Missing Foundation-Man In The Arena 1991

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diskgrinder main reason for nuclear apostasy
diskgrinder peepli live

chola maati ke ram (Peepli live)

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diskgrinder Happily homeward in my Ford Cortina, waiting to see the faces of the may clocks I have there


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Paul Conrad 'Kahuna'

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diskgrinder red hello! Hello! You are incandescent now. And I light my path by your burning lead

Michael NymanMozart

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diskgrinder hero hello on the less glass that cracks here, before the shadow gets in the paid for abyss (and accountants grin)
diskgrinder been away too long in Birmingham, where trees and monkeys aren't
diskgrinder hang a right at the Swindon magic troubador
diskgrinder hang a left at the Swindon magic roundabout
diskgrinder sugar of tiny fucks counting time in increments of valuable smash
diskgrinder @tiofyra swing your soul above your shreee hee heee hah, fuck, jucie now please
diskgrinder space mountain found to be made of rubies and spies
diskgrinder summer heart in slow road city. Looking up and seeing the old sky built up with burnt out neon and weathered caryatids (reblip)


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diskgrinder average user review in the median of the bell curve, doesn't meander from the standard deviation, 2.5 out of 5
diskgrinder same ground town vi@BellaLaVita (reblip)

MABLE JOHN-same time same place

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diskgrinder wearing my van allen belt for out in the night vi@Mr_Steve (reblip)
diskgrinder usual slack harmony of uninterested sideway cigarette smoker (reblip)


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diskgrinder farm out the megaliths to the oort cloud where cosmonauts harvest prions

Ben-Hurwhere to go

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diskgrinder that hollow in the deep head, smashed out with chips on the side saladin
diskgrinder charlie main, overtook europe from branch to dravidian
diskgrinder oh fuck, I've been looking for this for ever. Now I've found it it's so nice I play it twice. (reblip)
diskgrinder case of organisms delivered to your door (reblip)
Lunaladee Kate Price – Slavic Nights // Goodnight, Blipsters, thanks for sharing ☽
diskgrinder dead people found in skips seldom have insight vi@HaLaN (reblip)

WSickoSliding Flutes

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diskgrinder special reason for, in this grey wish season, hoping this breaks down
diskgrinder careful with that infinity there, it may explode
diskgrinder if your shadow somehow got bigger and taller and rose up behind you
HaLaN Freescha – The Sun Is Still
DesertLily Mande Griot music ~ Juru Nani ~ God be with you ~ Bassekou Kouyate plays the jeli n'goni, the four string spike lute @GR8FL
Matericia The Black Keys – The Only One
diskgrinder colours of my wild idea sunk estate
diskgrinder racing hellos on an edwardian wire
diskgrinder trawl through my playlist until you find this, the apotheosis of singular nice
diskgrinder aka aka aka kick in aka snare (reblip)

UilabSt. Elmo's Fire

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diskgrinder galactose expository satellites of burning orange around optimism spheres fired up into the van allen belt
diskgrinder I like this. You may not. That's not a reason to steal my biscuits

Morrissey and Siouxie "interlude" video

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diskgrinder smallest boy on iSequencer

Bay Song 3

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diskgrinder ident for radio free albonia

my super song

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CherryBlossom once in a blue moon something really good comes out of Ft. Worth, Texas
diskgrinder always special from @Pesest (reblip)

Hold Your Head Up-Argent-1972-(Long Version)

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GGDANCE @diskgrinder: "always special from @Pesest" (reblip)

Hold Your Head Up-Argent-1972-(Long Version)

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miss_roxie_ruffles @katterfelto: "@Eri_Z: "vi both, so excellent...@Naestopaz: "bottom rb@diskgrinder: "this, this is, this is this strum and dang that makes me trip and (reblip)
diskgrinder reminds me of a memory vi@DesertLily (reblip)

China Moses - Blue Gardenia (DesertLily)

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diskgrinder does this not break your heart halfway through? If not, you have heart made out of flint and banker's bonuses (reblip)
STEVENDOES rb@diskgrinder: "ending of days, remembering Uncle Ray's stories of electricians and Reddifusion rented TVs" (reblip)


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diskgrinder in this stuttering of vim and vigour is an underlying cello reasoning of avenues vi@DesertLily (reblip)
diskgrinder is here. Well, not here. Maybe there. Your millennium may vary
diskgrinder listen at this with your ears vi@amphore (reblip)

Callas Tebaldi Duet

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diskgrinder @comicmama: clear difference made, so now I split vision between blue and red to get proper 3D in real life (reblip)
diskgrinder @tiofyra another found out, it was spies who told me (reblip)
diskgrinder @presest bathysphere set to stun (reblip)

The Bird And The Bee-Again And Again

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diskgrinder hope this lands here (reblip)

The Mask and the Mirror

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diskgrinder time to say that's heaven in a cup, designed by some modernist architect, but with granite indecision vi@amphore (reblip)
diskgrinder my heart and heart is only, only here, now as this makes wells in here
diskgrinder concrete brutalist melody fucking with your sink estate litter

Ringo Starr: Only You (& You Alone)

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diskgrinder washing up liquid from the gut of mid-sixties modernist architecture. Swansong for a rectangular unicorn
diskgrinder bad help in head makes me pskotic and ubanle to spell
diskgrinder scraping vinegar off the whale vi@hajoni (reblip)


| play
diskgrinder comedy interlude, to leaven the ongoing horror of this deep, dark, fucked up and grimy world
diskgrinder so nice I say it twice. Also, fuck flash memory leak legacy trash (reblip)
diskgrinder pleasure hacienda just turned out to be a spent wank in Mancunia
diskgrinder introspection files in sloping wooden drawers full of cut up card

Manuel Göttsching: Echo Waves (1975 Inventions for Electric Guitar Kraut prog Berlin Drone)

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diskgrinder found more of this, liked it, therefore blipped it thx @koiheart
diskgrinder scrap the trident, eschew the volt, vote for lesser gods with lesser weapons. Oh Charlie Chaplin.
diskgrinder bootfall chants

Part 3 of Seven Last Words from the Cross by James MacMillan

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zamfir Fountains Of Wayne – Valley Winter Song
diskgrinder make a hole in my heart, make it wide and bleed viscera welling out, then heal it for someone else I love
diskgrinder again because it brooks twice in hold and heart @tiofyra (reblip)
koiheart Annbjørg Lien – Den Bortkomne Sauen inspired by my friend @leffi333
diskgrinder glazed and confused @innoutwindows


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diskgrinder read news now and become equal


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DesertLily Lovely tune & no problem :) rb@diskgrinder: "to DesertLily cheers ta for your props past." (reblip)
diskgrinder vi@Pesest: "!llmind - Our Victory" (reblip)

01 Our Victory

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diskgrinder vi@EFR56: "Susumu Yokota - Kodomotachi - "Sakura" - 2000" (reblip)
diskgrinder to martyrs (reblip)

Giana Factory--Dirty Snow (Trentemøller Remake)

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diskgrinder hard against the weeping wall vi@treakiepop: "From Demolished Thoughts" (reblip)
diskgrinder vi@treakiepop: "Nice tune //ello @diskgrinder :)" (reblip)

Ghost Pal - Bernadette

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diskgrinder another orthogonal vector in the linear space vi@jfgill (reblip)


| play
diskgrinder vi@orangekittypie another one knocked out of the dust, making plumes of variously disintegrated things (reblip)
diskgrinder @jennyleepenny: "proper hop vi@orangekittypie"; realise that last ended on a misapplied downer, so this is better able (reblip)
diskgrinder head in the clouds, where breathing in says contrails and jets
diskgrinder vi@Coffeenuts scraped vectors off the sink, that glides with class ticks (reblip)
diskgrinder vi@factoid: "@diskgrinder don't get me started. It sounds like this. (volume to 11 pls)" (reblip)
diskgrinder far in the hills of Rutland

Trailler : The Good,The Bad and The Ugly by Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain

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diskgrinder vi@julierthanyou: "sheets still warm & kitties swarming 'round our feet" (reblip)
diskgrinder vi@leffi333 summer in England hasn't got this lateral. It's just linear fucked off with the sun (reblip)
diskgrinder diesel version

CARLOS FUTURA Bach For Bachelors 1979 Christian Bruhn Synth

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diskgrinder my larded walks through the glen of concrete underpass
diskgrinder one from the edge of just about tenable
rachidkas TYSM!;))@MZDancer: "@r" (reblip)


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HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy Theme. A tribute to Douglas Adams

| play
diskgrinder that one

HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy Theme. A tribute to Douglas Adams

| play

Julie London- Perfidia

| play
diskgrinder @amphore you like this, I tell you so

wooden tops it will come

| play
diskgrinder now, is the winter of my drums and hums, with bitter gourd
diskgrinder in the exeter punk club

Penguin Cafe Orchestra- Music For A Found Harmonium

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plaguy hoezo @Kuif: "@plaguy had die Honda never nooit van de hand moeten doen!" (reblip)


| play
diskgrinder well up

Widor Toccata at Cathedral Basilica in Newark

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Panda Bear live at Lux, Lisbon, 13 February 2010, part 1

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diskgrinder vi@chow322: "@Dolittle: "ok one more, rb @krisp"" (reblip)

Ella Fitzgerald - Someone to Watch Over Me

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diskgrinder so nice I play it twice (reblip)

Foretaste .Black Fever (Berlin by Night)

| play

Foretaste .Black Fever (Berlin by Night)

| play
diskgrinder hello hero, say your loud say, say loud it say, break now
SabineWe Miles Davis – Stella By Starlight
Magus_Ogion @Eclecticist: "rb @WithOutMakeUp: "sometimes! :) TY4listening!@diskgrinder: "walking down the black and white via@WithOutMakeUp""" (reblip)

Only The Lonely-Roy Orbison-original song-1960

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Foretaste .Black Fever (Berlin by Night)

| play


| play
diskgrinder fair words well spent


| play
diskgrinder the usual space between my fingers, frames idiots
diskgrinder scale free network

Amos and Sara

| play

Führs & Fröhling: Sarabande

| play
diskgrinder squeezed through lines, only treble gets out vi@DrCocker: "Fool's Gold – Surprise Hotel" (reblip)
diskgrinder mister mountain sounds, with a car park
diskgrinder topness from @Ghugah: "Boa noite. Quase bom dia.@mariaduarte" (reblip)


| play
diskgrinder always with the top tunes played by popular beat combos, respect, as ever to @Totengrber (reblip)


| play
diskgrinder bitter streets, selling vinegar to paupers

fagre piker (Norwegian folk)

| play
diskgrinder so nice, i play it twice

Still AliveGLaDOS

| play
diskgrinder vi@santamistura another corner shop where I can by angles (reblip)

Excuses, The Morning Benders, cover on ukulele

| play
diskgrinder vertical clause vi@petronax (reblip)

JH Schmelzer-Sonata III in G minor

| play
diskgrinder more please Valgeir Sigurðsson

Youn Sun Nah - India Song

| play
diskgrinder fake felt, help the halo

Gudrun GutMove Me

| play
diskgrinder I'm CALM now

Shiv stuti

| play
diskgrinder cracker twit

fairly welter

| play
diskgrinder tapestry cunt makes fail for astrology twat, and homepath third
diskgrinder vi@orangekittypie: "Cut Copy - "Need You Now"" more moogular enhancement surgery (reblip)
diskgrinder hello, help, helicopter. Hello, heliocentric. Hello, here. Hello.
diskgrinder if there is a god, then he just levelled up now
diskgrinder ending of the coruscant rays

Camerata Académica Bach, Requiem by Fauré

| play
diskgrinder new topness (to me) vi@mojoworking: "Gabo Brown & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – It's a Vanity" (reblip)

Jan Garbarek & Ustad Fateh Ali Khan - Raga IV

| play
koiheart rb@prescottscott: "cello thoughts :)" I really love this! May have to order it sometime. Pulled the artist info off You Tube :) (reblip)

Grieg Intermezzo for Cello and Piano

| play
diskgrinder what was the traffic like? Mostly cars, vans and lorries.
diskgrinder hey ray put that ray back behind the sun where it belongs (you twat)
diskgrinder you like this, I tell you so, therefore you like this. I tell you so (reblip)
bytera  ︵⁄    \︵     ︵⁄     \︵       ︵⁄    \︵     ︵⁄     \︵      ︵⁄    \︵   ︵⁄     \︵     ︵⁄    \︵     ︵⁄     \︵     ︵⁄   \︵   ︵⁄ \︵ ︵⁄
diskgrinder throwing a piano down the stairs in an asylum, but with bakelite controls
diskgrinder i got one

ReBirth for iPad

| play
avivajazz Gurdjieff Music | Prayer and Despair | Thomas de Hartmann, piano


| play
avivajazz Frightened Rabbit | Good Arms vs Bad Arms | vi@zamfir: "@DJrainndietrichwilson: "Best album of last year? Easy. Frightened Rabbit." (reblip)
avivajazz Traditional Turkish baglama & violin | Cihat Askin & Erkan play 'Selanik Türküsü' on VIDEO: http://bit.ly/sWKR3 (reblip)
avivajazz Buckwheat Zydeco | Cajun Bayou // vi@bayouchild // I want the "shitload of crab" right now! Haven't eaten today! (reblip)
avivajazz Rockmasters | Raining Teardrops // Love these guys. Thanks! vi@poisonpeacock "mod/northern soul" (reblip)

Rockmasters - Raining Teardrops

| play
avivajazz Asleep at the Wheel | Faded Love (with Lyle Lovett & Shawn Colvin) Good night! Thanks for your fantastic blips tonight! Great! vi@santamistura (reblip)
avivajazz Toccata in A major for Piano // Thanks vi@steveking (reblip)
avivajazz Zizi Possi e Chico Buarque | João e Maria // vi@marycavalari vi@RootsWorld (reblip)

Zizi Possi e Chico Buarque - João e Maria

| play
avivajazz Son of Dave | Devil Take My Soul // Thanks vi@santamistura (reblip)
diskgrinder shopping in heaven's mall, looking for angel cakes, taking an elevator (they go sideways there, there's no up left)
avivajazz Ólafur Arnalds – Erla's Waltz
diskgrinder deep blue monday, submersible tune station


| play
avivajazz Susheela Raman & Cheb Mami – Nagumomo
avivajazz Nassima – Instrumental Prelude on the Ney (Reed Flute)
diskgrinder and now for the ska version

Los RabanesPerfidia

| play
diskgrinder always diesel engines cresting M5 exit over the bitterway, hereinafter I will catapult off that bridge
diskgrinder my head, full of wires and worms
diskgrinder absolute favourite of olden times dusty dusted off, back when the hero was in an hour of daylight
diskgrinder Ali Fucker Tourettes with Wry Coder
MercuryWest You can can find me at the bottom of the lake.
Harkaway I have to find out if this is the grant I think it is!
diskgrinder this one, spider sense (meblip)
dojodub rumour has it Irish TV license will be needed for PC with broadband - IPODs - etc will the gif89a be safe?
diskgrinder @warrenellis off the railway trackman, into the Rutland Angler in early 80s this always juke there (reblip)
diskgrinder across a sunset, where dogs piss on bushes and doves get shot by bb guns, London park (reblip)

Badfinger-Day After Day

| play
cheesy80s @inkwest remembers finding out about @Suzn1177. Everyday @onesanz mind is all around @Nesmee. Lookin out from @StonyTunes lonely room day after day...

Badfinger-Day After Day

| play
diskgrinder got as old as I have, and seen many hardening things, but still I have the crack in my soul that lets you in (reblip)
diskgrinder ow, that hurts, hurts me in the ventricles of my heart. Ow ow ow! Fuck off, stop doing that heart breaking thing
ameliorator "wanted to cry but you can't when you're laughin"
dionroy rb vi @patita - I've been searching............ (reblip)
diskgrinder entities have existence, that is a priori axiomatic (reblip)
diskgrinder goodnight sweet heart beating in the swell

sailing by

| play
diskgrinder this is sunday submersible, and hey! I just gained a cat (reblip)

Nickxaja diquil

| play
diskgrinder absolutely lovely. A whole hero's worth of strangled guitar (reblip)
avivajazz The Mars Volta // Things Behind the Sun (Nick Drake)
diskgrinder all that you give, comes back in waves of happy happenstance, karma becalmer
ucana422 @diskgrinder: "well this works on most levels, most of them looking at mountains" (reblip)
diskgrinder parental guidance: this is what I got fucked out my head listening to in the early 60s, son


| play
diskgrinder blue light sounds like this

Goldberg Variations 1-7

| play
diskgrinder urban and eastern (reblip)

Always Do

| play
diskgrinder right back there, when everything stood out limned in wine light, then orange got better, (reblip)

Malian Kora Musician Mamadou Diabate's Ensemble-I

| play
avivajazz Mamadou Diabaté | Malian Kora Player with Ensemble | 1

Malian Kora Musician Mamadou Diabate's Ensemble-I

| play
diskgrinder maybe that's the light broken, maybe that's the way we'll all see summer (reblip)


| play
avivajazz Mircan Kaya | Dunjaluje Golem Tı Si (Sevdalinka) | from KÜL (Ashes) // Mircan is a Turkish singer, earthquake engineer, and ethnomusicologist." (reblip)
avivajazz Mircan Kaya ~ Yare Gidem (Let Me Go to My Lover) ~ from the album KÜL (Ashes) // Female vocalist, ethnomusicologist, & civil engineer from Turkiye.

MircanTrack 5

| play
avivajazz Mircan Kaya ~ Tuþuri // For more about this female singer-songwriter from Turkiye, see: http://mircan.net


| play
avivajazz Iron and Wine // The Devil Never Sleeps
diskgrinder somebody put this on my table, I countersigned it, and therefore it was approved

the stranglers-skin deep

| play
diskgrinder cast off your chains, cast off your inhibited capitalist narrow view, nationalise your banks... oh wait, you done that

Hymn of the Soviet Union

| play
diskgrinder crystal night, nasty blast from futurist revisionist
diskgrinder old wood, in the levels of someone else's view (reblip)
pinakbethie sweet song guys! @chrisqrocks: "@katost: "The Shaky Hands – Summer's Life ... I have a blister on my thumb from gardening ... such a summer thing..."" (reblip)
avivajazz Eli Fara ~ Sonate ("Tango to Evora" by Loreena McKennett) // Eli Fara is a female vocalist from Albania.


| play
diskgrinder Terry has a problem with his amygdala, it's shaped like a walnut
diskgrinder bomber wasps, make a second run over the picnic area, one hero flies through
diskgrinder undersea message from the drowned ark


| play
diskgrinder a treatise on classical music by Professor S. Unwin
thebloggess I always listen to this at work too loud and the song right after it on the CD is all "MISSISSIPPI GODDAMN!" Nina Simone is trying to get me fired.
DJedbot5000 Engine sputters ghosts out of gasoline fumes...
diskgrinder happy days remembered in the bottom of a glass
ameliorator was looking for "What do we do with love" but this will have to do.
stonefly IMHO, best version of this medieval tune...(now i'm going out!)
thebloggess You are my sweetest downfall.
thebloggess My soundtrack for the day. You'll understand why later.
diskgrinder time has told me, that's enough
diskgrinder that'll do for me, right now, the reference is depointered
DJedbot5000 The weight is heavy, but necessary...You'll never change...my ball and chain.
diskgrinder well, of course, this one is going to find a heart string to twang
diskgrinder I remember this in Devon, out of evening punk valediction