chongolio Bigger than big taller than tall!

The DickiesGigantor

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chongolio One of the best bands to come out of the 80's
chongolio Thas right mon Rudy Got Soul ya know
chongolio Just listenin' to this tune will make you Tipsy!
chongolio Sonic textures you can taste. This song is purple flavored!
chongolio I like this tune it has an Asian Gnip Gnoppy thing going on
chongolio How can you not love THE VENTURES?!
chongolio 80's Punk Instro...CAN YOU DIG IT?
chongolio The only way to fly... in stereo!
chongolio See you there.... Out of site!!!
chongolio Music too shrink a head too
chongolio Get your funky fresh tiki groove on
chongolio somebody needs to write more songs like this.. more yodel please
chongolio Good ol' fashion turn your pants inside out punk rock
Reckon Somehow a few lines got cut; thanks for pointing that out. I just added them back in: "I like the faucet best when it is over yr shoulder..."
chongolio California... here I come ya punks
chongolio A song that has always been a very mysterious too me
chongolio easy skankin' ya know

Lee Perry - Scratch The Dub Organ

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chongolio Every Friday night should start with this song!
cymadi Reflexão do dia: já é hora de me encontrar. (não vá se perder por aí)

Os MutantesN

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chongolio I like da ukulele lady kine
chongolio Nature Boy by Eden Ahbez. Tells of the fantasy of a strange enchanted boy who learns that the greatest thing was just to love and be loved in return
chongolio Guitarzan and his jungle band. Nuff said now listen
chongolio Now let me get this straight......
chongolio women, can't live with.... Pass the beer nuts
bobbyhodad also, Everclear says he was a Democrat. I think he would probably be a Whig.
chongolio another trippy song from the series "WEEDS"
evablue @paeix the singer is in a band called "beast" and she be playing tonight. :) salut, bonsoir! (reblip)
chongolio Hurley, Charlie, JIn and Sawyer cruising a bus in LOST. Classic!
NyQuilDriver This song is just for laughs at first, and then it gets stuck in your head. Damn kids' songs are too catchy. (reblip)
chongolio American folk and blues musician, none for his clear and forceful singing and his mastery of the twelve string guitar
chongolio "When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk." -Tuco
chongolio hold onto yer buteeks, eets gonna be wun boompy ride ya know
chongolio Hang in there and enjoy the time off

EsqueritaLaid Off

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chongolio From the opening credits of Mister Foe
chongolio Music from ending scene of "Mister Foe"

PsappEating Spiders

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chongolio Have you ever watched a moonbeam as it slid across your windowpane?
chongolio And it's all for me grog, me jolly jolly grog All for me beer and tobacco
chongolio Put him in the grog barrel til he's pickled
chongolio Heading for the ceiling, I'm up off the floor
chongolio This song was used in an episode of Futurama when Leela meets her parents
chongolio Oh man!!! I haven't heard this in years!! (reblip)

SweetLittle Willy

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chongolio Another classic 70's tune that will remind me of girls with feathered hair wearin tube tops and lip gloss

SweetFox on the Run

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chongolio Melanie Safka not Janis Joplin
chongolio No more no less, you don't have to guess it's 3, it's a magic number
chongolio My uncle sasquatch turned me on to Herb Alpert when I was a wee lill minkey


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chongolio Another 70's song that brings back memories of being young and infatuated with girls with feather roach clips in their hair

Nick Gilder - Hot Child In The City

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chongolio Green Onions was one of the first songs that hipped me too instrumental tunages
chongolio When I was a kid I thought he was sayin "my chick" not "magic"


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chongolio Well, thats like hypnotizing chickens.
chongolio They pinch their earlobes they call it rogue-rock, but it's a deeper shade of soul
chongolio I used to skate to this song and think I was punk
chongolio This song made me wanna ditch class, pimp some beer and score a dime bag (reblip)
chongolio Everybody wants to go to Japan Everybody, just hold hands (reblip)


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chongolio I think it could also be called hunger
chongolio I've got a rabbit, it likes to hop.
chongolio He's got crazy pad down in Borneo!
you999 Swamp Rats - Psycho

Swamp RatsPsycho

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chongolio twang the way it should be done
chongolio These guys put out some great instro tunes!
chongolio Watched the documentary on Daniel Johnston the other night. It was kinda inspirational in a crazy kinda way.
chongolio Can you dig that beat baby? I knew that you could!
chongolio A very Herb Alpertesque tune. I like it. I like it a lot! I heard this tune used in the movie "The Dish" which was pretty good.

RTM - Bert Kaempfert - Afrikaan Beat

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chongolio These dudes are way too cool and have a nice collection of tunes
chongolio Friday night yeah, It's gotta be action packed! Ya hear me? Action packed


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chongolio A niifty song from the opening credits of Juno
chongolio super guitarified deluxness...yes U can dig it
chongolio Usually I don't go for dis kine music but I liked the Clash sample and the Big Audio Dynamite sound effects

M.I.A.Paper Planes

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chongolio Wow, I knew not of such tune!

ray davies and neil young_128K

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Rocketron @avivamagnolia: Eccentric yet peaceful; reminiscent of diddley-bow in America's South + West Africa" excellent find (reblip)
chongolio We have Marshall Stacks

Red CrossCover Band

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chongolio This song makes me happy
chongolio OK...I am hooked

Mighty Boosh theme song (longer)

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chongolio I think you can guess where I am headed
chongolio garage rock done in the in a Peruvian style.


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chongolio I like this song...kinda of reminiscent of Daniel Johnson
chongolio Messin' me up with your voodoo
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