kalyke Another great song the radio played.


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cyclingroo At the heart of all reality is one truth: God IS. Whether He is 'Yod He Waw He' (the tetragrammaton of Psalms 119:59-64) or 'ego eimi' (John 8:58).
cyclingroo Every time I see the pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope, I remember this song. The heavens truly are your tabernacle.
cyclingroo Love comes down from heaven to kiss the earth with hope and grace. We bow down at heaven's gate to kiss the feet of hope and grace.
cyclingroo With banks, insurance companies and recovery plans failing all around, is there a plan to save us? Yes, there is a plan for victory.
cyclingroo In the dark, we walk based on our knowledge. In the dark, you can find your way to every door in your house because you know it. Know God as well.
cyclingroo You've told me who I am: I am yours.
cyclingroo We have no excuses. Go ye therefore into all the world...
cyclingroo The average human heart beats 60 times a minute. God wants us to live one heartbeat at a time. I know. Ask me what a cyclingroo really is?
cyclingroo Each day starts in an altogether alarming fashion. Circumstances are aligned against us. We are underdogs. But we are in it to win it - and we will!
cyclingroo We weren't made to accomplish great and marvelous thing. We were made to worship Him. And the great things we do proclaim how marvelous He is.
cyclingroo God's amazing grace is available to all. And it's not just an old gospel hymn. It is fresh and vibrant and just as powerful today as it ever has been.
cyclingroo We are all caught alone in the sea, And God sends us salvation. But like Jonah, we're not certain that being swallowed by a whale is a good thing!


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cyclingroo In this life, we can't help but be dragged out to sea sometimes. But we don't have to remain stranded and alone.


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cyclingroo There's only one thing left to do: drop all I have and follow You.
cyclingroo God intends us to live a "full" life - one of meaning and not just existence. We were created to become the children that God empowered us to be.
cyclingroo Renewal is a necessary part of daily life. Please walk into my skin and swim through my veins!
cyclingroo So hurry up and wait upon the Lord...
cyclingroo In the early eighties, my God broke through all of my pretenses and flooded my heart and soul with His indescribable love.
cyclingroo Remember where you came from - and know that you have an eternal destination that is different - and so much better!
cyclingroo Horns, a 50's beat and a killer sing-a-long make this one rock.
cyclingroo We all ask why. Why are there thorns in this world? Why did Jesus need to come? Why, to steal every heart away, that's why.

Michael CardWhy?

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cyclingroo Audio Adrenaline puts their spin on one of my favorite hymns. My best man, his wife, my wife and I used to sing an acapella version of the original.
cyclingroo Every day is a new beginning. Let's make today a new beginning of something beautiful
cyclingroo May my faith be real in these trying times. May I trust you more today than I did yesterday.
cyclingroo In times of hopelessness, there is real hope to be found. It is as near as your own breath. Each of us is but one whisper away from indescribable joy.

SwitchfootOnly Hope

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calamari @joabsilva Yeah, aren't they good? I just stumbled across them today. But I really like their music.
cyclingroo After several weeks of unnerving news, I wonder if we are seeing forty days of economic judgment! During this crisis, I pray for God to lift us up.

Jars of ClayFlood

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