's love song. Thanks Maria for the blip. (reblip)
cccdynapro Yes u guessed it. I only play what I want on my playlist. Some things, simpler is better. This nice clean acoustical guitar & pure vocal is example.

Josh Turner performs "Long Black Train" at the Grand Ole Opry

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cccdynapro @fxp123: "rb @LionaB: "Boston – Rock and Roll Band"" Classic Rock & Roll that is clean, high energy; with no hint of disco. Mega power up. (reblip)
fxp123 a fave @cccdynapro: Black Water – Doobie Brothers (with lyrics)"Need something a little more basic & earthy" (reblip)
cccdynapro Every song CCR did makes you feel like an earthen vessel crafted in the Louisiana swamps; surely this one.

(CCR)-Born On The Bayou

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cccdynapro @fxp123: "T Rex - Get It On [totp]" Wow. Forgot how much I liked this one.. Thanks. (reblip)
cccdynapro Like me some classic down home Christian classics too. These guys were as homespun as Apple Pie. If this doesn't help you rest; nothing will.
cccdynapro If I forget everything else; I can't forget where my power comes from. Let's get it on, with His help.

BostonHigher Power

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cccdynapro Dad was one of those hardy souls, wind in hair on a lonely pole somewhere keeping power on. Dedicate this to all those working men who do this for us.
fxp123 rb @cccdynapro: "Dad was one of those hardy souls, wind in hair on a lonely pole somewhere keeping power on. Dedicate this to all those working men (reblip)
fxp123 looks like you're having fun @cccdynapro: "For you out there who love some folk Jesus music. Lets relax & tune down with this light hearted angel (reblip)
cccdynapro One of my favorites. A real feel good song. It will never grow old. Need a song to lean on? Let it be there. This Song is a soothing friend.
cccdynapro @fxp123: "cool thanks @LOVE4ME: "U R MrCool~~>@fxcool some of my friends have met@woow:@cccdynapro&pass 2@ME. my quest always ---seek higher" (reblip)
wantaparty ♩♪♫♬~~> @woow: "RB@cccdynapro. oh, yes! this is a beautiful performance. i remember, well, when this was released. very stirring and moving song." (reblip)
cccdynapro Some songs I wore the vinyl out replaying them. This was one of them. "Wait a million years, walk a million miles" for music moods like this one.
cccdynapro @fxp123 Having fun with it so far. Watching you to learn. Guess you can tell I'm eclectic.This is of course the greatest version of this song. Bright!
cccdynapro @fxp123 Will do!! add this rawkin dj she rawks trust me @BattLady: "Madonna – Ray Of Light" Saying hello & goodbye is all of life!

The Beatles Hello Goodbye (Remastered)

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cccdynapro @BattLady @fxp123 says to follow. Thats good enough for me. Wishing you the best. & the best to all those near you.

Carpenters Close To You

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cccdynapro Young people always seem to be wilder. Maybe that is why I loved this rock classic. Man, it really did seem to capture the feeling.
cccdynapro I did more magic carpet riding as a crazy kid than I want to admit. Got to admit, I still love the song.
cccdynapro Gosh, I have been looking for this song for so long. It moves with passion, rhythym, a hint of mystery, a charismatic melody and upbeat bright jazz.
cccdynapro @Eclecticist: "rb @InnerRhythm: ":)@MySecondHead: "@neilvalla: "I love the colorful clothes she wears And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair""" (reblip)
cccdynapro @fxp123 The Drifters - This Magic Moment ♫ AF Sleep Good. I asked my wife to marry me to this song!! lol but true.
cccdynapro @InnerRhythm I do not know which is more beautiful; the song or the video. Thanks for sharing.

John Lennon "Love" (Music Video)

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cccdynapro @stille_willie Here's the Mancini version of that. The song moves my heart today and the movie choked me up, well you know.
cccdynapro @stille_willie - Yeah, I guess you're right; this one is hard to beat. Video brings the movie right back into mind and heart.
cccdynapro Some nice Jesus music for your Sunday evening. They say Phil Keaggy could match Clapton with his guitar.

Phil Keaggy- What A Day

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cccdynapro Keith Green made God come alive for me when I was a teen. Probably one of the few things that kept me together.
cccdynapro Speaking of Phil Keaggy. How about his friend, Randy Stonehill. Here in concert. Good music. Better meaning.

Randy Stonehill.....Keep me running

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cccdynapro Man, Keith Greene could pick you up and sit you right in the presence of The Lord. Hope this song does that for you too.

Lord you're beautiful by keith green.flv

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fxp123 FREE RIDE - Edgar Winter Group
cccdynapro This was the original of this song & it is a peaceful composition that reminds you of where all good stuff comes from.
cccdynapro This sound had a great beat and a great message. I kinda became what it talks about. Rough around the edges preacher, thats me.

Rock and Roll Preacher

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cccdynapro @JoanieBeachMusic: "@snaksac: "@mark_till My Sharona 'with lyrics)"" (reblip)

My Sharona (with lyrics)

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cccdynapro @Nicekitty @Gr8tune @zoja01 @die_Kalte: A trip to the woods; refreshing & invigorating. Thanks. Your selections are unique. :)
cccdynapro This guy touched my heart way back when. This song is simple and profound and makes plain the One that can help us all.
cccdynapro Gee Whiz, its really hard to find old original sound Three Dog Night songs. Lots of later years & lots of knock offs. I'd love to hear some more....
cccdynapro Old Johnny could sing some gospel. Now the Lord has called his name and He has "Peace in the valley."
cccdynapro Johnny was the only musician I ever heard who's songs were so real that its hard to find a bad version. You guessed it. Always been a Johnny Cash fan.

Johnny Cash-Walk The Line

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impossiblewmn I hold Linda Ronstadt in high respect. Not many artists can claim to have mastered as many genres as she.
cccdynapro @impossiblewmn This is one of the few peace folk songs that was so strong and pure that it has to move you, no matter your ideology. Never outdated.
cccdynapro @HowieWard @djwoow @cccdynapro You are talking my language brother. So was Andrae. Speaks to my soul deeply. Its all about Jesus for me.
cccdynapro @HowieWard: "Amen! me 2~@cccdynapro: Singing gospel helped Johnny's troubled soul Like for all who give it a chance. He rejoined his family circle. (reblip)
cccdynapro Just another band out of Boston.. Yeah, that sure changed. These guys had power infused music that didn't trouble my innards like metal rock.
cccdynapro I always loved BJ. Secular & Christian. This song makes leaving here sound warm and beautiful. Great song to share with someone in final stages!
cccdynapro Gosh, this one makes you feel like you want to be hooked. Feel the feeling of this romantic BJ Thomas love song. Enjoy the ride.
cccdynapro This song inspired a zillion knock offs. The most popular was by Blue Swede; "Ooga Chaka:" Gotta admit they turned this romance in to a fun party song
cccdynapro @sassikassi @Schoork Wow. This song made making the jukebox sound like a secret service mission. The famous rock-star rags to riches dream!
cccdynapro Oops..take #2 @GeorgeSand: "Hi Av! Happy weekend :)" @avard (reblip) Beautiful moon tonight. Great night for a moon shadow. Thanks for the idea.


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cccdynapro @HowieWard God bless u & ur son.. Don't suppose Kris was ever known as a gospel singer but this song has always moved me in Spirit.
HowieWard1 I know your family is so proud of you ~ :) @djwoow (reblip)
cccdynapro "Is this the real life. Is this just fantasy." Flash Gordon style vocal harmony so tight it sounds like an instrument. Queen rocks here opera style.
cccdynapro @djwoow Tk U "djwoow RB@cccdynapro. i just researched and she releasing music from website. " Love this one 2. Nite! :)
cccdynapro @fxp123: "ZZ Top - Legs (music video)" Thats fun. (reblip)
cccdynapro @fxp123: "Lynyrd Skynyrd - Gimme Three Steps" Man, I can almost see this situation. Great song. Glad I'm not in those shoes tonight. lol (reblip)
cccdynapro @HowieWard: "TY&RB! @impossiblewmn: "I hold Linda Ronstadt in high respect. Not many artists can claim to have mastered as many genres as she."" (reblip)
cccdynapro This is a great song. Seemed like it was every where when it came out. One of those that carries me back to the time it was first played. How @ you?
cccdynapro @Dancer12: "Ty♥Rb@tscottie@Cityboy_floyd "Bob Marley – One Love ~ for my sista@Dan12 - "...give thanks&praise 2the Lord & i will be alrite!" Amen! (reblip)

Bob MarleyOne Love

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cccdynapro @fxp123: "cool you've met buddy @Dancer12: "Ty♥Rb@cccdynapro This is a gr8 song.Seemed like it was every where when it came out. It is cool @fxp123"" (reblip)
cccdynapro @fxp123: "Gary Wright - Dream Weaver sleep well and dream sweetly tkx" Gosh, I love this one AF! (reblip)
cccdynapro @avard: "(Anne Murray - You Needed Me" This song brings back memories of someone special. My wife of 20 years that I lost to a catastrophic accident. (reblip)
cccdynapro Boy Kenny had an incredible ability to write an acoustical guitar ballad that was neither blues nor blue, and yet deal with heart rending stuff.
cccdynapro Here's another.. Jerks your heart with the meaning but the melody is so warm that its hard to get blue with it. Makes u want 2 sing it over & over.
cccdynapro @HowieWard: "Baby I Need Your Lovin' – The Four Tops - HQ #motown #bwi" Really enjoy some motown. Ask @fxp123. God bless Howie. (reblip)
cccdynapro @fxp123: "thanks so much @cccdynapro Free - All Right Now" Yeah, I like it. Didn't know I had a little rock left in me tonight @fxp123. :) (reblip)
cccdynapro Man, I needed a wind in my hair soothe out, feel good song tonight. Thanks @BenjaminSalem (reblip)
cccdynapro @cccdynapro: "Maybe u have been looking for this song. It moves with passion, rhythym, a hint of mystery, charismatic melody and upbeat bright jazz." (reblip)
cccdynapro @cccdynapro: "And talk about 2 performers who clicked when they sang together; how about Kenny & Dolly. Another feel it after song is through tune." (reblip)
cccdynapro They wrote so many that it would be a good day to play them all. This is one that creates the feeling it advertises in you, to listen to it.
cccdynapro I know lots of people did this song. But this version by the Eagles ranks at the top (Kenny Rogers excluded :) )


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cccdynapro @DJRosaNava: "Hi... Never really thought of Clapton as a classical guitarist. Didn't realize this song was his. Wow, he is an incredibly varied artist (reblip)
cccdynapro @avard: "GoodNight Whitney@StreamingMimi: "Song speaks for itself...@fxp123: "no explanation needed @StreamingMimi: "Last one before...""" (reblip)
cccdynapro Since almost every song they did was classic, it goes without saying this Beatles song was. Funny, critics in the day said they wouldn't last. lol

The Beatles- Here Comes The Sun

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cccdynapro @Cityboy_floyd ; Enjoyed O Redding. Hadn't heard in a while. Here's somebody else you don't hear anymore, but music moves & will never grow old to me.
cccdynapro Ray had something almost spiritual. It wasn't like he had the music. It was like the music had him. No more like the music had you, when he sang! (reblip)
cccdynapro Man oh man, I feel like I am right in the middle of a high intensity James Bond drama listening to this. Did he capture the feeling or what? (reblip)
cccdynapro I remember when this song came out when I was a kid. The reverb was the coolest sound ever. It was so mod. At least I thought so then. lol
cccdynapro @HowieWard: "Tnx Flo~great song!@Dancer12: "Thanks for props,BB♥ @DJBadBilly &4 Howie cause you love my Singing Trucks!! Hava Great Weekend..♥" (reblip)
cccdynapro @HowieWard: "Tks. I needed that Howie. ~ @djwoow @cccdynapro @WithOutMakeUp Just A Closer Walk With Thee By Ella Fitzgerald" (reblip)

Just A Closer Walk With Thee By Ella Fitzgerald

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cccdynapro You R not by urself. Can't go back though. So we might as well accept the past. Some songs I play over & over cause I need them. You r in good company
cccdynapro @Dancer12 @HowieWard .. This is one of those songs I want to hear over and over again. Cause some things I can only have in my mind as memories now.

"Danny's Song" Loggins and Messina

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cccdynapro @Dancer12 @HowieWard This is one of those songs I want to hear again. Cause some things I can only have N my mind as memories now." Pullin a Howie :) (reblip)

"Danny's Song" Loggins and Messina

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cccdynapro @NewOrleansKat: "Hootie & The Blowfish ; I love Darius Rucker now as a soloist but he first captivated the world as a Blowfish. Wonder @ that name :) (reblip)

Hootie and The Blowfish -Only wanna be with you

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cccdynapro I have always loved this song. Didn't know The Eagles did it. Whew. It hits close to the heart with real feelings about normal relationship problems.
cccdynapro @cccdynapro: "@Dancer12 @HowieWard This is one of those songs I want again. Cause some things I can only have N my mind as memories." Tks @fxp123 :)" (reblip)

"Danny's Song" Loggins and Messina

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cccdynapro @ncvibes: This song makes you feel good inside & out, through and through, heart & soul. Had not heard in quite some time. (reblip)
cccdynapro @fxp123: "rb @busylizzy: "Journey – Don't Stop Believin'"" Awesome song and good advice AF. Tks. Tim (reblip)
cccdynapro @ForeverInYourSmile This song is so sultry in mood; it steams up the room. Great blip. Tks.
cccdynapro @ForeverInYourSmile Wow. Another one that is smokin hot with passion. Subtle beat adds to the attraction.
cccdynapro @4everInUrSmile Love ur music & I love that u encourage people fighting cancer. Lost my sister to it. Tribute to her: (reblip)
cccdynapro Great song but glad I don't live any more in the condition it describes. Focus, not frenzy defines me these days. Thank God.
cccdynapro @Dancer12: "♥ for you, @GypsyFM , Enjoy! Hava Great Day/Night♥" Good clean fun. Tks. (reblip)
cccdynapro The most powerful possibility of Christianity is not church/not message/not ministry but the awesome possibility of personal relationship with Jesus.
cccdynapro It is easy to lose your way in life. What a comfort that God is so merciful and clear to make His way plain, when my way is uncertain.
cccdynapro This song is a "put you in the mood song." No time. I have to get with it; its Monday but it makes me want to drift off in la la land of nirvana. lol
cccdynapro Doobie Brothers Mood & Background Energy Song.

The Doobie Brothers What A Fool Believes

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cccdynapro I just wanted to hear this one. Didn't have any thing to do with Hween but timing doesn't hurt. Great song dedicated to greatest DJ; Wolfman Jack.
cccdynapro TY. didn't even know I had :) 1 @fxp123: "congrats on ur nu badge good buddy @cccdynapro: "@JLHensley: "@GlobalJammerzFM: "via tokool4u ..Money..."""" (reblip)

Pink Floyd- Money Video

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cccdynapro @fxp123: Man, if you are asleep; this song will wake you straight up. No words used or needed. Watch out here comes Frankenstein!!!! (reblip)
cccdynapro U2 AF @fxp123: "good to cya hope all is well @cccdynapro: "Tks AF & Howie. Need to b reminded of sunshine in this ducksoup. :)@fx "rb @HowieWard:" (reblip)
Dancer12 ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > In God We Still Trust < ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥ (reblip)
cccdynapro @cccdynapro: "@DJRosaNava: Didn't know The Hollies did this one. Brings back intense memories. In fact, is an intense song. Beautiful pure feeling. (reblip)
cccdynapro Blue if its happened 2 U.. @DJRosaNava: "Hi…♥ TY for Listening! #ListenMyFavorites: @Dawnrazor & @scotlandlover & rb@dianeg" (reblip)
cccdynapro @Dancer12: "♥ 110% Certifiable, And That's One of My Best Attributes!! Ty♥Rb@avard" (reblip)

Patsy ClineCrazy

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cccdynapro Some of those teachers I made myself forget. lol @fxp123: "@cccdynapro: "Pretty hard to forget that one @fx just can't remember who made me read it" (reblip)
cccdynapro Good night everyone. This song is my wish for what kind of day I hope you have tomorrow.
cccdynapro Elton John & ____. Whoever he teamed up with, he made the song great. This is no exception. rb @zeedeezee: "@kirha_radio: (reblip)
cccdynapro @BlackpuddleRock This is one of those that resonates in my mind from youth. Could not remember who did it. Awesome soothing and warm. Thanks.
cccdynapro My stepson Matt came home with a new job buying him a Porsche to drive. It would only be fair for him to buy me a Benz; right? ;-) lol
cccdynapro Makes my teen memories flow like a stream. Yahoo. ;-) @GGDANCE: "@TheTAZZone: "TAZ's Number One Hits in the UK: 1970s""" (reblip)
cccdynapro @TheTAZZone: 2.1 Likely to see em all tonight; Gomez Morticia, Pugsley and Wednesday, Pubert, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, The Thing, Lurch, Cousin Itt :) (reblip)

The Addams Family Theme Song

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cccdynapro Chicago's blend of brass band & contemporary rock was a blend that has never been achieved again. Perfect example. Rhythym moves & lifts@backtoback: (reblip)

JUST YOU 'N ME [chicago] lyrics

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cccdynapro My daughter pumped me up to the pumped up kicks@HappyCamper: "RB tY!!@Dilberre: "ty RB!!@Trackz "@HawkNoize ...foster the people – pumped up kicks""" (reblip)
cccdynapro Want some good stuff? Catch this wave and ride it!
cccdynapro @fxp123: "I love this one @Cheri_S: "Robbie Dupree - Steal Away"" (reblip)
cccdynapro Glad I'm not fighting so much these days on Saturday nights as I used to. But I love the song. (reblip)
cccdynapro @hippiechick: "@clasblues: "Simon & Garfunkel — El Condor Pasa"" (reblip)

Simon & Garfunkel : El Condor Pasa (1970)

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cccdynapro And Bob Seger made the nights of the 70's kinda mysterious and sultry. He added a special mood that powerful decade.

Night Moves

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cccdynapro That was a blast. Thanks. Don't know which was more fun; her walk or the lookers expressions ;)@MusikMom: "Ty for the follow! Back atcha!@cccdynapro" (reblip)

Dr. Hook-Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

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cccdynapro AF @fxp123 got me thinking @ this song & I wanted to hear the classic original. This is it!
cccdynapro Some's good; More is better :) @fxp123: "sounds like a plan @cccdynapro: "AF @fx got me thinking & I wanted 2 hear the classic original. This is it!"" (reblip)
cccdynapro @cccdynapro: "That was a blast. Don't know which was more fun; her walk or the lookers expressions ;)@MusikMom: "Ty for the follow! Back atcha!"" (reblip)

Dr. Hook-Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

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cccdynapro @HowieWard: "@HowieWard: "Good night everyone..enjoy a peaceful one! @djwoow @cccdynapro @WithOutMakeUp @fayezeewayzee"" (reblip)

Elvis Presley Peace in the Valley

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cccdynapro Summer will come again.Tks@DJetLag: "nice to see more.. :) @fxp123: "nice good to cya @DJetLag: "out of the sun...."the drifters under the boardwalk"" (reblip)

the drifters under the boardwalk

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cccdynapro U2@fxp123: "good to cya my friend and yes @cccdynapro: "God does this for us, AF! Tks. @fx: "@DJetLag: "#wondering"The Calling - Wherever You Will Go" (reblip)
cccdynapro Wow,that was fun & a long time since I heard AF@fxp123: "@Dancer12: "♥ Well,♥lol, Call me 'Dummy' and tell me What is ~~ > 'L4m' ? ?Ty♥Rb@fx Love4me" (reblip)
cccdynapro Thumping with emotion. An unforgettable song.@LisaWorld: "@katscan: ":) @DJBadBilly ~ Fleetwood Mac ~ The Chain"" (reblip)
cccdynapro Hate to admit it but this was my music 38 years ago in REFORM SCHOOL. Sorry, I grew up rough. @mark_till: "Deep Purple - Woman From Tokyo" (reblip)
cccdynapro @cccdynapro: "Hate to admit but this was my music 38 years ago in REFORM SCHOOL. Sorry, I grew up rough. @mark_till: "Deep Purple - Woman From Tokyo"" (reblip)
cccdynapro Another 1 of those, I could'nt remember who did. I like it a lot. Congrats on GA win @fxp123: "any time morning @katscan: "Joni Mitchell ~ Help Me ~"" (reblip)
cccdynapro It is certainly my pleasure!!! @robmccarthyjr: "Thanks for listening Tim @cccdynapro" (reblip)
cccdynapro @katscan: "morning fxp! :) @fxp123: "any time morning @katscan: "Joni Mitchell ~ Help Me ~""" (reblip)
cccdynapro last spin of the night for me. Beautiful melody to weave sweet dreams for the night. Relax & get in the mood. A rb from @rosecryst: (reblip)
cccdynapro @Shiner: "sorry i didn't see it yesterday thnx tho 4 rb's always and props too rB@verbena: "RB@fxp123: "rb @LionaB: "tyrb@Chieki: "✰♫✰✰♫✰ #Pop #Rock" (reblip)
cccdynapro Rob, TY for being what makes America great & serving! @cccdynapro: " certainly my pleasure!!! @robmccarthyjr: "Thanks for listening Tim @cccdynapro"" (reblip)
cccdynapro Some songs just seemed to characteraize the mood of a season of your life. This was one.@DJBadBilly: "Welcome, THXS 4 listening @xeyed" (reblip)
cccdynapro The flute makes this one sail high & Marshall Tucker's unique southern rock sound make this good 2 listen 100x. @DJBadBilly: "@chow322" (reblip)
cccdynapro I remember working out in the gym to this song. Was a long time ago but seems like yesterday & song still sounds new. @DJBadBilly: "@dj_lmb" (reblip)
cccdynapro @Towanga: "One of my favored songs tnx @chow322: "@flipchickmom: "BRB Stay Logical & Enjoy my Supertramp fix! :D""" (reblip)
cccdynapro @verbena: "RB@pacoblue: "" me get her out of my heart..." 'Help Me Rhonda' ~ Beach Boys"" (reblip)
cccdynapro @cccdynapro: "And Bob Seger made the nights of the 70's kinda mysterious and sultry. He added a special mood that powerful decade." (reblip)

Night Moves

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cccdynapro Johnny did not write this song but it was really real 2 him and he made it so real, that it becomes real 2 U, when U listen to his aching soul sing it
cccdynapro AF @ fxp123 got me started tonight on George Winston. Any night you need a little help getting ready for beddie bye. This will help. Beautiful Carol.

The Carol Of The Bells -George Winston

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cccdynapro And when the snow starts falling, wrap tight in your blanket and feel the wispy lightness of this relaxing wintery tune.

SnowGeorge Winston

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cccdynapro Powerful song & message & unforgettable ballad. Tks. @Rocketron: "@positivityman: "Wise words! @BobOstwald:Counting on you@Zorg:" (reblip)
cccdynapro Think I could listen to this 50x in a row. Beautiful, uplifting, serene yet moving.... Makes the world feel better. "Beautiful song .. Piano ."" (reblip)
cccdynapro Happy Saturday to U! I didn't know Swayze did this... @WithOutMakeUp: "Patrick Swayze – She's like the wind" (reblip)
cccdynapro Only guy who ever thundered into the rock scene with a FLUTE! @mark_till: "Jethro Tull – Bouree rb @Mr_Oneliner" (reblip)
cccdynapro Sorry 2 be slow... :) @WithOutMakeUp: "ok, The band & the song title go together well.. :)) didn't mean a harm..@cccdynapro: "????@WithOutMakeUp: (reblip)


| play
cccdynapro I'll try 2 do better. ;) @WithOutMakeUp: "you just didn't expect it!~ :) @WithOutMakeUp: "ok, The band & the song title go together well.. :))" (reblip)


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Rocketron @cccdynapro: "Only guy who ever thundered into the rock scene with a FLUTE! @mark_till: "Jethro Tull – Bouree rb @Mr_Oneliner"" (reblip)
ellendiane Foster the People-Pumped up Kicks- my kix will need to be pumped up this morn-sure you don't want to come to CT and teach for me:)@Flying_Roundhouse

Foster The People / Pumped Up Kicks

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cccdynapro If I'm not careful, I'll be humming this in my sleep. One of the catchiest melodies ever! @ellendiane: "(~*~)@Mr_Oneliner: Amie - Pure Prairie League" (reblip)

Pure Prairie League -Amie (High Quality)

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cccdynapro My daughter has this awesome ability to fall in love with hits BEFORE any one else discovers. This was one of them. @ellendiane: @Flying_Roundhouse" (reblip)

Foster The People / Pumped Up Kicks

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cccdynapro I wore this song out playing it when it came out, AF. @fxp123: "Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good" (reblip)
cccdynapro @scotlandlover: "ok gotta grab my dinner @sir_edward_ross: "I'm workin on it @SL"tis tragic~Sigh DanO @s e r " (reblip)
cccdynapro @cccdynapro: "If I'm not careful, I'll be humming this in my sleep. One of the catchiest melodies ever! @ellendiane: ": Amie - Pure Prairie League"" (reblip)

Pure Prairie League -Amie (High Quality)

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cccdynapro This song makes me want to get in the dojo & train. Good stuff. Great blip.@Altered_View: "Collective Soul – Shine" (reblip)
cccdynapro Maybe the prettiest song Dolly ever did......... @verbena: "beautiful song! RB@BenjaminSalem: "rb@DJBadBilly" (reblip)
cccdynapro Hello. Have a grat Sat. with this long song that stayed at the top of the charts for the longest of any song. Great ballad. @JessieDows

Don McLean- American Pie (with Lyrics)

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cccdynapro @cccdynapro: "@avard: """We are just dust in the wind,but our memories will sustain us,but jesus will find us on Gods time table@avard"""" (reblip)
cccdynapro Didn't even know who did this song. Ole boy has got vocals as good as Glen Campbell. Strong song.


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cccdynapro @Awannabeangel: "welcome aboard to Blip ! @medusarantz: "Just playing around with Blip for the first time!"" (reblip)
cccdynapro Awesome song. Amazing how a purely instrumental can talk so clearly.. @GeorgeSand: "rb@DJDustmon" (reblip)
cccdynapro Dig this song.. @GroovinAndJammin: "♫♪♪♫@GreggiePoo >> George Harrison" (reblip)

I've Got My Mind set on You

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cccdynapro Never get tired of Boston.@GroovinAndJammin: "hi Sherry♥@djSherryLove: "Rb love it :) @GroovinAndJammin: "♫♪♪♫@80smax: "@GroovinAndJammin"""" (reblip)

Boston-More Than A Feeling

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cccdynapro Nite all & AF. @fxp123: "Lou Rawls - Good Night My Love (Pleasant Dreams) thanks everyone have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend" (reblip)
cccdynapro @fxp123: "Credence Clearwater Revival - Cottonfields" (reblip)
cccdynapro @jenny_lynn: "powerlifter...shirtless...hmmm...curiosity piqued over here...just sayin'... ;p @cityboyFloyd" (reblip)
cccdynapro Song makes u feel like rain, even when its not; mellow mood maker.. @Ithaca_Girl: @Oculuris: "wonderful song .@sir_edward_ross: "rb @Stregaserena: (reblip)
cccdynapro Sometimes a song gets attached 2 a place you have been N your mind. This song & Vegas got hooked together like that for me... Hear one, see the other. (reblip)
cccdynapro Keep saying 2 self. Hang on. Summer will come again. :) @sir_edward_ross: "rb @DeckHead: "Beach Boys – Good Vibrations" (reblip)
cccdynapro @jenny_lynn: "aye... @favre: "@MaxKeller: "Linda Ronstadt – When Will I Be Loved""" (reblip)
cccdynapro @MaxKeller: "Vroom! I just need a Ferrari btw. @80smax: "@DJRC21: "Just What I Needed ... Cars"TY- :)"" (reblip)


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cccdynapro Leave it to @sir_edward_ross: to pull songs out of mothballs I have not heard since a kid, like this one! :) "RB @midnightbeadery: Baby Elephant Walk" (reblip)
cccdynapro I love to play all kinds of songs but gospel is important to me cause Christ is important to me. Good song to encourage some of you!

Perfect Peace, by Andrae Crouch and The Desciples.wmv

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cccdynapro "But in every situation, God gave me blessed consolation. My trials only come to make me strong."
cccdynapro Everybody talks @ his guitar but Clapton also had some of the most soulful vocal ballads ever.. @sir_edward_ross: "rb @fishman08: "– Tears In Heaven" (reblip)
cccdynapro These guys create a mood all their own.. Know its their song fast... @sir_edward_ross: "And Harry doesn't mind if he doesn't make scene @hippiechick: (reblip)
cccdynapro A teen in reform school when this song was hot.. Bad but true @sir_edward_ross: "So long haul trucking as provided by .. Deep Purple – Space Truckin'" (reblip)
cccdynapro Think I've got a new fav song :) @cccdynapro: "@Awannabeangel: "rb ty @cccdynapro: "lmao @fxp123: she wore pretty skirt not MY fault @cccdynapro: Yep. (reblip)

Outlaws- (Ghost) Riders in the Sky

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cccdynapro Enjoyed this! @Awannabeangel: "rb ty @GaiaMix: "✦^-^)/ Nice Weekend! Morning Dance - Spyro Gyra"" (reblip)

Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance

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cccdynapro lol @sir_edward_ross: "re-logical @cccdynapro: "Supertramp – The Logical Song" (reblip)
cccdynapro For a song with such a blues message, it sure is sweet to listen to, anyway.. @sir_edward_ross: "rb @Christie_s_Music: Papa Was A Rollin' Stone" (reblip)
cccdynapro @cccdynapro: "Didn't even know who did this song. Ole boy has got vocals as good as Glen Campbell. Strong song." (reblip)


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cccdynapro "Don't know if I love this song more cause of the way it sounds or makes me feel. Either way, awesome song for those with Ramblin in their blood." (reblip)
cccdynapro Love this song, even though I don't have an Aimee :) @jimmytheP: "welcome new listener , thank you , I added you too @cccdynapro" (reblip)

Pure Prairie League -Amie (High Quality)

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George Harrison Got My Mind Set On You (2009 Stereo Remaster)

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cccdynapro A fun song from my young whipper snapper days. :)

Loggins and Messina: Your Mama don't dance.

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cccdynapro Good stuff! @fxp123: "ty @JoeJoe420: "rb!!@fx: "Tom Petty - You Don't Know How It Feels (Album Version)""" (reblip)
cccdynapro @Jaxtraw12: "~ Climax Blues Band – Couldn't Get It Right ~ (reblip)
cccdynapro @Jaxtraw12: "~ 4/18/1775 ~ The British advancement by sea begins. Paul Revere and other riders warn the countryside. Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms " (reblip)
cccdynapro @Jaxtraw12: "~ Already Gone -The Eagles" (reblip)

Already Gone-The Eagles

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cccdynapro This one makes me feel good! :) @GGDANCE: "@JessieDows:@dankitti: "A classic from the 70s! Here's The Doobie Brothers with Listen to the Music" (reblip)

The Doobie Brothers Listen to the Music ~With Lyrics~

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cccdynapro RB great sound @fxp123: "ty x 3 @Terrebelius: "@BlipStarr: "rb @shibari: Thanks for spinning "Dr. Hook – You're In Love with a Beautiful Woman" :-)""" (reblip)
cccdynapro Another great one.. @fxp123: "ty @lifelonglearner20: "rb@fx: "ty @LionaB: "rb@fx: "typo rb @StreamingMimi: "Simon & Garfunkel – Cecilia"""""" (reblip)
cccdynapro RB @mark_till: "Star Wars- The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)" (reblip)

Star Wars- The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)

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cccdynapro Man, I love this one. Never knew what or where 2 find it... Tks.. @midnightbeadery: "*" (reblip)

Vince Guaraldi Trio-Cast your fate to the wind

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cccdynapro Tks AF @fxp123: "very good one @cccdynapro: Just felt like hearing this & adding to my play list. Great classic. Sophisticated, entertaining & upbeat" (reblip)

QueenKiller Queen

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cccdynapro Love this. Talk about a timeless classic. Just as fresh as it was then! Wow! Rb @BlipOff: "Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walkin" (reblip)
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