JoanaFournier I learned nothing...I did nothing...It's cool to know nothing!
crypticvalentine I did a video to this song, so pretty..
crypticvalentine another beautiful Mew song from "And The Glass Handed Kites"


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crypticvalentine did a video to this one, beautiful..
crypticvalentine did a video for this one, grand and anthemic..
crypticvalentine opening song on "And The Glass Handed Kites"..
crypticvalentine did a video for this one..
crypticvalentine did a video for this one, Chessie my favorite ambient music..
crypticvalentine my favorite song by The Dears, of Montreal..
crypticvalentine from Toronto, Metric, terrific song..


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crypticvalentine from Northampton, Mass, love this group..
crypticvalentine from Northampton, Mass-Jose Ayerve, what a voice, what a song-writer..
crypticvalentine my favorite summer night club song
crypticvalentine best Arcade Fire song?..from Montreal..
crypticvalentine their best song?..from Montreal, singer son of Leonard Cohen..
crypticvalentine another great cover of Joy Division song by Swede Jose Gonzales..
crypticvalentine love this clubby song, written by Neyo..
crypticvalentine in French? favorite song by Justin Cope and co.
crypticvalentine late New Order, but great!
crypticvalentine so many great songs, but this one stands out for me..
crypticvalentine her best song, 80's classic, actually a redo of an Italian song..
crypticvalentine the kings of LA late 60's..till the Doors came along..
crypticvalentine Jose Ayerve, great singer/songwriter, from Northampton, Mass.
crypticvalentine five better pop groups than Spouse?
crypticvalentine another talented musician from Northampton, Mass.
crypticvalentine UK drum and bass masters LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad
evablue @dickadcock food poisoning. can't have sugar. am drinking watered down orange juice w/ salt to stay as hydrated as possible. still craving coffee tho
crypticvalentine NYC deep house DJ Danny Tenaglia from 2008-nice!
crypticvalentine Austrian downtempo master DJs Kruder and Dorfmeister
crypticvalentine great K&D remix-is it Depeche Mode?
crypticvalentine these guys are so good, I have to keep blipping..always liked them better than Thievery Corporation..
crypticvalentine "where is that madness that you promised me?..etc. etc..."
crypticvalentine "I dedicate this song to you, for all the desperate things you made me do.."
crypticvalentine Stephen Merrit(Magnetic Fields) offshoot group, where guest singers from other bands take turns with vocals..
crypticvalentine don't even know if this is an original Merritt, but it's good..

The 6thsHuman

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crypticvalentine Claude Dubois was the king of Montreal in the early 80's, until his fall..
crypticvalentine @MontrealChick i love this song whenever i go out drinking with ma girrrrrrlzzzz (reblip)
crypticvalentine Boston electropop group Lovewhip, fronted by guitarist and singer Erin Harpe..
crypticvalentine no Frozen Sleep, but this is pretty..
crypticvalentine Cat plays Serge Gainsbourg and Karen Elson as Jane Birkin, hitting the high notes..
crypticvalentine I think Leonard is better now than ever..this is my favorite, and a song for our dark world..
crypticvalentine @ lilybauer Hello @aLxA (reblip) (reblip)

Christophe Willem - Double je

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crypticvalentine into the world of mystics and shamans goes Leonard Cohen..
crypticvalentine @roboppy I may be a bit late catching onto this dude, but whatever. HAPPY DANCE TUNE ALERT. I need more of that. (reblip)
crypticvalentine @roboppy I had the random desire to hear this song. (reblip)
crypticvalentine @roboppy From Fuerza Bruta, which you should check out if you live in NYC. Probably a part where a bunch of people are running and smash into stuff. (reblip)
crypticvalentine @roboppy So far, the only Kim Hiorthøy song I really like, although it seems I ought to like more. (reblip)
crypticvalentine "bad ass bitch, im rated x im gifted, aint gotta sell sex" art
crypticvalentine now do one for Barcelona..


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crypticvalentine new found popularity for this song when it was played at the end of a Sopranos episode..
crypticvalentine JWH does a great cover of Like A Prayer but it's not on blip..
crypticvalentine from a great album of the late 60's, The Notorious Byrd Brothers..
crypticvalentine San Francisco 1969..


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crypticvalentine sexy Princess Superstar on the mic..

dance hall robot - Princess Superstar vs The Juan Maclean (solcofn mix)

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crypticvalentine The Juan Maclean hour, with your host, John Maclean..
Sally29 @mammara #1 daughter got a virus & been off school all week. #2 & #3 have dance exams on Sunday. Otherwise, fairly calm here! Pretty good 4 us!
crypticvalentine guitarist from legendary 70's NYC group Television..
crypticvalentine "don't understand anymore.."
crypticvalentine "dis is di age af reality but some a wi a deal wid mitalagy"
crypticvalentine "the politics of dancing, the politics of, oooh, feeling good!"
crypticvalentine always liked these guys better than Bruce..
crypticvalentine my homeboys Shirazinia and Tayebi..
crypticvalentine @sally 29-a little Queen thing in the chorus I didn't care for, but.. (reblip)
crypticvalentine like Billy Bragg on speed..a good thing..
crypticvalentine "subway is a porno, pavements, they are a mess.."


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crypticvalentine love the strings in this song..and good night..
crypticvalentine "your body, my body, everybody, move your body!" (reblip)


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crypticvalentine "plans, those funny little plans, that never work quite right.." (reblip)
crypticvalentine "boys will be boys, better let them have their toys, girls will be girls, cute pony tails and curls.."


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crypticvalentine driving over the GW bridge, with the top down, not quite midnight..
crypticvalentine it's Saturday night, in the city of lights..
crypticvalentine Santogold is now Santigold(lawsuit)..did you know she's a Wesleyan grad?...
crypticvalentine "ain't listening to the nay-sayers and their fucked-up perspectives.."
crypticvalentine like the live version much better but it seems to have disappeared from the world of Blip..
crypticvalentine the Noho scene-Northampton, Mass.
crypticvalentine Jens doing Stephen Merritt..we can live with it..
crypticvalentine "there must be something, wrong, boys.."
crypticvalentine the Siouxsie sound, vocals anyway..


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crypticvalentine Stephen Merritt, call your lawyer!

Raekwon, Masta Killa and Pete Rock - the PJ's

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crypticvalentine classic...


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Veronique @SevenTenths to say hello, I've bought some of this great man to listen more thnks to U, one of my greatest discovery here
ThatGirlAni "'Cuz I love the way it feels / when you are telling me that I'm / the only one that blows your mind..." Say It Again ~Marie Digby
crypticvalentine "So tell me darling, do you wish we’d fall in love? "
crypticvalentine "Walcott, fuck the women from Well Fleet, heed my words and take flight tonight.."
crypticvalentine "complicate the complication.."
mariflor Quanto tempo é preciso pra que tudo seja diferente?

Los Hermanos & Pato Fu - Sobre o Tempo (ao vivo)

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Calibre - Stolen Shadow

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crypticvalentine "who would you rather be?..The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?..oh, seriously.."

New Radiant Storm King

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The Dandy Warhols "Get off"

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Type O Negative "Cinnamon Girl"

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Evident Utensil (Juan MacLean Remix)

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crypticvalentine "yo, party people, we got to keep this thing know, like the way we used to do it.."

Tim Hecker- Arctic Lover's Rock

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crypticvalentine "Join a local gang and get a cool nickname Make your lifelong sweetheart your ball & chain" great video(thanks to Sally 29)


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crypticvalentine the Noho scene

Spouse "Hangover For Humanity" video

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midnightwalker Perfect song for a sunny day

Spanish Steps • John Tesh • Avalon

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House / Electro / Trance / Dance (Original Video)

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pobrepapito y sigueeee el especial... rolas guitarreras 2da parte!
Devilishglands Mark Lanegan – Hit The City
AllPurposeMonkey I have no freakin' clue what she's saying, but this fusion of Arabic / African music is phenomenal.
PAMsLOvE Traduzione Jeff Buckley Grace

Traduzione Jeff Buckley Grace

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pk3 Good way to start as friends.

Biz Markie "Just A Friend"

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Sebadoh Willing to Wait

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Curious Buddies w/ Jose' Ayerve of Spouse @ The Elevens

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crypticvalentine "I want to know you're real..I want to know you're part of me.."
crypticvalentine "And try one, and try two Guess it always comes down to.."

Decemberists "Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect" Video

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LaurentLaSalle Bertrand Burgalat – This Summer Night

Robert Wyatt & Bertrand Burgalat This summer night

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roboppy I almost forgot about this song. And how weird Alice in Wonderland is.


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crypticvalentine @scarlettkisses-In 1978, at age 19, with "Wuthering Heights", became the first woman to have a UK number-one with a self-written song.

Kate Bush Wuthering Heights.

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SpinitSammy Bizarre Inc. - I'm gonna get you baby...

Thurston Moore Live

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Kruder & Dorfmeister Summer Sessions 2001

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crypticvalentine Emily H..

Metric Live It Out acoustic

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crypticvalentine "when there's nothing left to burn, set yourself on fire.."


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Royce Da 59 Rock City Instrumentals

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laura veirs galaxies

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crypticvalentine "I wanna go out into the night and taste it, but I can't face it on my own."
sunyata rb vi@MusicIsMySunshine - ditto for my gf! (reblip)

the bird and the bee / f*cking boyfriend :peaches remix

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crypticvalentine "Stand back and start to smile You now have time You now have will"

Happy (acoustic @ The Webster)

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Happiness- Adam Cohen feat. Virginie Ledoyen

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Sally29 Desparately needing motivation to get on with work today - another deadline looms & for the last 2 hours all I have done is listen to music!


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thepetshopboy "i will see you on the other side...when i close my eyes...and i reach the light" :(
Sally29 I believe that it is a cold wet miserable day & I should have stayed in bed! Nevermind, I'm here now. May as well earn a living!
crypticvalentine "barely getting by, hangin' on a string.."
LaurentLaSalle School of Language; c'est parfait ce matin...
Sally29 r/b @briangreene: "Mostly dry, with sunny intervals ..." Brian, bored of politics? trying to become the next Michael Fish? Sure ur not english?! (reblip)

Ralphy Santi ( Ansia)

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crypticvalentine perfecto

5-Arcangel Ft Max El Perro- Dominicana Princesa(R.Mix) (WwW.Xclusivos.NeT)

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Arcangel Feat. Guelo Star - Disco Party (Www.Xclusivos.Net)

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crypticvalentine freestyle NYC classic..

Debbie deb when i hear the music

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crypticvalentine another freestyle classic..

Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam - I Wonder If I Take You Home

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Philip Price @ The Basement Northampton MA 4/1/06

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God The Robot / Milennium Flies

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