TrainWreckRadio new up-and-comer's with a black crowe kinda sound . playing here this year........
shortygal Herman's Hermits – For Your Love
creativeness @shortygal thanks for the props, you picture of innocence! have a great day! (reblip)
shortygal The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin' Beats
djsurfer WOW!!@TheFreshPrincess: " My body chemestry gets all crazy when I watch this video...I LOVE HIM" Could it be this The story in your eyes " (reblip)
lovely_london good evening..great song ! @Vargasmic: "Good evening everyone!" (reblip)
WookiesGirl @crookedfang Better? But dont watch the video cause there is a red head in it.. I know how you're not fond of those! ; P


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creativeness lmao! Not the song I was looking for, but I suffered through the video!

These Boots were made for walkin'

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delinKwint P.O.D. - Youth of the Nation

Youth Of The Nation

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Lil_Wing Days Of The New ~Touch, Peel and Stand "Finally found a reason ..."
acanuckfan ◈◈.....♫ ♫ (reblip)

George Harrison-Got my mind set on you

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sweetlilmZmia Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Don't Do It) (reblip)

Fuck me like you hate me

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creativeness Hey @Time2Burn! that's what I need, some Linkin Park! thanks for hangin'! (reblip)

Bullet With Butterfly Wings HIGH QUALITY By Smashing Pumkins

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TheLittleDoll83 @30SecondsToMarsWithJared: ♫ listening "Uprising" - MUSE<3 - NEW SINGLE THE RESISTANCE IS COMING ! (reblip)


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flinndc Yes, how do you like my total makeover? :D @shortygal: "@flinndc I didn't know you were growing your hair out *wink* :)" (reblip)


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gabi_bueno Not sure what it means, but this photo of us It don't have a price

Lady GagaPaparazzi

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gabi_bueno And hey, flathead, don't you get mean She's the second best killer that I ever have seen (reblip)

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Hump de Bump

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creativeness @MonicaOnline what's up girl? oops, i'm going back to work, later. and like the song. (reblip)
deadwood4 its closing time - i know who i want to take me home - goodnight all - peace out
FullMetalRadio More to come! @creativeness: "@michellelynn69: "RB @DreamWarriorRadio: The 69 Eyes – Perfect Skin --- not bad..why have i not heard of these guys..." (reblip)

Ramstein-Feuer Frei!

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krystalmystic i just got back lol.@BenWright007TX: "RB @krystalmystic ~~ Slash's Snakepit – Been There Lately" (reblip)

Quireboys Mona Lisa Smiles Acoustic

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I Don't Like The Drugs ( But The Drugs Like Me)

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W.A.S.P. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) Watch In High Quality

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Suicidal Tendencies- I Saw Your Mommy

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DareToEatAPeach Hmm. Also no Continents and Constellations. Stuff to up #stufftoup #toup


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GroovyMonster Thanks for this @DjMouri! WOW. One of my new favorite videos!! Nice visuals. :D (reblip)

Crooked X -- Quik Trip

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SuperSpaceAngel ~Just in the mood for this... guru says, "take in the subliminal messages... and wake up!" (I'm only semi-joking Stan.) (reblip)

Slade- Run Runaway

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Avenged Sevenfold-Beast and the Harlot

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krystalmystic my memory is not what it once was getting old im 30 next month lol.
creativeness I like the way you play. good song. (reblip)

MC5-Looking At You

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creativeness time to make everything change, don't wait too long to change
DaveDoyle Connie Francis – Stupid Cupid...many thanks...rb@Doylex (reblip)
nadili hello! I'm great, thx, how are you? @vix_rock: ""Aquarius" Within Temptation... @nadili hey!!! everybody how are you All....?" (reblip)

"Aquarius" Within Temptation Lyrics

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creativeness another good one I've never heard.
Manskis you dont love me, you just love my doggystyle.
TCOB Accept – Balls to the Wall [vid]
MetalAngel Good Morning Everybody :)
BetaSantAna1 it's nonsense..but.. take it easy... now.. i understand and i believe in u!

More than words

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SuperSpaceAngel ♥ Nice new icon ya got there! =] RB@Turbolax: "just some local san diego boys" (reblip)
creativeness i'M OUT OF HERE! later all!
creativeness @sunshinemaker_7 just relaxin, procrastinatin', puttin off life for a bit
creativeness @sunshinemaker_7 joker hell, I'm the devil in a pinch makin' deals and spinnin' wheels and shakin' hands...(nice lead in, eh?)
Rella "@flinndc: "Dayum, all hard bodies :P@Rella Did..every 1 get a shot at this video?.1 of the great ones on this site male & female HOT BODS ! all hard" (reblip)
creativeness I don't care when it was recorded, if it has some soul and a little attitude funk, I am in love with the song! (reblip)
DaveDoyle The Proclaimers – I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)...more like 5000 miles...thanks just ain't enough...rb@NicoleVSanchez (reblip)
saraswati81 lol wish the lyrics were dif tho. :P @uhunziker @Metal_Rocks "all i wanted was just one fuck?!" :P
Koshka Totally in love with these guys! hiyas @RoxUranus!
creativeness Oh monday, Why do you hate me. On a lighter note, @saraswati, I found this band by listening to YOU! Thanks, girl. Here's hoping YOU have a great day!
creativeness Stolen from one of my faves. Mornin' @MrsASoprano! hmm...why do I feel like I should put an apple on your desk...? (reblip)

Bad Company- Rock & Roll Fantasy (live 1999)

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TrainWreckRadio @klynnDemar did you see Marc himself just tweeted me back? cool! (reblip)
creativeness I know! LMAO ....AGAIN! @NikkiPixel: "LMAO!! @DJkman: (reblip)

Bidibodi Bidibu Music Video

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creativeness p.s. - this would be a prop if I had any left. @Wolfgirl_Leah: "Finger Eleven – Good Times" (reblip)
glitterdream Wow! :) @Ddraig: "<--- is still carded at age 42. :cheezy grin:" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Ty for the connections at! For you who has no corner there, go get it and stay connected to the blippers from here! ♫♥♪
LikeAnAngel @mettee I do dig it--I really only knew yello from Ferris Bueller's day off... :)

YelloOh Yeah

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markLtuttle Charlotte Sometimes nee' Charlotte Poland, is a singer-songwriter originating from New Jersey, United States.
Schoork rb@zakksama: "rb@DJJackD: "Here is a good tune to play while you are at home relaxing with some beers. Blast it so the neighbors can hear. ROCK!"" (reblip)
creativeness LOL, i've had those days @loveisafastsong: "oh those days in high school, when me and randizzle would sneak in my car lay the seats back and "jam"! " (reblip)

EisleyTrolley Wood

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CMFlinn Ride a White Horse

Goldfrapp "Ride a White Horse"

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YaT i'm hitting the hay now @scottieb: "I'm going Home!!!" (reblip)

Ten Years After live at Woodstock 1969.

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creativeness woodstock. gotta go, gonna blip more woodstock later tonight. love y'all! peace....annnnd i'm OUT.
La_Tua_Cantante Metric--Help I'm Alive--Nope still not sick of this song!!! mwahahahahaa

Help I'm Alive by Metric

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La_Tua_Cantante Band of Skulls--I Know What I Am.What can i say i am a girl with an agenda...I will promote the shit out of them bc they are on the NM Soundtrack lol
SarahHorvat Do you LOVE it?! @mfeige

Ozomatli-City of Angels

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lovely_london @RisingAngel..This ones a beauty too..i do love their music tho, have fun at school :O)

Staind "It's Been A While"

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angelheart you need to explain..lolol@scorpionkiss: "@angelheart nor..." (reblip)


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hippie_420 Don Henley – All She Wants to Do Is Dance
ChadThomas This is freaking awesome!!! all hail the guitar gods!!!!!

Voodoo Child (Satriani, Vai, Malmsteen)

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creativeness shhhhhyaa! like it. @DazzlerDaz: "hollywood - Junkyard @creativeness" (reblip)

Junkyard "Hollywood"

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creativeness check out my moves... OUCH....nvermind. @DaisyDee: "Let's go!!! (reblip)

Let's Dance- Hawk Nelson

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Let's Dance- Hawk Nelson

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Day of Fire-Run

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MrsASoprano Good morning! :) @radio4kids: "THNX2 @MrsASoprano @Saltydog ♥♫ The Cranberries – Dreams " (reblip)
MrsASoprano Today - both! :) @musicRmemories: "@MrsASoprano I imagine u love Mondays or just the Boomtown Rats ... THNX 4 the PROPs !=)" (reblip)
MrsASoprano Good morning Curly-locks! @NikkiPixel: "Morning and Happy Monday to ya!" (reblip)
MrsASoprano r/b@carlnat: "@77ozzie: "song - my aching heart -for you to see,,,No more..."" (reblip)
Evelyn @CreepingElm @brendanwb here's another one I like a lot (reblip)


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creativeness party on monday? hell, why not!
Nancy9980 I <3 this song! Down At The Whisky

Mötley crue Down At The Whisky

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creativeness @SgtMac how bout this (reblip)

Alcohaulin' Ass- Hellyeah live at Download 2007

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ChadThomas Dig this tune!! rb@CooperHarris: "@MsLiza: "Live – I Alone" I must reblip this" (reblip)

LiveI Alone

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lilwldchld When you have you're private party I hope that I'm invited......
creativeness @kittygotclaws ...thanks for listening! solid playlist girl! can't wait to jam.
creativeness tried to prop this earlier @NotoriousROB: "Ok, I know I love this remix DJ, but this is a special video/mashup -- seriously work checking out." (reblip)

" Rock This! " Mashup by Robin Skouteris (10 artists)

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surfsuze LOL !!! Stone Gods – You Bought A Knife To A Gun Fight!
shibari Kid Rock -Cowboy ... cuz i wanna ride a cowboy baby.. i mean I wanna be a cowboy baby

Kid Rock-Cowboy

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shibari Lenny Kravitz- American Woman to all my lovely american beauties .. xoxo
shibari @creativeness you will find I am ecclectic.. here is a little Ratt-Round and Round :)

"Turn Me On" feat. Papa Roach & Buckcherry

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MrsASoprano fab - reblip@WebGyver: "Awesome song ► Thank you ► via @croxx: "Chris Isaak / Wicked Game"" (reblip)

I can ride my bike with no handlebars

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lovely_london oops, straightening the halo....there we go hehe! @Silverlake39: "@lovely_london @MetalAngel Angels love this song" (reblip)

The 69 Eyes-Angels

| play
SpinninSara "Oh Yeah!" ;-) Will do!@DirtyUrine: "~ let me know how it was!! bet ur excited!! ~ @SpinninSara: ";-) Tomorrow nite!!!!!!! (reblip)
ZEW_FREAK Bang a Gong (Get It On) - T. Rex
loki_cat the drab four... I love Steele's voice so much...
Heidilicious a generation gap means a war thats never won

The Cranberries- Zombie

| play
Beider Been a while, but grooves so nice

Pearl JamW.M.A.

| play
creativegreenius This newer Steve Miller song always gets me going when I feeling loogey and like I need a nap. I am that Wide River and I will always be free.
370z Love this groove (not to mention the Dobro).
locke456 wilco song i don't appreciate enough #1
MONIKKA In the middle of a crisis here @nicaprincess. Things that happen but we never expect :( And you?
angiece RB @victomlinson: "It's Chuck Berry singing, "Roll Over Beethoven"!" (reblip)
flinndc Pantera!!!\nn/ ......... just 5 minutes alone.........

Pantera 5 Minutes Alone

| play
PhoetuS Sky – Some Kinda Wonderful | Good memories :)
rentedmule Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - Bitch, I Love You
MissM773 woohoo! thx! I just can't get enough today =) @dayla04: "@MissM773 adding to your marathon" (reblip)
AlyG totally agreed. loooooooooooooove this. (reblip)
creativeness Oooh, I know muy cool when I hear it! good one. @loretta: "@nevernude: muy cool!" (reblip)
squidbrain Don't remember any F-bombs in the original version of this song but that's just one of the ways that SoD improve everything.
creativeness good choice @janselle. cake and o.a.r., what a good morning for me. Oh, and thanks to @lilwldchld , I've got my morning streak out of the way. (reblip)


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aphalloides Here you @bexmith, this should get you going :)
musicRmemories @DragonMoonTunes: How do u know that ? I have seen a lot ! THNX 4 the REPLY, hope u have a great day and never 4get music R memories ... (reblip)
anna8687 Garbage - #1 Crush ... I'd says I am now #MegaSmutDay all over.. *smut*

Garbage- #1 Crush

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Ram Jam "Black Betty"

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Victoria9898 RB @CooperHarris: "Lookin around the house Hidden behind the window and the door Searchin for signs of life but there's nobody home" (reblip)
creativeness that's cool. i've nver ran across Doro before. not bad. @romanus (reblip)

DoroBad Blood.mpg

| play
Lil_Wing The Cult ~Wild Flower
impossiblewmn Sittin' in the classroom, thinkin' it's a drag...
KristyRNinAZ Practicing... I think I got it down... @DJDreamy: "Her Strut ~ Bob Seger" (reblip)
glitterdream @Ddraig ,when you asked if was me that got you with the Angelspit track :P And as for VA, eventually will visit again. really miss my home.

Pigface, Work To Come

| play
DirtyUrine ~ this one will get ur blood flowin' !! ~ Lets run! (reblip)
creativeness who doesn't have one of these?!

L7 -Shitlist-

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TechJunkie A little slice of heaven, and a little pice of you...
bigbilly my fav pink tune for john miss u still...
imperfectfit @FangBanger69: Haha, "fangbanger" so tru... <--- get it? (reblip)

SiaBreathe Me

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imperfectfit one of my new favorites... white stripes reminiscent

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

| play
creativeness rb"drinks a whiskey drink, a vodka drink, This may explain how they came up with their name" --that's how my brother got his name...ickywicky. (reblip)
creativeness I thought all you wanted was cookies? wazzup! @CMDoria: "but all i want is Diamonds!" (reblip)

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

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creativeness well, here's to expensive tastes, diamond monster. lol @CMDoria
creativeness musa amor! rock on! @CPCDINIZ: @MmePaulita: To be played at loud volumes! (reblip)
SecretAngel Danzig -She Rides (reblip)


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creativeness @KristyRNinAZ - hmm... maybe I'm a bad influence . . . all nite and every day!!
creativeness FRIDAY MOOD MUSIC

"Turn Me On" feat. Papa Roach & Buckcherry

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creativeness friday, everywhere is paradise, today, there are no worries, just good music, good people, and good times...c'mon, believe it with me. click click
KristyRNinAZ Carry on...

Social Distortion- Angel's Wings

| play
mikalaidol Yes, Robert Plant, you can indeed take me to the movies or the show
Saphrenia Who are you? Who could you be? I dare you to find out!!!!!!!!

Dare You To Move By Switchfoot (HQ Sound)

| play
creativeness i do like Bush. good song. (reblip)

"The Chemicals Between Us" by Bush

| play
Mia__Cavallo Good morning. I need a kick ass song to get out of bed. Rage against the Machine & Beastie Boys (reblip)
anna8687 Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart (reblip)
joeygiggles Dj giggles rockin the house #JGF November rain

Swing Kids all dance routines

| play
RiffRandell6 These guys are a great band out of Detroit. True, gritty, straight up Rock n' Roll...
RiffRandell6 This song has one of the best grooves to it by far.
RiffRandell6 First song! Let's rock n' roll. HR is a good way to start off. I was fortunate enough to hear many a stories about them over the weekend.

Hanoi RocksTragedy

| play
lmricci Kid Rock Warrior Vid #military...

Kid Rock Warrior Video

| play
spacerocks AC/DC - For Those About To Rock ("FIRE!") weeee sa-luuuute youuuuuu (reblip)
detroitfan @RisingAngel: "Seal – Crazy !.....And Through a Fractal on a Breaking WALL... I see you, my friend... And touch your face again ... " (reblip)
Bright_Blue Hey! I need new music...might look at urs @Wolfgirl_Leah: "Hey Ben :D @BenWright007TX: "Hey @Wolfgirl_Leah doin the JAlba vers...Dark Angel Music Vid (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel ♥‏ Hey! My reply to your post "wouldn't post" the 1st time... didn't realize it did! (sorry for the reblab) ;) Sweet dreamz! @creativeness (reblip)
DarylJames Took awhile to find decent quality audio

Part Of Mestellar*

| play
DarylJames ..and K'Lee - sexiest overbite ever...
DarylJames Awright time to drop some clutch shift it up a gear. Hey @marsbar how goes it Kiwi gal in Oz hope them Aussies lookin after ya

VIOLENT FEMMES-Blister in the Sun

| play
sir_edward_ross @sheryonstone: "lol, here is yours :D @jimmybradley: "@sheryonstone I like cheese on mine...LOL!!! ;-) jimmy buffett – Cheeseburger In Paradise (reblip)
Wolfgirl_Leah Paranoia, paranoia...Everybody's comin' to get me

Harvey Danger- Flagpole sitta

| play
lovedbythesun Bob Dylan-Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 Everybody Must Get Stoned

Bob Dylan-Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

| play
DarylJames Hello you, I'm just havn a reblip frenzy cause I cant get my email. thanx@Jalapeno: "It's Friday... Let's start it off right w/ this kicking song " (reblip)
DarylJames Haha Hells Yeah. Y'all good I hope@SevenTenths: ""Is it a round place with deserts and oceans, housing as many winds as one might wish?" ... (reblip)


| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love
MayhemRadio @creativeness speaking of women that rock

Crucified Barbara Sex Action

| play
creativeness it won't be alright...unless you get up

Beck Franz Music Video: You could have had it so much better

| play
bigbilly ok last drive by to keep the carpet guy happy.... then bak to sorting junk for me keep randomly blippin the " satch"
syn44 "I been told honey you been bold"


| play
creativeness I have been hearing ingrid's music and seeing her name alot in the past 3 days. @car4dave (reblip)

Ingrid Michaelson performs "Maybe" Live at WTMD

| play
creativeness keep rollin' em, girl! luvin'it!@Carissaz: "oh yeah, Mike." (reblip)

Chevelle: Forfeit

| play
creativeness @MetalAngel i gotta hear this again (reblip)

The 69 eyes- Lost boys

| play
DragonMoonTunes I never heard of this band but liking it :) @bigbilly: "ok now deff putting a date on me here ... these guys were awsome bak in the day.." (reblip)
anna8687 Panic At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

I Write Sins Not Tragedies (Official Music Video)

| play
creativeness Oh ya!, i forgot this one! @vulcanrider: "I like this classic too!! They are hot!!! @creativeness" (reblip)
creativeness ya ya ya! sweet hello's to you rockin flower! nice song. @BohlianSunshine: "hi my friends (reblip)
Lil_Wing Wow it's Freakin amazing! TY ;)Luv ur bike btw@vulcanrider: "@Lingerie_Girl~~~~~Listen to this version... love it!!" (reblip)
Kimmehkins Going to dance to this and head off to bed

99 red ballonsNena

| play
syn44 "good morning America how are ya"

Arlo Guthrie - 02 - City of New Orleans

| play
Joleesa ~haha, it's almost midnight and i'm eating cherry pop rocks, doesn't get any better! LOL~
Joleesa We've come a long, long way together Through the hard times, and the good I have to - celebrate you, baby I have to praise you like I should...
creativeness @Joleesa hey, pop rocks song for ya!
creativeness well hey there "pretty little thing approachin' me"! good song! @shiraabel: "Aint No Rest for the Wicked - Cage the Elephant" (reblip)

Kenny Loggins Danger zone Top Gun soundtrack

| play

Nickleback - Animals

| play
funnjenn 3 Doors Down – Here Without You
shortygal Just a quick hello - I've been under the weather, so no blipping lately. Hope to be back soon :)
BohemianChick My favorite song of all time...ever. It's been cloudy all morning...sun finally came out, I'm happy! ~ Hey you 2 @rock2monster ;-) @ambit @DJBiggL thx
creativeness go girl! @kittyluvsmusic: "The traffic in this town is really pissing me off The people here don't ever like to sing in their cars (reblip)
LaKarune Yah @Ad_C Invincible is amazing. @bendrix introduced me to her. This one is tribute to Detroit hip hop.
CMFlinn Imagine(...) Nothing to kill or die for!! Imagine – John Lennon

ImagineJohn Lennon

| play
SpinningDiscs Hurt – Pills ... (New Song From Hurt)... Shout Outs & Thanks to: @OceanDaisy, @creativeness, @


| play

Beck: Sexx Laws

| play
Ahhme10 There it is...Sweetbox – Chyna Girl
creativeness maybe your just hungry...? like your songs. @e_LLa: "I've gotta feeling...of anxiety and confusion! argh..." (reblip)
creativeness yes! @fluffyboots: "yes.. what a classic..English classic..:))go LEMMY!" (reblip)

Motorhead- Ace of Spades

| play
RedRhia When 9-11 happended I heard alot of Live on the radio. Today as I reflect I think of this awesome band.


| play
PMShawn love this video hmm wonder why, hot females in prison
creativeness @PMShawn ...I've never heard kasabian, i think I might like them. . . i'l decide later.


| play
Evilpettingzoo @WhetCheeze: "@Evilpettingzoo" Ramstein!....Reblip!! ~Du Hast (reblip)

RamsteinDu Hast

| play
Evilpettingzoo great band....Silence Is Sexy ~Hurt...
Wolfgirl_Leah Black Stone Cherry - Please Come In


| play
blue_buddha vi@psabq: "Back again. Phone call:) Getting into the flow, again:)" (reblip)
Wolfgirl_Leah rb @Time2Burn: "Audioslave Cochise" (reblip)

Audioslave Cochise

| play
TaraKLucero here ya go @Metal2Death Five Finger Death Punch – The Devil's Own
iNAViSiON →Sex (I'm a)

Lovage-Sex (I'm a)

| play
creativeness and YES! @CPCDINIZ: "@creativeness: "ya girl! tear it up! luv luv luvin' it! @Wolfgirl_Leah: "Black Stone Cherry - Please Come In""" (reblip)


| play
creativeness SWEET! your makin' this easy for me! lol @CPCDINIZ: "@creativeness: "alright."" (reblip)


| play
Stolen "A love to last past Saturday night." Vi@DoanDoDat (reblip)
creativeness who's dumb? ;)@Lingerie_Girl: "Soundgarden ~ Big Dumb Sex ;-) " (reblip)
creativeness I am sooo sick, luckily, my optimism is bulletproof! nice song @Model_Daughters , and thanks for hangin'! (reblip)
creativeness MISS YA ALREADY! @Wolfgirl_Leah: "Got some stuff to do....back in a couple of hours, thanks for props and RBs...xoxo" (reblip)

Drowning Pool "Tear Away"

| play
sammi_x Once you know you can never go back. Ive got to take it on the otherside.
Wolfgirl_Leah Last Resort - Papa Roach

Last Resort- Papa Roach

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Black Stone Cherry - Please Come In


| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Filter - Can't You Trip Like I Do

Filter-Can't You Trip Like I Do

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Falling Goodnight, I'll be back in a few hrs...TY for props and RBs...xoxo
Wolfgirl_Leah Stone Sour- Through Glass

Stone Sour- Through Glass

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Fav Papa Roach, TY rb@mark_till: "Tear. Sew. Weakness. Past. REAL FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL" (reblip)
Wolfgirl_Leah Bullet For My Valentine - All These Things I Hate

Bullet For My Valentine "All These Things I Hate"

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Staind - So Far Away

Staind-So Far Away

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Live - All Over You

Live- All Over You

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Skillet - Awake and Alive

Skillet -Awake and Alive NEW!! FULL (lyrics)

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Your welcome :) @uhunziker: "you just made my day once again ;) thanks! @Wolfgirl_Leah: "Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You Into the Dark"" (reblip)
Wolfgirl_Leah Fuel – Hemorrhage (In My Hands) Live
Wolfgirl_Leah TY :) @razorfire: "Kickin Track, yo @Wolfgirl_Leah: "Crossfade - Colors"" (reblip)

Crossfade Colors

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Beck - Loser

Beck- Loser

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah HIM - Wicked Game

HIM wicked game

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Good thanks, and you? @Time2Burn: "Hello, How are you?@Wolfgirl_Leah: "Hey! rb @Time2Burn: "Nirvana – Come as You Are""" (reblip)
Wolfgirl_Leah TY @CooperHarris: "rb @Wolfgirl_Leah: "Nirvana – Sappy" Loving it!" (reblip)


| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Disturbed – This Moment
Wolfgirl_Leah Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm

Smashing Pumpkins Disarm video

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah P.O.D. - Alive

P.O.D. Alive (Rocky)

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Sounds like a great time, lol@DirtyUrine: "~ so good that I appreciate being sober now!! lol! @Wolfgirl_Leah: "Hey! How was your B'day? @DirtyUrine
Wolfgirl_Leah Hey! How was your B'day? @DirtyUrine: "hey innocent one! ~ @Wolfgirl_Leah: "Fuel - Innocent"" (reblip)

Fuel- Innocent (Lyrics)

| play
Wolfgirl_Leah Crossfade – Already Gone
creativeness just one blip for now...BLUES CLUES --SILLY HAT!!!!!!!!!! can you say awesome?

Silly Hat-Blue's Clues

| play
creativeness thanks for the props! haven't been blippin' in a while, eh?welcome back! I like this one. @vcvcvcvc88: "I wanna put on my my my my my boogie shoes" (reblip)
creativeness Here ya go kids, daddy's fav song of all time.

Peter, Paul & Mary- Puff The Magic Dragon

| play
kareliz OK Go – Maybe, This Time
creativeness another latest favs of mine


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Filter - "Spent" ♥ (My fave Filter song!)
DragonMoonTunes OOP4U RB THX as U can tell I like dragons :) @JendeMen: "NiceMySpaceColours!@DragonMoonTunes: " (reblip)
creativeness yeah, bababababy! " just let me know if you wanna go..."

Slash-"La Grange"

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AshJames007 Garbage – Only Happy When It Rains....& it won't quit freakin raining!... (reblip)
creativeness didn't know this: "They have recorded over 60 chart hits in the UK, more than any other rock group in history" @creativeness @flinndc @AliceKarma (reblip)
KristyRNinAZ This one's for you, it's tattooed on her ass... My Kinda Girl ~Chickenfoot (Last one @Time2Burn )

Default, Count on me

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creativeness GOOD MORNING....and good night... :( @CMDoria (reblip)

Cream-Strange Brew (Studio Version)

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creativeness Night Bro! @ChadThomas: "Good night all. Fun night!! Thanks for all of the props and rbs. welcome to all of my new listeners!! Enjoy this tune!!!" (reblip)
creativeness I'm liking this band!


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creativeness great blips, later!@Nymphetamine: "The Prodigy – Firestarter: Nite guys, luff ya all. Thx for the blips." (reblip)
creativeness this one stays my fav @CooperHarris: "I'm not the one who's so far away..." (reblip)


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creativeness ell ya! @marijaanadj: "@theFRUKE: "LOVE this one!!!@DirtyUrine: "hey chica! I love this tune! ~ @Nymphetamine: "Chevelle – The Red"""" (reblip)
creativeness right on @ChadThomas: "scariest hair band!! love this tune!!!" (reblip)

DanzigMother '93

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creativeness three horns from me! great song!@Nymphetamine: "Rated & approved \m/ \m/ Two horns up." (reblip)

Motley Crue-Smoking in the Boy's Room

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creativeness YES! BREAK THE KNOB OFF! @Time2Burn: "Autograph – Turn Up The Radio" (reblip)
creativeness lol. thought you would woody! @ChadThomas: "Love Bush!! rb@creativeness: "yep, I like Bush. good blip! @marijaanadj: "Bush – Glycerine""" (reblip)


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creativeness lol. youch! @Nymphetamine: "Rated and approved \m/ \m/ Two horns up." (reblip)
creativeness yep, I like Bush. good blip! @marijaanadj: "Bush – Glycerine" (reblip)


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creativeness yes! @Nymphetamine: "Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls: Rated and approved by Nymphetamine: \m/ \m/ Two Horns up" (reblip)