dj_rhyme_noceros 'behind the hatred there lies a murderous desire for love...' Sincerely, The Bard of Manchester
dj_rhyme_noceros boosh-y...

Mint Royale 'Blue Song'

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dj_rhyme_noceros @tardisgrl: "I just know that something good is gonna happen" -- cloudbusting all summer, i hope :) (reblip)
dj_rhyme_noceros ode to my favourite Executive Transvestite!

SuedeFilmstar [1997]

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dj_rhyme_noceros @h2theeidi @DJLackey: Like! thx to you both for the rb (and people get my name wrong all the time ;P (reblip)

10 - I'm Slowly Turning Into You

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dj_rhyme_noceros @h2theeidi: i'm always in a white stripes mood! :) hope you're having a good eve... (reblip)

The Strokes--Heart In A Cage

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dj_rhyme_noceros @krisp: love this, esp. when it has jack white :) (reblip)

prodigy vs white stripes (mash-up video)

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dj_rhyme_noceros Inserting 'k' from previous 'Monkeys' here...
dj_rhyme_noceros From 'Spaced' one of the most awesome shows to come out of the UK!

SpacedA-Team remix

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dj_rhyme_noceros @Will_the_bloke: ruffians, reclining on an analyst's couch quite soon ;)
dj_rhyme_noceros don't know why i don't have this already...
dj_rhyme_noceros @storylet: "another" Like this -- thx for the rb! (reblip)


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dj_rhyme_noceros mmmmm... Noel...

Midfield General featuring Noel Fielding "Midfielding"

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dj_rhyme_noceros want the puppet video back :(


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dj_rhyme_noceros car commercial polka step-step
dj_rhyme_noceros i didn't have any brothers...

Lily AllenAlfie.

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dj_rhyme_noceros i'm sorry it's like this...


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dj_rhyme_noceros the first song i ever blipped, re-blipped because of 'unavailability'. unthinkable...
dj_rhyme_noceros Led Zepplin-esque

The White Stripes Black Math

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dj_rhyme_noceros have ya got a little shine for me?

The White Stripes Rag and Bone

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dj_rhyme_noceros "Goth Juice hairspray... made from the tears of Robert Smith"

The CureClose to Me

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dj_rhyme_noceros cool vid

lemonjelly nice weather for ducks

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dj_rhyme_noceros i know someone who does that for a living
dj_rhyme_noceros please continue to be available... the disappearing tune...
dj_rhyme_noceros original! i don't want to see or hear your cover version, okay?!
dj_rhyme_noceros it's not, but i can't be controlled
dj_rhyme_noceros 'Can I buy any of you *folks* a drink?'
dj_rhyme_noceros Kasabian and Noel Fielding's ode to 'Manos, The Hands of Fate'
dj_rhyme_noceros starts off with a dang-a-nang, then gets groovy


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dj_rhyme_noceros i swear one day i'm gonna leave this town...
dj_rhyme_noceros violins on caffeine

Moby-Bittersweet Symphony [Remix]

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dj_rhyme_noceros intro to a great album

The XXIntro

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dj_rhyme_noceros going to purchase the 'Hanna' soundtrack this weekend, i believe
dj_rhyme_noceros you and me, Jack White... you and me
dj_rhyme_noceros it is useless to resist it

CakeComfort Eagle

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dj_rhyme_noceros can't you hear me calling your name?

The White Stripes Red Rain

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dj_rhyme_noceros with the weight of a feather, it tore into me

The White Stripes Forever for Her (Is Over for Me)

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dj_rhyme_noceros this song is multi-layered with guitar hooks and just kicks ass!
dj_rhyme_noceros no Noel to gaze upon, but still good w/out the vid

Mint RoyaleBlue Song

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dj_rhyme_noceros i've been waiting for the silence all night long...
dj_rhyme_noceros a jumped-up pantry boy who never knew his place
dj_rhyme_noceros great tune from a great album

TPOH-Love Junk-Consciousness Raising As a Social Tool-2:32

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dj_rhyme_noceros tonight, it's heavy stuff


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dj_rhyme_noceros Mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head...

Lights On "We Live Underground"

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