banale ha ballato da solo a un dj set di weatherall. se ne bullerà a vita, sì.

Death in Vegas - Hands Around My Throat

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danielvoicu Moving on to something more fun :D

PlaceboPost Blue

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danielvoicu Nice darkwave stuff mixed with electronica.
danielvoicu Virgin Mary is pregnant again... ;)
danielvoicu I'm starting to like more and more. i'm wondering how one can get to the source of a song.

In Strict Confidence-Industrial Love

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danielvoicu I hate that I haven't had the chance to go to the Laibach concert that took place a couple of years ago in Bucharest.


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banale sa già che alla lunga qua sarà pieno di blip delle solite 3-4 band

StarsDeath To Death

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danielvoicu Does it sound familiar, dear Timbo fans?:P The song is actually Courtship Dating, not Courtship Date.
danielvoicu Venus as a boy. How would it be?

BjorkVenus as a Boy

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danielvoicu @kalyke it sounds that Utada Hikaru sounds a little bit like the brit Imogen Heap. Maybe she was influenced by IH.
kalyke @danielvoicu That's very likely. They have similar sounds.

Frou FrouLet Go

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danielvoicu On top of the world you get nothing done.
threebears with a straight face?


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danielvoicu ... then we were Ziggy's band...
danielvoicu This song fits pretty well with some shrooms:)

Lykke LiLittle Bit

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hieronymus funny, @danielvoicu I was just going to blip some Lykke. Mind if I joing in?
danielvoicu @hieronymus no, i don't mind:) Let's Lykke Li everything:)
threebears @danielvoicu @hieronymus don't call the complaint department if I join you
danielvoicu @threebears and @hieronymus Let's keep it in the same area: Robyn (a friend of Lykke Li, btw) and Kleerup. :D
threebears sounds good @danielvoicu @heironymus - I won't break it up :)
danielvoicu So, are we going to hang high?:) With thunders in our hearts?:)
danielvoicu Moving to the North even more, we find Bjork. All is full of love guys and gals:)
threebears don't think I'd heard Anna Ternheim before this *game* - thanks for that : )
danielvoicu A Romanian band that you might like.:)

UrmaGet A Life

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threebears big thanks to both of you for the new names, the props and the twitter follows!!!!! :D
danielvoicu @hieronymus and @threebears thank you too:) had some fun with the playlists:)


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danielvoicu Moving on to some Finnish "drinking" songs:D
threebears @hieronymus and @danielvoicu had fun and did you notice there was no Abba? hehe
danielvoicu Because I'm a happy little boozer:D
danielvoicu Starting to like Sigur Ros.


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danielvoicu A really, really good cover of Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill from my favorite band:)
danielvoicu When you want to start your day in a pretty, merry, happy, whatever mood:)

PlaceboI Do

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danielvoicu A really interesting Norwegian band that I'm starting to like:)
danielvoicu I caught one of your horns. The Knife - Reindeer
calamari Still listening to this, love, love it!

FlunkOn My Balcony

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danielvoicu We need to concentrate on more than meets the eye.

PlaceboTwenty Years

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danielvoicu This song is probably the first that I heard from Placebo. Kinda changed my way of thinking.

PlaceboBlack eyed

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calamari Going offline to finish up some work. See you all in the future...
danielvoicu À cause des garçons!/On met des bas nylon/On se crêpe le chignon/À cause des garçons!
danielvoicu "Just 19 and suckers dream I guess I thought you had the flavour/Just 19 and dream obscene with six months off for bad behaviour"
danielvoicu wear your love as it is made of hate.
bloodruby A tribute to the pagan-based Scandinavian traditions of Midsummer, this song, like the bonfire it depicts, slowly builds into a blazing inferno.
AndrewC In the cold light of morning I'm high on her presence... or better said, soon to be presence.
dianamaria She's got you high, and you don't even know yet...
danielvoicu ... for there is nothing that we can do. :)
danielvoicu He changes his mind more than a woman...
danielvoicu Marilyn from Indochine.


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danielvoicu I wanna take pictures of you...

Timo MaasPictures

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danielvoicu Du sa at du returnerte til sofaen. Hvor har du vært før? :) (sorry for my bad norwegian, I'm not a native speaker)
danielvoicu Space Monkey. Spam Monkey.

PlaceboSpace Monkey

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bittersugarcube Lembrando do último Free Jazz Festival

Grandaddy - The Crystal Lake

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danielvoicu Desi ziceam ca nu mai folosesc twitter... :D Neata!

Kylie MinogueCosmic

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danielvoicu I adore this song:) btw, @gloryboxblues I was 50% joking with that twitt:)
danielvoicu Lykke Li for en fin morgen. :)

Lykke LiLet It Fall

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danielvoicu Pretty interesting Swedish band that I found through

VapnetKalla Mig

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danielvoicu O tipa la metrou semana ft bine cu Katie Melua....

Katie MeluaShy Boy

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danielvoicu Alright, I can do all the things you do. :)
danielvoicu ... it's just another lemon tree...
danielvoicu This will counterattack the rain's effect. I'm starting to like more and more Mattafix.

MattafixTo And Fro

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danielvoicu First twitto-blip of the day.

MattafixTo And Fro

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danielvoicu We don't know what a Whopper is, our politicians are like whores... Oh well, things have changed:))
danielvoicu And if I only could/Make a deal with God/And get him to swap our places. Placebo's version sounds better.
danielvoicu Is this the time to pretend?

MGMTTime To Pretend

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danielvoicu The only problem with going to bed is that you have to wake up in the morning.
danielvoicu You were a child...


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danielvoicu Run away from all your boredom
danielvoicu I just LOVE this song and the video is fabulous!
danielvoicu Listening to The Prodigy.
danielvoicu Oh hai thar. Oh bai thar.


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danielvoicu You can feel the influence Sonic Youth had on a lot of alternative bands by listening this song.
danielvoicu This makes me think about "Underworld 2" :D
danielvoicu Fashion! Turn to the left! Fashion!

David BowieFashion

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danielvoicu Big fish, little fish swimming in the water... PJ Harvey :D
danielvoicu Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid. Catchy tune:D

ICPSpin The Bottle

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danielvoicu Heard this song on VH1 and really liked it. Sounds a little bit like Air.
spinecut i lied..this will be the last one..hehehe
danielvoicu Something broke. :D Travka.
danielvoicu Wake up call. O deranja pe @irulan melodia asta... :D
danielvoicu In case you like country. :)) Puscifer:D

Puscifer Cuntry Boner with lyrics

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danielvoicu Earworm of the day.

A Perfect Circle- When the levee breaks

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danielvoicu Sounds a little bit like Smashing Pumpkins - 1979. But pretty good.
danielvoicu Wake up son of mine, momma's got somethin' to tell you.

Momma Sed

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danielvoicu A song about puppies and pink flowers.

Carnal LustGOD

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danielvoicu My generation's for sale... ["I'm designer"]
danielvoicu When you're lucid, you're the sweetest thing... Camera Obscura.
spacespencer You’re not Ulysses, oohoo ...

Franz Ferdinand: Ulysses

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danielvoicu If you think that "life" means just a job... Think again. :)
danielvoicu Oare astia de prin cluburile romanesti au idee de existenta lui Soman? Great dude.


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danielvoicu When industrial was still industrial. Ministry. (reblip)
danielvoicu Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go... I wanna be sedated...
danielvoicu Joy Division and red wine.

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

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danielvoicu @gloryboxblues Asta apropo de post-ul tau cu Pace. :)

A Perfect Circle- Peace, Love, And Understanding

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danielvoicu Lovely song from Peaches.

PeachesLose You

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AndrewC Lie to me, it takes less time to drink you pretty...

placebo-drink you pretty

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danielvoicu @Gramo Imagine... :( Pacat de biata fata...

04. Imagine - John Lennon

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danielvoicu Let me go, I'll be fine.

KoRnEaten Up Inside

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danielvoicu Another coffee and this:


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danielvoicu I am the son/And the heir/Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar.
danielvoicu A rush and a push and the land is ours! Today is "The Smiths and Morrissey" day for me. :)
danielvoicu We saw ourselves now as we never had seen... Joy Division.

Joy DivisionDecades

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danielvoicu Won't you let me walk you home from school...


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danielvoicu I think I wanna watch Cruel Intentions again... Counting Crows - Colorblind.
danielvoicu I don't have much in my life/But take it - its yours...


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danielvoicu Brighten my northern sky... Nick Drake - Northern Sky
danielvoicu Saturday is your only highlight/When you go out and live the high life

Away From Here

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danielvoicu Spent a week in a dusty library/Waiting for some words to jump at me/
danielvoicu In timp ce ascultam ieri melodia asta, am vazut la metrou un tata destul de agresiv (verbal) cu fiica lui. Asocieri ciudate.


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danielvoicu I want to do whatever common people do...
danielvoicu Borderline bipolar/Forever biting on your nuts/I was never grateful/That's why I spent my days alone/


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danielvoicu I watch the ripples change their size/But never leave the stream D. Bowie - Changes

David BowieChanges

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danielvoicu Dreams of a place with a better selection. Dreams of a face that is pure as perfection.
danielvoicu Fret for your prozac and/Fret for your pilot and/Fret for your contract and/Fret for your car.
danielvoicu Credulous at best/Your desire to believe in/Angels in the hearts of men.
danielvoicu head to head/chest to chest/which country is the very best?

Ministry The Land of Rape and Honey

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danielvoicu Karin Dreijer's solo project sounds pretty well but it's somewhat darker than "The Knife"'s music.

Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'

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danielvoicu You know me better than I know myself...

Röyksopp 'Happy Up Here'

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danielvoicu You are my sister... Lovely song.

Antony and the Johnsons-You Are My Sister

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danielvoicu Temptation. De cand nu am mai ascultat CoF.

Cradle of Filth "Temptation"

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danielvoicu For a great Saturday afternoon.

Coal ChamberFiend

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The Creepshow "The Garden"

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danielvoicu So I try to laugh about it/Cover it all up with lies/I try to laugh about it/Hiding the tears in my eyes/'cause boys don't cry/
danielvoicu When she was 22 the future looked bright :)

Lily Allen22 (HD)

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danielvoicu If you're longing for lullabies...

Kleerup 'Longing For Lullabies' ft Titiyo 2009 VIDEO

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danielvoicu @adrianciubotaru The Cure, of course. :)

The Cure Friday Im In Love

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danielvoicu Kinda hipster-ish, but I like it...
danielvoicu Sepultura and Pavarotti. This is the first time when I hear this version.

Tori Amos Abnormally Attracted To Sin

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danielvoicu Why do you come here/When you know it makes things hard for me/


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danielvoicu "And now I'm here without hope or care". My latest tweets are blips.

Patrick WolfTristan

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danielvoicu Never stray, just move along.


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danielvoicu Now don't you forget you bring your sun... Welcome to England.
danielvoicu These days bad taste is so delectable/And the crowd is so suggestible/
danielvoicu If you're really, really, reallllyyy longing for lullabies.

Kleerup 'Longing For Lullabies' ft Titiyo 2009 VIDEO

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danielvoicu You frame the photograph, I sit on fences.


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danielvoicu She’s the last of the English roses

Cocorosie Werewolf

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danielvoicu Soothing.

Micro Melodies

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danielvoicu Learn to jump into the road and learn to save a little lost face


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danielvoicu Suppose for seconds you forget your past


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danielvoicu M'aidez - this is no m'aidez... (hot tea goes well with this song and something good to read)
danielvoicu "Precious, I feel precious and so afraid..."
danielvoicu you're so loretta young silks, fashioning your self-escape
danielvoicu When the storm cut you to the bone/There was always shelter
danielvoicu Ce muzica buna se facea in anii 90, in zona alternativului...

Smashing Pumpkins1979

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danielvoicu Trip hop is the new goth, as some might say. "Precious", a song that mixes melancholy, darkness and love. I adore it.
danielvoicu Oh we flee the scene of our little crime/We feel so free/But the hounds of law they bite our heels/


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placebo-protege moi

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danielvoicu You know this song from Orange's recent commercial :)

Cut CopyFeel the Love

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danielvoicu I do evil things and evil things return.

IamxTear Garden

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danielvoicu On repeat, Apparat.

Apparat-You Don't Know Me

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threebears Somewhere on the planet the moon is setting. Thanks for your company blip friends! Have a good night/day/sunshine/moonshine -in any order ^_~
danielvoicu Desi nu poate fi incadrata cu exactitate la #reascultare, sper sa placa. :) Doves - The Goes The Fear
danielvoicu Use your life, the world goes and flutters by. :)

JónsiBoy Lilikoi

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danielvoicu Imogen Heap - First Train Home
danielvoicu Audacity of huge, audacity of huge...
danielvoicu I just want to start this over...
danielvoicu Serge Gainsbourg – Ballade de Melody Nelson
danielvoicu A Comet Appears by The Shins:
danielvoicu Lazy Lester - I'm A Man

Lazy LesterI'm A Man

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danielvoicu Let's listen to Jeff Buckley, Dream Brother...
danielvoicu Abel, my mind's gone loose inside the shell...

The NationalAbel

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danielvoicu @limitedsummer check this out. IAMX - You Can Be Happy (combichrist remix) (reblip)
danielvoicu Sa vedem cui ii mai ramane in cap melodia asta:D Liquido - Narcotic


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danielvoicu Nu-i asa? merge si niste Tool. :D


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danielvoicu Fame, fame, puts you there where things are hollow

David BowieFame

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maxhencke Throwing Muses - Hate My Way
danielvoicu Walk in silence/Don't walk away in silence.../
danielvoicu "We gamble to be born again" (When Placebo was Placebo, not "everything-is-beautiful-happy-bla-bla placebo")

Placebo — Allergic, Soulmates Never Die, Paris, 2003

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danielvoicu Lovely concert on the 1st of October, last year. "I am terrified, I think too much..."
danielvoicu I wonder if they like Southern Comfort. :) (good song, btw)
danielvoicu Baker, Baker by Tori Amos. Lovely song. :)
danielvoicu Summer's gone.

Placebo-Summer's Gone

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danielvoicu We brave the role of black sheep.
danielvoicu Bjork - All Is Full of Love.
danielvoicu The Who. "I don't need to fight/To prove I'm right"

The WhoBaba O'Riley

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danielvoicu Well, Steve Hewitt is doing a great job with his new band. :D
danielvoicu Satellite above/Looks down unblinking/Satellite of thought/Unthinking. - The Creatures - Another Planet
Aluciel #nanowrimo is less than a week away...and my confidence is virtually nonexistent right now.
danielvoicu The earth is a world, the world is a ball, a ball in a game with no rules at all.
danielvoicu Melodia asta trece in lista mea de melodii preferate. :D
danielvoicu Promises don't mean anything...

IAMX-Fire and Whispers

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danielvoicu Hello, hello, hello... (si-am asa o stare...)
danielvoicu "It's your world. Take it back."

Sovereign by Faith and the Muse

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danielvoicu Roșu aprins.

Luna Amara-rosu aprins

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danielvoicu Entertaining thoughts of sleep.

WovenhandOrchard Gate

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danielvoicu Let's start the day with a beautiful song.
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