RealtorLefebvre Thurs. April 2nd. Wilbur Theatre (that's a fancy theater) in Boston. Who's coming with me?
angrybob @adamantium, much better thanks! Still a little crappy, but well on my way to recovery.

FugaziTurkish Disco

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mmemaledicta I so cannot get over this song - put the record on repeat #1
lorylooove swing rock! this guitars make me wanna dance
NyQuilDriver I can't go away with you on a rock climbing weekend, what if somethings on TV and it's never shown again?
Miss_Bella everyone needs to hear this song.


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randymatheson @rosyblue @Figliuolo - this song not only rocks, it's so vicious it will remove insects and small animals from your crawlspace

RammsteinDu Hast

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craigz Playing SWSX (or already did?) tonight and yes, opening for the BJM on 4/1 (and thru 4/4's show at the Trocadero in Philly).
craigz The Morning After Girls (post cover song palate cleanser), think of it as a light sherbet and keep the windows open.
by_starla such great guitars.... one of the best live shows i saw in 2008.
chris_is_cool @alberto damn! I've only listened to the clash do this song. Grazie Mille! (reblip)
chris_is_cool @paeix @chaoszac I was looking for some agent orange the other day. must have had a short bus moment, since I couldn't find any (reblip)
chris_is_cool @by_starla good morning to you and happy saturday
LaKarune @chris_is_cool I'm liking what you're doing! OK here's Pacific Division, enjoy
chris_is_cool holy crap I love this! but I am way too easy to entertain. Maybe that makes life easier? HA!
tac Eric Elbogen, D.I.Y. rockstar. : ) <-- @DJFrankie, I love Say Hi, the name shouldn't have been changed. "Say Hi To Your Mom" = best name ever! (reblip)
chris_is_cool vi@TrixieTreats elysian fields ~ black acres (reblip)


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chris_is_cool oh fucking shit! Cowboy Junkies cover the rolling stones!
chris_is_cool I am more like a cat I think? or a kind ninja.
chris_is_cool @ChrisHardie HA! yeah, I still find this a little too amusing. am I 34 or 14? I sometimes forget. (reblip)


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chris_is_cool have to spaz with the fever ray, this has put a serious zap on my pea brain. love! happy happys! warm fuzzies! hugs! kisses! high fives! chest bumps!
chris_is_cool vi@coolguitarboy yep, this is neato! I was looking for something by them to blip a week or so ago after reading some press about them. nifty nifty (reblip)
snapper @chris_is_cool, this has nothing to do with either the railcars or the furs i'm afraid, but it's nice :)

Magik MarkersTaste

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chris_is_cool are you f*cking kidding me? I actually kind of like this.. great fun cover ...
chris_is_cool it's in the shape of happy joys of sunny sunshine and blue breezes and tulips noding their heads in approval
chris_is_cool I fucking love kitties, fat bastard shedding hair ball puking cat. (Otis, Gordito,Mr. Fuzzy Pants, Little Fucker ... these are all of his names)
DareToEatAPeach "C-c-c-c-ookie little brown eyes."

The PresetsCookie

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chris_is_cool that sound you hear? (other than the fantastic music) would be the warm fuzzies fluttering about my heart.
chris_is_cool nothing like skinny puppy to help one unwind for bed time
chris_is_cool love LOVE this song "so lets go take some drugs and lets go have some sex" ....

Jarvis CockerTonite

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chris_is_cool in loving memory of Radley the Empty Bottle house cat, we'll miss your bad black kitty ass :-(
TMA7 Must be National Round Figures Day: 3500 props; 550 listeners. Thanks, @all
chris_is_cool wherd! hellos and warm fuzzies @all

No AgeTeen Creeps

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Rain Machine - Give Blood

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nastysurprise @MissDiggity @dochugo WHOA!!! I blip FPF all the time, if by all the time I mean once every couple of weeks. I want to be in the in crowd on this one.
chris_is_cool CRAP! I was planning on being in bed about 30 minutes ago. freaking blip vortex of time suck ... heh! one more after this. *sigh*
dailystendhal 10 song homage to mike mcgee’s “like”… I like this song like testicles like to hang
chris_is_cool @nastysurprise72 if you need to sleep, see the title of this song
dailystendhal geez - this should be our new national anthem! :) thanks @MsBojangles
chris_is_cool is that freedom rock? well TURN it up man!
dailystendhal this song is haunting me... in a good way!
chris_is_cool if you don't like this song at least a little, then you're probably a dumb poopy head. { -_~}
WunDaGround The new "Echo & The Bunnymen" single appeals to my dark side...
wayoutosphere @chris_is_cool : The Band – Atlantic City : The Boss liked this one better. Like Johnny Cash:Ry Cooder & Merle Haggard:Iris Dement
chris_is_cool whoa how fucking awesome is this? my smile is hurting my face
chris_is_cool was going to play the original, but figured this needed a listening
mteric No problem @Echo_L! / @chris_is_cool - I've always thought that "Untitled" is the lazy way to name songs. Might as well just give the song a number.
chris_is_cool and they won't stop shitting on my car
by_starla [Stardeath And White Dwarfs - I Can't Get Away] hello @nick_sorg-so good to see you? bday drinks for your bday? if so, happy birthday! :)
chris_is_cool I think I could use me a "perception stick", think of the fun one could have with it!
chris_is_cool Chicago has listened to the title of this song. yup it's getting cold
chris_is_cool oh how I miss thee, summer light. wontcha come back?
chris_is_cool this song needs to earn some type of award for its title
Beat_Rice hey thanks for the props @chris_is_cool this ones for you

Colorado Girl

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chris_is_cool @Echo_L: "@snugglebunny Gotta love family time. The lyrics are kinda mumbly to this song ... like Grandpa talking." (reblip)
muffinlab good night beauties - for@TheNewYorkChimes@dronnoisseur@SnailKid - this, i have no words -

Yann TiersenEsther

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Aluciel The Blow is suiting my mood tonight and making me all happy-like. Dancing done; time for some more cardio, though! Slacked this week...bad Karen.

The BlowParentheses

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