geekbr Happy Together – The Turtles // classicoooo lalalaaaaaa foralll mylifeeeeeeee
geekbr café & haxixe = Georgia On My Mind – Billie Holiday
Carolgmendes Liiiindo!!

O Mundo Eh Um Sonho-Rosas Nao Falam

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Carolgmendes 1 - 2- 3 - 4! @cella mto bonitinha! (reblip)


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raolbaletco "Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight Lead me out on the moonlit floor Lift your open hand.." Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me (Acoustic)
fabricioteixeira @guisoares e seu sempre bom gosto. "all the lonely people / where do they all come from". (reblip)
elisa_b Boa noite!! good night! bon soir! hola! "I need you by me, beside me, to guide me..."
Carolgmendes só pra dar um oi...

Martinalia e Caetano Veloso - Pé do meu samba

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elisa_b e o Carnaval vem chegando! O amor que nasce no Carnaval não faz mal a ninguém, é alimentado com sorrisos...
elisa_b maravilha! adoro!!! bom dia a todos. fui trabalhar! @luiz_com_z Esse pessoal conseguiu me fazer curtir tango. Inacreditável. (reblip)

Bajofondo con Julieta Venegas Pa' Bailar (Siempre quiero mas)

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enjutomojamuto Tiroriro, tiroritoti...

Toy Dolls - The final countdown

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priscilasv The sun is in the sky, oh why, why I don't wanna be anywhere else?

Lilly AllenLDN

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memoria @paulocss y @miguesme.. una voz increíble la de Omaira Portuondo =·), hay más versiones una de ellas de "Los Gofiones"
marinarama que fizeram contigo, blip, my brother?
enjutomojamuto Ese silbido...

War Film Themes - The River Kwai March (Bridge on the River Kwai)a

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elisa_b Bom dia, povo! Esta é para comemorar a linda sexta-feira aqui no Rio. Bjsss e bom Carnaval para todos, em qualquer ritmo! Eu vou de samba e marchas

MonoblocoÉ Hoje

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GoodVibeCoach My vote's for Slumdog Millionaire for Musical Score tonight!
raolbaletco "Every step I take, every move I make Every single day, every time I pray I'll be missing you .." Puff Daddy & Faith feat. 112 - I'll Be Missing You
SofiaFada acordei com essa música na cabeça
elisa_b Essa é a minha música... me faz feliiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzz!!!
threebears Hi blip friends and everyone blipping! Hope this wednesday finds you better than ok. :)
threebears deine blips sind ja eine wahre goldgrube an großartiger musik @picknick serbische funky Blasmusik via @3jH ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
melloregina musica q da alegria..........summertime é mara : ) @geo_ procê amidja!!!!!
BRMBDS For all in Twitterworld who feel they need a boost Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life as Blipped earlier by @patita (reblip)
ladypn Yes, I may be. ;) Take your aftershave.... take your clothes, just take all of your things...


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JollyBengali Great cover of this old-timey song by Carpenters. Thanks @proveno (reblip)
dbugatti I love her voice


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CoachCharrise More Dennen - make you crazy. Crazy can be good, right?


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CoachCharrise Nevah Nevah Nevah Loved A Man The Way That I...Love YOU.
CoachCharrise You Belong to Me...Just remember darlin all the belong to me! Good ol' Patsy! (reblip)
CoachCharrise Ray Stevens - "Everything Is Beautiful" (1970) Everything IS beautiful! (reblip)

Ray Stevens-Everything is Beautiful

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CoachCharrise Welcome to all new followers and friends. Hope you all have a great day. Jack Johnson – We're Going To Be Friends (thanks Bernard) (reblip)
BRMBDS Jim Noir – Computer Song
vfonticiella Tengan ustedes muy pero muy buenas tardes, amigos! T-Jones tardes...

Tom Jones-Kiss.mp3

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Diordan Nossa essa foi muito boa @FernandaW Muito! Tempos que não lembrava de Touch and Go (reblip)
FernandaW pausa para rapido almoço...para q comer???

Kaiser ChiefsRuby

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FernandaW @Diordan...todas as musicas que eu gostava foram apagadas... ;(
FernandaW adoro esta


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FernandaW o trabalho me chama, té mais povo
Diordan prepare yourselves blipsters I got good stuff for ya later in the afternoon now is LUNCHTIME! hello to @adbert @ladypn @Babuxoxoxo @carlarafaela
BRMBDS So good I had to reBlip @liamvickey Take 2! Totally awesome guitar: Guitar Trio: Paco de Lucia, Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin – Mediterranean sundanc (reblip)
ladypn @MaddMatt I LOVE YOU! ;) Thank you so much! How'd you find it? Or did you just upload? @sheryonstone, THIS is it! ;) (reblip)

12 Chris Isaak - Cant Do A Thing [To Stop Me]

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ladypn @swilson I KNOW I'd faved you in the past, yet was shocked to find you NOT on my faves? I've remedied that! Love this song! ;) (reblip)

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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CoachCharrise At Last - Etta James...At last, my love has come lonely days are over...and life is like a song..

Etta JamesAt Last

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CoachCharrise Cry Me A River...Now you say you're lonely, you cried the whole night through, well you can cry me a river, cry me a river, I cried a river over you.
BRMBDS Squirrel Nut Zippers – Good Enough for Granddad
ladypn You're getting up, must mean its past my bedtime, @GR8FL. Love this song & I'm dreaming of spring... ;) (reblip)
elisa_b Uma das melhores cantoras que já ouvi... e olha que adoro essa gravação na voz de Marilyn Monroe!!

Julie London - My Heart Belongs To Daddy

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FishCo Ok - 1 2 3 4 oh, oh . . back to work for me . . . listening to the rest of you!


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Aluciel @threebears I am also drinking water. You're not alone. ^_^
Aluciel I was afraid that Twitter was down again, since my TweetDeck hadn't updated for a half an hour...too quiet tonight!
vfonticiella Tengan ustedes muy pero muy buenos días, amigos! Calaveras días...
francesco Would-be Van Dykes / bring us your dreams / make them the clearest that they've ever been / give us a sign, like nickels and dollars...
fabi_k say what you need to say.

John MayerSay

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Aluciel I think that I shall re-read The Bell Jar tonight.
FishCo Lesley Gore's: It's My party & I'll Cry if I Want To ---

It's My Party

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Diordan always better sleepin' after listening to Mausam! (reblip)

nitin sawhneymausam

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vfonticiella Aquí vamos otra vez! Una versión diferente, ya que la de Creedence no estaba completa : )


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Diordan Aee boa,percebe o investimento que está por trás disso? Só recebo boas músicas em troca! Eu que agradeço por me dedicar seu primeiro up@FernandaW (reblip)
annyeah Concordo plenamente com @elismarchioni sobre o @gravz...Já favoritei, propei e repliei..o cara manda muito bem! (reblip)


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raolbaletco Raining & Raining in Heidelberg "Ma sono lacrime mentre piove Piove Mentre piove Piove Mentre piove Piove .." Carmen Consoli - L'Ultimo Bacio
vfonticiella Tengan ustedes muy pero muy buenos días, amigos! Contigo's días...
ElvisPresleyTheKing I'll never make it, it will never happen, because they're never going to hear me 'cause they're screaming all the time. via @ElvisPresleyTheKing
Aluciel All the things you say/The way you shift your eyes/I never knew there was someone to make me come alive <3
fabi_k @lilwldchld thx. crazy girls like me love shopping so i guess i'm gonna have lots of fun ;-)
Punched :: You're No One If You're Not On Twitter - JB Walker :: (reblip)
FernandaW Like Peter Pan, or Superman, You will come... to save me.

Aimee MannSave Me

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Punched R|B @HalfManHalfFish :: The Mamas & The Papas – Dream A Little Dream Of Me :: Good one! (reblip)
raolbaletco "If I could reach the stars I'd pull one down for you Shine it on my heart so you could see the truth.." but Don't Miss
CoachCharrise Jim Sturgess & Joe Anderson – Strawberry Fields Forever
CoachCharrise Etta James – Sunday Kind Of Love
Diordan reblipin the amazing @jamreilly thank you so much for this! Hola @Flower lindo domingo!! (reblip)
francesco Chet Atkins or Paul Desmond? The poll is open.
JollyBengali This version of the song is probably more 'faithful' to the original M*A*SH theme by Johnny Mandel. But, that's not always a good thing.
Diordan Nosssa valeu pirei!! @patricia_coelho! Boa noite que amanhã você realize pelo menos uns 3 desejos seus! : ^) (reblip)
JollyBengali Aimee does fantabulous job , IMHO, with this Beatles song.

Aimee MannTwo of Us

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Diordan nossa @thaisypecsen depois que descobri o to impossível, to uploadando algumas! De Phazz!
Diordan Nope @ladypn never heard! please share! : ^) kisses! (reblip)

Stan GetzDoralice

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Diordan @Diordan Here it is! As I said, quite different! ;) Amazing @ladypn Thank you!! I know who will dig this.... @Doralice! Quem vai gostar dessa! (reblip)

KennyRankinDoralice ladypn

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Diordan Night dearest blipsters!! lots of love, hope you shine tomorrow! May all your dreams come true! The dream is the most real thing that exists!
Diordan Huuummm sugar! Love bob too @kcbelmont hello @Babuxoxoxo (love your good waves) @adbert @rerkaizen Oh what a great april this will be! (reblip)
vfonticiella All that jazz + Latte macchiato + tostado... (sabían que en Barcelona le llaman BIKINI a nuestro querido "sanguche caliente"? : )
TakeMyVoiceDotCom "What a Fool Believes" - also the title of my AudioBlog today:
ric Tô querendo desde ontem mandar esse vídeo de bom dia! Mas a telefônica não tem deixado! Bom dia duplo! @AllBlipers!
vfonticiella Tengan ustedes muy pero muy buenos días, amigos! Something días...
Gaspar Depois de muito ouvir o @Diordan ouvindo, resolvi prestar mais atenção. Agora fudeu, to viciado. É incrível de bom!
renaton ~ ~ saudade de ouvir essa da imogen heap ~ ~ na epoca da ** frou frou ** ~ ~ holding out for a hero ~ ~ #coisaboa ~ ~
ric Ae Bola Sete - Pau de Arara, pros brows! @Diordan @DJRodneyKing @medina @gabarocha @gunter77 @todarapa
ric Pra fechar a session desse disco que é lindo demais! Gente da Antiga!
ric Caraca @Diordan assim vc me mata do coração, meu miocárdio não aguenta! (reblip)
TakeMyVoiceDotCom Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby!

donna summer - love to love you baby

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rahmiranda baby, baby... i know that's the way. (reblip)

Os MutantesBaby

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vfonticiella Tengan ustedes muy pero muy buenos días, amigos! Kreviazuk días... (Thks @Apollymy) (reblip)
elismarchioni A voz feminina é de Maria Helena Toledo, que foi esposa do Bonfá.
TakeMyVoiceDotCom Carly Simon - Nobody Does it Better (I interviewed Carly once, over the phone, while she helped one of her kids with homework - nice lady)
FernandaW @pavolo, i m fine,working a lot,but in june i will get my vacation
knusperkind Ich hätte gern noch 5 Tage Wochenende.
SaoRibeiro It must be love, madness, passion ...
Babawomba James Brown - Its A Mans World.mp3
Esthar Lo sai di chi sei figlio tuuuu?? Sei figlio di una grandissima puttaaaaaaaaa~~~~
SaoRibeiro Mahna Mahna to you @all I must go!
Diordan Special for @lollydaskal and @LexiePixie dearests! Hope you both are great!
omarunoise cant believe im upping this one! Classic.
SaoRibeiro You make me feel so young ... you make feel that are songs to be sang...
SaoRibeiro You are the other side of the world to me ...
SaoRibeiro Love is such a foolish thing when it turns us into a lovefool.
amuriel @lepiki Nice to see lots of Judy Garland songs on your page.
SofiaFada @RobertoFendler: "@SofiaFada essa é mais animadinha do q a da skinhead o connor rs" é mesmo, rs (reblip)
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