chriseff My new song! I would love it if you guys could reblip this and let me know what you think of it! <3
chriseff Sound familiar? Let's see..
OhhhMikey wait for the break in the middle... and hold on to your effing hats!
chriseff One of my fav Os Mutantes tracks. Any tune featuring an aerosol can as percussion is cool by me.
chriseff Too much angst for one day. Let's up the happy meter and get back to good.
chriseff Band is "Sons and Daughters". Song is "Johnny Cash". Saw these guys open for Franz Ferdinand once. Lovely!
SoulMusicSummitDj If you were a fan of the classic One In A Million album....this break should ring familiar (reblip)
SoulMusicSummitDj Had to ReBlip this one...still trying to find the mp3 of this track. (reblip)
SoulMusicSummitDj swagger that swaggers. light going up, thirty stone close to the ground. (reblip)
chriseff One of my favourite albums of all time, without a doubt.
chriseff Truly one of my favourite songs ever. I woke up to this one morning and it changed the way I heard music.
chriseff The grass is always greener on the other side, they say.
chriseff So I leave the ways that are making me be what I really don't want to be... making me love what I really don't want to love.
chriseff @thundercunt i see your name ten times a day on this site. i think our music collections should get together and make some minidiscs.
plouffe21 Love this song.... miss the video that goes along with it ;) @chriseff
chriseff Serge once shared space on a French talk show with Whitney Houston. He drunkenly stated he would like to "fuck" her and the whole thing was max LULZ
chriseff Then Gainsbourg met the lovely Jane Birkin on the set of their film "Slogan" and re-recorded it with her on vocals. I wonder if Bardot was insulted.
chriseff Watched The Dreamers last night. So thrilled to hear this song used. A treat for the ears.
dswancanada it sure does, thanks @Chriseff And it feels like this.. (reblip)
chriseff I feel a bit like this right now.
chriseff From an oft overlooked creative explosion of a concept album by the same name. Grab a parachute before we get there.
chriseff @nightie82 i've been working an 8pm - 5am shift to help out another store that is in dire shape. it's got my schedule all fudged.
chriseff If you haven't noticed, I've been listening to a lot of psych and garage tunes today. Turn on, tune in, drop out!
chriseff @ghostwise @dhshush thanks guys!! i'm so glad you found this tune on here, i love it! cheers! (reblip)
nightie82 @chriseff 1: that doesn't sound legal, 2: you make me wanna watch Jackie Brown, 3:?
chriseff Just downloaded a torrent containing sixteen Bobby Womack albums. Holy fucking shit yes.
chriseff So is this. (Wish they had a good quality full version)
chriseff Star Child.. Citizens of the universe..
chriseff Now let's take it to space, y'all.
kristalyn512 You could definately get down to this.

Rufus & Chaka Khan Tell Me Something Good

| play
chriseff You wanna cool it down? Alright then..
kristalyn512 Dance to the music all night long everyday people sing a simple song...
chriseff Dolemite for President. A constitution to legalize prostitution.
kristalyn512 Jackie Brown soundtrack is full of funk. :D
chriseff @ohhhmikey you might call this safe, i'm calling it building a solid foundation for my cause. i'm just warming up.
OhhhMikey @chriseff I see your Hathaway, and raise you one Maceo Parker
chriseff Spontaneous Funk Marathon, GO!!!
chriseff If I could be any louche foreign womanizer in the whole world, I'd choose to be Serge Gainsbourg. Bonjour, Brigitte Bardot e Jane Birkin.
kristalyn512 If this doesn't make you feel cool, something ain't right :D
chriseff This oughtta keep you warm if yer fuzzy slippers ain't doin' the trick.

WarLow Rider

| play
chriseff Just purchased: Black Shampoo, Get Christie Love, Dolemite 7DVD Collection, Cleopatra Jones, 8DVD Drive-In Cult Classics Collection
chriseff RIP Hardest Working Man in Show Business. I secretly wish I was a (albeit more tan) funk musician during the black pride era.
kristalyn512 I wonder who's getting tired of our blips?!
chriseff @colormekristen but I'm gonna ask all of you, "Am I black enough for ya?"
kristalyn512 That was one funkified filled late night. It was pretty fun :D Here's one for the road, before I go to work.
kristalyn512 She's a Mighty mighty.
kristalyn512 gotta get what you need sometimes, ya'll.
chriseff Ok, you're not dead to me. I hate saying that, you never know what could happen, eh Stevie?

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

| play
chriseff This goes out to all the people who are gonna unfollow me on Twitter tonight. You're dead to me.
chriseff Best inner city over the speed limit driving song ever. Just watch out for pedestrians!
kristalyn512 Come on, Groove me, baby! Move me, baby!
chriseff This'll put a strut in your step. Say what you will about Ike, the man had rhythm to die for.
kristalyn512 I feel like dancing.


| play
chriseff The Monkees first foray into the world of funk. Mickey Dolenz's best vocal performance of his career, imho.
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