chicklitgurrl My new theme song, "Feeling Good" - Michael Bublé
chicklitgurrl Was thinking about this song a week or so ago - still love it: Harry Connick, Jr. "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" (reblip)
S75_BigBandEraRadio BIG BAND RADIO: - Joshua Redman - Soul Dance
Gypsylyn ~ The Needle and the Spoon ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd
Gypsylyn Heres another one.....;-D

Janis JoplinMary Jane

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anothercraze For you @redheadedgreengirl, my 'dorable California tigerlily! The time at the lake went toooooo fast!
Gypsylyn ~ I WILL STOP THE WORLD 'N' MELT INTO YOU ~ Mod English" (reblip)

Beatles - Twist and Shout

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ambit Classic Elton John~Your Song....

Elton JohnYour Song

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Gaspar Na lista de ontem faltou essa. Ainda bem. Ontem ela teria feito um estrago bem grandinho.
Gaspar Depois de tantas músicas tristes, uma das minhas felizes favoritas. (reblip)
Matericia Johnny Cash – Help Me I am helping someone special today.

Johnny CashHelp Me

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mammara last blip for me today, see you tomorrow blippers.
Gypsylyn ~ Wrapped Around Your Finger ~ The Police
anothercraze Hey you like Queens of the Stone Age, right @rojdoj? Have you ever heard of this guy? So bad it's goooood!
ambit Are U expecting something soon? :)>>"@GinaDunc: "Muse – New Born" (reblip)

MuseNew born

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clarkowitz Heard story on NPR or BBC or PRI today about this group. No idea. BTW... Let's get Blip to allow comments on Blips. I think that would be hilarious!!
Apple_chic RB vi@robotnik: " ...and Taken by Trees is also soon. Her stuff is pretty great I think" yeah LUSH I agree. Well have a good time lovely :) (reblip)


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cabrochette oh, thinking about all our younger years just like bryan adams.

Kristin HershSpring

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cabrochette as luscious e seus projetos eram tão queridas. :~

KostarsRed Umbrella

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cabrochette redação: minha juventude.

Stephen MalkmusUs

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StonyTunes ~ JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOU ~ Nouvelle Vague ;-)(-;
StonyTunes ~ SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL ~ Goldfrapp ;-)


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lub mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! dinner time ;)
GarlandGrey I heard a historian on All Things Considered make a Family Guy reference today. Weird.
GarlandGrey rb@andidigress: "HOLY THUNDERCOCK! solange knowles covering stillness is the move" (reblip)

Stillness In The Move-Final

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GarlandGrey Why can't you comment? @andidigress That Dirty Projectors cover was the hotness. Great find. Super win. (reblip)
mammara @space_cadet you can steal all that you want anytime you want.
mammara last one for me. have a nice time @space_cadet and @all.
Matericia A day without at least one gospel song is like a day without sunshine. Aretha Franklin – Oh Happy Day
Gypsylyn YW :)@paperklutz: "ahhh! I've been trying to remember this song long time! thanks :)@Gypsylyn: "~ 1,2,3,4 ~ Plain White T' favorite shirt..;-)"" (reblip)
Gypsylyn My favorite "crank it up " song I play really loud in my car..haha

StingFill Her Up

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Matericia 5. Eliminates extra charges for preventive care like mammograms, flu shots and diabetes tests to improve health and save money. <The Flaming Lips>
makinloverite Biffy Clyro | Let's Get Smiling all my friends on blip and twitter ..y'all got me smiling..appreciate all your RB's and RT's n #FollowFriday luv!
dall625 rb@BloodyBender: ""Oh, such a prima donna, sorry for myself...But green, it is also summer...And I won't be warm till I'm lying in your arms."" (reblip)
PreciousSoHot *whew* *Bootsy Collins – I'd Rather Be With You*
LeslieLessyLes I am loving her voice :) Good song, too.

Frou FrouBreathe In

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Gypsylyn ~ If You Wear That Velvet Dress ~ Jools Holland & Bono
threebears Nitin Sawhney - Mausam ♥♥♥

Nitin SawhneyMausam

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by_starla [Low - Below & Above] you're welcome, @space_cadet--hoping you find what you lost :)

LowBelow & Above

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Gypsylyn ~ Dream a Little Dream of Me ~ The Mamas & The Papas..say nighty night and kiss me..;-)
santamistura blipperland good night for alllllllllll ;o) thankssssss for the songs props and replies, sorry not to reply all, today was a busy day here
Gypsylyn ~ Poetry Man ~ Phoebe Snow
anothercraze For some reason I doubt the Hoff likes girl groups @Perotin (unless theyre sangin bout drankin). For whatever reason I pegged him for a Morrissey fan.
megg Inspirational. "The skinny, sweet kid with a huge heart who loved music and taking pictures and just wanted to be well." @MoiraColleen =] (reblip)
LikeAnAngel HA! Yep. A Big, big love. @clarasaurusrex: "reblip it, @LikeAnAngel! you know you want to!" (reblip)

The PixiesGigantic

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StonyTunes ~ SWING SWEET PUSSYCAT ~ Atomic Fireballs :-)
GR8FL may not be enough @threebears, but at least it's real :)
santamistura tonight is veryyyyyyyyy bad my internet i will be back tomorrow @davodrums thankssssssssss (reblip)


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GR8FL will upload Sol Tapado ~ Thievery Corporation later @shawnystar - were you able to hear the whole imeem version?
smilecin blippin' & cookin'...hopefully, there won't be any burnin' ;)
StonyTunes ~ I AM SO INTO YOU GYPSY ~ ARS ;-)(-;
DareToEatAPeach Just didn't feel like blipping. Got caught up in reading a book, then writing. @Nymph re:"you're quiet tonight? everything okay I hope..." (reblip)
LikeAnAngel i mean that in the sense that assassins take people out. i am sick enough that it would be a mercy killing.
FineNGood Someone tried to tell me something Don't let the world bring you down Nothing will do me in before I do myself So save it for your own...
santamistura blipperland good night for alllllllllll


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ladypn It was so easy living day by day, out of touch with the rhythm & blues, but now I need a little give & take, the NY Times, the Daily News.
ladypn Haven't blipped them NEARly enough of late!
emdeejay good evening blip; i hope you are enjoying your weekend
LikeAnAngel sounds like soundtrack to all the VHS cassettes my parents didn't know i knew they had in their closet. @NotAsPunkAsYou: (reblip)
cdub its the song that matters playlist 5

Dr. DogCalifornia

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cdub it's the song that matters playlist 6
cdub its the song that matters 8 - (hey to @tardisgrl )
cdub its the song that matters playlist 9 (thanks and cheers @loriiseclectic)
cdub its the song that matters playlist 10
cdub its the song that matters playlist 11 (got it @RadioFreeIllinois - great find - will be listening to your monster blip later!!! thanks bro)
cdub its the song that matters playlist 12
cdub its the song that matters playlist 13
cdub its the song that matters playlist 15
melodyofurlife you can never go wrong with this one either, off The Gleam!
cdub aside - @loriiseclectic - al is my hero - i hear he's doing well - the fact that he isn't a household name has more to do with households than him
LikeAnAngel sweet! let's do it. @revbeatman: "@MissDiggity @LikeAnAngel - Deal me in! I don't think anyone in my office is accomplishing anything today." (reblip)
Shukitty @revbeatman is it foreclosed? my price range is pretty damn low =p can only afford it because mi is so depressed the houses are cheap cheap cheap (reblip)
melodyofurlife Is it safe that the intro to this tune playing in mind constantly?
GR8FL carefully crafted message within the character number constraint goes here
FineNGood rb @threebears: "your naked body shimmers in the light ..." I thought I closed the blinds, my bad ;) (reblip)


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threebears Paramore - Misery Business Acoustic
avivajazz Hank Jones / Monk's Mood / Hank Jones (piano), Eddie Gomez (bass), Jimmy Cobb (drums)
avivajazz King Pleasure / I'm in the Mood for Love / Moody's Mood For Love (1955) / King Pleasure-vocals, Seldon Powell/Plas Johnson-tenor sax
avivajazz Oscar Peterson / I Got Rhythm (1945)
avivajazz Oscar Peterson Trio / Windmills of Your Mind / Two Originals: Walking the Line + Another Day (1970) / Oscar-piano, George Mraz-bass, Ray Price-drums
avivajazz Oscar Peterson + Itzhak Perlman / Stormy Weather / Side by Side (1994)
avivajazz Sydney Bechet / Summertime (1939) / Best Of Sidney Bechet (Blue Note) / Meade Lux Lewis-p Teddy Bunn-g Johnny Williams-b Sid Catlett-d Bechet-ss
threebears "no geno before the specials on wednesday shame @radiomustgo: "vi@briangreene springboks 15-10 in foggy Dublin" quote'n'rb@elthornepr thanx 2 u 'all'! (reblip)
sheryonstone I lost my mind and did the billboard list for this week ;) lol @GR8FL: "@sheryonstone (what's with the numbers?)" (reblip)
sheryonstone ha ha. how r u ? just the billboard for this week @Corts: "rb@sheryonstone: I give up! what r u counting thro? I love lists :) "#98"" (reblip)
FineNGood What's up! Gonna show me that ink? ;-) rb @delinKwint: "rb...great song@CooperHarris" (reblip)
GR8FL no quite woo-hoo @threebears, but close... yes? Satyam Shivam Sundaram
avivajazz Roland Kirk Quartet / We Free Kings (1961) / Roland Kirk (reeds/flute), Hank Jones (piano), Wendell Marshall (bass) Charlie Persip (drums)
FineNGood @Angie74: "Promise? @CooperHarris: "I will build a pedestal and put you upon it "" Of course I do, BTW - doing some research for June :) (reblip)
GR8FL lost a g/f @curatEar... as they say, ricky you have explaining to do .. :)
avivajazz Tangerine / Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster (1957) / Hawkins/Webster-ts, Oscar Peterson-p, Herb Ellis-g, Ray Brown-b, Alvin Stoller-d
avivajazz Blues for Yolande: Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster (1957) / Hawkins/Webster-ts, Oscar Peterson-p, Herb Ellis-g, Ray Brown-b, Alvin Stoller-d
avivajazz Leon Redbone / Shine On, Harvest Moon
FineNGood @skinnyB777: "@CooperHarris: "I wish I could heal you And I wish you could heal me......"" Hey girl! Thanks for the reblips :) (reblip)
LikeAnAngel ha! OH NOOOOOOO!! this is so wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong @TPJK: "I wasn't kidding! lolll (Cover of The Cure's - Lovecats) @LikeAnAngel" (reblip)

Paul AnkaLovecats

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FineNGood @Angie74 So I will follow you wherever you go If your offered hand is still open to me


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BLUESBOOGIE Jody Williams – Lucky Lou
FineNGood @Angie74 Like I said yesterday baby, I Will Follow You into the Dark.
nastysurprise Take it from my hook while it's still kicking

MenomenaThe Pelican

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nastysurprise I've got a fever and the only prescription is more — wait for it — freelance. This self-employed graphic designer thing is stressful over the holidays
Gypsylyn You ~ Turn Me On ~ Norah Jones
CargoCulte @honeygirl I'm doing good, for a wednesday and all. ;)
by_starla [ Neutral Milk Hotel - Snow Song Pt. 1] hey there @mammara-are you feeling better? and hello @space_cadet :)
DareToEatAPeach NOTICE! My blip page (in Opera) is redirected to Myspace music! Do me a favor and open Blip IN A NEW TAB & if it redirects to myspace tell me! tnx (reblip)

Matt & KimDaylight

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FineNGood And I'm talking to myself at night Because I can't forget Back and forth through my mind Behind a cigarette
nastysurprise It's raining in NC AGAIN!!! Where in the world am I? @NoJoke Thanks for the follow.
by_starla [The Black Heart Procession - The Invitation]
markmac Pylon – M-Train


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mammara il treno dei desideri nei miei pensieri all'incontrario va.

Paolo ConteAzzurro

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mammara nel blu dipinto di blu felice di stare lassù
GR8FL @Yan beta seems okay so far, except replies take a long time to come in
GR8FL I still do :( (rb)@milkfish: "for a few days after myspace takeover would keep typing "-imeem" in search box here out of sheer habit. But no more" (reblip)
GR8FL okay, won't then (see that was easy) @MONIKKA: "Please #GR8FL, don't give up !!! :)" (reblip)
GR8FL no hatred in my home & you are always welcome here @Gioca
mammara the voice


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mammara in attesa di vederla per cena

AmycanbeDown Under

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nastysurprise Last one for the night. Take care, blipples.
mammara nel blu dipincio di blu

Alex ChiltonVolare

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anothercraze Ooooooh, dis is purdy. Thanks @dronnoisseur: "@anothercraze, glenn is also worth yr time on the apg tip" (reblip)
mammara just lookin' for another girl
f22radio lets take it back to the concrete streets....
nastysurprise Studies show that nastysurprise72 is not for everybody. He may cause nausea, bloating, explosive diarrhea, and a condition known as hot dog fingers.
ShesAllWrite @rojdoj Just one more? ~ Rooney – Tell Me Soon

RooneyTell Me

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apothegm @hajoni: "Xavier Rudd – The Wind Cries Mary" (reblip)
avivajazz Charles Mingus «◈» Haitian Fight Song
threebears "A little pre-gig blipping pour's hoping weather holds out 2nite. Hola!" ..quot'n'rb @OrangeKrush Hola - thanks sweetie - breakaleg/havefun (reblip)
ambit Love Will Find A Way~Yes!!!!! Nuff said.....
lilyetc real estate ~ beach comber
DareToEatAPeach Me, bragging: it's so warm here I had to open the windows. I love California.
schellstation THanks RB@GR8FL: "you know that I just want to rock your gypsy soul ♥ ♥ ♥" (reblip)
by_starla [The Acorn - Crooked Legs]
midnightwalker I promise you I won't ever blip Britney but if someone turns her song into a masterpiece like this I won't stop blipping it #coversthatdontsuck

Yael NaimToxic

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dickadcock dreams when I'm awake and when I sleep ... I keep it to myself... > Brandi Carlile – Dreams
elocio Brooke Waggoner – I Am Mine || ty @owlshay (reblip)
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Tommy Dorsey's Clambake Seven v/ Bud Freeman - Are All My Favorite Bands Playing Or Am I Dreaming?
ShesAllWrite @TheJoshman You knew this one was coming #forcesofnature ~ Fleetwood Mac – Landslide
jmikeh The New Pornographers - All The Old Showstoppers
jmikeh The Sea and Cake - Afternoon Speaker: hello @jennyleepenny (reblip)
jmikeh The Clientel - I Wonder Who We Are: hello @by_starla. welcome new listener @orangekittypie
nastysurprise Just have to blip this recent addiction of mine. The song not lazy eyes, although I have no problem with them. I should shut up...
FineNGood @Angie74 There is a lot you haven't learned about me apparently....

TrainMeet Virginia

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angiece "Hang On Little Tomato" - Pink Martini
poochiesan24 love Kaki, hey I think she's coming to Boston rb@blackgrapes: "nice...@andrewsgoodrich: "This song repeatedly kills me"" (reblip)

Kaki KingYellowcake

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MONIKKA ~YOU are the one I have to thank :) @ginhollow: "Thank you@MONIKKA: "... 'you take me the way I am' :)"" (reblip)
Awannabeangel ♫ The Poppy Family – Which Way You Goin', Billy
dustinlollar I fell into the ocean and you became my wife.....
SHERRYBABY65 wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :):):):)

B52sLove Shack

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MrsASoprano Let's rock the Casbah @Gidyean - bring yourself, leave the bible :)
badtemperedzombie nothing like a good murder ballad to warm a winter's night @everythingispop: "Rare beauty in this track. A real favourite." (reblip)
Veronique Good "evening" blippers


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Shukitty @MsBojangles from twisting wire and such? that always hurts. I feel your pain =p Glad it turned out awesome, though
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Frank Turner - In Memoriam
sandra__ @MrDali How goes thee? Good to see you here Simon!
wurst you hippie!!! (tho, this isn't like their usual fusion jam outs) :D @FrauWunder: "I appear to be in the mood for Portishead today..." (reblip)
CargoCulte @LisaDiggityD happy thursday, it's almost friday! :) (reblip)

FugaziTurkish Disco

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digitpt @hkremer: "@digitpt another pixie tune ;)" Pixies – Here Comes Your Man :)) (reblip)

Spoon_05_Written In Reverse

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JeffreyMarsh i definitely will, thx 4 the heads up RB @CrowdedMustang: "I highly recommend picking up a copy, its well written and full of great photos and bands!" (reblip)
TundraConundra Sufjan takes this song originally by Castanets and turns it into some sort of extended electro-James Bond theme stuff!
djaces29 Dr. Hook – You Make my Pants Want to Get Up and Dance