djbistolas one day we will be Free............................................................................................................................... (reblip)
djbistolas Πάντως ΣτΑ Παιδιά ΜοΥ αρέΣει Να παίΖοΥν με ΑυΤά@Jazmine50 @misssoul_groove Si La Tierra Tiembra..BoMba Economia

Kansas- Miracles Out Of Nowhere (Live 1978)

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Carmilla waves @xTRiPPx: "Siouxsie and the banshees ☢ Cities in dust" BBL. (reblip)
backtoback Graham Nash's Bday....happy to you
djbistolas @die_Kalte :"So mUcH NiCoTina' LeTs lIgHt A CiGaRrEtTe!


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djbistolas real magIc BLiP Rb &tY @keithold: "A magic Blip out to @...... (reblip)

HeartMagic Man

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djbistolas AnD FrOm Me! Rb @BettieEyes: "The Psychedelic Furs – Goodbye ... @ll" (reblip)
djbistolas ToThe HaPpY HoMe wiTh tReEs anD FlOwerS....Rb @Carmilla (reblip)

They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haa

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ladypn Thank you rb@MaturePassion!: "Stevie Wonder – Living For The City especially for @ladypn" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel Psycho Junior ==== "I Want You Evil Again!" (reblip)
bloondie666 > @Skull_300: "rb@vampyrekittie: "Ty@Sylak: "‡‡Blue Öyster Cult - "Veteran of the Psychic Wars"‡‡""" (reblip)

Blue Oyster Cult: Veteran of the Psychic Wars

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djbistolas rB:))) @outoforder: "Mano Negra - Mala Vida" (reblip)

Mano Negra - Mala Vida

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djbistolas rB:))@dj_lmb: "Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze" (reblip)
djbistolas FrOm mE Too Rb:)) @backtoback: "thanks djs...if I don't get back have a great Saturday" (reblip)
djbistolas BoWiES TwIn bRoThEr iN vOiCe...Rb:))@HupWij: "Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You" (reblip)
djbistolas iS ThIs tHe rAl lIfE Or iTs jUsT FaNtAsy?

La Résille (Nouvelle Vague "Human Fly")

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djbistolas inSpIrEd by:))@derkrauss: "// Vierzehn – Stein um Stein (Another brick in the wall German) // wir sind nicht für euch geboren! @mirrormirror @mz_rocko (reblip)
djbistolas ΑλΛο εΝα εΛλΗνΙκΟ .Καλό;:)) @Jazmine50@alexiasmusic@mariatriantaf
djbistolas :)Rb@Jazmine50: "@djbistolas Detektivbyrån,πολύ καλή μπάντα..Monica,το Avatar πολύ καλύτερο απ'το δεύτερο άλμπουμ" (reblip)

Cocorosie Trinity's Crying

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organicsue 10cc - Waterfall 1973

10cc Waterfall 1973

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djbistolas Rb:))@EvilBlackAngel: "Hey dear! rb @Cheri_S: "Love this @RACERJJJ: "RB @EvilBlackAngel Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company""" (reblip)
feranto Rory Gallagher – Tatoo´d Lady inspired@djbistolas
djbistolas i LiKe tO MoVe iT via @organicsue: "TY hugs @Dillin_Chillin: "Gypsy #swing Touski – Nutritioneast ... #soundcloud"" (reblip)
vampyrekittie legalize it ,its the best thing u can do

peter tosh -Legalize It

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EvilBlackAngel hey! rb @lalke: "@IRiDEscent_ERiS: "@EvilBlackAngel: @LacedRadio: "Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams [Official-Original-HQ-Vid]""""" (reblip)
alemanuel rb@GR8FL: "course it's always easy for the pot to be calling the kettle black (or whatever color it is)" (reblip)
d_rod @mellomatic: "thanks! =) rb @stedo85: "Broken Bells - The High Road"" (reblip)
CaryAtid The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever

The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever

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Mike Bloomfield Al Kooper & Steven Stills Season Of The Witch

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djbistolas kafka`s music (you know if you listen to greek stations like "ΕΝ ΛΕΥΚΩ" 87,7 fm)
LynnSunshine MyBestFriends@alexparr: "UR always welcome! #BFF HUGS! @LynnSunshine: "WhatAboutMe???MyDearestFriends?@c3p0: @alexparr: " @gpharley: "Wahahaha!@c3p0" (reblip)
DirtyUrine Ozzy Osbourne – You Can't Kill Rock and Roll !! \m/ #RIPRandyRhoads (reblip)
Carmilla :D so true @Dawnrazor: "Dogs have owners...cats have staff Danielle Dax – Cathouse" (reblip)
djbistolas wIth respsct to @EvilBlackAngel rb : @hippiechick: "Grace Slick – El Diablo" (reblip)
Carmilla Weeeeeeeeeeee! *feels dizzy* @PenelopeVintage: "Have a dance with me @Carmilla you sparkling beauty! >:D" (reblip)
djbistolas ReSpEcT1 Rb @zeldaslaughter: "@Lunaladee: "boy I love this band & esp. this song! Welcome @hippiechick @diamondgal @n4t, thanx for the add"" (reblip)
djbistolas ReSpEcT2 Rb @zeldaslaughter: "@77ozzie: "...why are you sleeping...? wake up...why are you could be alone..""" (reblip)
EvilBlackAngel Not the true?? @IRiDEscent_ERiS: "Wow.. rb@EvilBlackAngel: "♀ See my Hate - For you have earned with great calculation. ♀"" (reblip)
djbistolas gOoD! Rb @Gr8tune: "TY & good w/e to you@BettieEyes: "The Cure – Faith"" (reblip)

The CureFaith

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avivajazz Ian Carr's Nucleus | Title Track | Roots (1973) | Thanks for props/replies! @CamelWalk @grapevine @thedigitalbee54 @djbistolas @IRadio3

Ian Carr's Nucleus(Roots)

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djbistolas ThAnKs rB@ladypn: "Such an inspirational track from the film! Thank you rb@iTranscendence: "BUMAYE ALI "" (reblip)
Hypatia @djbistolas (για να κάνω σφήνα και στο δικό σου πρόγραμμα ;))

lost bodies solines

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avivajazz Finally, @SabineWe, I certainly would check my facts before launching public accusations. Plus, you have my email. Your mistakes are hurtful. (reblip)
Hypatia μετά την υπερπαραγωγή -ομολογώ δυσκολεύτηκα @djbistolas
xTRiPPx not available @die_Kalte but thx

TheStart Fix Live Boardwalk Orangeville CA July 25th 2008

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djbistolas BlUe tRaInS AnD BlUe BuSSeS.....@avivajazz
djbistolas YeS! rb @avivajazz: "@avivajazz: "Charles Mingus | Ysabel's Table Dance | | TY☀RB➤ @thedigitalbee54: "@comballey: "Ysabel made a habit out of this"""" (reblip)
djbistolas ~Visage – Fade To Grey~ I lOVe tHiS ThEmE........
djbistolas ThIs gOeS To aLL BlIppErs AnD SpEcIaLLy To @backtoback ~


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djbistolas WeLl i lIkE ThIs VerSiOn VeRy muCh aLso @JacoLovesMusic........ AnD to @miss_soul@Jazmine50
clasblues the original!.the story goes that Billy gifted it to Jimi.
JacoLovesMusic Thnx rb@AtheDJ: "David Bowie – Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" (reblip)
djbistolas ThIs gOeS To @SpinninSara And AlLtHe bLiPpErs......"So seXy FoR A WoMaN To pLaY ThE GuitAr LiKe tHat "
djbistolas daMnEd! Rb aNd a fUcKiNg aDd tO My pLaYlIst bE SuRe! "By@torino (reblip)

Gorillaz-im happy

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djbistolas ΕλΑ Ρε @Jazmine50 το πολύ Ριμπλίπ ΔεΝ ΈβΛαΨε πΟτέ κανέναν...(γαμ¨ω τΑ ΚοΜμ¨αΤιΑ) ΧΊκ! (reblip)
djbistolas ΚαΛΆ Ε! ΠοΥ Να σΕ ΒρΩ!(αΓνΩσΤος) ΣτΟυς ΑγΑνΑκΤιΣμΈνΟυς Μ`εΝα γΑτΟ ΑγκΑλΙΆ μΗΠως; @Araps: "You're Here For A Light ... Kahimi Karie" (reblip)

kahimi karie you're here for a light

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djbistolas ΕνΑ ΤεΛεΥτΑιΟ ΓιΑ Το χΕιΜωΝα πΟυ έΦυΓε...(κιΟλΛας) @Jazmine50
djbistolas By @Araps: "All The Fools Sailed Away ... Dio" ByiE! (reblip)
djbistolas bY @lacarita: "Joy Division ~~ I Remember Nothing" bEeN HeAlThY sInCe..................... (reblip)
djbistolas αν Δεν εχω ΠαρεΑ Θα σας Πω Τις Μισες @Jazmine50: "@djbistolas πες μας εντυπώσεις για ότι δεις:P" (reblip)

Run OnSinnerman

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djbistolas By @kallas78 :καλωσόριΣες θα σου ΑφιεΡΏνΩ ΑφΟύ είδα και Τι παίζεις (δεν Είναι ΒέβαιΑ ΑνάγκΗ Και Να Τα Ακούς (reblip)
djbistolas WeLl.. i LoVe fRom LaTiN...... And FrOm ThIs mAn @carlnat AnD To @backtoback And @avivajazz AnD @Jazmine50 AnD @Hypatia

SATORI: Part 2(Flower Travellin` Band 1971)

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djbistolas Τώρα Όμως Θα τΟυ βάΛω φωΤιά..Α!@Jazmine50 @misssoul_groove
fxp123 Flo-Rida - Right Round
djbistolas DaMnEd! AlL Your BlIpS ArE UnAvAiLablE1 (F!k UnAvAiLaBiLiTy!)@puppet
djbistolas @KatJgroove lovE ThEm-------------------------------

GenesisMusical Box

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LionaB The Cure – Love will tear us apart
dANGELofLOVE ♥♥◘◘♥♥ Always Somewhere ◘◘ Holiday ♥♥◘◘♥♥ #Scorpions ◘♥◘ #Live ◘♥◘ (reblip)
Unaturalsoul ...Likewise Music Lover....@Gr8tune: "Hope you have a terrific day! :)) Tyvm@Unaturalsoul: ".....@iReignMusic: "relax....""" (reblip)
LionaB Joy Division -Love Will Tear Us Apart (reblip)
djbistolas καλά ας ΦύγουΜε απαυτά...@Jazmine50

Marlena Shaw Woman of the ghetto

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djbistolas By @xachatur: "A song for DSK" GeNuInE LoVe iS ThE DrUg. (reblip)
djbistolas Και ΦυΣιΚΆ Το ξΑναπΑΊζω....@Jazmine50 (reblip)
backtoback thank ya kindly spudinski (made you part Polish hope you don't mind) RB @SunnyIrishman: "You are blipin lovely today Bees backtoback: "."" (reblip)
djbistolas AnD Rb!@GeorgeSand: ":) Thanks! rb@girleddy: "for @GeorgeSand....I screamed for the devil to let me be...I called to the heavens to set me free..."" (reblip)
PANGAEASPEOPLE rbDalli: "@DarkLady: "rb @Alfea: "→ rb@zeldaslaughter: "The Cure – Baby Screams"""" (reblip)
djbistolas "δουλεύειΣ Στο ΡαΔιΟφΩνΟ;"@misssoul_groove: ""προχωρούσα στην επιφάνεια της ζωής, στον κόσμο των λέξεων κατά κάποιο τρόπο, ποτέ στην πραγματικότητα"" (reblip)
djbistolas Στη ΜΈσΗ ΤοΥ ΚαΛοΚαΙριοΎ ΣκέφΤοΜαΙ Το ΦθΙνόΠωρο...@misssoul_groove


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djbistolas ΑΝτΕ @Jazmine50 @kookman@anakix@profiterol_@Hypatia (ΌχΙ δεΝ ΕΊμΑι σΥνΑδΕλφος/σα ΔυΣτΥχώς)!!
djbistolas By @MyAngels PlayliSt : "Kate Bush – Sat in Your Lap"" (reblip)
djbistolas aS A RePly To @anakix ES TeRrIbLe aNgElS- CocoRoSiE.. BeCaUsE ItS So sOfT ..FroM A MaN 75 YeArS OlD..FeRReR.
djbistolas I WiLl reBlIp iT NoW ThAt iM HeArInG It! "VeRy gOoD ShOuLd bE A SoUnDtRaCk Rb:)@progman" (reblip)
djbistolas Tι Μου θυΜιΣες:@aZiMuTh: ""Υπόγειο" / Χάρης & Πάνος Κατσιμίχας: ερμηνεία / Γιάννης Σπάθας & Νίκος Αντύπας: ενορχήστρωση & εκτέλεση στίχοι: Ρίτα Παππά (reblip)
djbistolas itS ApIeCe oF CaKe tO GiVe yOu pRoPs! rb:) @kirkill: "Jethro Tull – Piece of Cake" (reblip)
djbistolas CoMe oN !iV HeArd YOu sInCe a LoT..LiStEn tO My sElEcTiOns! ( HoPe yOuLl NoT Be dIssApPoInTeD!) @keithold
djbistolas by @aki: "σας ευχαριστούμε! rb@koinian: "κι αυτό."" (reblip)
djbistolas I lOVe tO PlAy dRuMs witH ΜυΓοΣκΟτΩσΤρΕς...@Jazmine50@kookman@profiterol_@anakix

Sigmatropic (feat. Carla Torgerson of The Walkabouts) 1

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djbistolas im gLad ThE Y LiKe iT! Rb:)@mariatriantaf: "i'm glad you like it, it's a lullaby...@kobiswim: "very nice #greek song TYVM :) RB@mariatriantaf"" (reblip)
djbistolas AnD Rb:) @xtranguy: "this is nice 4a friday! rb@zoja01: "rb@SportyC:" (reblip)
djbistolas By @Carmilla: "Tanz mit mir" :Miss TrUe sEnSaTiOnAl RoMaNtIc sEx.. (reblip)

MIKRO-Peristrefomena kefalia

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djbistolas DaMn! GoOd! (nOt fOr tHe sEx bU t FoR ThE MEeNiNgs!)bY ty @aagochan: "TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES" (reblip)


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Nicoletta3 Look into his eyes and you shall see...Why everything is quiet and nothing's free...
kix_ ti agapi k auti ;) @kookman: "@profiterol" (reblip)

The Raveonettes "Love in a Trashcan" Acoustic

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djbistolas @Jazmine50 AnD WhO BoUgHt iT? Im jUsT WoNdErInG...

Ed Kuepper, the man who sold the world (audio)

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djbistolas wheN GoOd eNsTiCs cOmPiNe dIaMoNdS Of tHe pAsT WiTh NeWbOrN mUsIc WaVeS..I ThInk.
faithlesshaze rb@die_Kalte: "rb@Alvaroxx: "Joy Division – I Remember Nothing..."" *points to scars* Remember now? (reblip)
djbistolas By @Hupwij: "Good Old Fahioned Lover Boy - Queen" (reblip)

Good Old Fahioned Lover Boy -Queen

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djbistolas καΙ δΕν σΟυ λέω Πιά ΚομάτιΑ σΟυ Δέν ΜαΡεΣουν........... @Jazmine50 (reblip)
djbistolas οι ψυΧοΛοΓοΙ ΠαΝτΑ ΕπαΙρΝαΝ Τη δΟυΛεΙα@miss_soul: "ποιος το περίμενε ότι θα το ζούσαμε κι αυτό. οι ψυχολόγοι να παίρνουν τη δουλειά των διατροφολόγων" (reblip)
djbistolas Rb@vampyrekittie: ":=)@threecs: "old school rb...ty@DJBadBilly: """@threecs: "good morning and rb!@DJBadBilly"""""" (reblip)
AlienThomas the vision fades, a voice I hear
vampyrekittie listened to this earlier in my car Rb thnx 4 add@bahern7: ""Follow me, don't follow me..."" (reblip)

Orange CrushREM

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Dalli @S4W2E0D: ":) so sexy how this song begins" (reblip)

HeartMagic Man

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djbistolas ΑπΌ @miss_soul: "η μετεξέλιξη του αττίκ λέγεται gramatik. better" (reblip)
djbistolas Ty & Rb:) @DjHalkon: "Now we are gonna hear a different tune with ratatat" (reblip)

RatatatLoud Pipes

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Araps @vikingbutcher: "@djbistolas: "ΤοΝ ΓνΏρΙσΑ ότΑν εΊχΕ ΠεΘΆνΕι... ΚαΙ ΤΌτΕ ΞεκϊΝηΣα μίΑ ΣχΈση μΑζϊ τΟυ."" (reblip)
djbistolas aNd tHiS Is a DrInKiNg rEbLiP!@MisterRoland: "From Matt Elliot's 2005 album, Drinking Songs." (reblip)
djbistolas YeS! ThAtS ThE KiNd Of..........@koiheart: "Emiliana Torrini – Me And Armini Inspired by @djbistolas" (reblip)
djbistolas DaMnEd! CouldNt LeAvE WiThOUT HeArInG WhOle Of tHiS..IlL LiGhT A CiGaReTtE.By @botanyofdesire: "old school chemical bros. (reblip)
LoveForX Good evening,) @cpcdiniz: "rb @LoveForX - Pink Floyd - Money" (reblip)
djbistolas "Παιδιά Να Σας ΣυΣτΉσω ΚαΙ ένανκΑινουΡιοΤον@pes_pswlh"
djbistolas "COOL BeAt (bE CaReFull..MiNd ThE GaP EtC.)"

The Herbaliser Stranded on Earth Feat Jessica Darling

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djbistolas Rb By@JoanieBeachMusic: "Time for me to go.....Peace love and joy for your Tuesday and always......♥♥♥❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ ♥♥♥ ✘♥✘♥✘♥✘♥✘♥✘♥✘♥✘♥✘♥✘♥✘♥✘♥✘♥✘♥ (reblip)
djbistolas "yOuR VeRsIoN Is BeTtEr!@JacoLovesMusic: "Neurotic chicken or fish ⊙.☉ where is the funnyfarm :))"i see ThEm!" (reblip)

They are coming to take me away-Neuroticfish

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djbistolas "Ou`iLaRaGerb@MZDancer: "@bytera: "Hɑƿƿƴ◦Ɲew◦ƴeɑɼ, dear Eleni. Warmest hugs!@eleniap: "In my opinion this is the most significant FrenchsongFoR20years (reblip)

Keny ArkanaLa Rage

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djbistolas By @eleniap & @thanthan: "Περαστικός κι αμίλητος κι απ' τη ζωή φευγάτος ή ο Θεός θα 'ν' άδικος ή θα ν' ο κόσμος σκάρτος." (reblip)
djbistolas "JuSt FoR ThIs Ill Add YoU! Rb!" @DJ_EstherSterre: "Hot Butter – Popcorn" (reblip)
ayogafriend from album (links above and below)...Azam Ali
backtoback prop thanks and a bug free week for you D RB @Diplopito: "Chano Dominguez & Gerardo Núñez ~ Un amor real | Wish you a super week dear DJs :-)" (reblip)
Jazmine50 @djbistolas τη λάτρεψα αυτή τη διασκευή,σ'αρέσει?

Ghost-Here comes the sun

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Ninapapaya "Hit me" by Molotov / Addio! Bye! ¡Hasta mañana, amigos! ¡Gracias por estar ahí! / Bom fim de semana @albertovianna! ;)

Molotov || Hit Me || Video Original : HQ : 2003

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djbistolas "NicE By' @NewOrleansKat: "THE YOUNGBLOODS – Darkness, Darkness" (reblip)
djbistolas Rb! BeLoVeD GrOuP! By@paulab42: "Madness – Night Boat To Cairo" (reblip)
djbistolas "Άντε ΚαΙ Σε ΣΈνΑ ΡΈ (σόΡρυ ΓιΑ Το ΡΈ) @MZDancer" (reblip)
djbistolas rb!@imagine70: "Queen~We Will Rock You and We Are The Champion" (reblip)
djbistolas "μαλαγκένΙα..beloved AcToR!"

Javier Bardem...

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djbistolas "σούπερ!" Rb! @Bertl: "Kate Bush – Breathing - Official Music Video" (reblip)
djbistolas Rb!(lOvE) @Carmilla: "Hello! @Alfea: "Ciao Joan, felice inizio di settimana! → rb@JoanieBeachMusic: "The Cult – Love......☮♥❀◕ ‿ ◕❀♥☮""" (reblip)

The CultLove

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djbistolas rB!!!1@eraser: "╪ ╪ ╪ ╪Zobi La Mouche ╪╪╪╪╪╪ ╪ ╪ ╪ ╪ Les Negresses Vertes ╪ ╪ ╪ ╪ ╪" (reblip)
LisaWorld @andiwonder: "gorillas in bowler hats playing musical could you not like this vid?" (reblip)
anna_jo Ισως να ειναι και για σενα και ας μη το γνωριζεις ακομα
djbistolas gOoD NiGhT BlIpPeRs.

WilcoArt of Almos

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djbistolas "AnD ThIs..@misssoul_groove How WoUlD You cHaRacTerIze(ελΛηΝΆρΑ ΜοΥ Εσύ) it?"
djbistolas DoNt kNoW FoR ThE EyEs But Im sOuRe FoR The WhItE CoAtS! @AtheDJ

Napoleon XIV: 'They're coming to take me away'

| play
djbistolas WhAt?

War/No More Trouble | Playing for Change | Song Around The World

| play
djbistolas "πΡΈπΕι Να ¨εΧεΙ αΝτΙγράΨεΙ ΚαΙ ΑπΌ vangeli αλλά μοΥ τΌ ΚαΨΕ "@Jazmine50


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Jazmine50 @djbistolas kala m exeis katalavei:)

Portishead-Sour Times

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djbistolas "ΖιΤα ΚαΙ Τα ρΕσΤα κΑι ΔεΝ εΊμΑι ΚαΙ ζηΤάς"@nikisot
djbistolas By @pHoToPhinish:" I mIssEd It!" AnD To @Jazmine50 (reblip)
djbistolas "αΠ Τα ΑγΑπημένα Μου Scares Me TosHiT wHen I Hear It....
djbistolas "πές Μου ¨οτι Τό ΧΕις ΞανακούσΕι. Αυτό θέλω" @Jazmine50
Fangbaby take it easy breezy! thank you... reblippping@pratinsky: "tomorrowz all" (reblip)


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djbistolas " its 2:24 late midnight and i hear this" @progman@matoart(rose)
djbistolas " Ναί ...καλοκαΊρι..." @pes_pswlh: "γεια σου καλοκαίρι 2012, μόλις απέκτησες OST (fyi @djbist)" (reblip)
djbistolas "ΑυΤό ΕιδΙκΆ ΓιΑ @Jazmine50 Και @eleeinos που σας Αρέσουν Τέτοια "
djbistolas " LaLalAlALalALaaLalaA "

New WarRevealer

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organicsue Foreigner-I Want To Know What Love Is

Foreigner-I Want To Know What Love Is

| play
mark_till I'm Good, I'm Gone - Lykke li
MZDancer hi Cretan child, ty@fxp123: "Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven HD 1080p" (reblip)
GGDANCE @DJ_Hellsballs: "@Versh: "➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪ ➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩ ➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪ ➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩➪➩ (reblip)

Hot ChipFlutes

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Orthodox Chant of Psalm 102 (103) Mt Athos, Byzantine style.

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djbistolas "RbiinG!" @sparask: "Mesmerising....." (reblip)

Sagopa Kajmer & Kolera Merhametine Dön Video Klip Full Kalite izle

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djbistolas " Δίκοπες Και τρίκοπες εκλογές... για Το τέλος του δικοΜματισμού... Αρκούν; " @MZDancer@SakisK@Hypatia@i_lithium_@anakix_@eValium@i0annaA@eleeinos
djbistolas "pAm!pAtAmTamTamTam!"@Ineluctable: "Forgot to thank @juanitamoose too. Working my way up to cheesesteak. I love your town @Matericia" (reblip)

ANGRY BIRDS theme!!! covered by Pomplamoose

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SabineWe Didn't know your name before :) ♫ @Greenfields47: "My name is trouble ♫" (reblip)
djbistolas "me too Rb!" @Pantagruella: "For new listener @euanmitchell I need all the new listeners I can get. I live in moral turpitude." (reblip)


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merAGlitsa και δω τραγουδαει......η μαλλον τα....δινει ολα!!!!

ΕΛΑ ΠΙΟ ΚΟΝΤΑ _ Θ.Ανδρεάδης & Αϊνα Μάουρερ

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djbistolas " για πάρτη μας "

Θέμης Ανδρεάδης '' αυτό που θέλω ''

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JacoLovesMusic I don't follow news anymore i hate politics//money//hate//are we dead yet? I do music. I love people xo @djbistolas: "@JacoLovesMusic @loetitia
djbistolas RB :@ExtremoOriente: "»» to my favorite listeneres : The piece is called "SWALLOW"" (reblip)


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djbistolas " Δυό αγέρια με χτυπήσανε.Και κλαίω με τη φωνάρα." @merAGlitsa

Cecilia Bartoli Agitata da due venti Vivaldi

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djbistolas rb@MZDancer: "γεννήθηκα & μεγάλωσα σε πολυπολιτισμική πόλη (Κομοτηνή) & οι ρίζες μου (προγονοι) είναι στην Ανατολή!" (reblip)
djbistolas "ένα βαρύ για τη φίλη μας τη @MarMir.."
djbistolas Buffalo – Hotel Ladies .1977 (reblip)
djbistolas "Ν`απαγγείλουμε και κανα ποίημα,να το πάμε πιό καλλιτεχνικά; ΠερΊμΕνε θα μου πείς."@MZDancer@NtinaKo@altanifouk@orestaras@Cristina@eleeinos@marmar84
djbistolas " Η μεγαλύτερη Παύση Σε τραγούδι, τώρα Για το βίντεο... too much violence" @Jazmine50
Iskaldur βιαστικά και αβάσιμα..
IRockerman 10cc ~ I'm Not In Love ~ The Very Best of 10cc♩ #rock


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djbistolas "WiSh sucH SoNgS wOuLd EvEr bE SenT To ESC.GreAt Voice Of Νίκος Ξυλουρης."@Jaana

ΜΗΤΕΡΑ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΨΥΧΗ στον πόνο και στη δόξα.

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djbistolas 'ΠεΡΊ ΟρΈξΕως..μΑκΑρΟνΆδΑ" @MZDancer


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djbistolas "rb! So MeMoRaBilIing!"@maryness: "ty!rb@Stardog_Champion: "Steppenwolf - The Pusher"" (reblip)
djbistolas "Something From greece Dedicated To ThE Age Of 30 @Substitute And To @MZDancer (what about this mz?)
djbistolas Rb bY @Bizius: "Sorry, the fucking connection is playing with me !!!!!!!!!" And To @JacoLovesMusic AnD @pes_pswlh (reblip)
kclougherty still miss her - rb @TheJan: "@Towanga: "RB @JessieDows: "last blip :) later xoxoxooxoxo""" (reblip)
djbistolas "κι Αν σοΥ πώ Πως ΑυΤΌς ΕΊνΑι Ο κΥριΑζής.. (Ναι ..Αυτός Με Το ΠουλΌβΕρ αλλΆ ΚαΙ με Το Βράδυ ΣαββΆτΟυ)"@MZDancer


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djbistolas "pushinG YoUnG GreeK GroUpS.."@Jaana@Hypatia@@i_lithium_@anakix_@Jazmine50@misssoul_groove (ή Τ`αγΑπάς Ή Το Μισείς)
djbistolas " ΚαλΉ ΑνάΣτΑση AnD AgAiN :))! "" GenUiNe RebLiP By @pathrus ": "blue soul dark road"" (reblip)


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MZDancer "....έτσι σκηνοθετούν το σήμερα άκριτοι κοσμοκράτορες...." αλλά εμείς συνεχίζουμε να το παλεύουμε! @djbistolas

Active Member-Τι άλλο φοβάσαι

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Cake- Frank Sinatra

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djbistolas " To @Fuita__ τσ οποιας Η μουσικΉ μαρές"

Manchester Orchestra "Top Notch" (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

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MZDancer από την εποχή μου! μου το θύμισε ο Γιώργος @djbistolas και δεν ξέρω πότε θα πάω για ύπνο :))

Ψ-Δεν έχει νόημα (μουσική FLeCK,συμμετέχει ο Τ.Λάθος)

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djbistolas rb@Lunaladee: "lol, nah, thou art goddess! ;) @ellendiane: "remember I am lowly princesseendiane from CT:) have a great day xx rb@Lu: "oh goddess ; ) (reblip)
eloy13 thx for the rb @new_clear_MUSIC: "RB @Linguistics: "rb, not heard this for ages :) @eloy13 ..."Separate way".by.JOURNEY"" (reblip)

separate way by journey

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