gpharley I woke up!That's always good..LOL@SweetChayenne: "G'morning !! :)) TYSM Hope your day started marvelous :)) @gpharley: "GM&Happy Thursday to ya! (reblip)
gpharley Wah!Call 911@HarleyChick: "I think it may be ON FIRE!! roflmao! @gpharley What about it??" (reblip)
GAY_AMSTERDAM ♪♫♪ PRIDE 2011 ♪♫♪ Sylvester – You Make Me Feel
bubblegumjo @Jeffie: "Rb @scotlandlover: The Mamas & The Papas - "Dedicated To The One I Love"" (reblip)

Four Swords Levan Polkka

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GAY_AMSTERDAM ♪♫♪ PRIDE 2011 ♪♫♪ Lady Gaga – Born †his Way Coun†ry Road
sir_edward_ross I should quit using super-glue ... @Chow322: "Muse – Can't Take My Eyes Off You (reblip)
cibolack ハウスてなんだろ
scotlandlover rb @KyrasWeekendRide: "<3 ~~~~Heart Of Glass - Blondie ~~~~<3" (reblip)

Heart of GlassBlondie

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avard """Unchained Melody - Ghost Music"""""" (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach "I'm not 16 but I got leather boots and sway." "Oh go eff your pain away." rb@TheSurlyTMM: "thanks @DonkeyRide!" (reblip)
cibolack 日本でも流行った、ような
cibolack 昔大好きになった。今でも好き。


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driftkop @Alvaroxx: yeah , this .. is fucking amazing (reblip)

PortisheadOnly You

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cibolack 一時期やたら聞いてた。でもマネキンはまだ見てない。
cibolack シングルでもでてたよな

Frou FrouBreathe In

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DareToEatAPeach rb@eraser: "amor, ... como se come en el día a día,... ?" (reblip)
cibolack もう十代じゃなくなったんだよなあ
cibolack You remind me of the babe
cibolack 大分好き。短いけど。


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cibolack 原曲よりこっちを先に知った
cibolack ここ最近よく聞く

epo girl in me (スタジオライブ) 1982

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matthewmoloney Olly Murs ft Rizzle Kicks - Heart Skips A Beat

**Olly Murs 'Heart Skips a Beat' LYRICS**

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matthewmoloney Give Me Everything - Pitbull ft. Ne-yo, Afrojack, and Nayer
cibolack アジェンダて政治用語か何かだと思ってた
technogiant Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy
JacoLovesMusic GM J. Nope :) not big but very nice ♫♥♫ whole fam. rb@joanalamas: "GM J Was it a big party last night @JacoLovesMusic: "Mijn pappie gisteren :) (reblip)

Katamari Damacy Music

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yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Lady Sovereign - Ch Ching" #nowplaying
AmyIsImaginary "Firestarter" airhorn approaching..........#thearcher
ladypn Shout! New blog post! (finally!) #kidneydonor TY rb@renothespinner Love this!: "Tears For Fears ~ Shout (DJ Jemme Dance Mix)" (reblip)
sir_edward_ross Shirley not Day-glo? @scotlandtartanlover: "ooh I have to correct....not THOSE colors,at least @FOGGIELOANER: "surely not mrs slocombe! (reblip)


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Unter_der_Haut @MySecondHead: "@Heargasm: "Politically speaking ... O is killing me softly with his Rhetoric"" Roberta Flack – Killing Me Softly 1971 (reblip)
sir_edward_ross Re-truckin' @rocket1206: "~~ Space Truckin' ~~" (reblip)

Deep Purple Space Trucking

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Dancer12 ♥Sure didn't know Eva did "Fever" ~ Love her , Neat Video! No One can love you the way I do. . . @Jaxtraw12 Your lightning is in here!

FeverEva Cassidy

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yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Demi Lovato - Every Time You Lie" #nowplaying
yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Leela James - The Fact Is" #nowplaying
bluebrummie @LadyW Thanks for the props! :-) Black is Black – Los Bravos (reblip)
bluebrummie Beethoven - Ode to Joy


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DirtyUrine AC/DC - Who Made Who !! \m/ (reblip)

AC/DC Who Made Who (Maximum Overdrive Version)

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sassikassi Hi Will! I will break away, I'll find myself today... @TropicsZ4 (reblip)
sassikassi I'm good babe, hope U R 2 ~ saw a beautiful red sky 2nite, that means 2morrow will rock ; ) @mkruzel One for @sassikassi Hey K how are you babe? :) (reblip)
lillianwong Benny Benassi feat. Pitbull — Put It On Me (Original Mix) @DJ_Electro @letitride2 @DJNickPapag

Benny Benassi feat. Pitbull — Put It On Me (Original Mix)

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BluJulius I can never remember this(113) and I fucking LOVE them!rB!@PlanBHicham (reblip)

113 partir loin haute def

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DareToEatAPeach @SHNabors I'm worried too. But I'll wait & see how dire things are when they go live. And they are working on a new music site too.
SabineWe Après la reprise de Zaz, besoin d'écouter la belle chanson originale d' Edith Piaf – Dans ma rue

Tony Orlando & Dawn sing Knock Three Times

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GAY_AMSTERDAM ♪♫♪ ALL TIME CLASSICS ♪♫♪ 2008 Amy Winehouse – Valerie with Mark Ronson
GAY_AMSTERDAM ♪♫♪ ALL TIME CLASSICS ♪♫♪ 2002 Las Ketchup -The Ketchup Song

Las Ketchup-The Ketchup Song

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GAY_AMSTERDAM ♪♫♪ ALL TIME CLASSICS ♪♫♪ 1986 Hollywood Beyond - What's The Color Of Money

Hollywood Beyond What's The Color Of Money

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fxp123 Volbeat - Still Counting

VolbeatStill Counting

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GAY_AMSTERDAM ♪♫♪ ALL TIME CLASSICS ♪♫♪ 1963 Lesley Gore – It's My Party
Dancer12 ♥ Smack my hands, leave these cute, funny songs I MUST get to bed....are you coming with me or not. . . . xoxoxo

Classic Track: Mr Do It Yourself (Jean Shepard & Ray Pillow)

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scotlandlover rb @jet333: "Spyro Gyra - 'Cafe Amore'.." (reblip)

Spyro Gyra-Cafe Amore

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mark_till System of a Down - Bounce Lyrics
GAY_AMSTERDAM ♪♫♪ LADIES NIGHT ♪♫♪ Kim de Boer – Change

Kim de BoerChange

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RoughMac Have no ordinary weekend! :)@dANGELofLOVE:Hi!!Absolutely L♥ve Sade And This Song!!Thanks For Sharing!! #Happy #Halloween #Weekend To Y♥u!! RB@RoughMac (reblip)

SadeNo Ordinary Love

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yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Janet Kay - Feel No Way" #nowplaying

Janet KayFeel No Way

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yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Janet Kay - Moody's Mood" #nowplaying

Janet KayMoody's Mood

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Tropicsz4 Journey - Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
GAY_AMSTERDAM Oasis – Wonderwall


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avard GoodMorning@DJWayback: "Good morning! Time to get your funky groove on. xD" (reblip)
JacoLovesMusic I think i need 100 props :) Thnx again BB amazing list @DJBadBilly: "@JacoLovesMusic" (reblip)
cibolack ロックンロールという言葉ももう聞かなくなったな

T-Rex20th Century Boy

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JacoLovesMusic Hey Liona Thnx Have a great day rb@LionaB: "rb@JacoLovesMusic: "Misheard lyrics :)"" (reblip)
yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Marina & The Diamonds - Girls" #nowplaying
ClassicalAct RB @keithold: "Sting is an Englishman in New York" (reblip)
JacoLovesMusic ALL Saints – Pure Shores

ALL SaintsPure Shores

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JacoLovesMusic rb@auticomics: "Living is easy with eyes closed..." (reblip)

The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever (2009 Stereo Remaster)

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Exposed To Love -Expose

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avard "rock the jail""" (reblip)

Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock 1957 colour

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matthewmoloney Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is
natapritula √ RB @todrazh1: "Доброе утро, @natapritula )" ~ someone did not let me sleep .. do I have a good morning?.. ррр-р-р-р... #jazzysolo (reblip)

Marvin Gaye Lets Get It On

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fxp123 yeah though about that after I blipped it maybe just two z's then @KWrightz: "hehe;) my new name??cute!or ya sleepy?ha!@fx or just one we'll see (reblip)
DJKatalina It's not the pale moon that excites's just the Nearness of You
cibolack 中古に限れば今でもレコードはよく見る

St Germain Sure Thing

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cibolack 違う版もあるんだっけ


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sir_edward_ross Always time to re-Trane @BruceC: John Coltrane – Giant Steps (reblip)
avard rb"@StreamingMimi: "Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You "@ avardgreat song" (reblip)
avard "rock the jail" (reblip)

Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock 1957 colour

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jan and dean -surf city

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avard GoodMorning Tony@TonyMiles: "All in All, I think it's shaping up to be a terrific Thursday! Good morning, lovelies ♥" (reblip)
MONIKKA Bom dia @mcdemattos querida!! Eu não sei o link para fazer isso desaparecer :( Mas a @santamistura sabe !!

heartbreaker Dionne warwick (live) 2004

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gpharley TYSM! U 2!@teresa_8888: "Good2SeeYa Frank:)Happy Sunday!@gpharley: "@teresa_8888 GM Teresa! Good to C Ya!"" (reblip)

ZZ Top Jailhouse Rock

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cibolack CMで聞いたのかな

Wild Women Do

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cibolack 小さい頃、家においてあったCDの中の曲

Sparks When Do I Get To Sing My Way HQ Lyrics

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sir_edward_ross Re-yellow @fxp123: "Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" (reblip)
sir_edward_ross RB @S4W2E0D: "Aerosmith -- Sweet Emotion (reblip)

Aerosmith -- Sweet Emotion

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avard GM Bella angel@dANGELofLOVE: "**♥♥** Falling In L♥ve... I Don't Want To Let This Feeling Go... **♥♥** #Six #Part #Invention **♥♥** #New #Video/Lyrics" (reblip)
busto @mark_till: "Franz Ferdinand - CALL ME (Blondie Cover)" (reblip)
BluJulius I will gain an extra life when I get the high score
BluJulius mine is telling me I'm getting booty@KWright: "seems like everybody's got a @AnnieLicious @BluJulius :)" (reblip)
77ozzie I walk along ...I wonder what went wrong...

Del Shannon "My Little Runaway"

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BluJulius I never squash an intelligent voice@ellendiane: "that's a real tuff 1 for me-not evil ,but slightly ascerbic:)mebbe if he were taller.sorry:)had 2:) (reblip)
cibolack 繰り返し聞いた。しかし歌詞が聞き取りやすい。


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cibolack slowじゃないのに

Twista ft Kanye West & Jamie Foxx ~ Slow Jamz

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cibolack インディーズだったのか

Kandy PopBis

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cibolack 皆既月食か。日食かと思ってた。

Total Eclipse Of the Heart

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cibolack 歌詞を見て、kurosawaが出てきてることに気づいた。
DJKatalina the wee small hours, hope you aren't counting sheep!! :))
LisaWorld =_=

What's Love Got to do With It by Tina Turner [Lyrics]

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DJKatalina Call Me cover sung by Skye Edwards, lead vocalist with Morcheeba
avard Me either like good music@NO1sAsaintDEARlove: "i'm not a Tony Bennet fan, but i truly like this version;" (reblip)
BluJulius I'll stay right here

mo money mo problems (best quality)

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yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Nara Leão - Estrada Do Sol" #nowplaying
JacoLovesMusic Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata (With Lyric)

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we all live in a yellow submarine

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avard GOODMORNINGFRIENDS@avard (reblip)

John Lennon Imagine

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cibolack シングルカットされたのよね。…おとなしく日本語アルバム買ってればなー

Frou FrouBreathe In

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cibolack 「エクストリームチェロ」っぽくもある

Yo-Yo Ma plays the prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1

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Knock three times (the best)

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DeeJayChino Recomendación DeeJayChino Agosto 2011
killahtunz Grant Green and all you blippers out there!
bankaiAP Fuck You

Fuck You by cee lo green lyrics

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Teen Angel-Mark Dinning-original song-1960

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It's just a sunny day

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cibolack buuuurm

Deep Purple-Burn

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LikeAnAngel You take a piece of meat with you.


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ambit U are very welcome hun!@dANGELofLOVE: "Hi! Thnxx For A Beautiful Song!! RB @ambit: "#Fjc: Xantone Blacq~Without You! @VinylHuntress @dANGELofLOVE" (reblip)

Xantone Blacq Without You

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Creedence Clearwater Revival | Lookin' Out My Backdoor

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WieYu @GAY_AMSTERDAM: "Earth Wind & Fire "Fantasy"" (reblip)

Earth Wind & Fire "Fantasy"

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MURRAY HEAD _ One Night In Bangkok [re-recorded for UK TV _ .flv

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fxp123 Boz Scaggs - Lowdown (Unplugged) may well get my boz fix out of the way
DJBadBilly So True your song made me think of this @StellaBears

Loot Steve Ellis

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fxp123 going back to sleep @DJetLag: "am back,but i guess ur asleep :) sleep well..@fx "gn ditto @DJetLag: "wish u were here :) @fx "have a good lun (reblip)
KayceeDee Loves it! Respin @letitride2: "@DJ_Electro Sean Biddle feat Krukid – Direct Connection (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix)" (reblip)
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