eperestroika We Are the People by Empire of the Sun
stratosphear Feeling that hot blood grow cold ... Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses


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stratosphear We're just a million little gods causing rainstorms ... Arcade Fire - Wake Up
HipMama Save It For Later, The English Beat.
andyisnowskynet @nelbelstar I'm not allowed to give any more props to you today so I'll serenade you with some Time Consumer.
RhythmRush this song to me is sad....but I like the way it's put together lyrically
MelvisPresley Early Bill Callahan (as smog). His new album is super duper good. It sounds absolutely nothing like this, although this is positively wonderful.
rumore LONG LIVE JG BALLARD! (we'll miss you)
jen_rene_munoz7 My favorite J-pop singer and song
amynotlp Not sure what this song's really about, but it feels sexy and scary
techryan Guano Apes – Open Your Eyes
alexita and I feel crazy when I see your face...
totallymaniacal "Well, it's a form of self-expression. Some people write books. Some people write music. I make speeches on street corners."
Kpop Who cares if you don't know or understand the lyrics... it's the Wonder Girls! "Tell Me...."
divadoll123 This cracks me up! Definitely rated R.
m2ederson @powerlevel this is one of my favorite Sounds of Blackness songs! (reblip)

Sounds of Blackness - I Believe

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Fievel Meanwhile in another part of town.
dangervillage and i shout that you're all fakes
hebrewschool hebrew school, blipping since valentine's day. here's cameo, with "single life"
toobad last scene in a brief sequence
chickentalk Jerkin pt 2, I'm serious about this shit.
Vandalist69 A little Buckethead to sleep to.
Chiron Dead Can Dance – The Spider's Stratagem
Boomy_boompow BOOM BOOM POW!!! i hear there is a party?? *grin*
danielbdc ♫ Sonic Youth – I Dreamed I Dream (reblip)
handstamp my breakfast this morning was an oatmeal disaster...
handstamp DJ Aaron Axelson of live 105 says this will be the album of the year.. releases on 6/23.
handstamp @JMaury: @Nymph, @daretoeatapeach: I'm certain peach meant album (not act).. (reblip)
handstamp @JMaury - good plan.. keep me honest.
jarekbz "You can trip on my synthesizer. An electronic world for every boy and every girl." An interesting sentiment.
handstamp and now.. must run run run to go to see the Kills @ the fillmore
designervoodoo loving this song right now
galenjam together together together together

MGMTThe Youth

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Damaramu I love this tune. Great harmonies. The volume is a little low, so turn it up!!
samsa_G ~ PJ Harvey - This is Love
avivajazz Lhasa de Sela || Desdenosa
headshaker rb@Ldubya: listened to this album on my way to work today. Its definitely growing on me. (reblip)
ichigogrrl Shonen Knife – Riding On The Rocket

MGMT "Kids" Video

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NeonWinter Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)
NeonWinter MGMT - electric feel. why is justice so amazing? +_=

Oxford Comma-Vampire Weekend

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Squashpants And to end this little set, Squash lays some Elevators on ya....
Lolly_B "I'll take you home if you won't leave by the front door, your body's cold but girl we're getting so warm....." (reblip)

Metro Station~Shake It Music Video

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I_am_spie what's that floating in the water?
sjsharktank Do you realize, that you have the most beautiful face...
MrsBlack1955 ♥ my heart's skippin' skippin'♥ @IamLittleBoots sold out! Going with @Nadballs, Joe & @LWParis !
ronaldraygun The flute is a natural choice to lead into wall of noise punk. LOL! these guys are fucked up, oh wait....
omaidog actitud mental positiva
curation I always do.

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool: 'Dance The Way I Feel'

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threebears There's the idea that if a track is playing in your head, you should blip it. If you blip it, it will stick in your head even more .. umm ...
mammara if songs have relatives this is the daughter of the previous one.
everythingispop Wish I could just pluck around all day on my angels harp...
mammara sweet (the song & the video & her)
calamari Thanks, I love it. Cool name too! @anotorias: "@calamari just heard this band on the radio check it out "Get Busy Committee - I don't care about you"" (reblip)
ladypn On the cusp of my 70's kick then@camdalamb! : "WRITTEN in the late 70s. Album Boys Don't Cry was released January 1980" (reblip)
OutdoorLez And it's so sad to see the world agree/ That they'd rather see their faces fill with flies/All when I'd want to keep white roses in their eyes
GR8FL reblipping @La_Durden - so many variations of this one.... thanks! (reblip)
calamari Listening to Everything is Everything by Phoenix
calamari Listening to Modern Love by David Bowie
GR8FL thank you both! rb@amphore: ":)) ...... nice !! rb@edullima Bom dia pessoal ! passando aqui apenas para um oi ! =)" (reblip)
NyQuilDriver I want to be stereotyped, I want to be classified!
craigz @SabriESC they say I'm out of props for you tonight ;(
GR8FL don't worry about me, I follow where you lead...
GR8FL fade into you into dust....breathless and on again
onceacurmudgeon the original. one of those perfect songs. i am sure it has nothing to do with camus. (i've read the stranger 3 times this year. yes, i have problems).

The Cure-Killing an Arab

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onceacurmudgeon i play this for myself today, i am so sorry...., as i really over ate yesterday and had the super strange dreams to prove it.
onceacurmudgeon that last one made me think of this, from one of my favorite movies of the 90s, of the same name. a criminally underseen movie. you should see it.
onceacurmudgeon @Atomik: "happy friday randyhate" to you too sir. trying to avoid doing work. thank god for the procrastination powers of blip. (reblip)
toreo i love every song off her new cd.

Lady GaGaAlejandro

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Yan as we act, let us not become the people that we deplore
Yan snapcase never got the respect they deserved, but they knew how to rock
DareToEatAPeach I always confuse this band with that folksy girl band that did the "Joey" song. Thanks to @dochugo for continuing to clarify that for me. (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon inspired by @doubledrat, i will pay some penance for sort of forgetting how great built to spill is
onceacurmudgeon maybe my favorite built to spill song
onceacurmudgeon of course this one might be my favorite as well
onceacurmudgeon why why why are they on hiatus? someone please do something about this. thanks. via @doubledrat (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon wow... this is excellent. such a great song. via @dymphie (reblip)

Sinead O'Connor Live: The Last Day of Our Acquaintance

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DareToEatAPeach Nomination for Best of 2009. #bestof #bestof2009 "Music for Men" Release Date: October 6, 2009
onceacurmudgeon amazing! how did i not know about this?
threebears We Fell To Earth - Careful What You Wish For
threebears Paramore - Misery Business Acoustic
threebears "@Mysterymix: "thanks @space_cadet: "Last one for me. Bye bliplings :)" Xx"" ..quote'n'rb @BohlianSunshine ^(^ Hi and thanks to you & this blipchain. (reblip)
evablue not sure if i need a tutu or a track suit or coke bottle glasses
BabyGhost kiss me you fuckin' moron, i love yo la tengo.
truejerseygirl This is the last song that I'll write while still in love with you...cuz its time to leave those feelings behind.
deadcowaroma Doing my best : )@by_starla I think I'm giving out triple props though "that's the can-do attitude i expect from u! ." (reblip)
cammy I took No-Face by the beak, and broke his jaw, he'll never speak again.
onceacurmudgeon extremely busy today, but i could not let this go without a reblip. this = flipping fantastic. thank you dear @melpimenta for the introduction. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach "She's well acquainted with the touch of a velvet hand like a lizard on a windowpane."

The Beatles: Happiness is a warm gun

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onceacurmudgeon more calvin, this time a cover of a great beat happening song. via @palesails (reblip)
FineNGood @AlyG: "i am so cold right now. it is 40 degrees outside. not nice." 40? Try 3. Today sucked! (reblip)
eliott_is_dead hello@antennica {that's just sad! hope u get free from yr nasty job soon} n'@Arth {morning, man! have a great day.. with not too many squirty things}
shimonta make this alive good days are back open your eyes when it falls come back to the air
FineNGood Oh sweet sweet tree Fall for me Fall fast, fall free, fall for me

Nacha pop - Lucha de gigantes

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rapapu go home too soon!! go home too soon!!
FineNGood in my mind i'm breeding butterflies, broken dreams, and alibis that's fine. i've seen my palette blown to monochrome hollow heart clicks hollow tone
FineNGood @crispast: "i didn't use it in the last time.. not a lot ..i'll do my better in the future ;)rb@CooperHarris:" ok :) (reblip)
FineNGood @droolius: "nobody was playing it ,so I hadta!" Ditto! (reblip)
everythingispop More random best of 2009 (And this one was very near and dear to my heart)
everythingispop Random Best of 2009. Purchased your silver trembling fetus Christmas ornament yet bleeps? Hello to you @newNEWwave
everythingispop Will continue more best of 2009 but alas I must head off. Night Blippers.
Antenaweb "Sabroso.... "@hiperterminal: "@antenaweb @radioheadgirl Qué rico, ala" (reblip)

Amigos Invisibles- Que Rico

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onceacurmudgeon this is pretty damn fantastic and has made doing monotonous tasks this afternoon far better. via @palesails (reblip)

MonoBurial At Sea

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anonymoose Pfft. Just think of all the exercise you'd get @megg. Right @OneA?
Sandman5 RB @photogurrl: "Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset" (reblip)
FineNGood Well, I got five on the five And I been taking time doing it all alone, oh, oh If we keep it alive I'll ignore all the signs and keep driving home
FineNGood i am the conscience clear in pain or ecstasy and we were all weaned my dear upon the same fatigue
FineNGood Your head will collapse But there's nothing in it And you'll ask yourself
jeff More goodness from West Indian Girl

West Indian Girl "What Are You Afraid Of"

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threebears @OrangeKrush ... not enough room (bc I'm too wordy) to discuss my thoughts in 150 letters .. but appreciated the energy. What did u think?
Aluciel @angrybob If I ever grow up, you know what I wanna be?


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GR8FL to lie with you with our dreams entwined together... http://tinyurl.com/ykdojtc
threebears @musicalmind ... thanks for the reminder ... lurking somewhere in the depths of my hopeless memory
threebears 'why can't I see what's in front of me?'
Margot the powerful of the folk female vocalists
threebears "..we're all losing love ... we're all missing something ...there's a place that ends here when they close the gates of crime ..."
I_am_spie Blip is acting up on me. I can only see songs blipped an hour ago.


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The Antlers- Bear

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craigz @jennyleepenny you read my mind wrt the FM outfit. Of course that's where I was headed ;)
craigz @by_starla: "[Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Skeletons (acoustic)]" / sweet, thanks for this. Back to the Jets game (3:30 left and down - sadly). (reblip)
FourEyes I am not done and my ever dying love of Andrew Bird cannot be stopped.
molly120 "Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal"
ShiaoMei Craig David + Sting = Rise aNd Fall ~ @DJRUCA ~ @itsRamel ~
FineNGood Well, I love you well enough that I'll have you know The day you found me, girl, my life became stereo
FineNGood You force your fire and then you falsify your deeds Your methods dot the disconnect from all your creeds
urbanhermit it's not what they're selling, it's what your buying.
threebears "she's standing on a platform ..."
FineNGood @droolius: "thanx friend,likewise!!@CooperHarris: "@droolius: "happily flexing my Blip muscles(pretty effective,lol)@CooperHarris: " Thanks (reblip)
DearPrudns indeed.

psychotic girl the black keys

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DearPrudns I'm scared of @CherryGhost because she's psychic about my blips.
FineNGood Now I'm waiting for a signal or a sound Where can you be found now, my love?
Fated I really need to check concert listings. seriously didn't know Do Make Say Think was coming to #yyc either
Fated @FunkShoi @GorgoMcGuirk its like she watched star wars again and thought sand people are underrepresented in Sweden's population
spacespencer @mettee ... hey wicked princess (if I may)! :)
ita___thedjcat @fuzzygroove: "OOah w/ Kraddy et. al. to ring in the year of the Tigre: http://1015.com/events/103/chinese-new-year" dope!!! (reblip)


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karnevil incredibly addictive album this is, one of them finer cuts indeed
timbenzinger Getting ready for a short trip tomorrow (reblip)
Ambience I'm pretty sure this is my favorite song of 2009, which is saying a lot.
aquietend this is totally one of the best things I've heard in a long time.
toocooltofool I carved your name across my eyelids. You prayed for rain, I prayed for blindness.
craigz @RadioFreeIllinois: "Iron & Wine~ Waitin' For A Superman" / sweetness, this; thanks! (reblip)
deadcowaroma hahah @NikkiPixel I just think the songs about heart break are more interesting : )
Fated @thesearejams @coconuuuuuuuut one with the hipster freaks, I have refrained from reading hipster runoff and I'm not poor enough.
DareToEatAPeach #greatvideo "No need for the moon as I'm guided by fireflies."
Fated god damn I love this song. @adbert what's shakin today? (ugly casanova-things I don't remember)
onceacurmudgeon i just need to hear this one. there is a longing in me right now, just no idea what it is for. ugh...
shimonta special effects by loonatik and drinks the graveyard scene the golden years

bauhaus shes in parties

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NyQuilDriver Haha, We've destroyed the hopes and dreams of a generation of faux-romantics.
DareToEatAPeach This is the #totallyradanimatedvideos that got me into Tenacious D. #animated #video Side note: pain in the ass to find restricted vids on YT!

Tenacious D in Fuck Her Gently

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calamari ♫ Here's your money back. Here's your punk rock backkkkk!!!! ♫ (^o^)
threebears Vampire Weekend - Diplomat's Son
partickbateman @bitsOfBobs: "TV On The Radio – Province. Always make time for this tune. Magic." Not listened to TVOTR for yonks. Still amazing. (reblip)
RealtorLefebvre "Discovered" (which means found out about him after it was hip) him on Austin City Limits with Mos Def...


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onceacurmudgeon it is snowing AGAIN. all of a sudden this song seems more than appropriate..... via @ahuvag (reblip)
RealtorLefebvre Don't you love when you "re-discover" an old album you forgot all about? Found 'Wiretap Scars' from 2002 under my seat in my car today.
P_Runkel James Mercer from the Shins and Danger Mouse. good stuff.
DareToEatAPeach @Duaze On that reblip: you didn't delete the names, but you DID delete the link I was trying to tell people about? I guess that's one way to do it. =P (reblip)
tsarnick neutral milk hotel ~ king of carrot flowers pts. 2 & 3
DareToEatAPeach "We fell back to earth like gravity's bitches (physics makes us all its bitches)" rb@pecusita (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon breast cancer really robbed the world of a great one. please ladies, yearly mammograms. my mom gave them & i'd hear daily of the carnage. via @bthecat (reblip)


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tsarnick bright eyes ~ first day of my life
tsarnick pavement ~ here

Pavement 'Here'

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DareToEatAPeach File under: #rock bands that use #violin. Or perhaps #interestingharmonies.

BEARSUIT "Steven F***ing Spielberg"

| play
mark_till If we could just be immobile for some time Owl City - I'll Meet You There
MrsASoprano I jumped into the river, black-eyed angels swam with me. A moon full of stars and astral cars and all the things I used to see.
ita___thedjcat @antec your are the man>>> still!

Team DoyobiDF0:BAD

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paintedword e un sorso di vino. Però ho detto uno, oh.
craigz yeah, this was my first favorite on the new album; i'm still crushing hard.
mark_till The Crystal Method feat Matisyahu - Drown In The Now
craigz @jmikeh: "Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader" / hey @jmikeh; all gone yer daily 3 they are! (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon just saw her and somehow she did not sing this. so not fair. other than that: amazing. rykarda = statuesque
craigz think i just had one of *those* conversations @amsiebee :)
craigz @Lovecat: "@amsiebee ... yeah craigz = enabler ... ;-)" / i've recruited legal representation; however currently the team is watching skins :) (reblip)
anonymoose LOL This song kept dominating the search results when I looked up the group. @OneA: "happy friday :) @anonymoose speaking of civil twilight..." (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach I got my author on Fox and Friends! Wooooo! Happy dance! I'm-so-awesome dance!
craigz @amsiebee: "i like this one... :) thanks! craigz: "oh, she does ;)"" / oooh! i get to hear it again, thanks :) (reblip)
FineNGood Timid little teether your eyes set on the ether Your moon in Bella Luna and howling hallelujah
spacespencer there's a bear inside my stomach (rumble..., sick).
Flying_Buttress Iron and Wine – Jezebel. I love this name for my future daughter but my mother would have a coniption.
Flying_Buttress Jeff Buckley – Nightmares By The Sea.
evablue i promise to give the band your name with the question :)
spacespencer had a dream about an attic during my nap.
mark_till Robots In Disguise - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid
MrsASoprano Don't ask her on a straight tequila night...she'll start thinking about him and shes ready to fight, blames her broken heart on every man in sight..
cammy It's times like these, I need relief.
mark_till rb!@agogab Florence & The Machine – Kiss With A Fist <gr8fl> (reblip)
spacespencer ja, sollte eigentlich anfangs nur ein kleiner schneller quick blip werden, und nun ... @DChain ;)

Magnetic Fields | I Don't Want To Get Over You

| play
spacespencer need something sparkling.
craigz @Lovecat: "(& i'm good at drowning)" no props left here are <<claps>> / lazing my way to the shower :) (reblip)
mark_till ummm.... he also made false teeth... The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist
DareToEatAPeach rb and thanks @Lovecat:@craigz and passing on to @Mirrorshades because he likes the fuzzy #guitar goodness. (reblip)
onceacurmudgeon while it may have been eyeglass melting hot out there today, my metrocard served me well, though my company was even better.
DareToEatAPeach So over Facebook and looking for something different? New blog post: http://bit.ly/wedontneedfacebook
mammara hello everybody, i'm ready for the #zoo
foxy_kida off i go with a fav.... catch u later ...


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mencantaparis Sit me down, shut me up, I'll calm down and i'll get along with you.
MrsASoprano Hello world, I'm your wild girl! Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry Bomb!
MrsASoprano rb@StrawberryToast: "@MrBwatts...my personal fuck you song...and w/ that i think i will add you. the few . the proud. those i like. hahha" (reblip)

The Kills- Fuck The People

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everythingispop Thurston's imprint is all over this! Howdy @badtemperedzombie (I imagine your grill saw some action today for SU day!)
everythingispop I would be a maple.... Good night BLIP Nation!
onceacurmudgeon "i still need you, but i don't want you now" via @Flower (reblip)
spacespencer time to be outside. // Sea Wolf - The Garden That You Planted
eliott_is_dead @wal_limoli people rebliping without listening... what a shame! :D
onceacurmudgeon i've always wondered the same after we melted an entire city. but as oppenheimer said: "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." poetry.
onceacurmudgeon the perfect song to follow my last 3 blips. via @Dramathan (reblip)
anonymoose Time to sign off. Have a good weekend blippers!
salleegal Gogol Bordello – Let's Get Radical
DareToEatAPeach Special thanks to @Martinshorn for giving me bunches of props recently.
mark_till Nice! New! RB! @DareToEatAPeach Arcade Fire – Ready to Start (reblip)