danieldiver Very Ulrich S, with a little more guitar... thanks again @CytecK (reblip)
danieldiver @Rorschauk just reminded me of this fabulous track, big Tang Dream sample at the end
danieldiver Worm Is Green – Love Will Tear Us Apart #joydivision #rock ..Ah, someone else is working to make them presentable, hee hee.. thx @fuegera (reblip)
paisley Royksopp – Happy Up Here (Mr Vega Remix)
danieldiver Been looking for these guys for ages.. a few colours for you from Circulation
danieldiver One for you @AlKronos @Dj_Dj @DJstromer19.. you sample Canadian radio, you chop it up you put a beat behind it and its fabulous...
danieldiver Did I mention Circulation? Kind of low-rent Orbital.. but talented with it
danieldiver Goooorgeous. Shoegaze-tastic. Spot the #talktalk connection. #ulrichschnauss (!) @ladypn @antenaweb


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toobad and with this I bid you all good night, and an even better day :)
danieldiver Crazy on you? Crazy for you! @ladypn (..nothing personal!) Um, drum beats not on my original CD..!
danieldiver Try this one on for size.. kinda late night driving #house #techno stuff


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danieldiver So pleased this track is here...turn it up and wait for the *massive* bass about two mins in.. Oooooh yes!
quakkaz :⓪⓪..oo))oooO((◎○◎))Oooo((oo..⓪⓪:
Dj_Dj some cosyness for my sweet cousin @Sakena
danieldiver ...and they are from Australia too...
toobad a large, long, low cranial vault with a well-developed double-arched browridge

VitalicLa Rock 01

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danieldiver What sort of track name is this?!
Dj_Dj this is an all time favorite breakbeat track. NAPT FTW!
danieldiver No idea. But works for me...

jørgen dub

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danieldiver Japan back atcha @anjuscha! And evenin' @lwsrc @DaHilster @GR8FL @Heike @klitoria

Ken Ishii _ Awakening

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danieldiver Wub blip wub blip wub blip ahhhhh clap clap clap

Deadmau5Hi Friend

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danieldiver Morning.. been playing this all weekend in my car so have a fat slice...


| play
gorobros ★4 - transient – oblong
Stay19 Anoraak – Nightdrive With You (GRUM's New Wave Remix)<><>
danieldiver Oh dear me yes! @DJstromer19: "Surkin – Radio Fireworks (Riot In Belgium Second Remix)<><>" (reblip)
danieldiver Brilliant. Just listen to that bassline and that skank...
morethanamum Loving the eighties sound. Shitty vid, shut your eyes and let that (occasional) punk anger send ya back

La RouxBulletproof

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danieldiver ..see what I'm doing here?
danieldiver You are good, good people. Do you follow his Twitter stream? most amusing.. @Erwin1974 @fabuleuxfab (reblip)
steno Bitter:Sweet – Salty Air
danieldiver Hey Magritte-face: look at my big propeller! @toobad: for luscious-lady @klitoria & bad-boy-in-shades @danieldiver :).. Give me some bloody Pendulum! (reblip)

Kiss Them For Me

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danieldiver Mike looks like a robot animatron here! Hilarious! Hang on, that's the point. Oops.. @jennyleepenny
danieldiver Look what I just found! Ho ho...

The Beatles vs. Nine Inch nails Come Closer Together

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NotoriousMUG @MsButterworth @DJTerribleTee - Hey friends play nice Ja Rule is tight on this track ... think about it we talk about Rule more than that ... JZ guy

Can I Get A...

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danieldiver ...waaaahhh thx@AlKronos: "And some dancey tranceyness with tribal leanings..." (reblip)
danieldiver Deeper as you go! NIce! thx@ternoman: "@peterfunk1: "more house in the house" good choice;) tnx also to@danieldiver@gecko"" (reblip)
danieldiver Just fancy a bit of Calvin

Calvin Harris I'm Not Alone DEADMAU5 REMIX OUT NOW!

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Erwin1974 @klitoria: "never enough of this one " Thumbs and props up! (reblip)
danieldiver It's Squarepusher-esque but *ALL* music is played. Watch these guys! @Heike @smiley @scotinny @djLop @Atomik @abarbosa @patita @Flower @stena @Mtii
danieldiver @wilsoke: "Washing machine is speaking..." I like Miss Allien! (reblip)
danieldiver Steve!!!!!!! Greatest living composer! @donkeyrapist: "Saw this piece performed at the Barbican a long time ago, so subtle and beautiful. Listen!!" (reblip)

Steve Reich "Music for 18 Musicians" -Section IX

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Stay19 Babble – Sun<><>Lovely! vi@penfabulous (reblip)


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danieldiver Yeah, nice!!!!@avivamagnolia: "Jo Bogaert – Water (Spooky's Hydro Electric Mix)" (reblip)
danieldiver @fabuleuxfab @duo @Atomik NO idea what this is

Deep House Compilation

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danieldiver Heard these guys at Big Chill. Performance was like a student and his new secretary girlfriend. @klitoria @chiron08 @Chekkov @Atomik

HeliosCoast Off

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Atomik Just one blip this morning, better make it the Strongest mix in the universe via@ThorbenThobias. (reblip)
danieldiver This got on to Warp 20 and not Squance?!


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danieldiver Actually a Spooky track from 'Found Sounds' album.. and beautiful Liz Fraser sample @tubilino@GR8FL@tuatara @Jeffie @BunnyHoney@Crwydryn@jude81@toobad
danieldiver @bendrix: "I'm a Quantic novice, this track is nice. It belongs in a chill time jazzy cafe=> rb@Thnikkaman: GREAT track! (reblip)

Quantic -- Not so blue

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danieldiver Got do some background on FATM, going to see them tonight. Thx for Schmoelling props! @donkeyrapist @Nymph
danieldiver Excellent! thx @Hypnotica: "Ladytron – Tomorrow (Vector Lovers Lucky Remix). Cool track" (reblip)
Hypnotica Ellen Allien & Apparat – Rotary
danieldiver Hey cheeseboy..@yellowcheese ..actually it's my mom who's not well...

Bryan ZentzD-Clash

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danieldiver Time for bed....@yellowcheese

Love On A Real Train

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danieldiver dance party? trying hard....@LikeAnAngel


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danieldiver @avivamagnolia better than Nu Yor Soul?


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danieldiver rb @LikeAnAngel: "@ARTWONARTOWNARTNOW I do now.... Very cool voice, thanks!" (reblip)

Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'

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danieldiver Love this - Yellow Pages @avivamagnolia

Alejandro Escuer with ONIX Ensamble performing Michael Torke's Telephone Book 1st. Movement.

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Mysterymix There's a Drink in My Bedroom and I Need a Hot Lady

Lindstrom There's a Drink in My Bedroom and I Need a Hot Lady

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avivajazz Issa Bagayogo | Toroya | Timbuktu (2002) | Issa Bagayogo (vocals, kamele n'goni)
lafabrock You can tell it's Tood Edwards...

Sacré Français! (Todd Edwards Re-Create Mix)

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danieldiver Remember when?

Dif-Juz. The Last Song

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danieldiver Back 20 something years

Dif JuzNo Motion

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Electronic Behavior Control System

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danieldiver Afternoon - snowing again in London...@GinaDunc @Mysterymix @amphore @Nymph

Club Scene Investigators- Direct Dizko ( Sander Van Doorn Remix)

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GinaDunc Nice, ty! :) @amphore: "Gare du Nord – Tune Up" (reblip)
danieldiver Oh I like this.. ta @Wavidus: "Thx @Raha ... the wife has just returned to the building :-)" (reblip)
Hypnotica Urban Torque® – Tom Middleton - Hypnotizer (Original Mix). Last one from me tonight - thanks for props all :-))

Tone Float Tone Float EP Urban Torque Recordings

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danieldiver @Y0NiB34T :@ladypn @bestblips.... bestblips?! Who says, matey..?

nova novatones

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danieldiver Like Pendulum without the polish...And a Roland JX-3P on bass.. @yellowcheese @Mysterymix / @donkeyrapist @GR8FL @akiraboy2000 @chiron08 @toobad

Sub FocusRock It

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danieldiver ...thing is @yellowcheese, they did an album called Sheep on Drugs.. On drugs. LOL! @GR8FL @DJSelchie
danieldiver Brilliant! And, obviously, oi vey! @avivao: "♫ Rabbi Jacob + Klezmer vs House of Pain / Beyond wild! Hysterically heartwarming, too... RB.@JP_O /" (reblip)
danieldiver TERRIFYING @Hypnotica: "Riceboy Sleeps – Daníell In the Sea. An almost religious experience..." (reblip)
Hypnotica Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd – Turn Off The Sun
inadaequat o. k. , wir spielen noch 1 karte aus @thelema2009 @chiron08 @danieldiver DJBellaterra +++ Phlash & Friends – Grande (Original Mix) +++
danieldiver Yes, there's a big loop coming
danieldiver ..whereas Kevin and Justin hate you
M_Zu Pantha du Prince - Saturn Strobe : Thx @danieldiver @ladypn
anjuscha alle da! :) // mal schauen ob der sprit bis zum jupiter reicht @chiron08 @estrogen
Hypnotica Dash Berlin feat. Sarah Howells & Secede – Believe In You (Extended Mix). So good I'm playing it twice! (reblip)
danieldiver Going to play out a few house/acid/techno classics tonight, let me know if you are listening...
danieldiver @Sibyll not sure what @ViralStyles was quoting the other night, possiby Henry Miller. Something bonkers anyway

Jam & SpoonStella

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danieldiver @steno: "@danieldiver yeah, this one's in sync ,-)" >>> I'm not watching, I'm listening sir! (reblip)
danieldiver Oh yeah! what a way to start an album..! @beatmassa: @BohemianChick

Hybrid If I Survive

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danieldiver Not so clever man. But still love him.
danieldiver Yep, he knows a thing or two about chord changes and arrangement too. And drill and f8cking bass.

01 Welcome To Europe

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danieldiver ..that's better...

Brother Brown feat Frank'ee Under the water (Brother Brown Club Mix)

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danieldiver for @bduubz and @jennyleepenny ... so much better than bloody Justice


| play
danieldiver Night...


| play
danieldiver ..apart from this... oh wow..

Boards of Canada- Roygbiv (Alpha Quest Mix)

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Hypnotica Deadma5 - Faxing Berlin (Naden remix). BPM's are climbing. . . [ [ Cracking Mix! ] ] ] Nice 2 be spinning @DJ_DanceMix@louiskugel@bluedreamz@Atomik
danieldiver Ooh I don't know.. this bangs some.. @Hypnotica jochen miller - brace yourself. [[ TONIGHT'S UBER BANGER!! ]@DJ_DanceMix@manipulator@chiron08@Chekkov
danieldiver @Hypnotica: "Tomcraft - Loneliness (Myon & Shane 54 Radio Mix). Only partial playlist on FBook @DJ_DanceMix the real deal's on Blip :-)" (reblip)
danieldiver XXXchange is taking tips from d Ramirez...
danieldiver Makes the Editors bareable.. and I've seen them live: Teeeedious. @Cosmix: "One of my favourite songs since I came to Blip :)" (reblip)
danieldiver for @Ubqtous Drum n bass, eh? Whatever happened to that? Oh yeah: Pendulum.
danieldiver Nice, but it's bloody Orbital's Lush! @haizee @djilo
danieldiver Lovely liquid bass, @THX @manipulator: "@b_age kenne nur < boom box pro > für iphone" (reblip)
danieldiver OOh bit of a chance find @LikeAnAngel @eightbitkoala @SomeMoSir @DareToEatAPeach @wouldratherhaveanicepair


| play
danieldiver this works @DJ_DanceMix spooky I just typed your name babe!
danieldiver Yeah, found this: bloody dirty bass, when you get past the vocals bout *2.00* in @DJCoquette @DJ_DanceMix @curatEar @LikeAnAngel @GR8FL" (reblip)

ClarkGrowls Garden

| play

LCD Soundsystem - Home (Loving Good Mix)

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danieldiver Me fave @BohemianChick Hi & thanks :-) @Paris49 @Apples305: hi sis! @KushiQ: hey you! @mrmurz

6. Small Blue Thing

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danieldiver This is great! @Mysterymix: "®—@Mysterymix: "§ Every time just like the last On her ship tied to the mast To distant lands Takes both my hands..."" (reblip)
jethostel We r Playlistrsss @antenaweb: "Does It Offend You Yeah – We Are Rockstars" (reblip)
djilo Kruse & Nuernberg – Chopped (Fred Everything Remix)
danieldiver Bloody great this, thx! @djilo: "Kruse & Nuernberg – Chopped (Fred Everything Remix)" (reblip)
gitothethe ♪Protection - Massive Attack - Protection - 1994
toobad wasting all my time-time...

Jamiroquai-Hey Floyd

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danieldiver Saw 'em last night; hadn't heard new album but live it was fantastically euphoric. Bless 'em. So here we go with some U/W tracks - anyone joining me?
KayceeDee Super!! Thank you for thisss!! Just what I'm looking for!! :))x RB@djilo: "Your wish is my command ;) @DJ_DanceMix" (reblip)
KayceeDee Best one so far!!! Loving ittt!! Thakn you dera DJ!! :))))x Respin @djilo: ":) @DJ_DanceMix" (reblip)
KayceeDee Delicious!!!! Have an amazing 2011 Daniel!! :))) Respin@danieldiver: "Happy New Year! Discovered this during the break... (reblip)
danieldiver And it's pretty tasty at 5.10 too "And this... (thanks Ms DanceMix!! x) @deadmau5-1 - 4 Strings - Sundown (original mix)" (reblip)
danieldiver This is very cool! thx @Chekkov: "♒ Moin @o_oh blippe mich gerade in den Schlaf... Bist gut rüber gekommen? :-) (Bei mir wars lecker & gemütlich)" (reblip)

Kleerup ft. Likke Li- Until we bleed (+Lyrics)

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Meteors by Kirsty Hawkshaw (produced by Ulrich Schnauss)

| play

Men with Sticks 3rd Eye

| play
danieldiver My mate Simon did this. It's got a bit huge with goths. That's his sister Sheena playing the cello. @DJNickPapag @d3n15p@Coffeenuts@GR8FL@diskgrinder
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