thecurefan The Cure – One Hundred Years ♥ for my friend @SoulProduct who knows good music too! ^^
thecurefan The Cure – A Forest ♥♥♥ RB @bruun: "happy sunday @thecurefan ; )" ☚ YEAH! That's what I wish u too! ^^ (reblip)
thecurefan Sisters of Mercy – vision thing ★ @vix_rock: that's our common base my friend! ^^ running out of props for you again. (reblip)
Zarabeth Inspired by @Pesest & @Darth_Sabatino (must find mine back). Hi @DirtyUrine :-P

Iggy Pop - Lust For Life

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vaniasmith .:. put a smile on my face .:.
vaniasmith .:. please come back .:.
p4trick show me how you do that trick...
thecurefan The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia, My Reflection ★★★ back to my roots...

The Sisters of Mercy -- Lucretia, My Reflection

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LikeAnAngel @clarasaurusrex that is good! this one rocks it a different way.
vaniasmith +.:.Two can be as bad as one, its the loneliest number since the number one .:.


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LikeAnAngel absolutely not. :) @mettee: "I really don't think you can listen too much to this" (reblip)

Iggy Pop (Candy)

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asterion so be sure to bring warm clothing!!! & rebar!!!
LikeAnAngel @clarasaurusrex pixies are great on a cloudy day. good idea!
vaniasmith @spacespencer: "the finest hour that I've ever known was finding a pound on the Underground ..." (reblip)

Siouxsie & the Banshees- Dazzle

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Jester_of_Chaos Great song from the excellent Starfish, an album I cannot recommend strongly enough!
LikeAnAngel where is @clarasaurusrex to "oooh" when i play this? oh well i'll have to enjoy it on my own.

The Cure All Cats Are Grey

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vaniasmith .:. I hope you're thinking of me .:.
darkrider1 @vaniasmith: ".:. I just can't get away .:. " A classic! I prefer this one to the electric version. (reblip)
vaniasmith .:. how much I love you .:.
LikeAnAngel @tuatara ha! all those pole dancing classes come in really handy for me on the dancefloor. Totally kidding.
vaniasmith .:. it's never enough .:.
LikeAnAngel last 80s song, though Cure doesn't really count as 80s for me...robert smith is so adorable in this video.
vaniasmith .:. we call it .:.

Depeche Mode- Master And Servant (Official Video)

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vaniasmith .:. at every occasion I'm ready .:.
spacespencer How did I come to be drowning in this mess - ahh! Fuckin' mess ... Don't fall! (reblip)
spacespencer I would go out tonight but I haven't got a stitch to wear.
spacespencer "Dont you love her as shes walkin out the door." (reblip)
star45 U2 – Two Hearts Beat as One
vaniasmith .:. You never looked as lost as this .:.
vaniasmith @darkrider1 .:. Divine symmetry .:.

David Bowie, Featuring Robert Smith- Quicksand (MSG 1997)

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vaniasmith .:. it's here, I'll be with you .:.
vaniasmith .:. I wanna give you the world if you just hold me tight .:.

ida maria stella

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spacespencer ... how simple and intense this great track still is.
vaniasmith .:. two lovers kissing over screams of midnight .:.
vaniasmith .:. Hey wait Great smile .:.


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darkrider1 "Send me an Angel from Auckland" :-) (reblip)
spacespencer collaboration between the Cure's Robert Smith and Siouxsie & the Banshees' Steven Severin.
spacespencer Oh, your hair is beautiful!


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darkrider1 Heir apparent to the honor of being DFW's best post-punk band? Maybe so :-)
darkrider1 "my wee doggie would find me in the Isla stream".

Big Country - In A Big Country

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the lightning seeds-pure

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LikeAnAngel @Aislinn er...popped into my head i mean. i need to pay more attention to my blips. one of my favorited "haunting" blips. (reblip)

Closedown The Cure

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spacespencer my car is broken, but like MA say: »You may not have a car at all, but remember, brothers and sisters, You can still stand tall ...«
darkrider1 @LikeAnAngel: Nice! This is a new song for me. Some very nice early Blondie vibes. (reblip)
spacespencer flicka flicka flicka flicka flicka flicka flicka flicka here you are.

The Cure All Cats Are Grey

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The Cure Piggy In The Mirror ( In Orange )

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The Cure- Birdmad Girl Live (Bootleg 1984) HQ

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darkrider1 David J's fuzz bass tone on this track is delicious!
darkrider1 A great old-school Gothic band from South Africa with a strong underlying Christian message.
GR8FL rb@SandroC: "Also seated... and blippin' GR8FL" excellent (reblip)
SabriESC I'm doing well, thanks @Pesest...will be even better after I have a glass of.....;) And you?
LikeAnAngel i've got a question for you...where do you see yourself in five minutes?
Carmilla Great band, gigging in the UK in October and Novemeber. Check them out
GR8FL sleep well @Atomik: "peace to you all - Im outta here and off to read myself to sleep. xoxo" (reblip)
darkrider1 @Jester_of_Chaos: "I love Shriekback, ever since you turned me onto them back in 1986!" (reblip)
darkrider1 @nihilify: "@darkrider1 thought you might like this song :)" This totally rocks! It's exactly the type of song I would write! (reblip)
darkrider1 "Give me some more, I'll have another one." I love this little song.
LikeAnAngel watch the reverse make up in this--it used to fascinate me to no end.
LikeAnAngel trying to blip as many as i can before i have to go to the office.

VisageFade to Grey

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Cephy this and Puttin on the ritz were anthems when I was young, lol@mettee: "I only liked the beginning heh rb@LikeAnAngel: "it's about chess, actually."" (reblip)
darkrider1 @vaniasmith: ".:. Sucker love is heaven sent .:." Instead of stressed, I lie here charmed. (reblip)
vaniasmith .:. I know that you want! .:. ;-)
vaniasmith .:. so we meet again and I offer my hand .:.
SabriESC @newNEWwave: "Celine @SabriESC? Maybe your mom will like this." Thx- guess you knew she's a big fan of Jawbox. (Next on her list after Il Divo.) (reblip)


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LikeAnAngel funk to funky, we know major tom's a junkie. (reblip)
Jester_of_Chaos @darkrider1: Better reason than just wanting to be cool, no? :~) on ur 2nd point - I totally agree!
darkrider1 I'm a sucker for all the all old surf tunes. Ironically most of the guys in the 60s surf bands weren't surfers. (reblip)
yourfavoritedj They didn't offer general admission tickets to anyone but fan club members I guess. As soon as this one comes on I'll jump down into this section!

The Killers Human

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darkrider1 @yourfavoritedj: "This is one of the tunes they'll be remembered for 20 years from now." (reblip)
darkrider1 @danceronthemoon: "The mission - Severina" My favorite song by The Mission. (reblip)
darkrider1 @minkamu: "The first Elastica album was amazing. Why there was never a good follow up confuses me." Sometimes it's hard to top your first best effort (reblip)

Kate Bush Wuthering Heights.

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spacespencer with a part of german vocals | where's @CMDoria when you need her? ;)
darkrider1 "Do you think of me when she screams your name?"
LikeAnAngel no, i try to limit my addictions--blip is enough for me! @darkrider1 re:
darkrider1 @Totengrber: "@darkrider1 bad about finishing stuff and been really a crazy last 8 years. Vocoded cover of xymox..hehe :D" Great stuff! (reblip)
darkrider1 The Cure at the height of their popularity (and hair)!
WREXX Somebody give the Lord a hand clap!
SabriESC @nastysurprise72: I've never seen this one blipped before. Double props to you (if I could!) (reblip)
WREXX Updated "Old School" Frontline!

Front Line Assembly: The State (Synaptic Wasteland Mix)

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BAUHAUS A5 Hollow Hills

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Black Tape For A Blue Girl- Given

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darkrider1 @DJAtrociousTin: "Great one. I blip at least one Shriekback song per day!" (reblip)
PlasticRobot I'm pretty sure this works... (Here's hoping, I need her big time right now!) <3
darkrider1 @Alliemamma:"This is great! Thanks for turning me onto them!" (reblip)
minkamu Though I'm older, nothing's changed.

LushKiss Chase

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Alliemamma You've got some good taste, my friend. :)@sleepingwino: "Thanks @Alliemamma for all the props and becoming a new listener! " (reblip)


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Alliemamma Get up early every morning just to put your make up on The wardrobe's full of useless clothes, your winter coats are gone
vaniasmith .:. Take everything Fake everything Save everything About me .:.
Alliemamma Goodnight, my friends, motherhood calls. In the mean time; join me as I bow down at Ms. Gerrard's feet.* Everyone* should experience her voice live.

Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke "Sacrifice"

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vaniasmith .:. Misguided angel, love you til I'm dead .:.
Stolen Too old to be stayin' up 'til dawn all the time.

The Velvet Underground-Sunday Morning

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Fields of the Nephilim [And there Will Your Heart Be Also]

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CHaDmAn "Call in the airstrike with a poison kiss!" (reblip)
glitterdream Just heard this on the radio show I listen to and am liking it :)
CHaDmAn "Well New York City really has it all, oh yeah, oh yeah!"
xyzzytwit "I can't hold it down, I've just got to soar"

Into a Swan

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aquietend I totally agree, would totally be worth sacrificing post-zombie survival for. hmmmm (reblip)
thecurefan The 69 Eyes – Lost Boys ✩ some goth rock that got into my mind
spacespencer great one.

new order - age of consent

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rguimaslima For me it's time 2 go ... i need to sleep. See u soon friends & listeners: TYVM; Vi@Marystudio: "Roy Orbison ~ Crying (Video) " (reblip)

Roy OrbisonCrying

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LikeAnAngel You flicker and you're beautiful, you float inside my head. You hold me hypnotized, i'm mesmerized. your flames the flames that kissed me dead.

The Cure The Caterpillar

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peter gabriel-red rain

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Silversun Pickups- Shadowplay

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darkrider1 @TarinnAdaria: "The Bravery – Slow Poison" Tickets to see them on the 25th. (reblip)
spacespencer yes, my cat is very cute, but not on my laptop-keyboarª⁄…∞±’fl”#!!!

The Cure - Lovecats (extended mix)

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leaferi must restrain myself & not reblip every other song in my blipstream...
darkrider1 @redroulettes: "i'm so tired, i'm starting to have..." I know the feeling! (reblip)
LikeAnAngel haha. reblip. @HellenKellersIpod: "@DependableSkeleton Indeed. Break free of attractiveness, and sport that stache" (reblip)
SabriESC TY @listeningsky for the introduction to this band!
VonD Vangelis ~ Love Theme From Bladerunner
SabriESC @Epicrates: .hey @SabriESC sorry I ran out so fast the other nite..guess I owe ya a GP =)" Oh, so I get *two* tonight?!?!? Yay! (reblip)
by_starla [The House of Love - Christine] hello @Flying_Roundhouse and @DJLeForce :)
LikeAnAngel Hey @TPJK--ditched the joker nickname right? what's the new one? have you heard this? Robert Smith with Junkie XL--very cool.
darkrider1 rb per @LikeAnAngel:"Excellent :-) I've spoken with him about doing a show together. I think DSS and EVC would draw the same type of crowd." (reblip)

Alice: Dead Sea Surfers

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darkrider1 rb per @daretoeatapeach:"Gotta to love it! Early 60s bubblegum music with dark, black lyrics." (reblip)
by_starla [The Vera Violets – As You Are Mine]
by_starla [Your 33 Black Angels - Town and Country]

Your 33 Black Angels - Town and Country

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glitterdream Corvus Corax

Filii Neidhardi (audio only)

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darkrider1 I've often thought it would be cool to do a goth-y cover of this song.
DarkMuse Teach me to be happy... teach me control... ~X~


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Surreality This Ascension – "August Rain"
Surreality Clan of Xymox - "Michelle"
Surreality The Danse Society – "Heaven Is Waiting" (Extended Version)
Surreality Love Spirals Downwards – "Scatter January"
darkrider1 This is a super rare clip. Siouxsie looks absolutely stunning, sexy(as usual).
HaloNReverse Originally recorded by Dead Can Dance. Good cover.
darkrider1 Top of The Pops, 1984. When Siouxsie was at the height of her beauty, and the classic Banshees line-up of S. Severin, Budgie, Robt. Smith.
playalongjon @mizhelena: "LOL... got my eye on a new pair strappy & summery @playalongjon: "I am gazing at my shoes at the moment !"" (reblip)

Cocteau Twins ~ Fotzepolitic

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by_starla [Idlewild - Let Me Sleep (Next To The Mirror)] blipping a block to @MusicRex for a little while here.... :)
by_starla [Great Northern - Story]

Dead Artist Syndrome-Redemption

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Seraphim shock- Annabell

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darkrider1 I love the English presenter trying to keep a straight face :-)

Fields of the Nephilim [And there Will Your Heart Be Also]

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Switchblade Symphony "Invisible [Endanger Mix]"

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darkrider1 rb per @HaloNReverse: "Love the mud bucket guitar in this one. That's a tone that I like to use a lot." (reblip)
darkrider1 @jennyleepenny: "Our secret, shhhh." And what a lovely one indeed! :-) (reblip)

Sparks / Faith and the Muse

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darkrider1 rb @Gaelicsinger: "A capella version of well known Scots Gaelic love song." So beautiful & haunting. (reblip)
darkrider1 rb per @leaferi: "Very nice! This goes in the permanent playlist!" (reblip)
darkrider1 @das_z3d: "@totengreber @rafaelladm @darkrider1" Excellent! (reblip)

Ghost Dance- Poison Door [Sisters of Mercy Cover]

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xyzzytwit <-- blipping favorites off my Zune just because I feel like it!
darkrider1 This clip, plus any Bauhaus clip prove beyond a doubt that you can indeed be "totally goth" and play a Telecaster :-)
Epicrates thnx for reminding me of these guys @jong..great stuff here =)
darkrider1 @SabriESC: "@Epicrates- Since you blipped an old one- here's my GP : )" Holy smokes, it's been at least 25 yrs. since I heard this one! (reblip)
darkrider1 rb @TarinnAdaria @BarnabasCollins: "Good song, though the lead guitar riff is very similiar to Message in a Bottle :-)" (reblip)
darkrider1 @greyskiesblack: "@darkrider1 this is the vid i was talking about the last night Toby, lol" This is hillarious :-) (reblip)
Jamesbo @THEORDEROFEARTH: "o*o thxs for listening @darkrider1: "@Carmilla @Totengrber: "Even even more Scots.. LOL.. :-)"" @rinswin" (reblip)
darkrider1 The JAMC during their height of popularity.

The Jesus and Mary Chain- Darklands (Video)

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pennamite Norwegian violinist Ole Bull was born 200 years ago today, 5 February 1810 (d. 1880).

"Ole Bull" Guarneri del Gesu

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darkrider1 rb @ballyhooandbedbugs:"Sounds like a bootleg live recording from the early 80s." (reblip)
darkrider1 @WunderTwinPowersActivate: "You'll dance to anything by Book of Love. LOL. I'm a big enough man to take the piss out of myself :-)"
grey_cat some more Italian music from the 80s...
HaloNReverse I agree with those comparisons for sure. I love Harry McVeigh's voice. @darkrider1 //On a side note...I listen 2 this song at least three times daily.

White Lies- EST. (With Lyrics)

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darkrider1 RIP Johnny Cunningham, my friend, I am sure you are playing at William Wallace's ceilidh in the land of endless lochs & creaghs.

Scottish Tradition : Phil & Johnny Cunningham 2

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darkrider1 rb @Gaelicsinger: "By 'Pur' from The Lassies Reply." Moran taing! (reblip)
Carmilla @skunk63: "i go for both" I will treat myself one day. Which other festivals do you get to, apart from WGT and Which is best? (reblip)
Carmilla Merry Thoughts covering Hazel O'Connor :D

The Merry Thoughts "Will You"

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darkrider1 @DJCZ: "Can't Be Love" A great great band! (reblip)
darkrider1 rb @Carmilla: "Very nice take on the classic Gary Numan song!" (reblip)
darkrider1 @FOGGIELOANER:"I'm sending you trad. Scottish tunes on acid :-)"
noxvobiscum Deine Lakaien - Dark Star


| play
darkrider1 rb @noxvobiscum: "Deine Lakaien - Dark Star" (reblip)


| play

PLAY DEAD Propaganda

| play
Carmilla @ElNito: "dark masterpiece... (reblip)

SECOND LAYER definition of honour 1981

| play
darkrider1 I dedicate this one to my lovely wife, who is a jr. high teacher. "Set phasers to stun" :-)
Carmilla @noxvobiscum: "Autumn - How It Came To Be This Way" (reblip)

Autumn How It Came To Be This Way

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Lunaladee and i guess we know what another of your favs. is :) rb@Dawnrazor vi@RonnieSoak: "@Dawnrazor, one of your faves I believe."" (reblip)

Ex-VoTo I can see right through you

| play
Carmilla Better disappear for a while xxx
darkrider1 rb @beaglescout: "Squatting in East London. Midnight at the Batcave. & Breakfast in Berlin." (reblip)

Dead Can Dance "Yulunga" 2005 HD

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darkrider1 rb @Totengrber: "Gonna go polish and restring the '96 Fender Ultra Strat and see what happens." Can't wait to hear any new material you come up with! (reblip)
darkrider1 rb @Carmilla: "@shimonta: "A classic from his solo work." (reblip)
darkrider1 "The Mist Covered Mountains" performed spot on by Matt Connolly.

Matt Connolly Uillean Pipes w WZ

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Echo and the Bunnymen Ocean Rain J Peel's sessions

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darkrider1 rb @HaloNReverse: "Awesome! Thank you for saying so :) @darkrider1 I shall rule in style ;)" Followed by adoring throngs (not thongs :-) (reblip)
darkrider1 rb @Totengrber: "rb@Lunaladee: "thanks for that... @Totengrber" no problem :)" Nice! (reblip)
darkrider1 This is the most deliciously wicked re-mix of this song.

Deeply Lined Up.m4v

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darkrider1 I need to upload more of my Ex-Voto. Great LA deathrock band from the 80s.


| play
darkrider1 This one just sort of tears your heart out.

Celtic Air 'Doinna' by John mcsherry (Uilleann Pipes)

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darkrider1 rb @Surreality: "This Ascension:-"Fatal Dawn" RB and hello @Lunaladee: "rb @Totengrber: "rb@PyrettaBlaze""" (reblip)

This Ascension: "Fatal Dawn"

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Surreality Mistle Thrush – "Cicada"; litter ethereal gem from a little known band.

Current 93 A Silence Song

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Carmilla @darkrider1: "rb @Surreality: "Current 93-"Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound And Still" RB @PyrettaBlaze: This one is a favorite of mine"" (reblip)

Current 93 Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound And Still

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darkrider1 For some reason I was hearing this song in my head while taking a shower.
PyrettaBlaze Thanks for thinking of us! @Carmilla: {{hugs}} & best wishes to @PyrettaBlaze." (reblip)

Tristesse de la Lune- Strangeland

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darkrider1 rb @SaveAnni: "Good night all." What a great song to end on! This is the way I will remember both of them till I die." (reblip)

Siouxsie and the Banshees Painted Bird w/ Robert Smith

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darkrider1 Sorry for the crappy live footage from Whitby, but these guys rock!

Sleepmask Voudou

| play

Siouxsie and the Banshees Painted Bird w/ Robert Smith

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Artésia ~ Quand Vient La Nuit

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darkrider1 rb @CharlotteSometimes: "I can get serious too." (reblip)

Jon Astley -- Jane's Getting Serious

| play
darkrider1 A very nice take on a classic gothic rock song. I love how his version is so big & atmospheric sounding!
octoberland @camdalamb and @darkrider1 - have you heard them? it took me several listens to believe it was _not_ the cure. spooky. the video dispels the myth ;)

Katzenjammer Kabarett- Eve at the Mansion (HQ w/ Lyrics!)

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dettywulandari Porcupine Tree - Sever

Porcupine Tree Sever

| play
cuezaireekaa very good! rb~hey@craigz: "i have decided that wild nothing - gemini is the best listening to at work album in some time :) / hey hey @cuezaireekaa" (reblip)
irfung My pleasure. another great one. thanks! rb@MONIKKA: "Thanks @irfung & @neo_akboy!!! :)" (reblip)
curatrix thanks @darkrider1 for bringing this band to my mind.

IkonBlack Roses

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by_starla [Trespassers William – Vapour Trail]
Carmilla @pumpkinsoup: "now...what should we talk about.. #dropbox :)" an expert now, huh? (reblip)
HaloNReverse "In time we face ourselves with all our faults and fears. Now that I know the final conflict is within."
darkrider1 A really nice live version of this great song.

Switchblade Symphony- Lucky Star (Madonna Cover)

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Carmilla Congratulations. I only prop stuff I like so thank you for blipping great tunes :) @ZorGabor: "@Carmilla thank you to be a big part of my 1000 props!" (reblip)

Still Patient? Lost

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Disphoria_X The High Violets – Sun Baby
Alfea Cocteau Twins °*° But I'm Not

Die Ärzte Mysteryland

| play

The Merry thoughts The sun and the rainfall

| play

The Cure -- The Upstairs Room ( 1983 )

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