dooode I'm afraid of dogs, why anyone would mess with bears is beyond me
dooode Great piano based Gabriel tune
Aluciel Hello Saferide + Billie the Vision? Singing about watching TV? "You'd rather watch reruns than deal with the bad spin-off called life." LOVE! <3
dooode {} < those are curly braces, but it's up for debate
dooode <^> < that's east south and west from where I am sitting
dante Top 10 Singles, #7: Float On, Modest Mouse. Difficult NOT to bob your head...
cdub stevie's so cool he should really be like four people - all of whom would be really cool
tonydarue Let's Dance To Joy Division – The Wombats.
Apple_chic i might have just fallen in love on youtube!
Nata @adbert thank you :> Hope yours is going well too :)
dooode almost anyone will tell you this is one of the greatest albums ever. still not so sure
freshfrench @crosby : can I confess that this song is one of the most thrilling to me ?
dooode well, I am working on another degree
dooode I actually met someone my age who didn't know who this was
ElvisFontenot I've played at Mulates in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, with the drummer and bass player from this band. I scared them with how bad I was.
sotDJ Had this song on repeat all week long.
ashlarr @leotard damn you.....I can't get this song out of my head now :) (reblip)
ladypn @Bikermom69 You HAVE taught that son well! How sweet that he'd pick this for the first dance at his wedding! ;) (reblip)

James, EttaAt Last

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ashlarr I like attempting to belt this one out from time to time. :)


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Ah_Clem Richard Thompson – Persuasion a good nightcap
ParkerBlack Dirty, dirty stuff. Lovin' it.
MaggyTheBrave I am *obsessed* with this song. I usually have too much attention deficit but, going on 48 hours now. Morning, @TuraSatana! *hugs!* (reblip)
BlacknTan rb@loricpearman...nice find..immediate playlist material!! (reblip)
Slyla Need some daily Passion Pit
jccunningham NB @SNIZWHIZ ... who is this?? good stuff... (reblip)

Honey Is CoolBolero

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dooode what I am supposed to be reading: Eye tracking is an attractive technique for studying web
MsBojangles felt it in my fist, in my feet, in the hollows of my eyelids, shaking through my skull, through my spine and down through my ribs
dean Little Dragon, top band, their new album is very good also
dooode Donnie Darko did a lot for this song

Gary JulesMad World

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ladypn @Clark_Griswold I can't help but notice - & tease you - that there's only ONE blipper who's name came through on this blip, the only one who (title):) (reblip)
CargoCulte @nonchalant Thanks for the Bonnie Prince video a few days back. Hope all is well.
dooode @zappaconcrete just going through what you had been playing. liked this. (reblip)
dooode indeed: rb @muzicmajic: "I haven't blipped this one in ages....time for a revival! Turn it up and rock it!!! " (reblip)
GratefulGreg "Just saw a gorgeous rainbow from my back deck while chillin'" Thought of this…
MsBojangles Julian Casablancas... so addicted to this song right now but it reminds me a bit of Robert Plant's "Big Log" for some reason.


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Jesse Malin and The St. Marks Social "Burning The Bowery"

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Time To Smile by Xavier Rudd and Izintaba

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dooode I'm sold RB@dickadcock: "a helluva lot to recommend this song." (reblip)

Portishead Cowboys

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dooode nice RB@BlacknTan: "Bloody Mary's can do that to you...Over the Rhine – Jesus in New Orleans" (reblip)
Dolittle so I see, no zombies then (not even @revbeatman)? @LocoStavos: "Dolittle All went well at the industrial park last night. Was awesomely creepy.." (reblip)

Twist The Knife, by Neko Case.

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dooode Houston, and I live in a mandatory evac area. I get the impression you are in N. TX@MsBojangles: "where in tx are you? @dooode" (reblip)

BeastMr. Hurricane

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nemesisurchin RB@amiblue...thanks and empathy to @SeanMurphy...well acquainted with what you've so eloquently described. (reblip)
midnightwalker New music from Sigur Ros frontman. From his upcoming album Go

JonsiBoy Lilikoi

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Alturn8tive thank starla :)@indieearcandyforeveryone: "great, great and you were right, a "must have" thx again.. "{Evening Hymns – Broken Rifle}"" (reblip)

john butler trio one way road

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Tiziano Ferro Scivoli di nuovo

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zappaconcrete now if I can just get them to destroy the evidence
DeadCabbage uncle tupelo – flatness
muffinlab :) hey cap'n. i'm super scared of sharks.
Alvaroxx Grammatics - Cruel Tricks Of The Light... @Literati @indieearcandyforeveryone

Grammatics Cruel Tricks Of The Light

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dooode Danke! RB@slackmaster: "she did this 17 (!!!) years ago" (reblip)
dj_AM my "can't get enough" song of the moment :)
Primadonna Hey cupcake! Sorry we keep missing each other. I hope all is well. xo @Echo_L


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nemesisurchin fuck yes! Been trying to ID this tune ever since my daughter used it in her vid. :) Thank you, Mr. Subconscious.
Tsauro The Soldier Thread – Erin
smilecin RB@dooode: "nice, seriously" -----> that's why you're the dooode!!!! haha... (reblip)
Alvaroxx Stereophonics – Dakota...


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dooode this is interesting (in a good way) RB@nemesisurchin: "@pecusita: "..Hehe, I'm actually the youngest of two :)" (reblip)


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nemesisurchin i don't know bout you all, but i could look at a few more Country Strong ads. Don't over-run it or anything, Blip.
Alvaroxx The Knife – Heartbeats...

The KnifeHeartbeats

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indieearcandyforeveryone still lovin' this one... thanks again ;) @CreepingElm: "Dry The River - New Ceremony -- I know it's gotta stop, but I don't know how..." (reblip)
dooode nice nice nice RB@matriax: "Hi&thx,rb @TidyCat: "kinda rocks, huh? ;-) @iMickeyD @Angelitos55 ~ Hiromi - Beyond Standard"" (reblip)

Hiromi Beyond Standard EPK

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melodyofurlife L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. this makes me smile today! :)
Archiemck My morning thought is always: "More coffee."
neilvalla now im beyond all repair

The Low Anthem-I'll Take Out Your Ashes (LIVE Daytrotter Session)

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jfgill Pure Bathing Culture ~ Silver Shore's Lake
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