DJIrishboy is much better..RAW
spookiesaluki england my country the home of the free such miserable weather
briangreene "the devil in me said go down to the shed"
tannyt Last one far too much annoying video. Hello blipsters!
ElyBlue Daddy made whiskey and he made it well. Cost two dollars and it burned like hell. I cut hick'ry just to fire the still,
rodrigocoimbra This song is very good. Live version and original, I´m post both...
BetamaxDC WE ARE 138

The Misfits-We Are 138

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Streetmix "I ain't down here for your love or money I'm down here for your soul" Thanks for props @missguided @babybeluga
chelseagirl19 @burnhipsterburn Tom Waits on the Don Lane Show 1981 (Pt. 2)

Tom Waits on the Don Lane Show 1981 (Pt. 2)

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DJHILLFUNK you "Just The Blues"..mean stuff the Deep Blues!

Charlie Patton Moon Goin Down 1929

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EddieEntropy Cougars are all the rage right now! With the older women devouring young men, these ladies were doing it before you or I ever knew!

Golden Girls Theme Song

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The Ventures Live: Wipe Out

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TRACERMagazine The album so nice, we'll blip it twice. Another remix, this time of Phoenix's "1901." Dig it.
palacios Maria Callas – L'amour est un oiseau rebelle

The Ramones-Commando

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CinemaSuicide I knew a guy like this when I lived in Florida.
CinemaSuicide My favorite song of all time.
DoloresHaze will let it go

The Smokey Life by Leonard Cohen

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santamistura @Flower graciasssssssss (reblip)

The Rolling Stones-Champagne & Reefer (with Buddy Guy) live

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Pixies-Crackity Jones

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megg so does this. happy. happy. hippo. =)

ThaoBag Of Hammers

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tgsaraujo Top 5 - Piaf: 5º "Milord" composta por Marguerite Monnot. #DELICIOSA

Edith Piaf sings "Milord

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VictorInfante Why, yes. I AM having one of my blow ups about the morning news.

archie bell & the drells / tighten up part1

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Fixin' To Die Blues

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Seigen Classic from ELVIS... He's quite the hoofer! Nice moves Elvis! Another great one from '78
DanGoodwin Brilliant lyrics Mr Cohen! "There is a crack / a crack in everything / that's how the light gets in..."

Leonard CohenAnthem

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Renata_C I'm goin' to jackson, I'm gonna mess around... (8)
nowhere10girl !@#^_~ S E A S O N (0f the White Witch) Lol
Sabatinos_House_Of_Rock yeah i had this record@tuatara: "playing an awesome band here @doyler29" (reblip)

Circle Jerks- Golden Shower of Hits (Jerks on 45)

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Sabatinos_House_Of_Rock we all have to duck when the shit hits the fan@tuatara:

Circle Jerks "When the Shit Hits the Fan"

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rentedmule Janis Joplin - Summertime (Live Gröna Lund 1969)

The Castaways-Liar, Liar. It's A Bikini World

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Overratedsoundsystem Wow...long time without showing up... video and stuff...lots of changes!
Judas_Hannibal Listening to; Loudon Wainwright III – Sometimes I Forget
TheSun One of my favorite bluesmen. Howlin' Wolf, "Spoonful"
dickadcock G ☺☺ d group. Good song. Magnolia Electric Co. – Josephine
DuncanDogg How could anyone refuse Zooey anything?@A_Quiet_End: "that's certainly a good start. haha" (reblip)
Spookydancer A little change of pace....catch your breath and relax alittle
melodypop ... but now I found you and I know that we would be. So very happy, if you could only see. That I was made for you and you (@jadlem) were made for me.

Eels Beginners Luck (Hombre Lobo 2009)

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MusicTastey Iggy Pop - The Stooges - Down on the Street
Sabatinos_House_Of_Rock Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Blank Generation

Sonny Boy Williamson I`m A Lonely Man

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Judas_Hannibal Back door request. Can't sign in here or even Twitpic. Anybody see this? Have I been hijacked?

the Magnetic Fields- All my Little Words

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rico i'm in a sleeping mood

Delroy Wilson Dancing Mood

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Joni Mitchell-California

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Majones Thank the Lord! Finally this song is on Blip!!!! "Ain't gonna be messin' round with no cocaine".

muddy waters marijuana hemp blues

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c4thomas @carolfour: I like your new pic.....and this song. (reblip)
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice I just baked a banana cake. It's gorgeous, if I do say so myself.
vortexsurfer Tom Waits – The Part You Throw Away
sandyriverside @anebulosa I am so jealous of your beach going and @DependableSkeleton I am so jealous you witnessed two against nature. Hope they played the classics
aebar rb@s0ak: "still the definitive version of this (can be found on Mystery White Boy)" (reblip)
daschmc hab nen Wurm im Ohr, danke Jacky ;-)
StreamingMimi The Searchers – Needles and Pins
BLUESBOOGIE This is GOOD Frog !! THX Bro @FreakinFrog: "Thank you for props & replies… @ BLUESBOOGIE ...much appreciated... " (reblip)

I Get Along Without You Very Well- Nina Simone

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Shukitty is my internet sucking tonight? everything i blip seems to be choppy, but i'm blipping stuff i thought i've blipped before and was fine.
fossa @carsmile no danger here, they are great, will listen to them in St. Etienne
vandaleyes @QuicksandRangero Ahh, lucky you! I'm preparing for a possibly tough workday. ;)
vandaleyes @MissDiggity Congrats on the shiny new badge!

The CrampsFever

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smartard The Avett Brothers – Shame

Banana Men: The Crusher EP A (1983)

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rico Do you know how to Jamaica Ska?

Jamaica Ska

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Cold War Kids-Hospital Bed Acoustic

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OKnightmare Sister Suvi was reminding me of Steve Winwood's voice
chelseagirl19 @Judas_Hannibal: "david byrne. Everything is possible when you're an animal. " Glass Concrete and Stone (reblip)
essjam RB @thesnakecharmers: "Rockin' sad song (yeah, they exist). Reminded of Bobby Bland's greatness via @tittybingo" (reblip)

Ain't Nothing You Can Do --Bobby 'Blue' Bland 1964

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essjam "Big Mama" Thornton – Don't Need No Doctor #blues @howard74 @snakecharmers @Nailmusic @lick_skittles
essjam Memphis Minnie – New Bumble Bee -- #blues for @howrad74 @snakecharmers @bluerouteblues @TheBluesBlogger @banjoist123
chelseagirl19 Ida Maria -- Oh My God

Oh My God (Official Video)

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Donnie Elbert -- Little Piece Of Leather

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paulsharp sit through the intro... watch what wim wenders put on... nick is at his most amazing... just the beginning of the song... wow...
PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice @DEADAIR: "@sandyriverside ..This is the year I finally get a Gorilla costume. " How will we know when it's on? Sorry, couldn't resist. (reblip)
BLUESBOOGIE Tasty morsel!! THX @Songbird1: "thank you for blips/props fix you some catfish blues today LOL @ BLUESBOOGIE (reblip)

Fattening Frogs for Snakes, Sonny Boy Williamson & Animals

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Fattening Frogs for Snakes, Sonny Boy Williamson & Animals

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JimmyHook The Beatles – I've Got A Feeling (Remastered)
JimmyHook The Clancy Brothers – Whiskey, You're the Devil!
JimmyHook Muddy Waters – Hard Days
WildWildSound A blip fer my baby...just lettin' ya know, I "Love You So"....yeah yeah! dig King Khan & BBQ Show!
WildWildSound Trainin' my voice in the grand Mummies tradition of crackily, nasal pitch...& this is a song about gettin' it on the go, baby...Bored? dig it! yeppers

Roots of Blues -- Bukka White „Parchman Farm Blues"

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TroyHolder "Strychnine" by The Sonics (US)1965
TroyHolder "Stronger Than Dirt" by The Mummies (US)1992
smartard Chairmen of the Board-Give Me Just A Little More Time

Chairmen of the Board-Give Me Just A Little More Time

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vandaleyes Gah. They're so talented.


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OKnightmare Great song to get a morning kicked off, thanks! rb@erinagin (reblip)
JimmyHook Thee Headcoatees – Davey Crockett

She's Like Heroin To Me -The Gun Club

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09 Demon's Claws - Shadow of A Castle

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paulzy The one thing that I can depend on.
OKnightmare I must be in a weird mood because I WANT to hear this....
OKnightmare This is to atone for blipping a song with William Shattner in it....
OKnightmare @Arth Glad you're enjoying my blip storm, more Why? coming at ya!
OKnightmare This album is my new rainy day soundtrack for sure

Why?Eskimo Snow

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chelseagirl19 @OKnightmare : To Hell with Atonement -- Mclusky – Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
OKnightmare There is not enough early Alkaline Trio on blip! rb@lbluma: ""you were the last good thing i ever saw"" (reblip)

Alkaline TrioCringe

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OKnightmare Doing my ears a necessary favor

PixiesRiver Euphrates

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MPFOGARTY My life is out of control.

JamesSit Down

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OKnightmare Have to reblip this! Out of props for you as usual :) rb@Modster (reblip)
chelseagirl19 @ martorelli -- Good call -- Dead Kennedys-Chickenshit Conformist

Dead Kennedys-Chickenshit Conformist

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chelseagirl19 @shanti45 Look what you've started

Stiff Little Fingers:Nobody's Hero:Germany 1980

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chelseagirl19 @vandaleyes: RB @SnailKid: Bringing more low-end -- the superhero-biscuit Bruce Thomas on fkking bass. (reblip)
OKnightmare I think this song was my introduction to the wah pedal, love at first listen :)
lilyetc band of horses ~ cigarettes wedding bands
lilyetc Mew ~ comforting sounds ~ @sandyriverside something alex says when he eats something really good EPIC

Mewcomforting sounds

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lilyetc pavement ~ spit on a stranger
lilyetc the postal service ~ such great heights (Ben Gibbard)
lilyetc devo ~ mongoloid ~ i don't think this is politically correct these days , oh the eighties


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chelseagirl19 I listened to this song a thousand times this weekend, roughly.
smartard I Turn My Camera On Spoon #musicmonday

I Turn My Camera On

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chelseagirl19 @methrace2000 - I <3 this video. Tina Weymouth is such a doll. (reblip)

talking heads

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Dan Auerbach I Want Some More

| play
sandyriverside Good morning @shanti45 @tubilino/@freshjuice I'm drinking a Jamba Juice so I feel like negative $7.23/ @MissDiggity feelin' a little better, hows you?
DuncanDogg Gotta reblip it, as he's from Eau Claire...where I went to school and got my Graphic Design degree@AlyG (reblip)
DuncanDogg I still wonder a bit what Declan and Diana have in common@Yastrzemski: ""It only took my little fingers to blow you away."" (reblip)
OKnightmare @medianaranja Are you a fellow Chicagoan? Yes they're coming Oct 5th at the Bottom Lounge. I saw them last year, they are AMAZING live!

Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians "Raymond Chandler Evening"

| play
OKnightmare @noiseAnnoys83 Knowing the tour was sponsored by Camel, all I can imagine is J Mascis smoking a cigarette on stage and setting his hair on fire...hehe
sandyriverside Whoa I never paid attention to this video before rb@sarahlovesyou: "i want to be in this video. now !! (reblip)
killerswp @lisa_michele You're amazing powers of persuasion are working already...

the mo-dettes. white mice

| play

Minutemen- Little Man With a Gun In His Hand

| play
coconuuuuuuuut @medianaranja @OKnightmare @Yastrzemski if whiskey don't kill me, I don't know what will.

Bob DylanMoonshiner

| play

fatlip-"whats up fat lip?"

| play
rocksujo Nouvelle Vague – Blister in the sun (Violent Femmes)
JohnnyJohn @HellenKellersIpod: "@jessicat don't know how you got removed from my list, I attribute it to drunkenness " (reblip)
CreepingElm I haven't played this song since I started on blip.

Bon IverSkinny Love

| play
HellenKellersIpod @Modster Anytime. A killer Tues to you too, hopefully you don't have an office job

Willie DixonMove Me

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Nouvelle Vague Sweet and Tender Hooligan (The Smiths Cover)

| play
MSDelta Blind Willie Johnson - "Let Your Light Shine On Me"

Blind Willie Johnson * Let Your Light Shine On Me *

| play
chelseagirl19 rb@VelvetGarage: "I take Blip SO seriously <music elitist look>" (reblip)
BluesdaddyD everyone has to hear this Sonny Boy and Chess outake and song its great
smartard The White Stripes – My Doorbell
chelseagirl19 Thank you! @shanti45: "For the lovely @chelseagirl19...a rabid (in a nice sense) SLF fan : )" (reblip)
smartard Camper Van Beethoven – Club Med Sucks
chelseagirl19 @BluesdaddyD: "everyone has to hear this Sonny Boy and Chess outake and song its great" (reblip)
MSDelta Blind Willie Johnson – Mother's Children Have A Hard Time - He operated the House of Prayer at 1440 Forrest Street, Beaumont, Texas
chelseagirl19 Back atcha! @shanti45: "Out of props for you,as usual...have a song : ) @chelseagirl19 and a prop for your friend @BluesdaddyD" (reblip)
smartard Son House – Death Letter

Son HouseDeath Letter

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smartard Edith Piaf – Autumn Leaves
killerswp @matwater213: "Good Morning &Thank You!" (reblip)

Feist and Ben Gibbard Train Song

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smartard Maria Callas – Queen of the Night
smartard Death Cab For Cutie – Title and Registration

Jim Jarmusch: Stranger Than Paradise

| play
LeParadis sorry but I just gotta reblip myself here as I switch off... x (reblip)
megmagdah songs about the object of your affection walking down the street
megmagdah perfect for this moment.
megmagdah Other early concerts.

FugaziWaiting Room

| play

Phoenix plays "Playground Love"

| play
MSDelta Memphis Minnie - "Hoodoo Lady Blues" - better watch it cause she's tricky

Memphis Minnie Hoodoo Lady Blues

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killerswp @glenngordon .... If you don't listen already.... become a listener, he's got THE best bliplist!! (reblip)
killerswp @jakks: "greetings from Philadelphia!!,great blip-list!! (reblip)
rico we threw your husband in the river
rico drifting miles and miles and miles away
fxp123 Led Zeppelin - Ramble On
smartard Blind Willie McTell – Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
surfincookie ++ vi @ElNito: "One of the best voices ever, sure Captain Beefheart & Tom Waits owe him a lot !!! ;) (reblip)

HOWLIN' WOLF who's been talking 1957

| play
vincentico The Business – Drinking and Driving
delinKwint flicking fire, like salt water, in to my eyes

Passion PitSleepyhead

| play
Adambuckled My day is complete after @chelseagirl19 led me to this song. Feist, Constantines, Bee Gees, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, and Ernest Hemingway converge. (reblip)
BluesdaddyD I could listen to the over and over
methrace2000 I wanted to be your Superman but I turned out such a jerk.

Nick Cave and The bad seeds "Abattoir Blues" (live at Later)

| play

Yacht- I love a computer

| play
Mattmusi64l no one tells you nothing (a double negative!)
anothercraze I've gotta get out of here, but not before I remind you steer clear of the blood on the tracks today. So long, blip.