robotchampion cruel summer for some bananarama, timeless classic
rossruns I used to be able to upload an mp3 to Vox and then use the song URL to blip here but it doesn't seem to be working now. Confused... any help anyone?
stewbagz "Burning Down Your Soul" (Freeland vs Talking Heads vs Who) – DJ Riko - top hole, this one!
allmyfaves ok ... now it is time to dance ... lets go !!!
stewbagz "Paranoimia (Max Headroom Remix)" - The Art Of Noise
Static Please don't pull me out, this is how I would want to go.
capitano it's all around me, it's all around me, it's all around me.. but I won't see it.. it's all around me, it's all around me, make me forget..
capitano everybody cries. and everybody hurts sometimes. and everybody hurts sometimes. so, hold on, hold on..
stewbagz "Time For Action" - Secret Affair. - from the albu, "Glory Boys" - *bostin* :D


| play
Heymonkey I love Miller's tone, and the fact that his main instrument is a four string bass ...
Heymonkey cowbell... it's there in the bridge
allmyfaves u love me .... and i love u ...
enver a Silvio Berlusconi. a Walter Veltroni. a Bagnasco e al meeting di Rimini. alla Cina,alla nuova Russia. alla Roma,all'Inter,al Milan :) a chi so io.
capitano I'm breaking my back just to know your name..
capitano I close my eyes and see you before me..
mr_diego Song of the day: Even Flow – Pearl Jam, probably Seattle's best band and one of the best songs of the 90s.
djhelcat I'm actually listening to Children on Stun but you can't blip that from here

BlondieCall Me

| play
DrEdge continuing the theme- been caught


| play
frodissa *sigh*

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing

| play
Hnomad radiohead killed it on friday. in case you missed that.
flaviochubes ¿hay dos colmillos más agudos que las sílabas de chacal?
flaviochubes ¿hay una estrella más abierta que la palabra amapola?
rossruns Can't get enough of this song. One of the few that actually made me buy the whole album off 1 song.
jeff You gotta love the drum fill opening. And then it's not quite punk, not quite ska, not quite rock - can't put my finger on it other than I like it!
sarunasr Eyes Without A Face – Billy Idol
stewbagz "Freak Out" - Chic. Yip, it's old, but check out that Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards arrangement. What a bassline!
stewbagz "Yo Doomsday! Give me some more snare in my headphones!" - 'Rock Out With Your Hawk Out' - MC Hawking
stewbagz "Shoujo n' Shonen" by Ultraklystron, feat Nursehella & Badd Spellah - n/e/r/d/c/o/r/e 4 LiF3 :D
rossruns @threebears I'm pretty sure the mp3 upload is only for your own content - I wouldn't want to upload something to blip I don't have rights to.
rossruns @RedPen haven't heard that song in years! Here's another that was popular "back in the day" but seems to have fallen by the wayside ;-)
rossruns Did anyone ever listen to this SA album? A friend of mine turned me on to it but almost nobody has heard any of the tracks on it...
stewbagz "The Look Of Love" - ABC. On the soundtrack to my youth :) (and most of the rest of my life thus far, actually)
loolantal How about ... Village People - In the Navy?
stewbagz "Mickey" - Toni Basil. MMmmm. Cheeeerleeeeeeaders. </Homer>
stewbagz We haven't had a summer in the UK this year, but whenever I hear the Beach Boys, I'm surfing the pipeline :)
stewbagz Here comes the summer! (not really, but we can pretend)
bitblue Funny how Fleetwood got it right.
Heymonkey wth! all the worlds a stage and we look like this??!!??
bitblue Most people care, just not in politics.
jeff About to get on the phone with the folks from Nettwerk - these guys have it going on!
stewbagz "Out Of Control" - Chemical Brothers. (I think there's a bit of a New Order cameo appearance in this one ;)
rossruns You don't have to be a Cheap Trick fan to enjoy this cover by Kay Hanley's old band...
threebears this is sometimes shown as unavailable, sometimes not . . . lets see . .
rossruns @threebears that Nightwish song is awesome - it sounds like what Evanescence is hoping to achieve (but hasn't quite hit yet).
threebears @rossruns so pleased you like it. Can't resist blipping this with the obvious missheard lyrics link ;-)
sengseng time to get a little nutty (Up in here – DMX)
sengseng @immunity: what about sweet dreams for lip dub? (Eurythmics)
theaardvark Suddenly & unexpectedly nostalgic for this. Proper moshing song. I played this @ discos for friends. Injuries sometimes resulted.
hieronymus @dankeldsen start on the MP3 Deals page: esp check the More Free Deals box. seems to change freq.
hieronymus So far these free AMZ songs have been pretty good. At least I've heard of the Goo Goo Dolls
BabyGhost wooowwwoooooo (guitar line)
BabyGhost bassline: fuzzy, undulating, distinctive, deceptively simple. and an overall amazing song.
ddamours I wonder what my old apartment is like...
p0ps My favorite soul singer is from Jamaica.
DJHarteAttakk Vicariously or not...don't be a tool.


| play
emilythemom @Shuree well then that makes me The Lizard King.
bitblue Billy Joel is one of the best live musicians ever. Saw him in SF recently... he still got the chops.
bitblue Let me eat cake, she says. Moet et Chandon would suit me just fine.
bitblue ...and now for something completely different.
bitblue Working on a remix of this song.
hieronymus @anadeau this is one of my fave Parsons songs. Love the early Project stuff, just through Pyramid really
dankeldsen Nice choice @bitblue - as an ex-synth guy, I should know KRAFTWERK, but never got around to it. The value of mixing up the listening habits...
elsharnefarn And with that, the metal mood begins...
mario " I wish i was in Tijuana, eating barbequed iguana"
mixmasterkeith really liked the use of this song in the trailer for "choke" (the upcoming movie based on a chuck palahniuk book)
taniaarthur in my top 3 of the best songs in history!
dean Weeehooo! I got my 100 badge! I feel quite ludicrously happy about that, such is the addictive nature of Blip... :-)
bitblue @dankeldsen My faves are Captain Jack and Miami 2017... re WSR: I have pretty much moved to software synths these days, eg Properllerhead Reason.
cybster This a breakbeat remix of my song "This Record". This has been been my most popular song of all time

This Record (b mix)

| play
sh0kr0k I love this weird-ass song, also from Remedy Lane. Not my favorite track on the CD but I appreciate it's intricate rhythms and the syncopation.
NikkiB What a song! Put your earphones on, turn the light off and just.....listen....
MyrddinEmrysa Musicals - Dr. Horrible - Bad Horse
sh0kr0k One of the greatest power metal CDs ever, Avantasia: The Metal Opera Pt. I. Pt. II was okay, but not as epic. New Avantasia is good but not the same
kathysmithbrown Some remakes aren't as good as the original---but this one is GREAT! (Still love the 80's version though...)
abwaters Am I the only that is reminded of Tom Petty's "Last Dance with Mary Jane"?
Hnomad still reminds me of that really lame (cell phone?) ad. great song though.
dankeldsen Haven't shared this before, for no good reason. My old band. More where that comes from!
MyrddinEmrysa Worlds most monotonous intro.
MyrddinEmrysa American Jesus, the cousin of Butter Jesus.
hieronymus a nice long instrumental to start the day
hieronymus yeah, @RedPen, me too! I've been searching for my I Robot CD to rip.
hieronymus the first part went over so well, let's try Ommadawn Part 2. This is a custom remix, btw. thanks @revmem
elsharnefarn @ddamours: Rock Band 2 eh? I can't wait to sing this one in that game. :)

Megadeth-Peace Sells

| play
elsharnefarn One of my favorite acoustic guitar chord progressions. :)
kratzdistel Könnte mal wieder staubputzen ...

Living Colour - Cult Of Personality

| play
DJSwoop 80's MTV Classics -- Van Halen - Jump

Van HalenJump

| play
DJSwoop 80's MTV Classics -- Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
DJSwoop 80's MTV Classics -- Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl
DJSwoop 80's MTV Classics -- Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died in Your Arms
DJSwoop 80's MTV Classics -- Vapors - Turning Japanese

Vapors - Turning Japanese

| play
DJSwoop 80's MTV Classics -- Duran Duran - The Reflex (crazy lyrics) * I'm out. Dinner time and then DNC speech time. Thanks - Alan
elsharnefarn I've heard some covers but not any I disliked as much as this. It's muzak to my ears. I need to stop before I go on a bashing spree.
emilythemom ready for a dance party, brothers & sisters....
Sgtpepperslass @MexyRexy I think you're right, we need to. :) What sounds better than steaks, beer and Zep? lol
elsharnefarn One of the best beats sampled ever. EVER. The Beastie Boys had a great idea, I tell you. ;)
Nivaldo I just love this one! One of my all time favorites ;-)
danisetudu maaiiisss rock!

B52's - Rock Lobster

| play
dzzl linkedin.

Linking Park - Runaway

| play
tpronunciato Só falta a moto...

steppenwolf born to be wild

| play
danielamonteiro Pra fazer o clima pra daqui a pouco... Meu doção vai se cansar hoje!
LaurentLaSalle Tsé quand t'as l'impression de parler dans l'vide?
edsounds Mais uma da coletânea Jóia, volume 5. Esta foi trilha de novela global e td.
12monkeys this was part of my personal soundtrack from last summer
neemau bluegrassão massa, é a chuleta do repique com tremilhe . via @mcardoso, garoto das montanhas
Lemon Now don't say I only play groovy stuff. On the other hand: these stoner rockers sure are funky! "So grease up your baby for the ball on the hill"
carloshc Smoke on the water versão Jazz!!!!
formalhaut yummy! but hey isaac – we deeply miss you.
rozinharm essa música diz muita coisa...
Dillin_Chillin Never was a fan for some reason...good ballad I guess.
truejerseygirl Is it possible that I havent blipped MCR yet? "I wont go down by myself, but I'll go down with my friends!"
elsharnefarn @Sgtpepperslass: This one's been in my head all day... just like you. ;) :*
carloshc I'm on a Highway to Hell |_|
optimistprime God - so good I have to hear it again...
Felixito little in the middle but SHE GOT MUCH BACK!
gisellepmaia Back to 90's! Em clima de alcoologia, afinal, é sexta-feira!
gridlockd What would be the best genre of rock to listen while drinking? I think it´s GLAM-ROCK. Here we go with "Talking Dirty To Me" by POISON.
Luizumc Bons tempos de 89 FM. Do fundo do baú...
vaivenu The best album of them....beisde Siamiese Dreams
Half_Johnny One of the best songs concerning the Moon that I've listened to in literally minutes. There sure are a lot of songs about the moon . . .
Pizzy As horas passam rápido e essa terça fria em SP... tem cara dessa música. Não sei pq.
DJkaplak These guys from Disneyland After Dark had a blast when they made this song, you can tell


| play
frankenspock they're not even being postmodern. they just like the song.
XYZ such a lonely place

Eagles - Hotel California

| play
rebokel acabei de comprar o ingresso do show do REM
hapakun Yeah, baby!!! Take me back to the 90's alternative revolution!
Half_Johnny I know, I know. It's serious.

The Smiths - Girlfriend In A Coma

| play
gkikas a real square cat, he looks a 1974...
angrybob Escape is imminent. The walls are burning. And I have no cigarettes or coffee.
frankenspock nobody doesn't love bootsy

Funky Kingston (With Bootsy Collins And The Roots)

| play
carlio You haven't lived until you've heard a man beatbox through a digeridoo
Half_Johnny The best song a fake death metal band ever performed.
rebokel Hike up your skirt a little more And show your world to me
dankeldsen Finding all sorts of things I don't normally listen to. Heavy, funky, dancey - definitely not my norm!

The Ting Tings Shut Up And Let Me Go

| play
Alanie Tô ouvindo muito Hard Rock hoje: agora é a vez do Whitesnake. ^_^
SuperstarDJ This one will be in the new Guitar Hero.. I wanna play it.. :P


| play
mastercelo just a slob like one of us...

Joan Osbourne - One Of Us

| play
CaioGuip the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums....
UNI Legend

Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey

| play
gothian Ta virando clássico..

Van HalenJump

| play
gothian love ain't no strangggggggggggerrrrrrrrrr

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry(1)

| play
elsharnefarn *sings* Change how you see a decline, see how high you really climb...
map_heo (pourquoi toujours devoir mettre un message?...)
hartleymanages I'm sort of in a rush mood


| play
geo_ =) adoro. chega de romance, rapaz!
DJHordo daytripper

Tommy Emmanuel - Beatles Songs

| play

AC DC - You Shook Me All Night Long

| play
ChinaCat Frank Zappa. Gotta love it.

Peaches En Regalia

| play
vik407 Parece que es cierto, nin no viene :-S. No les gustó que los anunciaran como "banda de rock" :-b
maltezefalkon We are the priests of the Temples of Syrinx / Our great computers fill our hallowed halls
stefan2904 rock am ring 2008.... missed them :(
bichery wow

Sound Garden- Black Hole Sun

| play
calamari This came up on my iPod while walking back from the coffee shop. This band was brilliant, and short-lived.
abgefahrn Und jetzt alle mitsingen... MR. BIG!
elizs I said to my reflection/let's get out of this place ...


| play
rtsnance thank you @gnome for this one. made my morning.
suedonim for mr.hector who's too busy to search...

Incubus - Stellar

| play
DizzleKizzle I have the urge for some Megadeth between Ice Cube.

07. Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction

| play
redfiasco Hey now,hey, now don't dream it's over!
megcanada I must go on standing. You can't break that which isn't yours.
biasouza Trilha sonora do Rocky correndo. Acho revigorante.

Rocky Soundtrack - Theme Song

| play
e_caparelli Cartman would say: "Bastards!" :-) and I say: mmm, good taste!
gkikas from a different time just before time changes again
masterplan I just luuuuuv this song... makes me feel like i was 8 years old again...
danimeirelles Da época em que a MTV só pegava no tranco.
ChinaCat This song cracks me up!

11 Presidents of the United States of America - Back Porch

| play
dankeldsen Wow, interesting remix. Strings into punk/metal. Caught me offguard.

Muse - New Born (String Quartet Remix - by Windblow)

| play
caiocgo Como eu não consigo ouvir isso até o final, vamos dar continuidade à série "música de acéfalos para acéfalos". pt 02
HotheadDave ALL I WANTED WAS A PEPSI! Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized
CAMonteiro Pé na porta é isso aí:

Living Colour - Cult Of Personality

| play
jeffk Metal kind of bores me now, but this song just whips it out, flops it across the table, and gives you the finger. (Good morning!)

The SwordFreya

| play
metaMeerkat Eurythmics for one of the cold cold days - and giving away my age! :))
ghost4hire Disturbed is quickly becoming my Number 2 Band!
vyvienn Although who doesn't know Mexican Radio?
Dedwyre I'm made of metal, my circuits gleam. I am perpetual, I keep the country clean
Malcomtux Essa vai para a @cynarar e o pessoal do @mundotecno . Vote no Vader, hehehe
dankeldsen @Franta Great track... don't think I would've appreciated this as much before having a daughter. That he went to Berklee is nice synchronicity too.
driczz ♫I just wanna use your love tonight I don't wanna lose your love tonight♫
driczz @dankeldsen i´m trying to do a great tks!
Benezooca mais animada, apesar do tema, assim, meio tétrico...
soulexposed Listened to some Bjork at Drew's last night... she has a phenomenal voice. My face -----> D:

[Bjork] Hunter

| play
gkikas you're talking a lot, but you're not saying anything
Dillin_Chillin Welcome to my humble abode...freaks, geeks,saints & the odd sinner or two. Sit down, get a what ever order.
ratbreath "Just when I think I'm gonna get away"
dankeldsen Saw Trevor and crew when he was touring for this album in Boston. Fantastic show! Gave me chills. Peak of his solo rock career... sadly.
mbottan You can't erase, you can't replace it. I miss it now, I can't believe it, so hard to stay, too hard to leave it...
randymatheson A Flock of 'friggin' Seagulls... w00t w00t!!
marconick [ Rammstein - Te Quiero Puta! ] " Ay que rico "
AugustaGALiving another bit of classic rock


| play
ramn woke up with this yel in mind...


| play
gofirit making mistakes is part of life's imperfection, is it so wrong to be human after all? fragile but free
dankeldsen My son loves this song... took his first free-standing steps to this. Or at least that's my story...
dankeldsen Whoops, my daughter corrected me. It's Funkytown that my lad first walked to... not this version though. This is wonky! Muzak version, it's lurchy!
geekbr Pinball Wizard – The Who ... pra não parar //
Elissantos " Essas feridas parecem não cicatrizar Essa dor é muito real. Isso é simplesmente mais do que o tempo pode apagar. Enanescense

Evanescense - My Immortal

| play
helix Imogen Heap is so f*ckin talented...
helix Read the name of this song... Amazing! I'm waiting for their double album about the LHC.
helix This band i just discovered is awesome
splinister "The best of us can find happiness In misery." Could be a line from Morrissey.
stewbagz i'm in the mood to listen to goth chicks this afternoon :)
sergioleal Um blues dos mais rasgados pra um almoço legal!
Jufioroto mais uma pra correr! me dá pique pro meio do percurso
helix Yeaaah

Toe Jam

| play
ibere Yelle's show in Brazil was yesterday... and I wasn't there. :-(
MauriceReeves remember when you were young? you shone like the sun...
helix this is absolutelly the coolest band EVER
Vegas_V DAMMIT! That's the other one I was hiding up my sleeve! No more holding back!

Southpark - Kyles Moms A Bitch

| play
Mr315 Classic hardcore for the people!
anabananasworld This song makes me wanna get up and dance!!
maggit But I dont know him anymore. Theres nothing where he used to lie ..
Bobeccles Progfest#3 - chips with salad cream round Dave Avil's gaffe....nice bass Mr Squire...


| play
Bobeccles Progfest#10 - possibly the best guitar playing in the known universe....restrained magnificence

King Crimson - Starless And Bible Black

| play
daniqueija Meio popzinho, mas dá vontade de quebrar tudo. Mais uma pra animar a sexta cinza...
TerriAD Voyager - Alan Parsons Project
melies Rockin' friday!!! from the 80' with love
melodyofurlife Friday = Fun! going home now blips I wasted enough company time today!
ZachsMind Arguably the most shining expression in his magnificent creative history. This tells the tale of his leaving Genesis, unsure what lay before him.
Spiritus_ex_machina OMC*, I know of these guys but never expected them on Blip! (*, Oh My Cthulhu)

Def Leppard Animal

| play
carlacoutinho Gente, cansei de blipar essa banda, mas amanhã tem show deles no INFERNO e eu vou. Quem quiser, bora!
jangles Going down well with an Irish coffee.
GabrielResende One of the great masters...!

Van Halen - Hot For Teacher

| play
SarahWV I have a history of taking off my shirt.
GabrielResende Música foda! Grande guitarrista, grande música.
kelleyk you can stop listening after the little drum solo bit in the middle. that's the only reason i blipped it. also, you should 'air drum' that part.
KarrieLyne Now it's up to you, we can make a secret rendezvous Just me and you, I'll show you lovin' like you never knew...Rah!!
youragentsteph Once, there was this kid who got in to an accident and couldn't go to school-
jojatk @dankeldsen and speeding up the funk a bit before heading to bed... I hope you enjoy
lisaheindel You make me feel like I am young again
superlativado bora blipar pop. merda. whatever! HAHA
cyclingroo We live in crazy times. Don't expect anyone (from either political party) to meet your deepest needs. There is a God-shaped hole that only He fills.
IAmLegend1623 Takes me back to the early days of MTV. You know, back when they showed just videos and not all that reality garbage.
hootmama You're livin in your own Private Idaho. Idaho. You're out of control, the rivers that roll, you fell into the water and down to Idaho.
skycirrus Y para descansar tranquilo...
stepsix Educational Acid Trip

Sesame Street - Pinball Song Remix

| play
ltar Twisted Sister: We're Not Gonna Take It
leftm one of my favorite radiohead tracks
toke peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man, in a factory downtown, if I had my little way, i'd eat peaches every day

06 Presidents of the United States of America - Peaches

| play
LadyDayD bow down before the one you serve
sudaca70 Prefab Spout was such a great band; I don't think they had the recognition they deserve. This is the tune I like the most.
ilikeducks A cool take on one of my favorite Pixies songs.
elfgirl give this time..nice buildup.. and BOOM!
celeolimite Boas noites, aliás, bons dias, estamos em horário de verão. Alan Parsons Project, direto de 1985.
MyrddinEmrysa Theme: Magic - Here's a Little Childhood Classic for the Jackie Paper Fans.
lcorinto smashed mix

Justin Timberlake vs Corey Hart - I Wear My Sexyback at Night (cheekyboy edit)

| play
evablue totally have this in my head and can't get it out. [dun du dun du - hips - tonto - jumping - dun du dun du - hips - kemosabi - jumping]
dankeldsen SNL has had some horrible musical guests lately, but this track, I likey... great groove. Her opener tho, blech!
calamari The windmills of my mind are spinning like crazy right now.
dankeldsen @mrDJ Nice track, another bit I'd never have stumbled onto outside of blip. No idea what they're saying, but that's fine by me...
dewzi how have i not heard this before?
LaDawn and the past three weeks were the saddest weeks and the words you said, oh made me weak
cronopio Mas musica recomendada por el evil.......
Bobeccles Repetition in thee musick and we aint ever going to lose it #3
poyo_ we have to stay together twitters!!!!!
BonitaApplebum OMG! Blip has this song! My dad and I sing this at the top of our lungs every time we hear it.
KarrieLyne Still the words won't play, and there's no easy way to say goodbye.........goodbye.....
RoboFu Thinking of playing Gran Turismo back in the day made me think of this song...
Camilamafra Me dá vontade de gritar junto!!!hehehe
flavytcha quizas, quizas, quizas...versão do bolerón de Sarita Montiel :)
flavytcha bolerinhos :) nessa vibe pós almoço...
gisela @DJRodneyKing oi amigo dj, voce eh amigo do pucket e do lepi? eu sou irmã do @drkk esse som vai pra vc, direto da gaveta.
gezeta We are the earth intruders ...
lizwebpage ...when I'm stuck with a day, that's grey, and lonely...
julimello Que horror :O ... se bem que tem uma @alexandrerocco que tenho a mesma vontade .. hehe
tamynotme everything all of the time
flavytcha não poderia concordar mais com essa música...agora por exemplo, estou no trabalho apenas de corpo presente ;-)
grimcracker Anxiously awaiting Thomas Dolby's first album in 15 years.