Huggy Bear - 04 Shaved Pussy Poetry

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futurebiblehero i composed myself and decided i should face it -----out

14- The Golden Path - Chemical Brothers (Ft Flaming Lips)

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philkirby tut tut @jilliansaint; these guys are meant to be the new J&MC's. Likeable feedback fuzziness.
3jH vi@picknick Mice Parade – Milton Road- My Skull With Flowers Remix By Kim Hiorthoy (reblip)
The_Kraken RB & QUOTE: vi@jojofm #summer "I'm in complete denial that theres rain on the way" Me too, specially as it's been sunny all week, doesn't seem fair (reblip)
Apple_chic so this was an accident. I was trying to blip 'No Sunlight' by DCFC, but this is serendipity. Just the calm I need! :)
cotelgramps Can't stop with this one over and over and over (love love love). (reblip)
willowisp1684 Their debut album is a little underdeveloped but mark my words: Women are a cult phenomenon in the making.
Rollerballrocco Stina Nordenstam – Purple Rain...Prince covers are de rigeur! (reblip)
doubledrat The Innocence Mission – Tomorrow On The Runway ...never heard this song, still takes me back to a better time.
doubledrat Ladybug Feat. Warrior Queen – Dem a bomb we ...dont mess with the warrior queen. kick zenas @ss.
bendrix SERIOUSLY if any of U ever get into a blip battle for chill or hip cool music then U need to whip this track out. U'll be Guaranteed winner everytime (reblip)
doubledrat Susanna and The Magical Orchestra – don't think twice, it's alright
deadcowaroma Hrm. I give this a try (Father to a Sister of Thought). I think my hair just gets too messy @barbisaurus Plus, I should probably look neat for work.


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BetterBombshell I'm feeling sappy tonight...
doubledrat dum dum girls – Baby Don't Go
J2ad @toxiferous Eh, it was more annoying than anything else. But I feel much better now that I'm blipping w/you and everyone here!
arqueonautis Florence and the Machine – Dog Days Are Over (reblip)
unpopular first heard off the eternally cutie-pop Waaaaaaaah! CD...come on! so sweeeeet
unpopular If you're going to blip the tulips, this is probably the one...still they have tons of great songs...
GR8FL maybe I missed something while away from blip @threebears - this one should be & Patti Smith's cover is my nickel
avivajazz Marina de la Riva | Pensamiento
by_starla [Marching Band - Gorgeous Behavior]
Sook From Rudo Y Cursi - go see it now! Bernal and Luna are soooo funny!
rayla Sia – Paranoid Android (Radiohead cover), lindíssimo.
graficzny i can almost smell the clove cigarettes...
SNIZWHIZ i dig the sound this bands making.
doubledrat Marnie Stern – Don't Stop Believin'
Punched :: Happy Mondays – Kinky Afro :: Son I'm thirty, I only went with your mother cos' she's dirty! Best Mondays Tune ever!!!!!
punkrockdiedwhen ...to take the world apart and figure out how it works...
threebears "do me a favour, and stop asking questions..." :::longdrawnoutsigh::: quote'n'rb @jupiterjazz ^_^ thanks!(♡imeem free ... but for how long?) (reblip)
threebears Blip Has Eaten Itself - No worries, the Internet was designed to route around trouble. Something better will come along. #imeemfree quote'n'rb@obscura (reblip)
K8H Now that I know what I want, see, I think that it haunts me. I want you too much... Last one vi@Versh. (reblip)
Flying_Roundhouse Pizzicato Five – The Girl From Ipanema ~ Well, I'm thrilled to see so many Herb fans! I thought I was the only one....
onceacurmudgeon @weething punching? i thought you were all about love??? but yes this is a very appropriate response. the blame must go to labels & artists on this. (reblip)
JeffreyMarsh quite possibly my favorite Camera Obscura song...tough call tho
DareToEatAPeach rb@Epicrates: "the greatest Brazilian Gaze band and song...wonderful stuff =)" (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion @anjeee - I'm doing well. Not quite sleepy yet, so writing notes for an essay about music and mortality. Should be in bed though. And you? Ca va?
folkmusicdude rb@CargoCulte: "@folkmusicdude I recommend this song as well!" ~ I am digging it! (reblip)
melodyofurlife Hello, I saw you, I know you, I knew you!
Epicrates #26 another rare lost masterpiece...I know you havent heard this so please check it out =)


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ternoman got to balance things out with something heavy though not necessarily new.
CoSlive @jtabz @hugotvaz @CalMa Glad to see there are other Oh No Oh My fans out there. Thanks for the reblips. Here's one of my ONOM favorites.
GR8FL blip 'free' tracks - filter them out by keying search string in quotes followed by -imeem EXAMPLE: ["Dreams" -imeem] </end PSA>
avivajazz Lura ~ Tem Um Hora Pa Tude ~ from Di Korpu Ku Alma (reblip)
Vtron "...the doctors cannot help me with the puzzle of my health" -I've been waiting for this song to be available.
hajoni John Fahey – In a Persian Market ____________{imeem-free} Search for Fahey: "Fahey"-imeem
charleyhorse .. ... ... ... ... ... .. . . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . .. ... . .. ... ... .. .. . . ..
musique_mondieu this song rocks my face off. I love Can passionately...
MaggyTheBrave On the mention of a friend: "Why do folks continue to say that I'm not over you?" Not Over You / Basehead

Basehead "Not Over You"

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The New Pornographers "Challengers"

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Tsauro This song is not White Sweater. but then neither is the Fray , Journey.
rogue_fm rb @s0ak w/thx Lots of great stuff on your blip list, but this caught my eye. Haven't heard it in years -- even though I own the CD. How pathetic! (reblip)
tikkamadsen Agreed! Just one problem, I have a hard time behaving as is! @whistlin_indie "@tikkamadsen well hello, beautiful. This one makes me feel rather evil. (reblip)
rogue_fm rb @messinwiththekid [A new look again I see] Restless these days... [used to be in TV] I was an Assistant Director in film/TV. Now I want to be a... (reblip)
chris_is_cool I love you PJ Harvey, yer so neat!

PJ HarveyDress

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Epicrates hey all..just a few blips 2night..I'm so happy....found a cool new band...these guys are pretty decent and I'll be playing this quite often =)
cabrochette fiquei até com vergonha, @sarah__o. toma de presente. :)
doubledrat Sufjan Stevens – Ring Them Bells (Bob Dylan Cover)
skwm HELL yeah. "Why'd you put the brakes on, yeah, you're gonna be late for your own wake". (reblip)
blackittyblack @james_riley: "amazing" yes it is (reblip)

Fever Ray 'If I Had A Heart'

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Rollerballrocco Modern Eon - Euthenics...i was recently reaquainted with this much underrated band from the early 80's...hunt em down!

MODERN EON / Euthenics (1981)

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Young Marble Giants / Wurlitzer Jukebox (1980 at The Beeb)

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tannyt Think I started with this tonight so I reckon it's only fair that I finish with it. Amazing and definately one of my favourite bands at the moment.
blurci the most sad and beautiful cover ever.
doubledrat Art in Manila – The Sweat Descends
JusticeSmithers It can't get any better than Zooey Deschanel and Jenny Lewis!
ternoman a day in the life of the fall and the beatles.
newNEWwave Always a fun video.

The Cure "Why Can't I Be You?"

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threebears (♡blip+cello= the deams that came when you were young)
crispast stealing from you@tubilino.. yeah all is al'right here, except for the props...!!;D and there? some spanish people are here in italy in these days.. (reblip)

Manu Chao: Me gustas tu

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Stay19 Xela – Drawing Pictures of Girls<><>
TimMothE Saturday night, seeing these guys. Sweet! Can't wait to be with everyone!
hithertoo This is what started it...they reeled me in with a fleet foxes cover, very well done, i might add
muzicmajic <<<Black Mountain ~ Angels>>>
patch615 I really can't resist a good pop song. It's something I used to feel self-conscious about, but all of it sounds so good.
Samanthai I haven't heard any Pink Mountaintops tonight... explains the melancholy.. this should cure it "Sweet '69" ;o)
FunkShoi @squidbrain @sageho this song is too incredible. Thanks guys. Goodnight blip, I'm out :) (reblip)
Samanthai OOh - it's quite fabulous @FUZZYFM ;~)"Now I <3 this one-LUUURVV this-its right on the money. Could be my track of 2009-still time yet" Hi @philkirby! (reblip)

Brakes - Dont Take Me To Space (Man)

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Samanthai Now that's a fine cover! @FUZZYFM: "Yup @Samanthai That Bombay Bicycle Club is a goodie! ... "Among other things .."? [title]".. Indeed :) (reblip)
jtabz Saw "Drag Me to Hell" last night. I wish horror movies had more crazy gypsy curses.
The_Kraken Let's have some of this.


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Ballad of A Thin Man (Bob Dylan)- Stephen Malkmus

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SNIZWHIZ let me pull a rabbit out of my A$$ ah screw it heres real magic


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J2ad rb @agharris73 Love this! The blowing on the strings intro/loop cannot be beat. (reblip)

Where Is My Mind? (Pixies cover) by Yoav

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MaggyTheBrave Slowing down a bit. I had this song on repeat all summer long, this time last year. I'd my reasons. Helps that it's just gorgeous.
CreepyGirl @TomServo This my new name for everyone except me (in my head)
ElizaHerp Hey look it's@sarahksilverman! "Her satirical comedy addresses social taboos+controversial topics i.e.racism,sexism,religion." Also,sodomy + poop. (reblip)
sandyriverside @DJFrankie, I remember being like 7 and seeing this on SNL. Back when SNL didn't give a shit.
FunkShoi Late lunch time! Couldn't happen any sooner.
FunkShoi @sandyriverside, Fujiya & Miyagi aren't japanese(I know! I learned this recently.). They're actually THREE dudes from the UK.
HellenKellersIpod @jtabz Depends, are we counting apparitions only or physically manifested legions of the dead? @FunkShoi I hear ya it's a good idea. Moderation is key
FunkShoi I'm out yet again. Gotta play video games. This song is all kindsa kickass. Everything else I've blipped till now... Garbage.
digitpt Sandie Shaw – The Fool On The Hill
Sook just found this - not so bad @MusicIsMySunshine I guess you have a whole CD with Crystal Castles remixes?
jtabz @CreepyGirl--it goes quite well, except for the specter of Monday that looms in the near distance. And you?
redredbeard #beefacts No.54: The Bumblebee is of the Bombus bee genus. Unlike the Honey Bee, and contrary to popular belief, they can sting multiple times & live.
livtiludi Haven't heard a bad song ever from these guys. (reblip)
doubledrat Dntel – Roll on (Ft. Jenny Lewis)
doubledrat Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes

Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes

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Sook i blipped this last night for the first time..and slept like a baby @haizee (reblip)
Sook oh why are all the events I want to go to in Europe! grrr..I missed everything in NY this spring :(
thegoddess probably my new favorite song of the week.[Coffinberry - Smashed On Honey]
FunkShoi @sarahlovesyou Hi! Blip patch at any Duane Reade // @Vacuum_Boots gimme some credit... cappicola, swiss cheese, hummus, baby spinach, plum tomatoes
FunkShoi @whistlin_indie, these guys are playing tomorrow at a venue called Shea Stadium. Not the real shea. It's kinda in the shitass part of Greenpoint

Magik MarkersTaste

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K8H I trust the things we do, holy or not.
jeff Haven't blipped these guys in a while...


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doubledrat Elfin Saddle – Temple Daughter
skwm @sonicdork: "two Posies shows in NYC this weekend". You lucky duck. I haven't seen them play in 10 years. They always used to KILL IT live! (reblip)
doubledrat The Mad Scene – No Place Called Home
Shukitty I'm not angry at my boyfriend. I just really wanted to see what this song was.
Samanthai True @listeningsky..currently, I'm being told I'm a tree... how's your foliage doing? hehe.. hey @MilwGonzo! ;o)
Samanthai excellent choice and right back atcha :)@jennyleepenny: "Night @Samanthai - sweet Duran Duran dreams ... " (reblip)
sandyriverside @CLARITY I just got off the phone with Falke. He wants Hot Blip in London immediately. Big plans.
HellenKellersIpod Yep. They played most of the show IN the crowd, and got to meet em. Great show to say the least. Night and keep reading http://tinyurl.com/lsy9kj
blackittyblack i like theesa one

Hello Seahorse! Won't Say Anything

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SNIZWHIZ excellent song excellent band@MusicIsMySunshine: "I can't describe in words how I feel about this song! Intense!" (reblip)
GR8FL we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year...
jtabz oh, dear, @sandyriverside! I busted a heel once when I was drunk, but never the ankle upon which the heel was buckled.
anothercraze If I could knock boots on a dessert island with any song ever, this one's prolly the winner.
HellenKellersIpod @nastysurprise72 Yeah I'm not sure, I'm used to the one in the diner
HermanBlume So whats your concert schedule looking like @AlyG?
HellenKellersIpod @lih_lee Love when that happens. Saw these guys do that a few months ago
doubledrat Sibylle Baier – Tonight hey @everythingispop. know this one? saw judee sill on your thread. have them in the same listed brainfile.
doubledrat vi@anebulosa: "inspired by @doubledrat: now youve inspired me! its the maudlin part of me but ill take inspiration where i can find it. :)) (reblip)
anothercraze Meowskers is from Brooklyn @sandyriverside @TheNewYorkChimes @GrassyKnoll @DjEntronic @MissDiggity (who else?). These songs are from "Fake Orange EP"
SNIZWHIZ lucky u...Lucky Me...we are all lucky...we are alive...
AlyG lalalalalallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (reblip)

Stephen Malkmus _ Baby C'mon

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FunkShoi This'un is also from my "Get the fuck back to work" mix. Yes. The mix I'm creating right now.
FunkShoi [Get The Fuck Back To Work] pt5
Vacuum_Boots Nice find! Zooey makes it that much more fun! I'm still in my Von Iva kick and this adds to that... RB vi@dochugo (reblip)
Will_the_bloke A.R. Kane – Honeysuckleswallow .. evening blippers
anothercraze That Joy Zipper song has always reminded me of this song @Perotin...prolly cause they were on the same CD. The race is ON!


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SabriESC @buzzfledderjohn: Hi- glad you liked it! She's also from Iceland.
BeautifulSorta I love this video :) And the song fits my theme.
anothercraze Stuff we found the basement to be sold at our yardsale tomrrw: an old dictation machine, stationary from the Governor Hotel and homemade bondage gear.
Anomaly OMG. I saw this commercial last nite ...

Elephant Parade: For You

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jtabz @Arth: ["Howdy!:) @CargoCulte{bad-ass};)"]--Oh, I do love this song. (reblip)
OKnightmare Hey @Mollykills did you just reblip a Neon Indian song and it turned into Gorillaz? I didn't know you knew magic! Kewl! :D
anothercraze That last video was pretty g-a-y. And by that I mean "highly animated." Sweet, get ON it. Get hetero-animated. Like THIS

clutchy hopkins vs. time masters

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SabriESC ....you'd know the answer, @everythingispop : ) Nice to see you as well! Hi @doubledrat @jennyleepenny and @jong- I am scared to listen to your blip..
sudaca70 @kellerabteil So glad to hear it! Buenos Aires is melting away as usual by this time of the season; typical Christmas postcard...
craigz @by_starla the storm's not made it to NYC yet, but the local weathermen are in a tizzy. Been all up in Days of Wine and Roses this week.
craigz @by_starla check out http://www.brokenbells.com/ on Monday for the first single off the upcoming James Mercer/Danger Mouse collaboration.
Atomik U2 – Daddy's Gonna Pay for Your Crashed Car
GrassyKnoll @BlipFmNing Social Web 8.7... Keep it Rockin'!

THE OUTSIDERS- Daddy Died on Saturday

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onceacurmudgeon jane's dancing here is a bit on the scary side, but this song = love, love, love... #sgday via @LolaLulu (reblip)
inadaequat boese toene +++ Fagget Fairys – Feed The Horse (Original Version) +++
PunkBroc What's cookin', good lookin's? (Real Estate + Woods = Real Woods)
JeffreyMarsh hahaha @doubledrat i really should do that as well...anything has 2 be better than bins of CDs roughly organized by year. should rip to mp3 & put away
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