dickadcock A little dark and calming at the same time
dickadcock Solid jazz/pop vocal with real instruments!
dickadcock Great description of ending a relationship
dickadcock Her poetry and simple accompaniment are a joy.

Tanya Davis - Fortress

| play
dickadcock Love the exuberance. Double entendre?

MirahLone Star

| play
dickadcock You can understand the words! Nice tune, group.
dickadcock "sadly sobering sunshine of the Sunday morning light."... ring a bell? He tells a story.
dickadcock She can sing! Love the way she sings smy- yul for smile, like a Texas girl! (she's from PA, though)

Madi DiazSide

| play
dickadcock Give a listen and the song should grab you quickly.
dickadcock Haunting. I like haunting. Evokes memories of SF Bay area a long time ago. ... haunting.
dickadcock Walkin' my dog! pant, pant, pant
dickadcock And I think to myself, What a Wonderful World (reblip)
dickadcock "You may ask yourself..." - this doesn't get old.
dickadcock Good one from "Gulag Orkestar". Called an Eastern European sound. Usually everything BUT guitar.
dickadcock My favorite from this somewhat uneven group (in song quality)
dickadcock Great song. Not as much falsetto as a lot of their other songs and that's a Good thing.
dickadcock Roxanne is so lucky to have this song!
dickadcock For every "artist" to hear. And bloggers.

Tanya Davis - Art

| play
dickadcock Kinda bubblegummy, but catchy as hell. Different for her.
dickadcock Nice.


| play
dickadcock Naughty girl. Better hear it again to be sure.
dickadcock It's rich. Maybe heavy. It's Devotchka.
dickadcock Cool. Makes me want to hear more from this group.
dickadcock Remembering Miriam who died in '08, and East Africa in the 60's. Lovely song.
dickadcock Two fingers to play, but it's good in either ear.
dickadcock Dream of summer and these big boys!
dickadcock . . .I'm reblipping from @fishco, and I have the cd. Good stuff. (reblip)
dickadcock One good Joe Cocker deserves another. Exxxxxxceptional!!!! (reblip)
dickadcock This follows "You are So Beautiful" on my list so very well. Thanks to @JacquieR . (reblip)
corradonuccini Is a woman, write this down, put the paper over there. More than it is. No more than it is
cosita if there's one song i'm dedicating to myself, this is it. xD
cjross quirky scandinavian music, right up my alley
MsInformation Hyperkinetic, tripped-up time, melodic- they're the best bar band you've never heard.
dickadcock "play us a tune"... to start the list, especially for guitar fans...
dickadcock a reblip from @420thoughts . I was gonna play it before, man, yeah I was but I didn't... (reblip)
dickadcock Addin' a little black magic to your lineup...so says @Cabl, and I HAVE to agree. just. can't. help. it. (reblip)
dickadcock For @Cabl ...anti Vietnam war songs? how about this sweet little ballad? :)
dickadcock For @FishCo I forget which side of 60 is which, but this is what I liked from Marty Robbins.
dickadcock Really don't know why their songs intrigue me. The instruments, the melody, the harmony?


| play
dickadcock There are a LOT of words, and you HAVE to listen to them because ...
dickadcock And Chrissy's STILL got it! Can't find "Chain Gang" (sob)
dickadcock Thanks to @Cabl for 'one of the greatest songs of all time: "A Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procol Harum' (reblip)
dickadcock "I understand when rapture comes, the car will be unmanned, but what about those sitting in the back?"
dickadcock Interesting, esp. if you like Beirut's sound.
dickadcock It does! It really does. Not sayin' that's good or bad tho-

The Fixx - One Thing Leads To Another

| play
dickadcock OH YES... loved this so much when it was current. I like it when someone has enough, uh, "confidence", to be different in sounds. And other stuff.
CarolannB Life really does become "Dust in the Wind" so don't let another moment pass without making a difference. (Song by Kansas)
dickadcock @420thoughts, @Cabl There seems to be a blippin' theme or something this AM!
dickadcock Just came to me that I HAD to hear this one again. Don't ya know?

bad company shooting star

| play
CarolannB "Blinded by the Light..." one of ELO's gr8 hits! But can U actually carry a boulder on your shoulder? ;)
dickadcock Been searching for this. Thanks to @SunTzuBuddha Back on the Chain Gang - The Pretenders (reblip)
dickadcock Funny, but I didn't care for this group before I heard this one. A lot to like here.
dickadcock Visceral Victory! It's All Right Now! THX @JayJayPlay, @Radiobread (reblip)
Radiobread mmmm Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynrd .. mmmm two lead guitars, fabulous..
dickadcock Just the Twins. No Jenny Lewis. Beautiful!!!!!
dickadcock Time to get off our butts and head for the Cabaret! (But wait, I'm hungry...) C'mon
dickadcock Unique, always playing in Minneapolis. Has some great stuff, not yet avail. here, but on her myspace. Love her stuff with Velvet Lapelles accomp.
dickadcock "you're a disaster just like me..."
fbrahimi Hit the Road Jack – Ray Charles (reblip)
dickadcock This gal wrote Feist's 1234. Bears watching/listening. Also I seem to be a bit more mellow than some this morning, and my blips will show it. Hear it.
dickadcock there she goes, talking like an auctioneer...
dickadcock Reblippin' @kristelou who is Reblipping @melodyofyourlife: Fleet Foxes is on SNL this week! (chain reblip!!?) (reblip)
dickadcock A reblip from @coldrose: think I'm more addicted to props :D (reblip)
dickadcock KD Lang's talents are underappreciated! reblipping @Aelorra Sensuous, delightful black coffee. (reblip)
dickadcock UNbelievable! It is hard to listen once w/o wanting to hear it again right away from the top.
dickadcock This is just ♡ Unforgettable ♡ . re-Blip @DougAlder one of my favorites @efraimqueiroz (reblip)
dickadcock "Feminists don't have a sense of humor?"... ah, but there's more. Just love Nellie!
CarolannB Have U been "Tempted" lately? (Squeeze)


| play
420thoughts "Troubles will come & they will pass. Find a woman and you'll find love. And don't forget son, there is someone up above..." (one of the best songs)
yoyomama @shootingstar well, next time you happen to be.....
dickadcock Me Too! Thx @Cabl I just want 2 celebrate! Rare Earth (reblip)
dickadcock You are on a roll!! On Track! @Cabl Are U "feelin' alright?" Grand Funk Railroad (reblip)
by_starla @Aluciel--it's going well--this is a day for laundry and cleaning and music (perhaps not in that order... :) )
Radiobread mmmm Pictures At An Exhibition - Mussorsgky..
Hyperkinetic What a beautiful face I have found in this place...
dickadcock Really beautiful song. Words stand by themselves.
angrybob Goodnight Internets. I will see you all tomorrow. Your lullaby, is Procol Harum's Whiter Shade of Pale. Inspired by @sleepjunky.
dickadcock Beautiful choice...reblipping @RadioRider Who knows what tomorrow brings? (reblip)
dickadcock Sharp. Carry on, Joe! @joecarryon arguably the cheesiest song ever penned. and the video is no slouch either... (reblip)
iddybud American Tune – Paul Simon
Babsi And the moon's never seen me before But I’m reflecting light...
HopeClary One of my top 10 songs of all time! Creep.. This song is to True!! <3


| play
dickadcock Not just for Cake fans..."How do you afford your Rock and Roll Lifestyle?" :-)
dickadcock I played this several times in a row when I first heard it.
dickadcock From a beautiful movie, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, ...a beautiful song.
gabasanch ay ay ay ay canta y no llores porque cantando se alegran cielito mio los corazones
dickadcock Blame. please lift it off...boatloads of shame...
Babsi Good morning blip and twitter folks!!! Have a great weekend!
dickadcock How did I ever forget this!! You're still the one. Thx @Fraueva Cooooool song! still the one :) (reblip)
KaLoBec you probably think this song is about you...
linnetwoods @ElementsOfJazz The penultimate track of my set for you: Look to the sky – Antonio Carlos Jobim
wessnet Grace, Punk and bagpipes: That`s my thing, Baby!
CarolannB Did U? "Who let the dogs out" (Baha Men)
billbincr here's the long version with the drum solo || In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Iron Butterfly ||
crosby Good night all. Let this be {song title}.
sandraew Good morning. I had this song in my head this morning. (Hold Your Head Up - Argent)
Babsi Good morning, USA. Good afternoon/evening/night to the rest of the world
ARDELLd Mother in Law...the worst person I know - Mother in Law, she worries me so. If she'd leave us alone, we'd have a happy home. Sent from down below...
ARDELLd Seriously, this one is truly one of my all time favorites. Used to love to watch the drummer when I heard this live. (reblip)
ARDELLd One of the best songs of all time. My brother David used to make me hold my ears so I could sing my part without following his. (reblip)
SteelGuy Hooked On A Feeling – Soundtrack
hopei91 The Cover Of The Rolling Stone – Dr Hook
wildimagination So, I'll admit this is my most played song on itunes.
FishCo The best of the best? Joan Jett vs Queen. I LOVE ROCK & ROLL! WE WILL ROCK YOU!
QueenJaneApproximately @adbert . . . hi! I guess you could, but what if I miss your blip? haha
morningtide as I awake I think bout all the other simple moves I could've made/ the books I didn't read upon my shelf/ all the other ways I could've sung my songs
cosita last blip of the night. sleep tight.
dickadcock Love it. My Short list! thx @RadioRider I got better things to do on my to do list anyway ... (reblip)
tintinabulation 2nd best love song i know
leinergroove "Bésame, bésame mucho, como si fuera esta noche la última vez". So freakin' romantic.
leinergroove One of my three favorites songs ever.
ladypn Hi @Boobtubious! I didn't know you were ON Blip! I'm content to Just listen & listen to this track! Love it! (reblip)
Crystalclear want to use this for the memorial but it is on my home computer.. so can't..unless someone has it & can send it to me???PLEASE (reblip)
CarolusMagnus Japanese Queen imitation is awesome!
tonyladesich one of the fucking greatest songs of all time!!!!! bowdown all!
leinergroove @dickadcock yes, John Mayer has some great songs! But McCartney still got it. This could have been played at Rick's in Casablanca.
lilwldchld You want a piece of my heart, you better start from the start....
RadioRider Can't help blipping this one over and over . . . He called her Bay-be baby all night long ...
ATG RB @Laffingbuddha What great or small thing will YOU do today? May this inspire you to do it. (Yes! *high five* -ATG) (reblip)
melodyofurlife The Beautiful South has some really great tunes
ladypn Hello @RadioRider! Love this song, haven't heard it in a while! (reblip)
RadioRider You make my heart sing - you make everythinnnggg - groooovay ... (reblip)
ladypn @CarolusMagnus Love this. I think the chords remind me of another song, can't think what?!? (reblip)
briangreene "i went to a protest just to rub against strangers"
ladypn New enough to qualify...our tug of war has only made me want you more. Steeped in hard luck & doomed to roam, my love is braver than you know
fbrahimi Sunday Arak – Balkan Beat Box (reblip)
chicklitgurrl Considering my love of coffee and my love of love, this could possibly be my happily ever after song, LOL, @style89 (reblip)
the_A_traingirl nice vibe...*i have been looking for this song* (reblip)
adbert [Rivers Of Babylon – Boney M] Hello @photogurrl and @Mahri (check out twitter @reply)! :-)
melodyofurlife When Your Lips Are Playing My Kazoo, I smile! :) This is for @NyQuilDriver


| play
melodyofurlife @MetaJonas Thanks for the kind words. You have been putting down some great tunes yourself! Enjoy :)
Dave_Malby Baby Blue Eyes – Stray Cats
rogue_fm Somewhere out there, there's a cover of this by Rickie Lee Jones. I have faith that one day, I'll find it. A girl can dream, can't she?
she_eats Sometimes I wonder why I spend / The lonely night dreaming of a song / The melody haunts my reverie / And I am once again with you
lofolulu Great song- Incredible 19 year old singer/songwriter Indie pOp!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYTmEdBWDRY
sendchocolate One Hit Wonders: Little Bitty Pretty One -- Thurston Harris (1957)
UltravioletRed "Im walking empty streets hoping we might meet"
iddybud Let's have some of the freshness children give. thx @fsimits ! (reblip)
suzan This Mornin' Blip Is Born Again... Nice work gents @jeff @Yan @fuzzygroove (Now WTF can't we get a 5K and 10K star? LOL!)@suzan *** Demais!!! (reblip)
Jeffie Chris Kenner - "(The Name of the Place Is) I Like It Like That" (1961) @lemerodrigo More good old New Orleans rock and roll :P)
Ozarksagent Yes, sometimes I still get the Vietnam Blues, esp. when I see the folks we have in Mesopotamia:<
ladypn Wow, @GAT Love this! @dickadcock An interesting vocalist & styling you might appreciate! (reblip)
dickadcock @markmac I think I just became your 499th listener, so get ready to pop the cork, or screw off the cap...
dickadcock Thank you. I love this (know most of the words) & the movie. @pjhalla ////////////////// (reblip)
ladypn @flybabyjen Totally new to me! I like too! @dickadcock - strikes me as something you might like too! Hello @serifenlos! Of course I came back! :) (reblip)
dickadcock Thanks for my favorite blip of the day so far!!!!!! @milkfish A perfect little gem (reblip)
dickadcock This song . . . let's put it this way. I was never into Metallica. I am now. thx loads! @Millilla from @Mercy8 // classic!! (reblip)
dickadcock Wow thx for bringing to attention. sounds like Lennon! @Babuxoxoxo Enjoy! I like this group! (reblip)
Figgywithit sweet mandolin and voice melding

HemHalf Acre

| play
Figgywithit If you can find a better song to blip, then blip it. You'd be lyin', but go ahead and blip something else anyway. (((d~>~b))) (((d""b))) (((d.^.b)))
Anniepooh Classic ELO ~ Do ya, do ya want my love?


| play
gracieriots love the end ' ewwwwwwwwwww'

faith no more - easy

| play
dickadcock NOD OVER COFFEE "all the unsaid words we might be thinking... we just nod over coffee and say good-bye --ain't that the curse of the second hand.
dickadcock OMG been looking for this. Had to sit on ice chest at his concert. Fitting. @NeedBlues2Live LA Freeway - Jerry Jeff Walker...my hero...via@girleddy (reblip)


| play
dickadcock ☄ FANFARE★! Finally for your ears! The words by author/illustrator Gorey. Song by the incomparable Lucy Michelle!! It's the full "story". I'm exci
dickadcock Just added. Simple. About life. Perhaps you've heard of it.
dickadcock Just added. My favorite Arthur and Yu song. The Lion's Mouth. ... a restless heart is gonna burst before it's dead... is a head in a lion's mouth...
kKobold makes me cry

R. Wagner - Obertura de Tannhauser

| play
dickadcock Not too much of a country fan, actually, but she's got a great voice, etc. Especially the etc.! Rockin song! (just added)
dickadcock Going a direction I hadn't planned (often the most fun!) Holy Crap I like this so much!! thx @giseleh (reblip)
dickadcock Love this. Lost the song for a time. Now it is found. (reblip)
dickadcock Guest blip of a really cute song. thx @yamamiya Donora – I Think I Like You (reblip)
dickadcock Too soon for more "Cute"? play along cutecutecutecute...
slightclutter i lofe, love, love this song. Mirah - The Garden.
pamelaweir All I can do is just pour some tea for two and speak my point of view...
Radiobread @accdias .."I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend Lucky to have been where I have been Lucky to be coming home again"..Jason Mraz - Lucky mm nice! (reblip)
dickadcock Gotta hear it to dig it (& you will!) Song is "good for what ails you".
GR8FL [yeah, yeah, God is great Yeah, yeah, God is good yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah..Cantaaando gente!] thanks @annyeah (reblip)
dickadcock OMG x2 @djwttw OMG RB@MarthaPeake good LORD. listen, to this woman's voice! LORD, almighty. that's crazy. @SugarDoggy (reblip)
dickadcock Looks like reblipping gone wild, @PrisHayes ! Enjoy!
dickadcock Los Angeles, by Katie Davis, "self-described sad girl singer/songwriter" , fresh u/l from Indiefeed. Esp. interesting lyrics.
RadioRider Some smooth as suede horn playing .....
dickadcock Worth hearing again (for me) thx @intinet blip: the great intoxication (reblip)
Jeffie Lee Dorsey - "Ya Ya" (1961) "A-sittin' here, la-la, waitin' for my ya-ya to come..." !
deadcowaroma Bubblegum cover this time. Nice.
dickadcock Thanks for Buffalo Springfield! Going in my playlist... @curatEar ~~anyway i'd like to try~~ (reblip)
cdub g'night great blippers - hear you tomorrow - blip hard - oh so hard
lofolulu TY @rbao78 & @vaniakg G'day to everyone! *** YES YES YES***


| play
dickadcock Great Blip Find! Now I'm going to be ya-ya-ing all afternoon! (& no, I don't usually) RB @ladypn ... shoulders were heavy as lead... Blip find! (reblip)
dickadcock It ended when you said good-bye. I haven't heard this song since the last time the world ended. Starting over is the best part, anyway.
intinet emmm, can I have my balls back? please?
soundmangroupie do i what? oh baby you know what i like.
RadioRider Since I've learned to live without you, I'm just about as numb as one man can be ... @dickadcock
RoasterBoy as with Acadian Driftwood, about the destruction of the defeated
dickadcock Beautiful cover, in my opinion, of Coldplay's Yellow, by Emily Asen. (just added to Blip yesterday) (reblip)
fbrahimi @Arkan yesss!! Tropical Jazz Big Band XI – LET'S GROOVE (reblip)
dickadcock Had a devil of a time finding who blipped this. It scrolled by as I was listening. Really Good!!!! Thanks Welsh-like named blipper @lyqwyd (reblip)

311Love Song

| play
dickadcock An absolute m u s t r e b l i p situation. thx @aoaaie Anything but. (reblip)
Burgers ♥♥♥ Oh Yes !!! 4U ♥♥♥
dickadcock Not big on mashups - TILL NOW! rb&thx @sadalit File in the trippy-ass mashups department! Thanks, @Frankwolf! (reblip)
luiz_com_z @nicavieira, você e @SofiaFada estão disputando pra ver quem é a mais covarde, a mais apelativa. Assim num güento não. Com trema e tudo. (reblip)
dickadcock This one a fresh add, @RadioRider, (a minute ago). It grew on me to the point that I really like it a lot. ✔ it out.
dickadcock N E W ADD ☁☂ If you like this, Jesse's best, 1/2 as much as I, you will love it.
dickadcock A song for Sheila, who will be 15 soon!
dickadcock "oughta be a law against 'nothin' but twigs & seeds' " -- -- SLOW DOWN BLIP
dickadcock "Me, I want to live with my feet in Dixie, and my head in the cool, blue North" Yep. check, and check.
air Colin without the Decemberists.............
dickadcock ✔just added: Cool is a rule but sometimes BAD IS BAD (doo - wah) Huey Lewis & the News .........scrolling
dickadcock Harris, Ronstadt, and a girl they call Dolly. Get your tissue out first.
dickadcock From myPod to yourPod. Just sounds better every time I hear it.
dickadcock Another iPod favorite of mine. Resets the world's speed for me.
dickadcock Aaron Neville fans take note, bc this won't show up under Neville. Last "new" blip of the night, but I want to repeat a couple for the scroll-blind.
AbsinthEve Think u may be on it. @dickadcock Sounds like Alice Stuart in iTunes @RadioRider...Alice Stuart..You say? (reblip)


| play
Mindtrick This song is sex. Or atleast a sassy strip tease.
dickadcock Just checking that the "blip.up" didn't "screw.up". Damn. Now I'm hungry for Corky's BBQ.
Apple_chic shuffling my little icy feet! :)
mammara i think i blipped enough today. goodnight.
dickadcock Huggy being blipped "Naturally" --- super sound.
dickadcock Not the first version, but one of the BEST. Hum along!
Jeffie You know what they say in Bowie County, Texas, @dickadcock - the original is the best ;0)
MaddyTheSongWhore the things we do for love...like walking in the rain and the snow..when there is nowhere to go ..when you're feeling..like part of you is dying...
dickadcock Found in db by chance. New from old. And I am blown away!!
mammara the most fuckin' romantic band of all time.
dickadcock Bumped into this by accident in the database. :)
dickadcock Clair - Billy and the Dial Tone. !! (may take a few seconds to start)


| play

Frida Hyvonen - London

| play
zsazsazsu Now my hands are overfull of things I'd like to give
dickadcock ...I looked at you & I looked away because I was crying... afraid of losing...
gracieriots @aquaflush Nice! I like it a bunch. Never heard of 'The Actual Tigers.' Yay for uploads! :) (reblip)
dickadcock Was going to wait till I got a bit younger before playing this, but changed my mind.
ladypn Hello blippers! Thanks to @GR8FL for this beautiful upload! ;)
Suzed right now, I'm going afk - g'nite all....
Radiobread ...mmm Shelby Lynne - Wall In Your Heart..mmm
dickadcock Come On Rock Little Girl !!! but the Mannish Boys do B L U E S!
lilwldchld I go to parties, sometimes until four, It's hard to leave when you can't find the door....
dickadcock Great. But she could beautify any song. Nice sound.
dickadcock There are some blippers who will really LOVE this song.
TrainWreckRadio well worth the listen............doesn't get much better than this (reblip)
punchdrunkdaisy "you might have gone down as the first person to ever have fallen in love with the sadness of another" -Billy Collins (reblip)
dickadcock I am over-run with good blips this AM that I can't understand. Lovely@Ricardo_SSA good morning @santamistura (reblip)
punchdrunkdaisy I want to go sing karaoke with Thom Yorke ..This doesn't even sound like it's Radiohead. LOL.
dickadcock Nice song, and nice sunny new picture! rb@Siberia To María Little wherever you are (reblip)
Figgywithit 7000 thanks to @djwttw for props #7000!!! And endless thanks to all the generous DJs for props 1-6999. (reblip)
nansan (I think I'm a big big loser/ Then I go to my computer)
dickadcock I am inspired by @calamari's top 25 iPod list (in progress!!!) to look at my own iPod faves. Found a few I hadn't blipped. Like this beauty.
MusicIsMyMeth One of my favorite love songs
RadioRider Cause your fine and your mine and you look so divine ... Come and get your love ....
Rudra I spent 10 minutes looking for this song on the search engine... I hope it works well. @unfinishedperson
Suzed Can you feel it? I can...it's coming...eventually..
fbrahimi G R E A T track....(loud...) and hallo visible blip-friends...@DougAlder, @ladypn, @Oldies, @paulet, @fbrahimi, @DownLow, @simplesmente (reblip)
emilymphocyte i'd totally be okay if this song decided to follow me around.
dickadcock Thanks @djwttw for the thought. The word "blippy" had caught my eye. !? (reblip)
bluebrummie Goodnight, namaste, sleep well and keep the songs in your head & the love in your heart! - Goodnight My Love - Jesse Belvin :-) x (reblip)


| play
rogue_fm Yesssssssss! Check it out. You will smile, you will dig.
dickadcock I actually like this one!!!! My first Tegan and Sara blip, I think. More? I don't know...RB @lyqwyd (reblip)
ladypn I have GOT to play this again today, this - summer Sunday - IS the life! ;)
dickadcock songsillinois.net describes this as a sad story about a relationship with a manic depressive. . . Stephen Simmons: Pins and Needles


| play
dickadcock Just quietly enjoying this great tune. Thx RB @Jalire ...wonderful!! (reblip)


| play
dickadcock Had to hear, reblip, add to playlist. Thx to @28apple_chic sweet cover. When I see your eyes arrive they explode like two bugs on glass. (reblip)
ladypn Sorry it scrolled off page b4 I saw who to credit this reblip to! LOVE the guitar work & the song. ;) (reblip)
ladypn RB@Zadecka another Swimming in Speakers. Great & interesting vocalist! Lend an ear @dickadcock! I think you might like. ;) (reblip)
RadioRider There are times the best is just no damned good.... There's no easy way to break somebody's heart...
dickadcock Oh my. Wow. Oh my. rb@LEM_40 "I would love to drive you insane, but I'm not on your mind." (reblip)
dickadcock Great!: used in movie w. Ringo, Lennon was an extra (Magic Christian) rb@luiz_com_z @Truvor, demo with the author. @marinarama, look what I found! (reblip)


| play
dickadcock Great find! Have on vinyl, unable to find here THANKS RB @CarolannB Rb @ ya & thx 4 finding "Wildfire" by Michael Martin Murphey, @Kimikai (reblip)
dickadcock Hey @Jeffie, I hope your skies are as blue as ours this morning in the Hudson Valley.
dickadcock A nice innocent sounding voice and tune, but sad in content. thx RB @briangreene [_-_] (reblip)
Fated vi@eightbitkoala I got no more props for you today, but this is amazing (reblip)
dickadcock THIS wolf I'll save! thx rb@save_the_wolves @little_steph, @MasterWolf- do you guys have an issue with Blip being addicting ? Great song by the way ! (reblip)
gracieriots rb @aquaflush Oh my. This is going to take a bit of digestion. (a cover for @gracieriots - hilarious :D) (reblip)
save_the_wolves Not sure why this is so incredibly appealing. Why is it? I just love it... " they should never have taken the very best." (reblip)
dickadcock Really like it! A triumph of simplicity in music and verse: "All I needed was the love you gave." THX RB@gracieriots (reblip)
Jeffie Nat "King" Cole - "Stardust"
ladypn beautiful@swilson! An entry to sexiest songs.the contest is over, but sent lasat night!;) You can vote by propping nominated songs on my bliplist. (reblip)
DJJazzyJacq @Charitouss weekend is great nothing to do except stay home and blip, it's some kinda wonderful!
dickadcock I'm still laughing! thx thx thx rb@patita yessssssssssssssssssssssss moving the body a little bit, this sunday, hehehehhe (reblip)
rogue_fm r/b @tubilino Can't believe in all my weeks & weeks of blipping, I haven't heard this song. Fun! Thx. (reblip)
dickadcock Sha -la la la la la Live for today . . .
dickadcock I had forgotten how simple, how pretty this song is. (so why isn't "love" like that?)
shortygal What's New Pussycat? – Tom Jones
Redta *** Kajagoogoo - Too Shy *** (reblip)

Kajagoogoo - Too Shy

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Suzed Lets Just Stay In Bed All Day...don't Worry About The Bills that We Have To Pay...let's Call In Sick, let's Play Hookey All Day
CrescentMoonglow Kate is so cool! I stop to catch my breath, I stop to catch your eye...I want to be the one you notice, but I am only fooling myself...sigh...
dickadcock Sonata Arctica. Never heard of them before, but sampled it idly. . . . . and . . . and . . . HOLY CRAP THIS IS GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!
ladypn New artist alert! ;) Have a listen @dickadcock, think you'll enjoy if you don't already know her!
dickadcock Yeah! Everything about this song is nice. Just something else! thx rb@Jalire Love It! (reblip)
sergiovds Pals in blip - Alison Krauss – Baby, Now That I've Found You (reblip)
dickadcock Moving...meaningful...marvelous. Thanks for this one to@hotnote Love this woman! (reblip)
Jeffie Roxette - "It Must Have Been Love" ...vi@Gaz50 (reblip)

Roxette - It Must Have Been Love

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dickadcock What a PAIN!!! Where were you hiding this one!? Love It! I thank you; my playlist thanks you. RB@msbojangles (reblip)
dickadcock OOPs! 4U.recommend the vid.@msbojangles..if you haven't seen this video~ check it out. SO clever and sweet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXilTWhpgPg (reblip)
dickadcock GGGreat!! I'm just glad those I like are not yet committed! (talking music here) thx rb @Jalire Shhhhh (reblip)
dickadcock Uh Oh . . . Tipping the cuteness scale!!! Like!! thx rb@curatEar (reblip)
dickadcock REALLY GOOD rb@katesnowbird ...was told that I *must* listen to this Daytrotter session (reblip)


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bluebrummie John Lennon - Give Peace a Chance (reblip)


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RadioRider Goody Goody for me - Goody Goody for you !!!
gracieriots rb@CaryB: "Wednesday's installment of "HOLY COW, YOU GOTTA HEAR THIS" is all about the power pop" Really like! Thanks again. Have a great day! (reblip)
dickadcock NICE! rb@ladypn: "Sometimes I get so tired, just trying to find a place to lay my head. I look up to the sky I feel the warmest light comfort me. " (reblip)
MissMarian @dickadcock ... you reminded me of this Fantastic song!
dickadcock Not only is "dial tone" becoming archaic, but "dial"! oh yeah, and me.
dickadcock A lot of good blips tonight, but this one is exceptional. thx rb@Jalire: "The Moon Is Mine" (reblip)
lofolulu Good morning tworld! What a beautiful day! Mr. E's Beautiful Blues- Eels
milkfish Hoagie, island-style

Star Dust By Herb Ohta San played with Ukulele

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dickadcock Love this!! rb@organicsue: "Dr. John with Rickie Lee Jones – Makin' Whoopee! wh00t wh00t......." (reblip)
headphone awesome video

The Decemberists- Los Angeles, I'm Yours

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GR8FL my sweetie is making wonderful plans to love me :)
SaoRibeiro Glad U liked it! @dickadcock: "@SaoRibeiro is on a songs-that turn-me-into-mush roll THX rb another nice one @SaoRibeiro: "Under a thanks spell ..."" (reblip)
dickadcock This is really nice!!!! BIG RB@headphone: "Should I try to hide The way I feel inside My heart for you?" (reblip)
dickadcock you got the music in you...nice rb@crispast: "incredible!! my lost props turned back to their mum ---->Me!! ;D :D :D \o/ " (reblip)
dickadcock Reblipping at its finest! RB@Simchabe: "Wondering when @trent_reznor will share more of his Blip <3 with us..." (reblip)
dickadcock Click > play < listen 10 seconds. You'll want to keep listening.
RadioRider Katie wrote this about her idol Eva Cassidy right after she passed away... Pure beauty!!

Katie Melua - 11 - Faraway Voice

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dickadcock Great! A keeper. Doing fine & hope U r too. Hi to "Old Gus" rb@gracieriots: "@dickadcock Have you heard this? Hope you're good. :)" (reblip)
dickadcock ...but stays sweet throughout. nice. rb@gracieriots: "Starts quietly. Iron and Wine cover." (reblip)
dickadcock Wow! Encore! Encore! rb@BeeRealty: "Like this live cut.... " (reblip)
dickadcock Get Real !!!!! RB@Junchai: "I agree, let her blip blip blip....away.@MikeMc: "I was surprised of all Ella's songs this wasn't on blip.fm " (reblip)
crowjane Lavender blue/green/indicates Royalty~King~Queen~Dilly means delightful~You are delightful~so much so~when I am King~You'll be my queen~is this Burke?
dickadcock Many, many thanks for this! Great! rb@threebears: " "come out of the gloom @jilliansaint :)" ...quote'n'rb @tardisgrl ^(^ thanks! " (reblip)
Suzed They are one person..They are two alone..They are three together..They are four for each other
dickadcock This is really nice. Thank you so much!!! rb@mammara (reblip)
dickadcock Paw-claps!! rb@threebears: ""is listening to Special Brew - Bad Manners" ...quote'n'rblip @leafybear ^(^ thanks! love your bear name!!" (reblip)

Special Brew by Bad Manners

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mmcgovern makes me smile, this song :)
yamamiya Sharon Van Ettensve - for you

For You

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dickadcock NOW IN STEREO . . . oh, nevermind. Good song. Good video. "got nothin' left but it ain't bringin' me down. I'm just gonna follow the sound."

Human Highway "The Sound"- Official Video

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dickadcock This is so simple and pleasant that I even enjoy hearing in TV ads. thx rb@shortygal: "I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you.... " (reblip)
dickadcock Wow! Really! WoW! thanks for the intro... rb@JLF: "Ok I overblip this but I only just found them!! love it" (reblip)
LEM_40 I want everyone to listen to this one. Been waiting for it to get on blip since I joined.
dickadcock WOW! So much to love here! thx for bringing it attention! @ladypn: "vi@NorwNurse Love this vocalist! @dickadcock, lend an ear! ;) " (reblip)
ladypn I will follow you everywhere you go... @dickadcock great vocalist alert! ;)
ladypn WOW @WeatherPending!! Thanks for including me in this! We'll be seeing lots more of this young woman on the music scene. @dickadcock lend an ear! :) (reblip)


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dickadcock This HAS to go in my lollipop/bubblegum list! thx rb@midnightbeadery (reblip)
dickadcock [CUTE Alert] . . . Let's Whisper – Hey Sunshine rb@CoSlive (reblip)
dickadcock Adding to playlist under "If it doesn't Kill You, then, it will make your heart stronger". thx to@Jacquelynn: "@dickadcock ... how it's done for real" (reblip)

Sadie BellyDance

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dickadcock Passing this on for those who missed all the reblipping. (then back to watching Tiger putt!!) good stuff, thanks to @ladypn: "Fantasatic track..." (reblip)
ambit Fresh Jazz Cafe: Nice one from Rachelle Ferrell~Reflections Of My Heart!
dickadcock Really enjoyed this, but admit to being a little confused. rb@apossamai: "gracias@danniaranda:pra começar o sábado" (reblip)
dickadcock Like ♪ it ♪ Thanks ♪ rb ♪ @yamamiya: "Taken By Trees - Sweetness" (reblip)
dickadcock Interesting style for this song. thx rb @leinergroove: "The Dylan/Byrds song with Nina Simone! I never knew about this version!" (reblip)

The Pierces - Secret

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dickadcock Nice. Interesting. Reblip. with thanks@teffymae (reblip)


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dickadcock Really like both words and music here. thx rb@s0ak (reblip)
dickadcock @LL PAY HEED to this reblip!!! (please) [Extreme – More than Words] thanks to@MrsASoprano (reblip)
dickadcock Nice blip from @whistlin_indie: "calling it a night with a fave [Ume – Sunshower]" (reblip)


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dickadcock SuperRB@djwttw: "" ... 'cause no other baby can thrill me like you do." the perfect venue for McCartney --vocals & bass line -- just perfect. : ) " (reblip)

Little Birdy - Brother

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MsBojangles Scott Matthew / / German


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melp this is great! @fabuleuxfab: "Thanks to whoever blipped it ! :-S" (reblip)
dickadcock WunDaFul WunDaFul Blip!! thx rb@WunDaGround: "Bedouin Soundclash- When The Night Fills My Song ...luvn this band so freakin' much!! " (reblip)

Bedouin Soundclash- When The Night Fills My Song

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WunDaGround @dickadcock glad you liked it babe, it means I got an xcuse to indulge myself again on my way out;) G'nite sweet bleeps, see you in dreamland;) xox
alfonvaina Loooooooooooooooooooooooove This song ! ! ! ! ! !
RadioRider @dickadcock - Here ya go ....

Solitary Man ~ Crooked Fingers

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dickadcock Sufjan Stevens – All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands . . . for a Texas friend who seems to be missing from blip, & is missed.
dickadcock ___Exceptional_ song and video . . . Devotchka – How it ends (Everything is illuminated)
dickadcock this could be Good Night. Yep. (reblip)


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DesertLily (H) (H) (H) H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) H) (H) (H) (H) (H)
WunDaGround Something from DownUnder for a couple of DJ's who've been gettn' under my skin with their UBER BLEEPN >>>@dickadcock @RadioFreeIllinois<<<keep it up;)
cogno I fell in love with Mae Moore when I saw her open for Morrissey once upon a time. True story.

the Magnetic Fields- All my Little Words

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RadioRider Love this girl - totally! Vi@rerkaizen: "obrigado e bom dia :) @santamistura .. beijos :) .. just wish that someone would have told me .." (reblip)
dickadcock Hope I didn't miss the train... rb@MrsASoprano: "Here ya go..." (reblip)

one toke over the line - brewer and shipley

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dickadcock Gonna play the hell outta this when everybody's asleep! Love it! thx rb @MsBojangles (reblip)
aebar Your wish is my command @megg ;)
liprap Nothing like a load of trombones and Led Zeppelin


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avivajazz Teddy Wilson + Tommy Dorsey // Basin Street Blues

Teddy Wilson & Tommy Dorsey - Basin Street Blues

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dickadcock "Yes sir, That's My Baby" music scene from "A Thousand Clowns", my favorite movie. Jason Robards, Barry Gordon, Barbara Harris. ☆☆☆☆☆

That's My Baby

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dickadcock Extra tissue needed. It's 7 minutes long, but worth your time Beautiful movie in which the dialogue is sung.

Love theme from "Les parapluies de Cherbourg" (1964)

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dickadcock Newley does "What Kind of Fool Am I" ... Good intro!
dickadcock when the wheel don't turn, you don't roll no more . . . Vetiver – Roll On Babe
dickadcock Again, THX@megg: "@secretlycrafty: "I'm listening to these guys at least three times a day. Still! Can. Not. Stop. " Wonderful. New-to-me, too! =]]" (reblip)
threebears The sound of water makes her dream/Awoken by a cloud of steam/She pours a daydream in a cup" part/quote'n'rb@ciattei ^(^ Hi & thanks! (reblip)
MsBojangles leaving everyone with this little nugget, take it in...it's a beauty ;)
Atomik Sounds good to catch up, no plans here this weekend, just enjoying the fall weather. Lots of blipping to do. see you soon. @GR8FL xoxo (reblip)
dickadcock Wow. Really think this is Niiiice! rb@jorgeassuncao: "My love's not the one that I want, That he's not the one that I need" (reblip)
dickadcock This rocks! Had to reblip! @patita: "long time no blipping this beauty from this awesome band please enjoy @... (reblip)
MsBojangles will this redeem me? mildly obsessed- with Purdy, that is :)
dickadcock shhhhhhhh .... Bjork – It's Oh So Quiet
ladypn Great 80's hit vi@TropicsZ4! Thank you!: "Some 80 's Music for U (@ladypn) Tubes " (reblip)
dickadcock Satisfaction Guaranteed >>>>> the Firm's Paul Rodgers

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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dickadcock She and the song are captivating!! thanks rb@mammara: "how cute!" (reblip)

Straight Lines *OFFICIAL VIDEO* by dawn Landes

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dickadcock just hopping on here long enough to say good night all. & thx for this tune to reblip to @bluebrummie: "Goodnight, sweet dreams ..." (reblip)

Goodnight by Love- Jesse Belvin

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dickadcock Super-cool reblip time! thanks. rb@Crystalclear: "This will relax and chillax" (reblip)

The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School

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dickadcock RB@threebears: "Thou shalt not blip imeem. Thou shalt prioritize non tube... credit other bliiple for their blips... love thy fellow blipper :D :D" (reblip)
santamistura @rasbo and I and I and I thankssssssss (reblip)

Behold (Psalm 23)- Garnett Silk featuring Kulcha Knox.

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evablue for: @adbert who endures my taunting :P, @tubilino for #propblipanxiety :P, @dickadcock for being adorable :P, @Aluciel for taunting @angrybob. :P