DJPatruska Where did these hairy palms come from?
ZOEBOE My favorite Joan Jett song. Thanks :)rb@Flow (reblip)
DJPatruska Fire in the disco! Fire in the Taco I mean Bell!

01-The Plasmatics-Butcher Baby

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Hexes & Ohs "H-H-Highschool" (Official Video)

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Flying Lizards Dizzy Miss Lizzie

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Wendy O. Williams- It's My Life

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DJPatruska Keep the car running so I can jump in & you can just take me away!
DJPatruska Girls like bad boys....history will always repeat its self.
DJPatruska This is by no means a reflextion of the day.


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JaneB This is my ring tone.

MPop Muzik

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sweetsweetjane [ up yr... brilliance AnCo, sheer brilliance]
oboreruhito oh, no, blip. video crashes my rickety old laptop. That means no more blipping on it, can't skip people's video blips before it locks me up. >_<
Rolandface in some velvet morning with Kate Moss

Karen Finley-Lick It!

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Acidoriccio "... Che sudati è meglio/e il morso è più maturo/e la fame è più fame/e la morte è più morte/sale e perle sulla fronte/languida sete avara..."

Vinicio Capossela in CAMERA A SUD

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noirdeuil Catchy new single from Brooklyn's Crystal Stilts, Love is a wave!

A Walk On The Wild Side

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EPICENTRE FRONT 242 - Quite unusual
tikkamadsen The more I listen to this song, the more I appreciate it:)
galaxy5111 work all day - no prophet

South Park: Underpant Gnomes Song

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Maryon Désolé pour hier soir d'avoir fini à l'envers...
T_Ball Classic Bubblegum innuendo!

Jingle Jangle - Archies

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ccthefox bwa ha ha ha ha

Dr. Hook-Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk

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eugeniorise @twanvanelk: ""I sit here alone and I wonder why..."" (reblip)


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muzicmuze Makes you want to dance like Shakira, great song!

Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty - Stop Dragging My Heart Around

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Donovan "Sunshine Superman"

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Headless Heroes 'The North Wind Blew South'

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celestial listen to these guys- weeding through all the songs- all good
gigia @mmemaledicta: "I am off to cook dinner, away as soon as I came :(" hummmmmm... yummy!! (reblip)

Siouxsie and the Banshees The Killing Jar

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cavalodetroia Johnny Cash tocando "Cocaine Blues" na Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash-Cocaine Blues

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gigia =)  gostava muito disso... gostava nao, achoq eu ainda gosto. nao morril. eu acho.. vai saber

B-52's Private Idaho

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tikkamadsen The piano has a voice in this song. I love how it chimes in:)


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tikkamadsen I'm so glad I foooound this


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radioMILANO Caught Chef singing along the other night; full falsetto... but you didn't hear anything from me.
DJshasse This song still makes me cry.

The Postal Service "Nothing Better"

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"68 Guns" by The Alarm

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crazycloud Is it me or does Win Butler (Arcade Fire) sound a lot like Ian McCulloch? (reblip)
gogogoma Don't be afraid of these snakes.
abarbero Everyone had a good weekend? :-)
nextstage Harry Belafonte – Jump in The Line
nextstage reblip vi@AnaLutetia She Wants Revenge – I Dont Wanna Fall In Love (reblip)
tubilino robado con alevosía de la lista de @wilsoke :) (reblip)
DanceDog Zounds! Is that what the Z stands for in zomg?

Goldfrapp "Ride a White Horse"

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jrvenuti Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower - best Dylan cover ever

Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

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gogogoma Would you always. Maybe sometimes. Make it easy. Take your time
msalien "The Zombies – She's Not There".... Hello From Roswell, NM (reblip)
gogogoma Ask myself this question often too:) another fav of mine @tikkamadsen: "That is my fave pixies song of all times! vi@Gen2" (reblip)
PAgent The Earth says "hello".

Good Morning Starshine by Oliver

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Digimuse Royksopp - Poor Leno ♫MP3 (Must read tips for Blip users -> (reblip)
DuncanDogg Great cover version of a Decemberists song. Off her new album.
jonaofthedead love this song!! i want to share it will everyone!
scottlackey Grizzly Bear -"Southern Point". Hello from NYC at 9:45 PM. Tonight all Grizzly Bear from "Veckatimist."

Led Zepplin - Black Dog

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ivanneto Animal Collective = coletânea suprema de barulhinhos agradáveis >
RamblinTunes Batman !@UmpNews: "The Ventures – Batman Theme" (reblip)
realandrews @weething: "ARGH! I've been searching 4 something 2 blip for like an hour & 45 min. or something ridiculous. There is n end to how long I will search" (reblip)
77ozzie rock - tralalalal lal la I wanna get...gimme gimme what ya got..." (reblip)
ccthefox damn i luv her


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DuncanDogg I Can't Believe This Is The Same Song 40 (one of the best covers...ever.)

The Polecats-Make a circuit with me

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Toto Coelo_I Eat Cannibals

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Boney M, Heart Of Gold

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tikkamadsen @doubledrat & @katost Nice blip and reblip;) Happy Tuesday you two! (reblip)
tikkamadsen Minus the tacky headband...not a bad remake LOL
ccthefox cheers Tikka! @tikkamadsen: "Minus the tacky headband...not a bad remake LOL" (reblip)
tikkamadsen I was gonna burst out laughing if this song was unavailable.
gegendentunnel The Baseballs – Umbrella
ccthefox kinda creepy father/daughter duet, but hey.....

Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang

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AC DC - Back In Black

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b_eazy @Echoflow: These guys are really good. Thanks for putting me onto them. Hopefully they will make it down here for one of the blues fests. (reblip)
ccthefox haha. happened to me many times!
ccthefox and we'll have another drink!
kylecameron @daretoeatapeach: "If you haven't seen the Blip blog yet, you can now search -video if you want your search results to exclude all video." (reblip)
notsooglam Feeling down n dirty, feeling kinda mean. I've been from one to another extreme.
tbtoast87 swing time baby!

Squirrel Nut Zippers "Put A Lid On It"

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faceyman From Newfoundland...Great Big Sea – The Old Black Rum

54-40 Ocean Pearl

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ZachsMind If you ever wondered why Curt Smith called his band Tears For Fears, check out @KevinPollak's Chat Show!
SHERRYBABY65 we all fell for them haha:)

MILLI VANILLI "Blame It On The Rain" (US video version)

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Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK

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Kajagoogoo - Too Shy

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rickeylyon Love this song!!!

The Killers-When You Were Young

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