DJPatruska Where did these hairy palms come from?
ZOEBOE My favorite Joan Jett song. Thanks :)rb@Flow (reblip)
DJPatruska Fire in the disco! Fire in the Taco I mean Bell!

01-The Plasmatics-Butcher Baby

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Hexes & Ohs "H-H-Highschool" (Official Video)

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Flying Lizards Dizzy Miss Lizzie

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Wendy O. Williams- It's My Life

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DJPatruska Keep the car running so I can jump in & you can just take me away!
DJPatruska Girls like bad boys....history will always repeat its self.
DJPatruska This is by no means a reflextion of the day.


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sweetsweetjane [ up yr... brilliance AnCo, sheer brilliance]
oboreruhito oh, no, blip. video crashes my rickety old laptop. That means no more blipping on it, can't skip people's video blips before it locks me up. >_<
Rolandface in some velvet morning with Kate Moss

Karen Finley-Lick It!

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Acidoriccio "... Che sudati è meglio/e il morso è più maturo/e la fame è più fame/e la morte è più morte/sale e perle sulla fronte/languida sete avara..."

Vinicio Capossela in CAMERA A SUD

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noirdeuil Catchy new single from Brooklyn's Crystal Stilts, Love is a wave!

A Walk On The Wild Side

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EPICENTRE FRONT 242 - Quite unusual
tikkamadsen The more I listen to this song, the more I appreciate it:)
galaxy5111 work all day - no prophet

South Park: Underpant Gnomes Song

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Maryon Désolé pour hier soir d'avoir fini à l'envers...
T_Ball Classic Bubblegum innuendo!

Jingle Jangle - Archies

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ccthefox bwa ha ha ha ha

Dr. Hook-Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

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eugeniorise @twanvanelk: ""I sit here alone and I wonder why..."" (reblip)


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muzicmuze Makes you want to dance like Shakira, great song!

Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty - Stop Dragging My Heart Around

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Donovan "Sunshine Superman"

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Headless Heroes 'The North Wind Blew South'

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celestial listen to these guys- weeding through all the songs- all good
gigia @mmemaledicta: "I am off to cook dinner, away as soon as I came :(" hummmmmm... yummy!! (reblip)

Siouxsie and the Banshees The Killing Jar

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cavalodetroia Johnny Cash tocando "Cocaine Blues" na Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash-Cocaine Blues

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gigia =)  gostava muito disso... gostava nao, achoq eu ainda gosto. nao morril. eu acho.. vai saber

B-52's Private Idaho

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tikkamadsen The piano has a voice in this song. I love how it chimes in:)


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tikkamadsen I'm so glad I foooound this


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radioMILANO Caught Chef singing along the other night; full falsetto... but you didn't hear anything from me.
DJshasse This song still makes me cry.

The Postal Service "Nothing Better"

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"68 Guns" by The Alarm

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crazycloud Is it me or does Win Butler (Arcade Fire) sound a lot like Ian McCulloch? (reblip)
gogogoma Don't be afraid of these snakes.
abarbero Everyone had a good weekend? :-)
nextstage Harry Belafonte – Jump in The Line
nextstage reblip vi@AnaLutetia She Wants Revenge – I Dont Wanna Fall In Love (reblip)
tubilino robado con alevosía de la lista de @wilsoke :) (reblip)
DanceDog Zounds! Is that what the Z stands for in zomg?

Goldfrapp "Ride a White Horse"

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jrvenuti Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower - best Dylan cover ever

Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

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gogogoma Would you always. Maybe sometimes. Make it easy. Take your time
msalien "The Zombies – She's Not There".... Hello From Roswell, NM (reblip)
gogogoma Ask myself this question often too:) another fav of mine @tikkamadsen: "That is my fave pixies song of all times! vi@Gen2" (reblip)
PAgent The Earth says "hello".

Good Morning Starshine by Oliver

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Digimuse Royksopp - Poor Leno ♫MP3 (Must read tips for Blip users -> (reblip)
DuncanDogg Great cover version of a Decemberists song. Off her new album.
jonaofthedead love this song!! i want to share it will everyone!
scottlackey Grizzly Bear -"Southern Point". Hello from NYC at 9:45 PM. Tonight all Grizzly Bear from "Veckatimist."

Led Zepplin - Black Dog

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ivanneto Animal Collective = coletânea suprema de barulhinhos agradáveis >
RamblinTunes Batman !@UmpNews: "The Ventures – Batman Theme" (reblip)
realandrews @weething: "ARGH! I've been searching 4 something 2 blip for like an hour & 45 min. or something ridiculous. There is n end to how long I will search" (reblip)
77ozzie rock - tralalalal lal la I wanna get...gimme gimme what ya got..." (reblip)
ccthefox damn i luv her


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DuncanDogg I Can't Believe This Is The Same Song 40 (one of the best covers...ever.)

The Polecats-Make a circuit with me

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Toto Coelo_I Eat Cannibals

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Boney M, Heart Of Gold

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tikkamadsen @doubledrat & @katost Nice blip and reblip;) Happy Tuesday you two! (reblip)
tikkamadsen Minus the tacky headband...not a bad remake LOL
ccthefox cheers Tikka! @tikkamadsen: "Minus the tacky headband...not a bad remake LOL" (reblip)
tikkamadsen I was gonna burst out laughing if this song was unavailable.
ccthefox kinda creepy father/daughter duet, but hey.....

Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang

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AC DC - Back In Black

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