DJMees @ShiaoMei: ">>> Lucia Micarelli & Jethro Tull Kashmir Cover ..just incredible!" (reblip)
RockItRadio thanks@Megamuff: "Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there." (reblip)


| play
crispast a veeeeeeeeery good song..stolen@ocliao: "stealing it!@klumka<---all stealing? ahahah :D (reblip)
SpinningDiscs Soundgarden – Burden In My Hand....


| play
sugarwilla Street Sweeper: Clap for the Killers

Street Sweeper: Clap for the Killers(Audio Only)

| play
thatroom well, thanks to you i know what love is, but i STILL want you to show me :)
CulturaBaiana Samba de Roda na Bahia

Samba de Roda

| play
WayneGraham Bowie + NIN = happy Wayne


| play
darlingzambrano La que me cantaba la cubana :-) Believe me Darling

artistOh Darling

| play
brabul quando penso em vocÊ - é quando mais me sinto só (adaptei, e daí?)
flavytcha I was upset, you see, almost all the used to be a stranger, now you are mine :-**
Oldies Aretha Franklin – You'll Never Get To Heaven
BobTheMediaGuy luv when the glitter twins do country....with the Lord by your side I was so pleased I ran 20 red lights (yep-that's Bakesfield)
judi That's Me in the corner... (reblip)

R.E.M. Losing My Religion

| play
AuBrizzle haha oh Bruno why would you do that to him?

The White Stripes Black Math

| play
brabul MICHELLE MA BELLE sont les mot que vont très bien ensemble

The BeatlesMichelle

| play
krysta_monopoli "Happiness is a firecracker sitting on my headboard" - The Fray

The FrayHappiness

| play
kool_kix Something different again.

Buckethead- Earth Heals Herself

| play
va1d1v1a @alanalves: "Isso é lindo! Brazil'drum'n'bass!!!" Oh man...every little thing is going to be A-O.K. haha (reblip)
sarab anywhere with champagne can't be all that bad

Things Have Changed ....... Bob Dylan

| play
LucyGrace if this is what you need, i'll give what you need

INXSWhat You Need

| play
sabi_j @TWBuddha: "I hear Brazil calling. It says "come down, relax"..." (reblip)
Sally29 ...that I am no longer up to commuting. A day's work in London yesterday made me appreciate the joys of working in the depths of Sussex -near to home!
jakamacs @GeryDiMarco: "Sometimes the game doesn't go the way you planned and a reliever comes into the game and makes the save. Game Day continues..." (reblip)
GQPitts I liked this dude, HATS.

Jamiroquai, Cosmic Girl

| play
spacespencer Everything's so blurry and everyone's so fake and everybody's so empty and everything is so messed up...
tubilino Sound & Vision

Franz Ferdinand: Sound & Vision

| play
shortygal Sting – Fortress Around Your Heart
shortygal You don't have to wear that dress tonight....

The PoliceRoxanne

| play
Bdarealist @aqui: "listening to Jermaine Jackson – Don't Take It Personal. i love this beat.." Me too..this is my fav song from Jermaine. (reblip)
elliott425 Looks like a nice day out there today...I expect beautiful day smiles all day from everyone....not just the hippies

Good Day Sunshine- The Beatles

| play
decodeco tenho que adimitir que prefiro as mais calmas do led, eles fizeram músicas bonitas demais...
rafahead Pra começar bem o e o dia!


| play
DirtyUrine nice pick!!!! @adbert: "#VideoClip [AC/DC - Big Gun] Es un buen momento, para que aparezca @Flower, digo, de pronto, me parece..." (reblip)

AC DC Big Gun

| play
adbert #VideoClip [AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long] My pizza!!! See you!!!
DJMees Hello @mrrodd: "Never Tear Us Apart" (reblip)

Never Tear Us Apart - INXS

| play
DirtyUrine rock it! @MetalRocks: "Megadeth – Angry Again. @DJJackD Ain't been far! Had a few days off last week! Back slammin' the tunes now!!" (reblip)

MegadethAngry Again

| play
stanice for my grandbabies Nya Jo, Arin, Nya and son, Mike. I love you. Michael Jackson Tribute – ABC Ed Sullivan Show 1970
Castonguay80 robots will steal your medicine! get robot insurance!

Daft PunkRobot Rock

| play
DirtyUrine nothin' like genuine Kashmir!!!!!!! "Led Zeppelin - Kashmir"" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin-kashmir...the real video

| play
crispast ciao and rb@GianlucaDM:) "Solo 3 minuti per fidarti di me pensi basteranno .. (reblip)

Solo tre minuti-Negramaro

| play
shortygal @TheJabberwock Thank you! Glad you're enjoying some of my songs :)


| play
LeandroAzevedo Sim ..chuva e frio, nada tem a fazer @nicaprincess: "que bom que saiu o sol, muita chuva entristece @LeandroAzevedo" (reblip)
natalynha rb@Nani1982: "rb@elenamachado: Hoje, faz 50 anos que a Billie Holiday morreu. =(" (reblip)
celaborelle : ""With each word, your tenderness grows ♥♥♥"" (reblip)

The Polyphonic Spree "We Crawl"

| play

My Morning Jacket -- Rocket Man

| play
zx10r07 [Marilyn Manson] - [The Beautiful People [@zx10r07]]!
Metal_Rocks Iron Maiden – Blood Brothers. Hey @DanceDog how ya doin' bro?
ladypn Ooh, wish I could go swimming at this moment... ;)
shortygal The Police – The Bed's Too Big Without You

Rolf Harris ::: Beatles ::: Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport (with lyrics)

| play
Lania mariah? clapton? nick? ;)

Eminem-Bagpipes From Baghdad [Lyrics]

| play
EveySwan The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun ..and i say, it's alright... sun, sun, sun, here it comes...
Leksi One of my favorite Muse songs. "Can you see that I am needing, Begging for so much more, than you could ever give."

MuseMuscle Museum

| play
LeandroAzevedo RB @motorcityguvnor: "Ac/Dc – Its A Long Way To The Top(If You Wanna Rock 'N Roll); to redress the balance a little: lets have the real deal" (reblip)
Extraordinaryclaims did not know the had some head bangers down here in jamaica this is for all the heavy hitting jamaicans...

Metallica- Welcome home (Sanitarium) music video

| play
joebug @megg @djnog i will now promptly delete that britney spears blip, i feel all dirty now

the beatles - all you need is love

| play
FineNGood rb @CathLabChick: "All we know is restitution, living out your date of future, there's a hope, please show me faster, don't forget to pass a riot" (reblip)
SpinningDiscs Incubus – Wish You Were Here.... Shout Outs & Thanks to: @SkyeCebh
adbert #VideoClip [Kiss - Domino] Let's play @klitoria! [ ::: | ::: ]

KISS- Domino

| play
GR8FL I'll play with you @klitoria: "somebody likes to play with me.......??????????" (reblip)


| play

the clash rock the casbah w/lyrics

| play

Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 8 in C Minor "Pathétique"

| play
pabloski2000 Louis Armstrong – Adios Muchachos - 1959
Crob108 Didn't think I knew this huh?

Kings Of LeonCharmer

| play
aqu listening to ALICIA KEYS "Girlfriend".

ALICIA KEYS "Girlfriend"

| play
RuiFelix oh yeah...@lcgonzal: "OZZY ROCKS!!!" (reblip)

Ozzy Osbourne-Dreamer

| play
Steveo1421 What a great tune! God they don't make tunes like this anymore.
TrainWreckRadio @DJDreamy "Thunderstruck ㄨ AC/DC <== Back for more... Sending HIGH VOLTAGE to EVERYONE! ----->and ZAPPING YOU BACK DREAMY! (reblip)

AC DC Thunderstruck

| play
CoolJohnny Gente, o texto publicado mais cedo ( ) tem um apêndice, no final, em vermelho ;)
tclarkusa Dear, I fear we’re facing a problem You love me no longer, I know
coolpoolteacher awesome track for creating thaumatropes.
miguelluz Para dar força....

"The RIde of the Valkyries" from Die Walkure

| play
CHaDmAn "Breathing is the hardest thing to do, with all I've said and all that's dead for you! You lied - good bye!" (reblip)
MRHYPERPCS The Beatles ~ The Fool On The Hill ~
CLARITY Just 80 more listeners til I get a shiny new tag!! // @dochugo another cool one with your name in it! ;D

HugoboyOlympiade 80

| play
AmieMc First blip- one of my favorite all time songs
spacespencer Indigo here we go.


| play

Psapp _ Hill Of Our Home

| play
wednesdayzchild I've been good and you? How are you doing this Labor day? @RnBE (reblip)
deekattax RB @my_synthesizer: "People, you must believe me that this La Roux album is a killer." (reblip)

Joss Stone "L-O-V-E"

| play
deekattax RB @kdauburnfan: "this song always gives me chills . . .i'm tellin' you this one is all about the lyrics. . just listen if you've never heard it" (reblip)

Maroon 5Secret

| play
my66 and of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard...pumpkins...take me down
murena Just keep telling yourself, it's getting better all the time...
megAlone ((uhnnn... this song is so freakin good! haha!))

The Beatles I am the Walrus

| play
flanflan 9/9/9 the beatles day, top 4: blackbird / ...all your life you were only waiting for this moment to be free...

The Beatles-Blackbird

| play
DJunior remastered, digital, analog, dolby, mono, stereo, blablabla...simply very good, ain't it?
martorelli Como essa música é pesada....

Dear Prudence-The Beatles

| play

The Beatles- You Never Give Me Your Money, Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight & The End

| play

The Beatles- Mean Mr. Mustard

| play
deekattax Jorge Ben "Quem Cochicha O Rabo Espicha" < RB @Folha: "Como diziam todas as minhas tias..." (reblip)
deekattax Cypress Hill "Insane In The Brain" < RB @designcurve: "Any day is a good day for a bit of Cypress Hill (says me) - " (reblip)
deekattax Amy Winehouse feat. Mark Ronson "Valerie" < RB @TassiR: "@dbrp: "why don't you come on over valeeeeeeeriiiiie" Uma das minhas músicas favoritas!" (reblip)

valerie- amy winehouse feat mark ronson

| play
deekattax Cirque Du Soleil "Alegria" < RB @viktor_bublic: "Tres jolie..." (reblip)
iamsnakeeyez Their last live concert on the rooftop of Apple Corps. Listen to Phila. International's & unofficial 5th Beatle, Billy Preston's keyboard playing...
Trevor_Murdoch *Garage ipod dock* Corrosion of Conformity – Albatross
djraab A song about growing up too fast.
yatzy The world's a bubble, and the life of man Less than a span
rubikoO The Beatles – We Can Work It Out

We Can Work It Out

| play
Flower Para compensar lo anterior. Me voy antes q jujuy me descubra bicos!

Pink Floyd-Point Me At The Sky

| play
flinndc 99 words for boobs with lyrics @Schoork

99 words for boobs with lyrics

| play
LeandroAzevedo Van Halen – Running With The Devil LIVE

George Harrison-Got my mind set on you

| play
AshJames007 "....4 all the movie Cloverfield/Odette Yustman fans ... Kings of Leon – Pistol of Fire" (reblip)
Feedmywheels #81-OK, you asked for it, you got it; a Beatles double play.
zx10r07 Nine Inch Nails – Fist Fuck [Remixed By J.G. Thirwell] [@zx10r07]
BestYet2B @LEM_40: "Last one for the evening..." (reblip)

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

| play
deekattax RB @sdizz > Metallica "Welcome Home" (Sanitarium) (reblip)

Metallica- Welcome home (Sanitarium) music video

| play
kritovl This is my favorite one from The Trax. @deekattax


| play
deekattax Serbian "snega" stands for snow. Nice tune, enjoy!


| play
kritovl "Lesson number one that you learn while you're young Life just goes on and on getting harder and harder" @deekattax

Rolling Stones Indian Girl

| play
Metal_Rocks Iron Maiden - Aces High. The first Maiden record I ever bought way back in '84!
deekattax Cat Power "Empty Shell"

'Empty Shell' Cat Power

| play
deekattax RB @parisse > 100% Collegues "Bella Ciao" >> @kritovl (reblip)

100% collègues-bella ciao

| play
kritovl As Einstain said Time is relative....mine is eternal...@deekattax

scorpions-moment in a million years

| play

mos def talib kweli definition dave chappele's block party

| play
deekattax Nirvana "Dive" > @sarahcarina just so related.
Tequila_Kitty so you lost your trust and you never should have....

ColdplaySee You Soon

| play
Fortharrison Poison~Nothin' But A Good Time, mornin Corey still waitin on my buns, teeheehee, ☺how's ur day?
AC_DC_ASIC Stratovarius – Destiny


| play
marialuisavela Tweet #2009 Them Crooked Vultures, Mind Eraser. ¡¡¡Acabé!!!
nkdk @OmeRoon: "Wolfmother – "Joker & The Thief" - time to sneak home! See ya all later & thanx for props / reblips! Cheers @deekattax @Elmetalismo !!!" (reblip)
TriggerHappyJax And most certainly you know I'm going to reblip this tune haha you rock \m/ @Franimal: "Anytime @jaxtheripper. " (reblip)

Guns.N.Roses-Sweet Child O'Mine

| play
nawlinswoman What if He was one of us? would you stand tall? or be ashamed?
77ozzie s - all I wanna do is have a bit of fun...before I die...
nawlinswoman Anybody looking 4 trouble? Make me a double..I think itz good..
squidbrain Worst part about blip: I keep discovering these acts and finding out that they already got like eight albums out. So much catching up to do.

Busdriver - Imaginary Places

| play

Squirrel Nut Zippers It Ain't You

| play
Bogot_Ana no tengo cedula... yo tengo excusa :P
Bogot_Ana #yoconfieso que esta es la cancion con menos pelotas que he oido y me encanta...
deekattax The Stranglers "Golden Brown" < RB @BogotAna: "soundtrack para Bogotá nublada" (reblip)
erebo AC/DC - Fire Your Guns

AC/DCFire Your Guns

| play
sheryonstone yours sounds good @blue_buddha. Actually the crab has become tradition for me for TG and Christmas which eliminates so much work. Happy Thanksgiving (reblip)
TmS I really like this cover. @vix_rock: "Pantera – Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath Cover) \m/" (reblip)
RadioReserva O Pica-Pau começou a dançar com Röyksopp feat Robyn - The Girl and The Robot, enviada pelo @rafucko
RadioReserva O video é ruim, mas a música é daquelas pra se colocar antes de sair e começar a esquentar
DirtyUrine no just chose not to! @DamnTheMan: "Can't sleep eh? @DirtyUrine: "this should be my theme song tonite! lol! ~ "Nice one girl rb@DjDiddlesSkittle: (reblip)
sarahcarina Damn Yankees - High Enough

Damn Yankees-High Enough (Official Music Video)

| play
Matildatunes You were right on the nose with Dionne, though I kinda tend to be all over the place. I take the smörgåsbord approach.Thank you muchly! @LP33 (reblip)

Adam Lambert -Time For Miracles- from "2012"

| play
StreamingMimi rb@LEVS: "Chimes – Once In A While ... I need to play this lovely song" (reblip)

ChimesOnce In A While

| play

Sepultura-Refuse / Resist Music Video

| play
ghostofcanterville @wahwahwah Amazing¡¡¡¡ How do you know that I need help with an %$#* excel? Jajaja
markLtuttle Radiohead are an English alternative rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire.


| play
creativeness I am good. morning here, so just gettin' my daily groove. @crasin2me: "I'm great but sleepy.How have you been? @creativeness: (reblip)
cjh Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends
erebo Daft Punk - Something About Us (With a Theremin)

Black Label Society-Been a Long Time

| play
StreamingMimi Kenny Vance *** For Your Precious Love (live)

Kenny Vance "For Your Precious Love" Live

| play
StreamingMimi The Marvelettes --Please Mr. Postman (Acapella)
flinndc RB @Unaturalsoul!@flinndc - I have been trying to remember and find this song for over 25 years - Found it!!!! April Wine – Just Between You And Me" (reblip)
flinndc !RB@Unaturalsoul: "Led Zepplin - Hey Hey What Can I Do" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin: hey hey what can i do

| play
RoxP how long?

Coldplay-Speed of Sound(With Video and Lyrics)

| play
deekattax Jimi Hendrix Experience "Third Stone From the Sun" < RB @mdh47 reblip @Moriderfm #music #blip #jimi (reblip)
kritovl Winter, spring , summer, or fall, all you have to do is call and I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah. You've got a freind. @deekattax
TriggerHappyJax Morning you :D You are so good now @ the hellos! :) Happy Monday :)@DjDiddlesSkittle: "Never heard this & Hellooooooo ;) @jaxtheripper: "hmmmm"" (reblip)

Green Day-Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Christmas Version)

| play
deekattax Thom Yorke and Beck "I'm Set Free" (Velvet Underground #Cover) < RB @snugglebunny: @mafetowers - oh Thom, is there no one that you won't play with? (reblip)
klynnDemar that's it i need a new pair, mine haven't worked all week! @Bubbly3: "yep, they ALWAYS work~I think I sleep in mine :) lol @JDS442: "hehehe ! (reblip)

Fuck Me I´m Beautiful

| play
DamnTheMan Thanx bro! @lukesharp: "fine choice bro.:#DamnTheMan: "I've been waiting for 2 days to hear this song!"" (reblip)


| play
LadyB74 Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
flinndc Merry Christmas @lisa_michele

Merry Christmas from Stone Temple Pilots!

| play
Gypsylyn ~ Be My Somebody ~ Norah Jones

Norah Jones-Be My Somebody

| play
erebo Madonna - Give it to me (Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
S75_BigBandEraRadio @DeAnn: "@Fortharrison@sheryonstone: "Now imeem's gone we r having a party (starts 31st Dec for 30 hrs)please pass it on""" (reblip)
karolgalvao RB @tilue: "poster of a girl." // this song is soooo good! thanks! :) (reblip)
stay_loose ♥ it’s summertime / and the living is easy / the bees are jumping / and the cotton is high...
marcelorps Kraftwerk - Music Non Stop Xtended Bass Mix

Kraftwerk Music Non Stop Xtended Bass Mix

| play
eraser en algún lugar del mundo ... ocurren otras cosas... Somewhere Over the Rainbow Keit Jarrett

The Reason-Hoobastank [Lyrics]

| play
LynnSunshine Its snowing Luv it>@JeanneBehr: "glad you are feeling damn good! :) @flinndc: "Feelin...@CMDDoria @Schoork @BohlianSunshine @scotlandlover (reblip)
flinndc Me TOO, but the antichrist is in the cube next to me...she would get pissed ... rb @str8jgirl: "I wish I could turn it up LOUD in my office... :P" (reblip)
Stay19 @Nymph Your pic makes me smile ! Just awesomness . Dig Ninja action. You know....U know my ninja eyes<><>, right? Ha.

Love Lockdown (Flying Lotus Remix)

| play
markLtuttle Beck Hansen nee' Bek David Campbell, is an American musician, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

BeckGo it Alone

| play

Queensryche "Suite Sister Mary"

| play

Black Lab's "This Blood" on Blade Trinity

| play
fearshop Forbidden - One Foot in Hell

Forbidden One Foot In Hell

| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie % 'Indie Bands' That Mainstream Music Acts Could Learn ALOT from! % : Devendra Banhart -> "Long Haired Child"

John Lennon Isolation

| play
holo_holo これ聴いてるなう〜♪ Rocks Off-The Rolling Stones ♬ ( ♩ #therollingstones
emilymphocyte An "I could listen to this every day" song.


| play
Stolen P(0) & ∀K(P(K)→P(K+1))
fauxvillain AMO este video (I identify a bit) y ni hablar de la canción, Massive Attack es de lo mejor...
backasswards in the beginning, right? NICE@Doggonahogg: "Inspired by @me to drop a more upbeat Orbison tune this time. And OMG I saw Tom Waits in there." (reblip)

Dream BabyRoy Orbison

| play
FeralCat Revolution

The Beatles Revolution

| play
FeralCat Lady Madonna

The Beatles Lady Madonna (2009 Stereo Remaster)

| play
FeralCat Til There Was You

The Beatles- Til There Was You (Cover)

| play
Flower Epa @adbert! Dame herraduras para mis wild horses
Mysterymix dedicace @bendrix, i'm glad for ya

easy way to fix disk boot failure(freeze HD to recover data)

| play
rubikoO See the world spinning 'round

Fool On The Hill

| play
S75_BigBandEraRadio Sid's Big Band Radio: - Frank Sinatra - Luck Be A Lady

Carlos Santana and Chad Kroeger (Nickelback)- Into The Night

| play
kritovl One day I will open your eyes underneath the stars beneath the crescent @deekattax

Zucchero w/ Dolores O'Riordan "Puro Amore"(Pure Love)

| play
kritovl A moment in a million years to make some dreams come true...A moment in a million years called life. @deekattax

scorpions-moment in a million years

| play
fishkopp_deluxe " Diving With Andy – Sugar Sugar " rb @threebears: "rb @Mysterymix: "#5mix – Sugar Sugar " thanks sweetie :)" (reblip)
flinndc Good Morning :-)rb@Dancer12: "Such pretty music!! Wonderful day wished 4 U! TYSM rb@DJRUCA@Dancer12. Good Morning, (reblip)

foreigner waiting for a girl like you.wmv

| play
erebo Johnny Winter - Be Careful With A Fool
kritovl You and I'll just use a little patience Sugar take the time cause the lights are shining bright you and I've got what it takes to make it"@deekattax

Guns N' RosesPatience

| play
AnnieLicious I might have a moment listening to this version!!!

bon jovi born to be my baby rare acoustic

| play
DamnTheMan White Zombie - Blood, Milk And Sky

White Zombie-Blood, Milk And Sky (Im-Ho-Tep 3,700 Year Old Boogie Mix)

| play
adbert [The Hollies - Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress] #RockClassic Hello there @S4W2E0D!!! :-)
Lovebreath "Reflection by Tool" (reblip)

TooL reflection

| play
Unaturalsoul " Can You Send Him My Way...Luv Ya....@DamnTheMan: "Pantera – Medicine Man" (reblip)

PanteraMedicine Man

| play
fauxvillain Easy Star All-Stars – Electioneering
RoxP The All-American Rejects : Gives You Hell
SpinningDiscs A Perfect Circle – Passive... Shout Outs & Thanks to: "Good Morning Beautiful!" @TheGoddessSpicy, @JulieK, @Gav70, @rsmac
DamnTheMan Dimebag is a GOD! @Claudine_fairy: "NICE!! thanks! #DamnTheMan: "Damageplan - Pride" (reblip)


| play
muzicmajic nice! thx! rb@nastysurprise72: "NEW National. Yes, that's Sufjan Stevens singing background vocals." (reblip)
DirtyUrine Hey bro! Great tune! rb@theFRUKE: "Good day ALL!!!" (reblip)

CandleBoxFar Behind

| play
Laughing_Gravy top ten songs from the cure #1

The CurePlainsong

| play
megg @nothingcorporate i may be crazy, but nothing diagnosed. just kinda odd, i suppose. =]]
prepaidtarife Do you like brit pop? Enjoy Just Jack!
giesebrecht Jon Schmidt & Neal Middleton – I Do
holo_holo 今これ聴いてる〜♪ Everyone - Van Morrison ( #vanmorrison
RoxP almost done...taking it nice 'n easy -> Big Head Todd And The Monsters : Bittersweet @cjh @camdalamb @deekattax @zamfir TNX for tuning in
SpinningDiscs Moby – God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters
DamnTheMan Sup bro! @DirtyUrine: "Hey bro! \m/ rb#DamnTheMan: "Pantera - Shedding Skin" (reblip)

PanteraShedding Skin

| play
soadchick The Song Remains The Same - Led Zeppelin
soadchick rb @fenderbass7 Moonchild - Iron Maiden - \m/ (reblip)

MoonchildIron Maiden

| play
DirtyUrine I just went thru about 20 "Heavy Metal" clips to find one decent one! lol rb@creativeness: "better sound." (reblip)
Gen22 Gotta go go go- thx #ciao #fui o/ [Beck - Broken Drum (Boards of Canada Remix)]
mrrodd I know @cuzisaidso just let the dice Roll and pick a spot :)

Flo Rida feat Sean Kingston Roll

| play
TrainWreckRadio @Douryeh [who'll collaborate again, Led Zeppelin?] Alison Kraus & Rocbert Plant....that's HUGE :-) (reblip)

Neil YoungMr.Soul

| play
texman2 always a fav song @mamamiaellen: "Willie Nelson – Always on my mind" (reblip)
texman2 Ha ha ha @kassikae: "@DarkSea: "@diva42: "Joe Cocker – She Came In Through The Bathroom Window""" (reblip)
Mysterymix that's right@knowhereman: "very nice - love these guys! i think Horror Inc is Akufen, as well - another favorite! @Mysterymix: "werewolves are back!"" (reblip)
patduarte Thank you very much. I make me smile :-)@barrypartington (reblip)


| play
simplesmente Por Que Você Não Vem Morar Comigo............................