clergywoman1 Stop. Look. Listen. Restful. Peace-filled. Take the time. Free your mind. May you be replenished by The Holy Spirit. Smile! (reblip)
clergywoman1 Wichita Lineman is still on the line! Traveling music. Climb aboard. Go with him. Listen.
clergywoman1 Got a few moments? You've got to hear this! Sit through it. I like this, too. Beautiful. Haunting melody. Peaceful. Special, indeed. Listen.
clergywoman1 Sam Cooke sang this, his epitaph, and not too long thereafter, he went home to be with the Lord. Does your daily life write your epitaph? Listen.
clergywoman1 Here is a wonderful "listening" song with a haunting melody. It is a special treat. Listen.


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clergywoman1 Lord, without You, I am mute. I have no answers. I don't even know the question. But You know the questions before they are thought or asked. Listen.
clergywoman1 If you don't have a song to sing, just ask Jesus. He'll give you the words and even the most ethereal melody, too. Don't live without a song. Enjoy!
clergywoman1 Encouragement for your journey comes now. Fly on God's promises for your life. God never fails. Remember . . .
clergywoman1 Change of pace and location. If you think you can take it, come along. You probably need exercise anyway. Keep moving. Enjoy!
clergywoman1 Thanks to Valeriec24 for this spirit-filled gem on her site. Enjoy! (reblip)
clergywoman1 This song speaks for itself. Have a problem? Give it the time it needs to heal. God is able.
clergywoman1 Do tears signal weakness or strength? Depends on who is weeping and why? If you have strength to show tears, then how weak can you be? Weep.

Eva CassidySongbird

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clergywoman1 Some get in a hurry to get to a place that will be waiting. Then they slowly unravel. Waiting doesn't really take that long. God redeems time! Listen.

Oleta AdamsGet Here

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clergywoman1 Original version.I remember when this song came out. But cow bells in a church? When the Lord comes, we shout the harvest over. Praise Him. Listen.
clergywoman1 The heart of believers become the new mind of Christ. Turned over to Him-totally filled with Christ. "In Him we live and move and have our being."
heartcures Wonderful song and video by my friend Todd Vaters about his awesome friend #Jesus!

This Is Love

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clergywoman1 Daily, trials, tribulations, tests, everything but rest. Hold on to faith in Jesus. Why? There will be a day which far exceeds everyday known. Enjoy.
clergywoman1 Resting in His blessed presence of peacefulness - I smile. Do you know the beauty of the Lord? Here is Kari Jobe to bless your heart today.


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clergywoman1 Jesus Lord, Protector, Shield, God, Heart's Desire. In Him is everything we need. In Him is joy in every breeze. Life eternal. Dauntless! Worship

My BelovedKari Jobe

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clergywoman1 Love is a precious gift from God. Don't squander it, abuse it, misuse it, neglect it, or reject it. God is love. Tell somebody love is the key.

You Were Loved by Whitney Houston

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clergywoman1 Life is to live and be grateful forever to God who alone gives us life. Contemplate. Meditate. No one but God. Be FREE! Enjoy.
clergywoman1 Thank God for making you. Thank you for staying you in a sea of wannabe's. God's got you now! You can rest easy in the Lord's blessings and peace.
clergywoman1 @Ericatweetsjams: "I'm Movin On~wanna come with me : )" Thanks to Ericatweetsjams. Great song. (reblip)
clergywoman1 Holy Fire within us is why Holy boldness manifests without to shake up every demon in Hell to turn loose and move - move - move away and stay far. GO!
clergywoman1 Keep the song of praise in your mouth and your heart will shout it out! Giving God glory for all He's done, is doing, and is yet to do. Sing along!
clergywoman1 Caught in my hydroplaning car alone. No brakes. Blur. Wheel jumped out my hand! Auto spun close to overpass. Car turned 'round. Came to rest. Amen.
clergywoman1 Silver or gold days that drift through the caverns called memories awaken new life at sunset. Enjoy your memories!

eva cassidy - fields of gold

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clergywoman1 Noticed any feathers on your sidewalk lately? Feathers and rocks find their way to my footpath. I pick them up. Angels watch when we sleep. Hear?
clergywoman1 Do you have drums in your past? They are calling out to remind you that life did not just begin with you and life will not end with you who know God.
clergywoman1 Sometimes words are too much but they can never adequately convey what the heart already knows. Let Mariah and Whitney show you what I mean. Listen.
clergywoman1 This is my theme song. No time for mess. Been richly blessed. How could I not? God saved my soul a long time ago.

Whitney Houston - One Moment In Time

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clergywoman1 I just happen to be passing through. Glad to meet you along the way. Stop and say hello. Make a friend. Be a friend. Here we go!
clergywoman1 When was the last time you felt the Lord God's heavenly breathing upon your face? Have you felt His wispy breeze? Here He is. Believe. Receive.
clergywoman1 Nostalgic. Wistful moments. Youthful daydreams that linger are meant to be. They do not die. Don't let them hide inside. Deliverance comes from God.
clergywoman1 Prayer begins within and climbs up out of your depths deeper than the deepest reaches by far. How far do you want to reach--- UP? Pray. Listen.


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clergywoman1 Refreshment is on the way. The Lord will never leave you nor forsake you. Quiet. Listen.

Jaci VelasquezAdore

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clergywoman1 Here's Deborah sailing along on the Lord's peace, and we offer you the chance to come along. Enjoy!
clergywoman1 A reminder that we can do nothing unled by God which will ever satisfy. Listen.
clergywoman1 Did you know that between the closing door and opening door is a room? Go wait in there 'til God opens it for you and says, Now, My child, soar! Joy!
clergywoman1 Godly love endures hardships. It ensures that the love of God is much needed in a world of the unloving, unlovely, and unlovable.
clergywoman1 Love in any language speaks to us all the same. Good. Bad. Indifferent. Hope awaits eternally. Don't give up! Hold on. Help is on the way.
clergywoman1 Personal faith witnesses even in times when you are silent, for spirit bears witness to spirit we are God's children. Give God glory in all things. (reblip)
clergywoman1 Michael Buble - Home - Sentimental sound. Someone once said "Home is where the heart is." Ah! I wonder. How many heart-homes do you have? Find out. (reblip)

Michael BubleHome

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clergywoman1 Thank God for the storms. Go in the center - right in the eye. Sit. He will meet you there. Peace abides. Praise God in any storm!
clergywoman1 God's love is eternal. Seasonless. God's love is available. Matchless. God's love is here. Free and Free. Ask Him. He'll tell you. Listen.
clergywoman1 Who is Switchfoot? I heard the song while driving in my car. Nice tune. Great message. Think about it. Just don't take too long to decide. Listen.
clergywoman1 A Tribute to colleagues, the Late Rev. James Cleveland and the Late Rev. Evora Robinson-Burns and so many in choirs singing across the globe. God IS.
clergywoman1 Daddy's girl. A dad's boy. A mom's hubby. Gender-specific love is never defined by a surgeon's knife. It comes in with your life. Makes a difference!
clergywoman1 A Godly woman submits. A Godly man recommits. A Godly household? Well. It just has to follow all to the glory of God. Healthy balance is the key. OK?
AliveinMe AMEN!! thru Jesus-this is our life-to live it 4 Him...not waste it on material things-or dwelling-He has amazing plans! (reblip)
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