davidwatts1978 thanking danny for put me on to this one, he's about to walk in the office now
davidwatts1978 Happy Birthday Neil Young "earth's greatest Canadian" not my words but the words of Scott Thill http://tinyurl.com/5at8vx
bendrix Great find, never heard this before.. very fresh @formalhaut @davidwatts1978
davidwatts1978 @clarkowitz 歩いてはいる, 変わる 日本語 / にほんご

Vapors - Turning Japanese

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claudix definitely :) what are your bands??
seancarmody @simplyloretta gave props because it's a great song, but it's actually Visage not Ultravox!

VisageFade To Grey

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Lucalexa I hadn't heard that in a while thanks @MysticTris

En VogueThose Dogs

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davidwatts1978 from this sad soul man to the two of you @bystarla, @eSandberg
davidwatts1978 hello good evening & welcome.. a no holds barred half nelson and the loving touch, the comfort & the joy...
kaomig from our friends from BC
davidwatts1978 things were getting just to cozy for me
davidwatts1978 not the greatest production but certainly one of the most soulful singers, the black elvis http://tinyurl.com/6ke8md
davidwatts1978 a great cover takes the original and does something new and better... the better the original the harder that is....this does it in ♥♣♦♠
calamari @dbfulton LOVE Sam Cooke. Was just listening to this song on my iPod this morning. :)
loop_pool oh god i love this.


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davidwatts1978 @Inesobjetsmart after stevie & curtis comes Shuggie Aht Uh Mi Hed, out couldn't of myself bitter, itinn
sophie_o que vontade de sair, beber, fumar, me acabar na balada. aiai.
davidwatts1978 off to the L.E.S laters blipcity
Raquelnews Ontem a noite eu pirei nas músicas que estavam tocando no Outback. Aqui vai uma delas.
Gaspar @lufec nããão! Desfalque moooonstro! Faz isso não! Meu e-mail: dgasparetti@gmail.com

Soup the Chemist feat DJ Melo D of Beat Junkies - Here

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davidwatts1978 route 66 is pronounced 'root', so when did it become 'rowt' in the good old us&a?
davidwatts1978 ロボット, 機械的に働く人 ロボット, 機械的に働く人 ロボット, 機械的に働く人 ロボット, 機械的に働く人 ロボ
davidwatts1978 @Loud_Dog man you rock, just tell me you support Man Utd (reblip)
sudaca70 This is soooooo freaking weird, I do not know what I could say. But it's out there, you know @by_starla, @finestsuit, @newwaveclassics...
davidwatts1978 new game, whats coming next and why, here's track 4, groovy baby groovy
davidwatts1978 blip has gone weird on me.. sorry folks.. I was perusing NME fave song lists (not chart) using their 1984 singles faves http://tinyurl.com/6fpzzb

The Cardigans My Favorite Game

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davidwatts1978 how my brains feel... achewww

Beck07. Cold Brains

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davidwatts1978 @clarkowitz John McCain needs a slice of the devil's pie
Diordan Great jazz musicians playing great jazz tunes deep in the night 6 - Louis Armstrong @gigia!!!
claudix @alexbourg foi pq vc mudou de nome eu me confundi!!!
djSalinger This guy is George and I got hit!
coffeebreath nothing is thrilling like dancing cheek to cheek, really
onceacurmudgeon @driczz your string of charles aznavour made my morning and chopping in the kitchen so much better.
davidwatts1978 this man has soul, he had it all, and lost it, tragic


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davidwatts1978 @by_starla just reread your blip, aslan is being looked after by friends for a few months but he is still "with us"

Daft Punk Digital love

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Gaspar Z-Trip, Kid Sister, Sam Sparro e N.A.S.A (Zegon + Squeak E. Clean) no Nokia Trends desse ano. Promeeete!
sophie_o iiii'm thinking that i'm laaaazyy... ooohh don't you wanna saaave me?


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davidwatts1978 never thought I'd see il divo blipped, @migueme I have a name check on their last album
AlKronos This one is more in Stones territory... well if the Stones won't do it, someone has too!

Primal ScreamRocks

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davidwatts1978 thats nice dear, but of the world could vote http://www.iftheworldcouldvote.com/results

julian cope world shut your mouth

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davidwatts1978 -------- ---- --- ------------

The JamFuneral Pyre

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davidwatts1978 who is on guitar and backing vocals? yer man PW... how many special people change

oasis champagne supernova

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davidwatts1978 lady gaga don't remember you at HAC51 of a cold night down Whitworth St, yer alright duck?


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timkeeling Song of the week, 04.

Bon IverWoods

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EvDJ Still grooving on this song.
stevetuf Voici une superbe chanson, interprétée par une vraie etoile ...
An80sNut This 1984 #22 U.K. hit came into my head last night while driving with the wife. ABBA playing, I said, "You want to hear my favorite ABBA song?"
Roger_Thornhill @davidwatts1978 -- oi oi oi ... you settlin right in over there guvna!?

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

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davidwatts1978 SG tastic

Paul Weller Live-Foot of The Mountain

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anebulosa @davidwatts1978 awesomeness.... would never pick that, so thanx rsrsrs ;) #TGIF \o/ (reblip)
davidwatts1978 "I dont give a fuck about anybody I came here to dance enjoy myself and go home and relax" yeah baby
davidwatts1978 whisper in your ear

rolling stones : can you hear the music

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Neil Young, Heart of gold (unplugged)

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Static More idols thean realities. I'm OK, you're so-so.
JTO @davidwatts1978: First time I've heard Petty Booka blipped here - thanks! (reblip)

New Order live, Hacienda 1985, 'Sunrise'

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melodyofurlife By B-L-A-M-O !!!! Ren and Stimpy = BADASS!!!


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threebears @paeix perfect with whisky ... a terrace... I guess that's going to be real tonight....re-blipping @gabasanch ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
davidwatts1978 Soda And Soap Ft. Jean Grae Produced By DJ Spinna – Masta Ace (reblip)
davidwatts1978 @sky126 I'm exhausted and busy as hell hence few blips how u @Starfighter1479 and @davidwatts1978. how are you two today? (reblip)
davidwatts1978 thought you were clever when you lit the fuse http://tinyurl.com/5gzrwp
clarkowitz I hold court on the western side of Sea-town. Fauntleroy.

StudioWest Side

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davidwatts1978 @gigia *song title* great great pics, well done you... but whats behind the mask, Babs ;)
DamienBasile @paulb504 @evablue @CargoCulte @davidwatts1978 This is MY FAVE cover of this song... along with a couple others from them like...
davidwatts1978 @HaciendaSquish great name takes me back to being a stoooodent, nice tune as well @SilverChaos Blip some good IDM, if you know any! (reblip)
sophie_o there's a noise in his head and he's out of control
briangreene Haysi Fantayzee ~ John Wayne Is Big Leggy

Haysi Fantayzee - John Wayne Is Big Leggy (Groovy Long Version) (at 33)

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davidwatts1978 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----- - - - - - -- -
davidwatts1978 @evablue way too good for a scream playlist, just genius, pure pure genius
davidwatts1978 @Roger_Thornhill and on and on and on and on and on and on..................... :)
evablue down a bottle of vegetable cocktail. supposedly there's 2 servings of veggies. maybe it'll give me some energy. (reblipping) @titoliveira (reblip)
santamistura I Hate You, Fuck You, Leave me Alone. What an awesome title for a song... @CooperHarris uiiiiiii are you sing until for2008? (reblip)
davidwatts1978 @pafurada rocking the blip tonight/this morning.. too late now in London c u again goodnight (reblip)

0970 - Pm Dawn - Set A Drift On Memory Bliss

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davidwatts1978 a police car and a screaming siren pneumatic drill & ripped up concrete.. who could be so ordinary & so brilliant, yer man http://tinyurl.com/3oodom
davidwatts1978 Linkin park & Jay, r.e.s.p.e.c.t.


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briangreene found it - i was spelling it wrong - classic 1980 track UK #13 - they don't want your name
davidwatts1978 @briangreene & @dojodub no swallow diving off the balcony

0579 Kim Weston - Helpless

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jeff The opening track from one of, if not the greatest jazz album of all time...

Miles DavisSo What

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jeff If you are going to own just ONE jazz album, Kind of Blue by Miles is that album. Here's one of the key tracks...
csuspect @GreeterDan Thanks Dan I did enjoy myself. Nice CNET piece too. Here's a song for you.
csuspect I just stumbled across this tune - one of my Favs by The Jam
rtsnance @heather_r i bought this as a cassette single when the movie came out http://bit.ly/1ib3JQ
Geo8 Città delle suffraggette.
bigade One of the best tracks of the 80's - also listening to the cricket on the radio


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illuminato Best song I heard this week! What would you do if Daft Punk was playing at your house?
ErikaTapalla the bee sounding intro still gets me pumped
zeroinfluencer And if you ever have to go to school - Remember how they messed up this old fool

David BowieKooks

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davidwatts1978 I broke every single bone in my right foot at a damned concert, still I got Captain Sensible's beret, not a great trade

The DamnedNew Rose

| play
Colin Tyrone Brunson - The Smurf

136 The Smurf 1

| play
VintageRain I'd like a letter that I never got from my papa. He's still cool though.

Box TopsThe Letter

| play
Discobastard UK northern lad does life observational hip hop... not really music perhaps but fuckin' funny all the same -

MC PitmanWhat I Am

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Geo8 Now that the OG are over...
chmanceau un des groupes qui me rend des plus joyeux !

B 52'sRock Lobster

| play
davidwatts1978 one of the uk's best ever number ones, hmm what others great 1's were there....
nguyenduong takes me back to junior high school and making mix tapes

Depeche ModeSee You

| play
Geo8 And, please, Panic! Right, Mr. Morrissey?

The SmithsPanic

| play
dharmaflowr because son of a dentist doesnt sound so good
craigz get. out. of. my. head. (please)

M.I.APaper Planes

| play
dean @crooky your favourite 80s band

Heaven 17Let Me Go

| play
dojodub brings me back to Folkstone in the summer of 1980
colinh Totally just heard this band in Chile's. Couldn't believe my ears when I heard "Goodbye Baby & Amen" over the speakers. xD
davidwatts1978 deep down soul.. saw this fella live in london.. jesus this is singing

Howard TateStop

| play
davidwatts1978 Oh, how they come and go Oh, how they come and go

Nick DrakeRiver Man

| play
davidwatts1978 possibly the most perfect pop song, ever
craigz she's gotta be strong to fight them so she's taking lots of vitamins
stewbagz "Close (To The Edit") - The Art Of Noise.
stewbagz "Tour De France" - Kraftwerk. The most amazing live gig I've ever seen in my *LIFE*
davidwatts1978 get your tissues, chuck out the moody blues rubbish and prepare to cry from a knockout punch of deep soul

Bessie BanksGo Now

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davidwatts1978 was there ever a better female soul singer I really doubt it, this is soul, deep down southern style soul
jordiverdura Trencat en mil bocins. En el Marineland fabriquen persones amb agulletes i morenes ;D
Inesobjetsmart Words in papers, words in books Words on tv, words for crooks Words of comfort, words of peace Words to make the fighting cease
LocoStavos seemingly good song to honor my ex's birthday 8 )
LocoStavos @wankergirl add this to your wrist cutting playlist there. i know the spice girls make me want to off it.
stewbagz "Beat The Clock" by Sparks (and I *think* Giorgio Moroder snuck in and played keyboards again on this one) - he gets everywhere :)
kevin7211 sun kil moon - such a bad ass.
hughgarry "And I don't know how to describe the modern rose, when I can't refer to her shape against her clothes..."

Prefab SproutCruel

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ph0u503f My friend calls sex "rudies". She's a fucking moron I tell you.
calamari @SamJagger Yeah, me too. Talking Heads are so diverse and unexpected.
Aluciel It's a bad night to be alone, but that's the way it goes.
davidwatts1978 all I know about new hampshire is they have primaries and a great song from matt pond pa
clarkowitz women... [sigh] Well, that one at least...
briangreene from the OST of the film Quadrophenia 1963 & 1979
stewbagz "Love My Way" - Psychedelic Furs


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Koopstakov Absolute perfection. Both in execution and inception. Sad songs that make you happy.
Inesobjetsmart @Discobastard, you're just killing me.


| play
Inesobjetsmart @davidwatts1978. lucky - you've got lots of Brooklyn music! Ines thought there really needed to be better music about living in Venice.
stewbagz "cool for cats" - Squeeze. last one for now (ahhh) :D - l8rz gang ....
Inesobjetsmart Ines needed a tums after her greasy spoon breakfast meeting with the screenwriter.
nguyenduong In starlit nights I saw you, So cruelly you kissed me
markiddon Legendary track. Sounds as fresh today as it did way back when.

TrickyBlack Steel

| play
dojodub nice to see song about Imperialism and war getting to number 2 in the charts every generation or two
calamari Here's Protection for comparison.
randymatheson @SarahShoeMe - some more Heaven 17

Heaven 17_Crushed By The Wheels of Industry

| play
clarkowitz @DRE Nice Blips, love! You drivin' me wild! Add her, peeps!
davidwatts1978 perfect drum beat.. if you're looking.. look no further...

The Clash - Train in Vain

| play
clarkowitz Let's hope it doesn't come to this. @davidwatts1978 Good tip with the soul, yo. Peace!
davidwatts1978 @Inesobjetsmart taking me back to Boots, baggy trousers, aramis & hair gel, stop it Denise
Saucy feeling overly enthusiastic, next contestant on the price is right - ish, about the upcoming week; listening to this Mr. Blue Sky cover on repeat:
lychnood I like Eminem when he's not singing stupid rap. And I listened to that song so many times...

EminemLose Yourself

| play


| play
randymatheson We're only Making Plans for Nigel... Nigel's whole future is as good as sealed... XTC
Jouleai Mode On - Buenas tardes!
davidwatts1978 funny as fuck

Gay Paranoia (Black Sabbath vs Electric 6)

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Inesobjetsmart Her head was exploding so she sat in the lobby and chilled.
davidwatts1978 I LOVE this song, when he says Chakka Khan, how cool is that, answer cool as fuck
davidwatts1978 @Inesobjetsmart your pre writing 'treat' reminds me I was "floating" at B-roo, c/o sean avery http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidwatts1978/2583970818/


| play
davidwatts1978 rays fans this is what cowbell should sound like, get a rhythm going, and 1 and 2 and 3 and

SoulwaxNY Lipps

| play
mmemaledicta This is the song they redid the "did I dream/you dreamed about me" clip from, but it isn't the original. That's on it's way.
JonnyEye is listening to the Fuck Buttons before he listens to the fuckwits.
driczz #Lost 0308 Flashes Before Your Eyes


| play
davidwatts1978 @melodyofyourlife feeling wet and cold just listening thanks for taking me to the pacific for a moment
davidwatts1978 show me a better song in the last 30 years!!!!
gigia ao que se compara o baixo grave e marcado do bauhaus?
rebeccalev to rock around, that's right on time, it's tricky

RUN-DMCIt's Tricky

| play
eaonp i believe in this (and it's been tested by research...)
Candybar I still get chills listening to Jeff Buckley like I did the very first time I put his album on.
davidwatts1978 god rest jerry wexlers soul, thank you for this soul delight
davidwatts1978 as good as 'modern' soul gets, a tortured soul, flawed genius you were standing next to me in 82 & 83 http://flickr.com/photos/92102591@N00/549385792/
dean Andy said his work was meaningless - which gave it meaning -->paradox<--
davidwatts1978 love this song, I served him in boots cambridge, he is nuts
cnadeau some old PM

0970 - Pm Dawn - Set A Drift On Memory Bliss

| play

02 - saint etienne - only love can break you

| play
hvergerold Sigur Rós: A melhor banda de todos os tempos period
vik407 lo que muchos hoy quieren lograr en el indie dance music
openarms @mrsmustard bizarre love triangle é um clássico!
clarkowitz Good evening, Bliposphere! Long day. I was painting, which I like. A very zen task. @daretoeatapeach You're right on cue. As always... ;-)
Inesobjetsmart @davidwatts1978, up there with sir duke, one of the best intros ever.
davidwatts1978 the purest soul, why oh why were this lot not huge, choice of colours?
davidwatts1978 wait is it because the soul brothers six were black?
davidwatts1978 it shouldn't work but like green onions it just does
clarkowitz Love of my boss, not yours! @threebears Peace out! @davidwatts Thanks, and I do, but I'm takin' @DRE. But, then again... I don't think she'd mind. ;-)

Led Zepplin - Whole Lotta Lov

| play
davidwatts1978 my dear friend immi.. name dropped, bed time now.. weller time in "dreamtime" geddit? innit; )
imgbuilders Mobb Deep sample this on one of their tracks. Guess which one?
briangreene much cooler than shaken stevens in his big year 1981
imgbuilders See if you can remember this?
nat_gunji I'm in a good mood. Specials for ya!
threebears "to be in England in the summertime with my love, close to the edge" attempting an overplay? moi? would I? hehe (wicked laugh)
briangreene & I see George hand in hand with the dragon Loading contraband upon the same band wagon
davidwatts1978 If its not you moaning then its someone else
adocicainheaven I don't wanna be like other people are (...) I want it to be free, I want it to be true

new order - turn my way

| play

Hector Lavoe-Triste Y vacia

| play
nfuego @kemilicious: "@nfuego love this. drops so hard." Yesssssss! love that drop! Going low ;) (reblip)
davidwatts1978 for @TommyGunnn listened to this last night funnily enough, what a tune
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