codrutza this is for my brother who got me into enjoying good music
codrutza i dream of the sea, i miss the sea
codrutza one of my UB40 favourites

UB40Higher Ground

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TonyGK Texas – Say What You Want
codrutza i think this is my personal favourite of all dire straits
codrutza it is a classic, enjoyable

Faith No MoreEasy

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codrutza out of love for christopher walken
codrutza get into the house of Liza
tiltcr Won't you sign up your name, we'd like to feel you're acceptable, respectable, presentable, a vegetable!
codrutza this I played for my imaginary lover
Lemon "Funky, funky" Thank you Herbie Hancock:)
TonyLetts I love these women - Don't know why - Norah Jones
codrutza give it up for US3

Us3 - Tukka Yoot\'s Riddim

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codrutza i've been humming it all morning, it's time to listen to it
codrutza me and my son love this one - from the animated Cars soundtrack
codrutza the police - some of their best to my taste


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DJKOR Dedicated to Mark and Mark @clickrain 's office.
diva42 Sign Your Name, Terence Trent d'Arby


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codrutza allowed

westlife - allow us to be frank - when i fall in love

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tribalistas ja sei namorar

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The Rolling Stones-Sympathy For The Devil

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codrutza for my son who requests it when we drive in the car
codrutza i believe this - everyone has a sign with the supernatural or divine
codrutza this one gets me each time


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ROSIEOLIVEIRA @BubblesToGo: "Wow, it's been a while since I hear this song. Enjoy. "/ HEY BUBBLES, ANYTHING BY THE EAGLES IS GREAT! THANKS FOR THE FLASHBACK :-) (reblip)

Pulp Fiction Theme: Surf Rider

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Die fantastischen Vier-Die da

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indecisivecake AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! now i will have sweet dreams. RIP george

George Harrison-Got my mind set on you

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codrutza this is the song that inspired me to pray and give thanks daily "Lord knows how she feels, every day in his name she begins"


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codrutza in my top 3 of blue

BlueOne Love

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codrutza give it up for a g, i miss going to his concerts
codrutza yeah, i'll never be your beast of burden
codrutza this is to you, my high school wonder
codrutza a great one of all times

George Michael Freedom '90

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Om Mani Padme Hum

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THE POLICE: Montreal 1983, Tea in the Sahara

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The Eagles Hotel California 1976 live

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Blue-You Make Me Wanna

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Howard Jones "What is Love"

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BPMRandy GR8 workout remix - Eurythmics vs. OneRepublic 4UR French Open workout 137 beats per minute-1 Life/1Chance - Let's MOVE! (reblip)
Chris1956tian #music Joe Cocker – You are so beautiful (nearly unplugged)
BobTheMediaGuy It's hard to top The's a mind set we're doin' - check it out

Rod Stewart & Amy Belle- I Dont Want To Talk About It

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accidentally in love-counting crows(official video)

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codrutza ok, this time i really go to bed
soonerpa @adrianna: "The original. Which is also the BEST version" >>>>>Yes it is, you are right. :-) (reblip)

Roberta Flack-Killing Me Softly With His Song

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The Proclaimers 500 Miles (live 8)

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avivajazz Cirque Du Soleil – Alegría
GillFrayne Annie Lennox Love song for a Vampire lol For my new twitter friends x

Annie Lennox Love song for a Vampire

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Harry Belafonte Day-O ( Banana Boat )

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viktor_bublic wow.. got goosebumps listening to this.... also great visual presentation..
codrutza 10 wonders - human fingers on piano keys

Florin Chilian Zece

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Gheorghe Zamfir, Doina da jale

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Charitouss 1964

the kinks- you really got me

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5ProspectStreet #24 - Who is it. You may not know this one by name, but you'll remember it when you listen. #michaeljackson
powerhealths ~..~ Life ~..~ "Life is like an onion: You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep." ~ Carl Sandburg (reblip)


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warren_bennett great guitar solo in this ..... Levi,Levi,fly...

PrinceSexy M.F.

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Springsteen/Rem man on the moon

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codrutza gravity wants to bring me down

Gravity by John Mayer

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batistinha rb vi@shadow7777: "The Cranberries – Linger :-)" (reblip)

The CranberriesLinger

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ECHO5 something for everyone in this video.. official music video...
WunDaGround The Pogues – Summer In Siam
codrutza i'm a family man and my bark is much worse than my bite... if you push me too far i just might...

Mike Oldfield-Family man

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simonkeenan007 this is cool also

Meet Joe Black Soundtrack

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codrutza but You're Innocent When You Dream

Röyksopp-Poor Leno

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mika73 Weil heute donnerstag ist
codrutza i hummed it in my head, i had to take it out!

Led Zeppelin No Quarter 1973

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codrutza plenty more fish in the sea
codrutza oh the moments, the times, the sharing
codrutza another one for the nostalgia - wasted and wounded

Tom Waits Waltzing Matilda live 1977

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BON JOVI : Bed Of Roses...Live (Unplugged)

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Sharmma Des'ree... You got to be

You Gotta BeDes'ree

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codrutza i miss my father

Tata Timpuri Noi

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Ioana Radu & Mia Braia ~ Ciobanas cu trei sute de oi

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flinndc Obrigado menina :-) @CMDoria: "Senhora or "menina". Leave "Dama" out, its very uncommon and too formal. :o)@flinndc (reblip)
sweetlilmZmia John Mayer – Covered In Rain (Any Given Thursday) #tripleblip
codrutza welcome back Loba

Shakira-la loba -con letra-she- wolf lyrics

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f_paterlini fuori piove un mondo freddo

Paolo ConteVia Con Me

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thomasmmm @wysterical Ready-Aim-Fire day or Pachuca Sunrise day?
codrutza time traveling

SfinxOm bun

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Robert Pattinson Never Think OFFICIAL lyrics

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PauloStudio2002 Tracy Chapman - Sing For (reblip)
PauloStudio2002 Hall & Oates vs. Simply Red – [LaBelladiva] I Can't Go For That (Sunrise Mix).................. (reblip)
JTMaustin @matriax: "Dag,een hele goede dag gewenst@JendeMen: "GMTY!@Dancer12: "RB@carlnat: "@matriax:"" (reblip)

Corazón espinado-Maná-Santana

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codrutza on of my all time favourites - both Sting and the song

Sting Moon over bourbon street Live in Italy

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codrutza practice... and be friends with Sting
Shaman777 Thx RB@AmyisImaginary: "Maaaan! Face down in the frosting, covered in bacon bits! Out of control~Can you EVEN 'imagine'? @DirtyUrine" (reblip)

OMCHow Bizarre

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gerardvanderstar "The Boss" (Bruce) returns to his Roots: you should see this...
fabiogrando The Cardigans – Erase/Rewind
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