chazmatz The vid is great. The song is a super-white version of hip-hop song.
chazmatz Nice mix of genres. Makes me want to watch pulp fiction while dancing on a horse through the jungle.
chazmatz Of all the versions of this song, this mix hits me the best.

Jay ZSay Hello

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chazmatz percussion power & guitar that'll burn the hair off your arms.


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chazmatz We need more church bell.


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chazmatz I'm edgy like a razor. I sense much good in this song.

Salami fever

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chazmatz Late 1980's prom song meet mid 1990's thug. Magic.
chazmatz Get ready for a little romance. Bootsy-style. Break out the chocolate.

Munchies for your love

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chazmatz This one is musical caffeine.
chazmatz Lots of slow stuff needs a little fast break.
chazmatz I like it when Siouxsie slows it down.
chazmatz It sounds like the lady is saying "I'm a bumblebee".
chazmatz Quite possibly the most poetic, and somewhat disturbing, lyric-smith in all of Africa. This song pairs well with a Tusker lager.


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chazmatz a Brit tryin to make a meximerican song. Brilliant!
chazmatz rock out with whatever you got out.

ScorpionsThe Zoo

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chazmatz The studio version is hard to beat. This one's pretty good, though.
chazmatz I had a dream last night that Prince died. This song was playing. I woke up really freaked out. Prince, please stay healthy!

PrinceThe Dance

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chazmatz This is all kindsa old. there was a snippet of this in "Lost Boys", I think.
chazmatz we gonna rock it til the wheels fall off.... one of my fave ol school videos. Great use of slo mo.
chazmatz To all the ladies. This one has a classic motown build. I'd love to see the Bird and the Bee cover this.
chazmatz The movie Layer Cake had a cool remix of this song in it. And a sweet movie it was.
chazmatz My power is out. Bad storm. This song will cheer me up, I hope.
chazmatz Full grown man. Check. Not afraid to cry. Check

BeckSexx Laws

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chazmatz underrated song. Inconsistent band. Great movie soundtrack.

Veterans of the Psychic War

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kristilynmiller i wanna kiss...but if i do then i might miss you...
DJLanga its ur day! shining day! watch all ur dreams come true!
aquietend feel free to modify the deal as you like. I just wanted to give you an area to work from...and fuck knows with Prince, you've gotta set limits. (reblip)
chazmatz when I found this song, it rocked so hard it scared me. then it fondled me, and I went to sleep.
chazmatz Serge. If he weren't dead, I'd say my nextdoor neighbor is him.

The Cranberries- Zombie

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chazmatz so raw, like hangin' out at Mars bar.

Iggy PopChina Girl

| play
chazmatz this recording session must have been fun.
chazmatz I'd like to see this one performed live someday.
chazmatz This has the sweet sample from René & Angela's "I love you more", which is hard to find.

The Notorious BIG Love The Dough

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chazmatz This one is great if you're in an empty office still working at 1am.
chazmatz Seems to be the theme lately, so why not?
chazmatz To the ladies in the house. Soft slow humpin in up in heeeya
chazmatz an impassioned thank you to an obviously great piece o' woman.
chazmatz oval office open, so let's begin!

3rd BassOval Office

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chazmatz This was the #1 hit at Illuminatti meetings for a record 759 weeks straight. Now, on with the countdown.....
chazmatz A fun one.

Track Review: The Panda Band "Eyelashes"

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ChadThomas Love this Scorps Tune! @2fast4u: ""Let me take you far away ~ You'd like a holiday" " (reblip)


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chazmatz it's a gettin funky in heeere
chazmatz before Mary knew how to read, she sang all kindsa good.
SirGaglian @lausen me hiciste acordar de este tema Red Hot Chili Peppers – Aeroplane
chazmatz whatever this instrument is, I want one.
leecolgate he would shoot me in the face for saying so, but this rapper is SO SEXY.

starry eyed surprise

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marknason Kasabian's "Fast Fuse" is my jam-du-jour (reblip)
hallelujahboy um, i think i think i just did...sounds like it at least
Keskiyo have i played this before?? ..meh XD

Mötley Crüe-Shout At the Devil

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OhDannyBoy The next great rapper. Wale is a sick lyricist! This video is also awesome.
ozymandias this song has a little somethin' somethin'
Bakojo NOW... I gotta do a serious bounce move ... enjoyed the reggae vibes this Monday ... I'd Rather Be With You ... but dollars make cents ... I'm Out (reblip)
Tamiri Terence Trent D'arby – Sign your name
chazmatz nice vocals. A sonic haunted house tour for your ears.

Marty BalinHearts

| play
DustinMartian TLC - What About Your Friends. This goes out to all my friends, u kno who u r!

TLC-What About Your Friends '92 [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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brunapp @manulcosta minha contribuição na playlist do filme..uma das minhas preferidas!
empiremagazine The Big Man's smoove, slightly rapey classic, as featured in the dark Aussie comedy of the same name...

Led Zeppelin- Dancing Days

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Alice Cooper group: Eighteen

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starmunki just me and my horsey and a quart of beer...
chazmatz I hate when a great song is on a soundtrack, but only used as the closing credit song.
Muddeephukka 6th grade anthem..or so we thought
Zarabeth I concur & rb@LERINSKO: "One of the greatest songs EVER!!" (reblip)
MrsASoprano gift wrapped @DirtyUrine: "bring it?? @MrsASoprano: "r/b@joechapman: "rb@AJLaDiva: "Def Leppard ~ Bringin' On The Heartbreak """" (reblip)
Gen22 The Black Crowes - 'Remedy'

The Black Crowes- Remedy

| play
Stay19 The Kills – Willow Weep for Me (Frank Sinatra cover)<><>
chazmatz It's slightly rainy and hella humid today in the city I'm in today.
ShesAllWrite It's going to be *that* kind of day. Forgot my sweater & I'm wearing a strappy tank at my conservative office ~ David Bowie – Let's Dance

Staind "It's Been A While"

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cozbysweater can't mention french music without thinking of him.
chazmatz we got the whole damn night to go!
chazmatz the best road trip song going through New Mexico at 3am.
chazmatz wakey wakey eggs n bakey

John Legend 'Live It Up'

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MikeattheMike "damn.....she those jeans..." "ZZ Top-Blue Jean Blues" (reblip)

ZZ TopBlue Jean Blues

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chazmatz If someone's having a hear attack, and there's no difibrilator nearby, just play this...
chazmatz accelerates as fast as a yugo, but once it gets going, it's a lambo.
KikiShwee Get's me goin' where I want to...
hedwig007 seeing them tomorrow yay!
chazmatz I love this Earth. Prince does too. Please put butts in the ashtrays.

Planet Earth

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chazmatz From the hard-to-find classic. break it down.


| play
Annamira thx @mammara.. lovely song and delecate video;-) (reblip)
millymuso you know it did!!! :D

Dubstep Changed My Life

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s_anjos @DJ_Juju: "another from interpol. amazing piece of music." #musicmonday (reblip)

Slow Hands :Interpol

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chazmatz one of the coolest videos ever.

Where's your head at- Basement Jaxx

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chazmatz I wish I could do music this good. Or well, for that matter.
DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ HOTTEST New/Recent Tracks In The Brain Of This Juxtaposed Junkie ~ : Thom Yorke - "All For The Best" (Mark Mulcahy Cover)
chazmatz Dig this. Dig it lots.

The HeavySixteen

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chazmatz A perfect song from the opening hit to the last note. This song will make any inanimate object dance.* (*even a wet blanket)


| play
isra_meza Hace mas de 12 años que no escuchaba esta canción .. OMG!
chazmatz dang. He's still got it.

Billy Joel "Zanzibar" HD

| play
Travvybear amazing tune....gorgeous/heavy/ambient/ all in ONE!
ericist For a friend - my favorite song by The Doors.
Alfea § Rb@thecurefan: "The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia, My Reflection ★★★ back to my roots..." (reblip)

The Sisters of Mercy -- Lucretia, My Reflection

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CaptainTrips Classic soul 60's from USA. (reblip)

Sam Cooke-Bring It On Home To Me Live

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DJVenu I love it when they use 2 of my favorite songs! White Stripes vs. Notorious B.I.G.
chazmatz I like the layered, harmonized mariah and busta vocals.
chazmatz This song is funny. When he starts talking about putting his girlfriend in a sheet, reminds me of that Curb episode when Larry cuts a hole in a sheet.

PrinceI Hate U

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chazmatz Listened to this song in Prague at the local bar. About 10 times. Someone really liked it. Now it's stuck in my head.


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Kaye_Loves_You Song Of The Day.....Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne - "Girls Around the World"
chazmatz dig the drumming by Bernard Purdie.
chazmatz this song kinda scares me, but for some reason, I like the lyric "open up your smile"
brainboy @CHaDmAn: ""Play dumb, play dead! Try to manipulate! M-a-n-i-p-u-late!"" (reblip)
mikeydub Best of Both Worlds.. without the camera and the 12 year old girl...
chazmatz Acoustic intro, slammin crue riffs, and the "she's so heavy"-esque ending, this song beat Warrant to the Cherry Pie analogy by at least a few months.
DareToEatAPeach I like her voice but The Kills songs can be too simplistic. Still not entirely sold, either though. @Versh (reblip)
DerekFME This is really rather good too rb@chiron08: "✪ " you're on a roll today. Well done. (reblip)
DJRodneyKing !Let's Get Busy! @ric Bom final de semana doctor!

Barry White - Let's Get Busy (RodKing)

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tubilino muchas gracias @estrogen :) (reblip)

The Ting Tings- Fruit Machine

| play
Ahhme10 Apollonia 6 – Sex Shooter
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG Band Radio - Perry Como - Magic Moments.
kapaali One of the best songs ever recorded. I've listened to this hundreds of times and it never fails to move me.
sandyriverside @space_cadet I would never call you a strawb! I'm just saying rise above it is all.
JDS442 Do you don't you want me to love you ...???
DJRoy1 Archive – Bullets


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chazmatz I'm super glad vanilla ice didn't steal this Phresh baseline.

QueenBody Language

| play
handstamp also going to see LC! in London, can't wait..
chazmatz one of my favorite songs by Billy Joel.

Billy JoelZanzibar

| play
Fantasyman Some great stuff from out of the vault......
MetroOwl "This pain-by-numbers life is fucking with my head... You better give me something to fill the hole."
tuatara too great a pairing to pass by
chazmatz trippy and totally cool.


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Momix74 parole che un cuore possono spezzare, parole che ti fanno sanguinare ..

MegParole Alate

| play

Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'

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ckafadar2 TY rb@ShiaoMei: "Thnx, the same to you:)@ShiaoMei: "@softnblue: "Do love Jethro Tull, beautiful flute always @ShiaoMei"" (reblip)
crowjane @slave_to_the_rhythm: "Just a great song Southside~~lil Stevie and Clarence too~mega~thanx bro~~ (reblip)
celaborelle @TamelaJaeger: "@nosetu: "your unconditional love -->DJs<-- takes me to paradise ... :)"" (reblip)
djLop por eso t decia lo del arte@wilsoke: cuando vengas ya sabes un toque y quedamos " mojar nos mojaremos pero comer y beber tb" :) (reblip)
fxp123 KC & The Sunshine Band - That's the way I like it (1974)
fxp123 rb @elinejv: "Jamiroquai - When You Gonna Learn" (reblip)

When You Gonna Learn -Jamiroquai

| play
chazmatz reminds me of really early Steely Dan.

The UrgeJump Right In

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robotnik thanks @antennica, interesting band ...well, the Liars song is from the new album. @charleyhorse way to go! (reblip)
DJLOPZ TM Juke – Grounded In Fargo
chazmatz yep, it's in Spanish, but I like the fact that the TJ drug cartel hasn't killed him yet. And note the Purina Cat Chow dance. chow chow chow.

JuanesLa Camisa Negra

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formalhaut nochmals besten dank an @bumble_b und @Euphoriefetzen für iamamiwhoami – superb – und nebenbei der ultimative fetisch für jäger und sammler


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formalhaut schönen guten morgen frau @estrogen zuckersüßes pling plong zum frühstück. später für den großen hunger: ;)
PauloStudio2002 Cake – Don't Take Your Love To Town.............. (reblip)
ssinfa Another version "Delta Lady"

Delta LadyJoe Cocker

| play
Alvaroxx Portishead – Machine Gun... ... ... .. .. .
cubbymendoza rb@Besos: "all is brilliant@GrassyKnoll the weather is sunny & spectacular & the music is smokin" (reblip)
katterfelto @JessieDows: "Thanks 4 blips,rbs, props & listen :) See Ya Tomorrow !" (reblip)

Pat Benatar- Precious Time

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Tropicsz4 Smithereens, Blood and Roses

Smithereens-Blood and Roses

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