tjarles Mama Mia nur keine Panik hedder filmen hvor dette italo track er brugt. Vokalen har en sjov rock-feel over sig, men basgangen og melodien er killer.

MirageGet Down

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placetogo more and more, more and more more and more, more and more

Help I'm Alive by Metric

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tjarles Italo disco med meget klar electro inspiration. Produceren står også bag Q's "Spacer Woman".
placetogo ich höre einfach nie wieder was anderes. schönstes lied des jahres. (reblip)
mynameisnotmaddie So excited about the Where The Wild Things Are movie!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333
sudp take me down 6 underground.

'Rock Steady' (All Saints) MSTRKRFT remix

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handinglove This song is the shit

Washed OutBelong

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outofpurelove Hi.. (◕◡◕) rb@sanaponic: "hi @G_r_e_g! :-)" The Avalanches - Electricity (reblip)
rock2monster @4Sins: "Oh, yeah, they warned me, but I didn't listen. Still not. :D rb@Model_Daughters: "@Miiiira: "Anywhere you want""" (reblip)

MetricTwilight Galaxy

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bjerre Man, this brings back memories of after-parties. And he's coming to Copenhagen

Ian Brown corpses in their mouths

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threebears Somewhere on the planet someone's in bed with a fever. Thanx for your company blip friends! Have a good day/night/sunshine/moonshine -in any order ^_~

shivaree - goodnight moon

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bjerre Peter

Peter Broderick - Roscoe

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bjerre I really wish I was going to the show tonight

WilcoI'll Fight

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DjEntronic These guys need to put out an LP

Tesla BoyNeon Love

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superstarfighter @tanzmarie ... dann noch einen für den weiten Weg. Schön einpacken und bei Bedarf wiedre rausholen. Und danke für die Links.
derkrauss //Annie – I Don't Like Your Band//
tanzbunny ☆....hello..@all........:)

Kenny Hawkes nitelife 17

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derkrauss //The Knack-My Sharona//

The Knack-My Sharona

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derkrauss "regrettably" not true //The Jam – Here Comes The Weekend//
Alturn8tive Bound Stems-Sugar City Magic

Bound Stems Sugar City Magic

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Alturn8tive The Kills – Tape Song

The KillsTape Song

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LisaWorld @HoekstraA1 "really b-52?!?!@mettee "ty and u too - & have fun working ;-) rb@spacespencer & have a nice sunday– I'm off soon(& working tomorrow)... (reblip)
spacespencer @DChain jo. versuche mal, ein wenig mehr blau zu machen, den Rest vom November... ;)
spacespencer long time not played this great old b-side. instrumental.

The Cure | Another Journey By Train

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Unaturalsoul @misssabado: "Goodnight all you wonderful fellow music lovers of the world. I am half asleep! @derkrauss @soulzzz_of_the_knight @Unaturalsoul" (reblip)
panOptiko Yoko Kanno – Call Me Call Me
derkrauss //The Gossip: Listen Up! (A Touch Of Class Remix)//

The Gossip: Listen Up! (A Touch Of Class Remix)

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Alturn8tive Friendly Fires – I'm Good I'm Gone (Lykke Li Cover)
alfonvaina Blippers, ultimately could not be, even this way, thank you very much for having voted for myself.. Indeed thank you very much to all!!!

Anya Marina - Whatever You Like (T.I. Cover)

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chiron08 ✪ hey, micht so schnell.. brauch erst Kaffee @Chekkov
DareToEatAPeach NME was dissing on the Bravery in one of their reviews I was reading today. Can't see what their issue is. rb@benjaminjtaylor: "..." (reblip)

The Bravery The Spectator

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outofpurelove rb@Alturn8tive @mellejohnson ★BestBlipsNov09 [40] ►The Decemberists – We both go down together (reblip)
Alturn8tive {Band Of Horses – No One's Gonna Love You}
MrBean @crispast: ":( RT @twitter Starting about 10 minutes ago, we began experiencing a very high rate of errors and we r working on underlying problem" (reblip)
caelumdecorus They're from Milwaukee, I'm from Milwaukee..It all works so well
delgrosso Dear Emily Haines: please come sing to me. All day. All night.

MetricFront Row

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threebears stand, step away from the monitor ...find a partner - or an inaminate object - or if the cat is up for it .. now dance!

OrishasA Lo Cubano

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Savoir Adore - We Talk Like Machines

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derkrauss awesome! @DependableSkeleton: "I have, but I'm always happy to hear it again. A booty shaker, for sure. RB vi (reblip)
Hypnotica John Beltran - It was all beautiful. I think you'll like this amazing track.... @manipulator

John Beltran: It was all beautiful

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ambifauri Regina Spektor's 'on the radio' - suits the weather :)

Regina Spektor- On The Radio (Official Music Video)

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Craindre Care of @mz_rocko... I haven't heard this in ages. I love it enough to break my set :-) (reblip)
judetta heute im anjebot: jemüschtet.
bjerre De La Soul yesterday turned out to be Blues Brothers in disguise. Not a good thing btw
ablackheart I always have ♥ for this guy

Pedro The Lion- Options Lyrics

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AF_Blog Würd gern in nem Froteeschlafanzug,mit Kippe inne Fresse& Flasche im Anschlag durch meine Bude hopsen aber nein,ich sitze artig im #Bergwerk& maloche.

King Rocko Schamoni Der Tiger in der Nacht

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The Rapture. Sister Saviour

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bjerre Yeasayer and its good


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derkrauss // Wolf Parade – Modern World //
melodyofurlife Best of '09: Fanfarlo


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superstarfighter Tag zwei der Beobachtung: In der Tat. Die Uhren der U2-Anzeige gehen rückwärts.
chiron08 ✪ i love that ..@santamistura: ";o)) good morning blipperland i will be back later ;o)" (reblip)
outofpurelove ♪►Nichts - Zehn Bier zu viel (1981)
derkrauss also on my list! happy new year!@MsBojangles: "this would definitely be in my list of bests 2009. love it... simmah down now." (reblip)

Mos DefQuiet Dog

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klitoria rbl@cremeweiss: ("Wir tanzen ins neue Jahr ;) #klitoria @sputnicker")....jaaaaaa.... (reblip)

Paul KalkbrennerAaron

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DependableSkeleton Glad you could make it back. Some chicks were askin about you. RB vi@nastysurprise72: "#beachparty "My sole contribution." So I lied, but this is it." (reblip)
derkrauss // Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance //
MrBean roisin murphy – dear miami (reblip)
EFR56 Joe "King" Carrasco & The Crowns – "Nervoused Out"
aprildax Great cover@IrrationalComplex: "Psycho Killer (Cage The Elephant)" (reblip)
threebears Somewhere on the planet the moon is setting. Thanks for your company blip friends! Have a good night/day/sunshine/moonshine - in any order ^_~

shivaree - goodnight moon

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suckmydeck FLUNK "Blue Monday" not that remixes like this one are not nice...

FlunkBlue Monday

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derkrauss i am awake@Echo_L: "excellent wake up music - thanks @futurebiblehero: "still"" (reblip)

The Fall~Cruiser's Creek

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DependableSkeleton Ha! RB vi@LikeAnAngel: "something to look forward to i guess. @DepSkeleton "It is, 'though I must admit I have yet to travel in a giant gaslight."" (reblip)
superstarfighter And listen, about those bitter songs you sing? They're not helping anything. They won't make you strong........ @endon immer wieder gern.
SunnyMegatron Pony Up! – Shut up and Kiss me
derkrauss //Beirut – Elephant Gun//

BeirutElephant Gun

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dgmike Satisfaction, sucesso da decada de 90'


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derkrauss this even deserves 2 props! thanks!! @sparkurs_fuer_landneurotiker...@DependableSkeleton this might be good for your "happy divorce party" (reblip)
iconmogwai again, i'm listening to this track :)

Thom Yorke Hearing Damage

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LaChatte yeah, it's a great song! @renegadegirl & here another one

A.R.E. Weapons "F What You Like"

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feynschliff Fad Gadget – Life on The Line.
derkrauss // HEALTH – Die Slow //


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BeatJunkie one of my favourite soundtrack songs... from "Shoot'em Up"
derkrauss // The Debtor – Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson //
derkrauss wow, jetzt aber echt! das ist ja der song des tages, wusste nicht dass der schon so viele jahre auf dem buckel hat! DANKE!@missAnthropia (reblip)

ZARAH LEANDER "Nur nicht aus Liebe weinen" & "Berlin", de WALTHER RUTTMANN (1927)

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Hexes & Ohs "Little Bird" (Official Video)

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toddbrink Loretta Lynn & Jack White - Portland, Oregon

Loretta Lynn & Jack White "Portland, Oregon"

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22Crystal22 @LuckyJimJD: "The sky is blue, my hands untied, a world that's true, through our clean eyes" (reblip)
ABoyNamedSue Still a really cool tune, that gets a lot of play at my house these days.
indieearcandyforeveryone a fav. ditto. @DJ_HeckaCool:"good choice.:) @InDaDrops:"pretty much my favorite song."you've become, what you thought was dumb, a fraction of the sum" (reblip)
fishkopp_deluxe @dreamrevelry: "I am going to resist the urge to sing this loud." (reblip)
derkrauss wow, this is great! i like it.ty@Echo_L: "GN @derkrauss Something to help you unwind for the night. :)" (reblip)
derkrauss // sufjan stevens – they are night zombies //
derkrauss // Andy Yorke – Rise And Fall //
derkrauss // The Helio Sequence – Keep Your Eyes Ahead //
rrrAsTa Jesus And Mary Chain - Here She Comes (Acoustic)
derkrauss wow@pinchito: "I have built a tree house, no one can see us, cause it's a me and you house." (reblip)

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour- "Bad Fever" ***NEW SONG***

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TrainWreckRadio @divadonna5 I broke out the 'alice eyes' avatar celebrating ALICE coming to town!


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derkrauss wow@ZackDolore: ""Dont tell me that u're off to see the world. I know u wont get very far. (reblip)
NegativSzakallak lááá lá lá lá láááá

New Young Pony Club — Lost A Girl

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Angyles With a gun and a pack of sandwiches, and nothing...
MsBojangles hmm... not the story i heard ;) @TheSteadyDrifter: "MsBojangles I'll see your Pilot and...Oh. Wait. I guess my Pilot can't see at all. Damn." (reblip)
bjerre Let's get cold together. I simply adore this track


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derkrauss hallo!can i join this group?@Echo_L: "I am shuffling my undead self to this this morning.@PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "Do the Zombie@Arth@CreepyGirl (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion @kellyhunts: "@SlipperyDistortion ... for a guy from Kansas, you play great music! oops..did I say that? hehe!" Um, thanks?! Actually, I'm in Missouri (reblip)
derkrauss hy rocko! it's already late in the afternoon here! @mz_rocko...enjoying the sun? and the spurs? (reblip)
derkrauss great tune! gimme more ;-)@Stephydel: "Like them! Thanks @derkrauss" (reblip)


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girlpiper Dispatch – Passerby


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derkrauss // Au Pairs - Headache For Michelle //....who is she?
derkrauss wasn't me! it's actually new to me! like it!@indieearcandyforeveryone: "can't remember who intro'd this band... maybe @derkrauss ? i don't know... (reblip)

Uh Huh Her-Not A Love Song

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derkrauss // The Libertines – What a Waster //

Werewolf by Coco Rosie with lyrics

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mz_rocko i'm a fan, girl, a big fan! via @Kayo: "special thanks for being top 5 proppers!!! @DJNickPapag @mz_rocko @Echo_L @sliddy @Gr8tune "Mew – Special"" (reblip)


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padraig an Oberhofer a day, makes... @derkrauss: "wo000o000ow @Echo_L" (reblip)


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ladypn Me too @4Sins! Me too! Here's another of their I'm loving!

One eskimOUFO

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derkrauss // Sufjan Stevens – They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh! // ;-) @Echo_L
DJ_Dicky_D Gary Numan – Down In The Park
derkrauss @jessicaforeverandever: "This song still gives me shivers. @WEXPMDetroit: ""Modern English – I Melt With You"" @Echo_L @mz_rocko (reblip)
juanitamoose QUESTION! @JohnnyJohn and all Blipsters: Do people want to be mentioned in a ReBlip? You get the credit anyway. Are DJs offended if name is left off? (reblip)

Tame ImpalaFlow

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mirrormirror YAY. Go team! @Literati: "Happiness! I love my Texas Rangers who just happen to be (as of today) AL West Champs :)" (reblip)


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derkrauss wow, give us more of that!@indieearcandyforeveryone:@mirrormirror @jong @Literati @pumpkinsoup @sliddy my ipod "wouldn't" stop playing it earlier. (reblip)
mirrormirror You are too kind @derkrauss & that makes it my turn, eh?
kaydubwillu HOORAY FOR BOOK-BOOKS!!!


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derkrauss // Principe Valiente – One More Time //
derkrauss // Paul Smith – Our Lady of Lourdes //...good solo stuff!
derkrauss wow, another good tune from you! TY@indieearcandyforeveryone: "@mirrormirror @derkrauss @MiguelCabrita @AprilJ always my fav by them." (reblip)

800beloved everything purple

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derkrauss // Beck and Bat For Lashes – Let's Get Lost //
Indie_Tunes Great song to start off my day. Thank you :) @derkrauss: "// The Whore Moans – White Noise Melody // :-) Indie_Tunes" (reblip)
derkrauss // Malaria! – Kaltes Klares Wasser //
derkrauss wow,sounds good!@indieearcandyforeveryone:loving their stuff so far, just starting to go through it.@midnightwalker@sliddy @mirrormirror@MiguelCabrita (reblip)

Palpitation-I Lost And Died

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Atoms For Peace Coachella Judge, Jury & Executioner

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mirrormirror Aw .. you're welcome. :-D @mz_rocko: @ mirrormirror - i'm hooked - ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (reblip)
mirrormirror Good Morn!!!! lovely miss @mz_rocko: "hola!!! @ mirrormirror @derkrauss - : )" (reblip)

Chinawoman, Party Girl

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MiguelCabrita #other_cities anywhere, really.

Darker My Love-What's A Mans Paris

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