quakkaz You dont have to explain, i understand

BjorkCome To Me

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drosophila neblig und regnerisch. sieht so mehr nach januar aus.
ladypn Good morning @GR8FL! Wonderful and LONG background piece, courtesy of @harmonjazzman! ;) (reblip)
threebears me gustas tu ... my excuse for playing this again? me gustas tu... btw @KimWood have detached that several times :D
ladypn @mcctheater A belated Welcome to Blip! & good luck with "Coraline" :) (reblip)

Stephin Merritt - A Man of a Million Faces

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tubilino This Street, that Man, this Life – Cowboy Junkies
ladypn @lub I'm already out of props for you, MUST RB! I love this track! (reblip)
matcherbach Richie Havens - Oxford Town
matcherbach Grateful Dead (GR8FL) - Estimated Prophet
matcherbach Yo La Tengo - Here Comes My Baby
matcherbach Broken Social Scene - Looks Just Like The Sun
ladypn Good morning, @aLxA! I've got some great, strong & dark coffee here, but it would probably be cold by the time it reached you... ;) (reblip)

Suavamente - Latin Remix

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Ecilanre Maybe it's beddy bye - certainly calms me downish

oOmiaqAventure Toi

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snowwhiteriot DeathbyChocolateChocoDoubleChocolateCake, Coffee and Billie Holiday......dabidibiduuuu....
AlinaCosta Feel her breath on my face...Her body close to me...
bakinrapscallion this is a standard that never gets old.
Just4Julia is wishing a happy weekend to you all :-) Enjoy it (reblip)
Leonor_A Para um início de dia mais calmo e melodioso... Little Joy – Don't Watch Me Dancing
allicette this needs to be whispered into my ear in the dark...

GotyeHearts a Mess

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drosophila your hearts a mess, you won't admit to it. (reblip)

GotyeHearts a Mess

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knappst3r "Scar tissue that I wish you saw Sarcastic mister know it all. Close your eyes and I'll kiss you 'cause...With the birds I'll share this lonely view."
drosophila and I know there's fear to face / but happiness is found in its embrace

UnkleIn A State

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drosophila Roman Polanski – Chopin 'Nocturne in C-sharp Minor (1830)'
drosophila am i still in your head?


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HappySchnitzel Wait, they don't love you like I love you. (Cover)
HappySchnitzel I tried to laugh about it, cover it all up with lies. Cause Boys, Boys don't cry.
kreyne i would also like a sequel to this song with a little more resolution.
CynDyn @DownLow - was just thinking about you and how you amaze me with your eye for color and composition. U gonna paint this weekend?
CynDyn @DownLow it will "meld" or gel or flow like a gorgeous song in the end because of the love you're pouring into the project
drosophila baby, we could be stars..

Country Livin'Esthero

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kumullus "Behind these two hills here, there's a pool. And when I'm swimming in through a tunnel, I shut my eyes."
kasaa Happy wednesday! I'm totally in love with my blipstream this morning, feel like reblipping everything @haraya blipped last night. (reblip)
Prol Featuring heavily on my playlist this month

Té Para Tres (Plugged)

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kasaa and I sip my coffee

SeabearI Sing I Swim

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PAMsLOvE Some Velvet Morning - Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood (1967)
drosophila das finallied der neuesten folge von "house". und eine schöne nacht noch.
HappySchnitzel Maybe together we can get somewhere. Any place is better.

Tracy ChapmanFast Car

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HappySchnitzel And you're so tired you don't sleep at night.
Der_Dee Stell mir mal den Himmel dabei vor...


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judetta sicher, das.

St Germain Sure Thing

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drosophila made of the quietest shade of loud..
judetta wenn ick groß bin, werde ick queen of kings.
violenced good one! rb@patita: "i like this vibe!!!!!!!!!!! :D....... helloooo@violenced hellooo@russasis" (reblip)

Alan parsons- Mammagamma

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WHEN WE GET MARRIED 1910 fruitgum company

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lana74 ♥Ach was sind wir doch alle für #crazy hearts @JuMac12 ♥ (reblip)
fragmente Death Cab for Cutie – Love Song [The Cure cover]
drosophila ich werde jetzt nur dankbar sein. ein bisschen traurig. weil das leben halt so ist, wie es ist. ist auch richtig so.

The Embassy Just A Dream Away

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drosophila dass menschen solche musik machen können, das ist so wunderschön und echt, dass es wehtut.
ivanadaime a falta de temas "availables" del nuevo disco vamos con este
lana74 Zwei von Millionen von Sternen.....Die sich immer mehr voneinander entfernen #GuteNachtIhrHerzen
pauneu Wishing for a heavy storm
drosophila meine liebste mama mag dieses lied :) trotz 48 jahre ist sie in ihrem herzen noch immer ein mädchen - und ich lerne von ihr ;) <3 #iheartmom

Julio Iglesias - Crazy

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drosophila whenever paul thinks of rain, swallows fall
drosophila nothing is pure anymore but solitude

MewComforting Sounds

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drosophila Lasst, die ihr eintretet, alle Hoffnung fahren.


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adocicainheaven so I asked you, maybe, baby / what you going to do?
drosophila Ya no estoy tan confusa como ayer - solo la ilusión trae desilusión
drosophila Tonight I'm tangled in my blanket of clouds, dreaming aloud
drosophila I can see you burning with desire for a kiss, psychobabble all upon your lips :) LISTEN!

La RouxTigerlily

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drosophila hold me closer, tiny dancer

Elton JohnTiny Dancer

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schlenzalot was man so findet in den Gedanken

Chris Isaak Blue Hotel 1987 [Official Video]

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drosophila kisses for me, save all your kisses for me

Save all your kisses for me

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rutiso What a beautifull song ... 'For You' ...
DJjab This weekend ==> swimming in the sea
rutiso Moody sound for a Saturday afternoon.
rutiso Just 'Feel' and live the dream!


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ivanadaime Uuuuuhhhhh :P Des idees fatales, regarde l'ocean...
annejina Ich schenke euch das Herz auf seiner Wange!

I wanna be like you {Disney's Jungle Book}

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judetta weil sommer fetzt.

Always (Ashley Beedle's Mahavishnu Remix) by Bent

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rutiso Love this tune ... it's like a summer evening.
drosophila And in the golden blue car you took me to the darkest place you knew and you set fire to my heart

"Just for a day" (Tm Juke)

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drosophila Ein <3 für @GhostAndMelody: "In the dark we have no bodies, we have no worries, we have no limbs" (reblip)
koiheart The Innocence Mission – Rain (Setting Out in the Leaf Boat) This one also out to my friend. @philsalt. Hope you are well today
koiheart rb@Skyfleet: Wow! Lots of treasures on the first page of your playlist! Thank you for all of it! (reblip)
drosophila about as subtle as an earthquake I know my mistakes are made for you
drosophila Für alle Neuankömmlinge, nochmal eines meiner Lieblingslieder ever. (reblip)

GotyeHearts a Mess

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koiheart rb@octoberland: "maybe too ambient/ethereal, but here's another @koiheart {efterklang : hands playing butterfly}"I like it! Reminds me of Arvo Part! (reblip)
zamfir Ben Harper – Strawberry Fields Forever
koiheart rb@nellina99: Here's a nice gem on your playlist that isn't played enough. Grazie! (reblip)
koiheart rb@casinodc: Thank you for the introduction! Very nice! (reblip)
koiheart rb@pamela001: "Great tune this!!" We love you and we love your music :) (reblip)
drosophila that's where you found yourself, riding into the sun on a raft made for one
drosophila you say it's forever but don't give in for something you can't leave

The Mary Onettes "Pleasure Songs"

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koiheart rb@GeorgeSand: I love this! As always you have a fine playlist thank you! (reblip)
koiheart rb@buttsworth: Thank you for leading me to your awesome playlist by being a new listener!! I love it! And I'm tempted to buy this now:) (reblip)
koiheart Stereolab – Eye Of The Volcano
drosophila you gave me foreverness and your beautiful otherness.. <3
zwitscherelfe Steal your tears and drown your fears, all is clear in a glass of beer … [Massive Attack Feat. Robert Del Naja – Rush Minute]
MannvomBalkon @YvesSatellite So profan war mein Wunsch nicht. Hier gewittert es gerade, und ich wünschte mir Schutz.
MannvomBalkon Gut, dass es so viele nicht mehr sind.

DJ ShadowSix Days

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Crystal Method Falling Hard. Album version

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koiheart rb@marisalanuit: "Così come questo" For the length of this song, I forgot everything else and felt peace. I am so happy to have you as a new listener! (reblip)

BonoboBlack Sands HD

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drosophila We all do what we can, so we can do just one more thing/ We can all be free/ Maybe not in words, maybe not with a look, but with your mind

Cat PowerMaybe Not

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sallypoppins Was ich dir noch sagen wollte:

Nicest ThingKate Nash

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koiheart rb@marisalanuit: Grazie for the introduction! This is amazingly sweet and captivating music. So serene and comforting. (reblip)
koiheart rb@sufferin_jukebox: Trading props on Antony & The Johnson's with you. Thank you very much for this! (reblip)
kattegat Inspired by @7On_y_va // Hello @koiheart @kissaherra

Alain Bashung Avec le temps

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koiheart rb@Air_rapupo: "Shadows" Thank you so much for the introduction! Beautiful! I think @inlighted @Cris_tina @jeflev might also like? (reblip)

Giovanni GuidiShadows

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drosophila you came without a warning, a message on my body (rb @marisalanuit) (reblip)

Unterschiedlich schwer.

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MannvomBalkon In medizinischen Testsituationen hat das bei mir sehr zuverlässig eine Gänsehaut verursacht. @YvesSatellite: "Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy" (reblip)
MannvomBalkon Ganz recht. It's serious. @DChain: "more of great 'Smiths'" (reblip)
koiheart rb@simplemindsfan: "Radiohead -:- Optimistic" I always like me some Radiohead. Thankee! (reblip)


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koiheart rb@FernandaW: "belissima!!!" Wonderful! Thank you for sharing it! (reblip)
koiheart Laura Veirs – July Flame

Laura VeirsJuly Flame

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unueberlegt Hier kommt mein muskalscher Beitrag zur Twitter-Engtanzparty von @marsfromlars
Ingapopinga Will ich hören auf der Twitter-Engtanzparty von @marsfromlars auf dem OBI-Parkplatz. (reblip)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Music Video

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koiheart rb@room58: What a treasure this is! Thanks for sharing it and I'd like to keep it going :) (reblip)
koiheart rb@jeflev: Good friend I've missed your music. Catching up after house guests over the holiday. Thank you for this! (reblip)
unueberlegt There's nothing here to run from cause everybody here's got somebody to lean on.
unueberlegt I would walk 500 miles and I will walk 500 more. Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door.
unueberlegt Why don't you come with me?

Soffy OCome with me

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MannvomBalkon @JonahLeoStevenson Thank you for enhancing my cultural knowledge!

THE TRIFFIDS Bury Me Deep In Love (HQ)

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MannvomBalkon Danach müssen wir suchen. Nachts. (inspired by @spacespencer)
Berlintakes Millionyoung - Mien ; thanks @drosophila


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Berlintakes Devics – Stretch Out Your Arms ; rb @DJC2@Tarinn: "come stai? Come è stato il disco?@InKiostroBianco: "no meu coração, porém, para sempre ....""" (reblip)
Berlintakes Mazzy Star – Fade Into You (Black White Version) >4you< (reblip)
unueberlegt Die Kutsche und der Ritter stehen bereit. Das Navigationssystem führt "somewhere beyond the sea."
unueberlegt Gorillaz. Und der fantastische Mr. Lou Reed.
unueberlegt Zur Erinnerung: So klang die Sommersonne.
unueberlegt Morcheeba-Sängerin Skye Edwards und Nouvelle Vague-Macher Marc Collin covern Blondie. Sehr schön!

SkyeCall Me

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UliWickert Ungewohnt und unverbraucht.

Sing It BackMoloko

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unueberlegt In meiner TL fehlt heute ein Puzzlestück. Eindeutig.
unueberlegt Strokes-Drummer Fabrizio Moretti does a little joy to me with this song.
Berlintakes Elsiane – Hybrid ; >morgen frei, Montag nur Schnittchen, und ihr so? < (reblip)


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koiheart rb@bizcochar: "@koiheart - @Orgambient777 ... see you later! :))" How did you know my taste so well? You're psychic! Gracias! (reblip)

AmiinaOver and Again

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unueberlegt Suzie Kerstgens... Eine Stimme wie Herzblatt-Susi. (reblip)

Klee2 Fragen

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Sneetwittchen Tschüss September, hallo Oktober

Paolo ConteVia Con Me

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unueberlegt Kennste nicht, oder? Musste mal Musikempfehlungen auf arte gucken.
koiheart rb@czybulski: vi@lookaway: "Great Lake Swimmers - Where In the World Are You" . I'm here....you both brought me. Many thanks/vielen dank (reblip)
koiheart rb@DelightfulMiles: "Goran Bregovic – Ringe ringe raja [Ya ya] @Dakeek" Ooooh a favorite!! Thank youuuuuu! (reblip)
koiheart rb@TheJohnC: Thank you!! Should've recognized, but see many films. Think you will like it...ta (reblip)
drosophila Morgens Last.fm zu starten ist wie das Fenster zur Welt aufzumachen und die süße, linde Luft tief einzuatmen.

AnoisWaltz of Wolves

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koiheart rb@juanitamoose One man's righteousness is another man's long haul" Nice one! Thank you muchly (reblip)

CalexicoBlack Heart

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koiheart rb@ChrismBwoodfan: I'm trying really hard to get tired of this one and still failing miserably :) Thank you for posting it! (reblip)
MannvomBalkon Bitte bringen Sie JETZT Ihre Bass-Boxen in Sicherheit.

The XXFantasy

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zwitscherelfe But if stars, shouldn't shine by the very first time then dear it's fine, so fine by me 'cos we can give it time so much time... RB @MannvomBalkon (reblip)

The xxStars

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UliWickert @MannvomBalkon ;-) sie wissen mehr als ich. Das gebe ich Ihnen schwarz auf weiß.
MannvomBalkon "... dug by little moles ..."

Mercury RevHoles

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Sneetwittchen Weil einem Geständnisse im Dunkeln leichter über die Lippen gehen…

Adriano Celentano, Azzurro.

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Berlintakes Rennie Foster -- Devil's Water ; >Good Morning< thx4music @Michizukizuki: "Oooops :o @hawk_pl , hi @Angelitos55" (reblip)

Rennie Foster -- Devil's Water (Reprise) [HD]

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koiheart Low – Like A Forest

LowLike A Forest

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koiheart rb@killahtunz: "vi@DChain: // Keren Ann – End of May"" Lovely. Thank you both! (reblip)

Keren Annend of may

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koiheart Greek Music – Για να σε συναντήσω - Μανώλης Λιδάκης Thinking of @OnlyGreekMusiC and @Araps
drosophila you gave me hope amidst my sorrow, may it be tomorrow, that I can love again... (rb @marisalanuit @bizcochar) (reblip)
koiheart rb@geekette57: "@fun4lilli:Must RB! . . . @FlorenceOfBelgravia ~ Spanish Sahara ~"" Really like this-Thank you! Not sure whom to via tho.. (reblip)

FoalsSpanish Sahara

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koiheart rb@petronax: rb@amphore vi@CalMa rb@awoiska" This is lovely! Danke, Grazie, and thanks! I'm guessing at the rb's and vi (reblip)

21 Grammi-Il Peso Dell'Anima (Ludovico Einaudi)

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koiheart rb@bizcochar: Can I say thank you times 3? Gracias, Thank you, Takk Fyrir...Happy day! (reblip)

JonsiAround Us

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koiheart rb@octoberland: Nick Drake is timeless and ever listenable. The only crime was his early death and a short legacy. Thanks for this (reblip)
tigertuft we'll be making castles in the snow soon enough :(
Sneetwittchen Sollte ich jemals Warteschleifenmusik aussuchen dürfen
kikoehn total vergessen...und heute zufällig wieder gehört.
formschub Durch Musik wird die Membran um das Ich durchlässig für das Schöne in der Welt.
lana74 watch my back so i'll make sure you're right behind me as before... #GuteNachtIhrHerzen

Lykke LiTonight

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drosophila we are the people that rule the world
karmesis Madrugada – Strange color blue
drosophila Lasst uns tun, was wir tun müssen – while we're young.
zwitscherelfe don't i know you better than the rest all deception, all deception from you [Beach House – Zebra]

Beach HouseZebra

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koiheart rb@sheryonstone: Like, like, like! Thank you for sharing it! (reblip)
zwitscherelfe I don't think we will meet again and you must leave now [PJ Harvey - This Mess We're In (Ft. Thom Yorke)] (reblip)
drosophila love me like a roaring sea swirls about, love me like a roaring sea, wash me out!
Nettys @CalMa good morning! Mogwai are very cool, too!! (reblip)

MogwaiGolden Porsche

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Berlintakes Sara Lov – My Body Is a Cage (Arcade Fire Cover); thx4music @Mysterymix @HermannSantiago (reblip)
drosophila looting the destroyed vessels of the sea, I wondered if the waves had taken all of me

Laura VeirsWrecking

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drosophila Feierabendtanz, alle zusammen! (reblip)

Leonard Cohen, Dance me... To the end of love

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koiheart rb@inlighted: "Great playlist-ty@Balkan21: "via@coffeecupp: "For @elocio Magical Macedonian sounds and voices""" I love Macedonian-Toda/Thanks! (reblip)
UliWickert Im Westen geht die Sonne auf. Oder so ähnlich. Hauptsache together.
drosophila you ask if I want to go, I won't...

I Won't- Peter Bradley Adams

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drosophila So viel gute Musik letztens, so wenig Zeit & wenig Schnee, so viele Kerzen & Kekse & Tee, so viele geschriebene Seiten & so wenige gelesene. <3.
drosophila they tell me I'm crazy but you told me I'm golden
DJjab Agradável de você ouvir a minha música! ~> @ThinkFloyd61 (reblip)
unueberlegt What is there to know? All this is what it is You and me alone Sheer simplicity
MannvomBalkon "And I wipe the sand from my eyes."

FoalsSpanish Sahara

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Berlintakes I´ll kill her – SoKo ; thx4music @Die_Heldin (reblip)

I´ll kill herSoKo

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Berlintakes Anna Ternheim – Come Fly With Me .......:) (reblip)
Berlintakes Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts - They only come out at night. >video<

Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts- They only come out at night.

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unueberlegt Für die Eine. Oder für die andere. Vielleicht auch einfach für Dich.
lana74 crushing me inside........ again


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koiheart Gustavo Santaolalla The Wings Soundtrack of Brokeback Mountain

Gustavo Santaolalla The Wings Soundtrack of Brokeback Mountain

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koiheart Joshua James – Winter Storm
koiheart rb@attspin:vi@ForeverInYourSmile "Stars – Today Will Be Better, I Swear!" I am truly happy to count you as a new listener! Warm welcome! (reblip)
MannvomBalkon Für den Gitarristen heute Nacht im U-Bahnhof Rosenthaler Platz.
MannvomBalkon @drosophila In der Tat. Eine würdige Version. Warum mir jetzt der angehängte Song einfällt, weiß ich auch nicht genau.
SuperMarki La, la laaaaa laa la, la la la laaa
unueberlegt "Take my hand and close your pretty eyes..."
koiheart rb@homealone: Your playlist is full of my favorites, so it was a given to add you. Takk fyrir! (reblip)
tigertuft great minds....make for great music :)
nachtblau rb @unueberlegt: ""You drove me mad and now I'm lost. It's in your way, it's in your smile, I want to find out who you are."" (reblip)

SioenAt A Glance

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koiheart rb@aquamarines: "Avishai Cohen – Ani Maamin vielen dank zum rb@thetomweb via @Cris_tina". Wonderful! Thank you all! (reblip)
DJjab Thx for listening!! ~> @tedleew: "Damien Rice – Woman Like A Man" (reblip)
drosophila Einmal wieder froh sein, aufgewacht zu sein. Unbezahlbar. (rb @DJjab @tedleew) (reblip)

a cosa.mano chao

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koiheart rb@jeflev: What a wonderful collaboration! Lovely! Kind thanks! (reblip)

Find Me in Your Dreams-Pat Metheny&Brad Mehldau

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Berlintakes Henrik José – The Little Things ; cheers @drosophila: "it is the little things that count *dance*dance*dance*" (reblip)
koiheart Keren Ann – Que N'ai-Je? I love this song!!! My dad said it kept haunting him today. So here it is...
koiheart Devotchka – The Clockwise Witness
koiheart The Blue Nile – The Downtown Lights
koiheart 04 Tosca Tango Orchestra La Cosa PequeĄa Waking Life OST

04 Tosca Tango Orchestra La Cosa PequeĄa Waking Life OST

| play
czybulski Porter - Surround me with your love
drosophila Boom Boom Boom Happyland Boom Boom.
drosophila "In Musik möchte ich baden."
MannvomBalkon "Yes, it really, really, really could happen/ When the days they seem to fall through you, well just let them go."

BlurThe Universal

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koiheart rb@LeYa: New to me and I really like it! Kind thanks (reblip)

FinkIf Only

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Der_Dee <3 @drosophila: "Massive Attack "Safe from Harm", mal anders." (reblip)
MannvomBalkon "Didn't anybody tell you how to gracefully disappear in a room?"
nachtblau "Jedes Problem wird wie Luft sein"

Bosse 'Weit Weg' (akustisch)

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czybulski Sparklehorse - Maria's Little Elbows
koiheart 10 Mile Stereo – Beach House + Lyrics (Song from Guinness ad) My time is not my own right now, but will get back to you all when I can!
Berlintakes Burial & Four Tet Feat. Thom Yorke – Ego HQ (reblip)
Berlintakes Honey Is Cool (Karin Dreijer-Andersson) - Then He Kissed Me (I Heart Sharks Remix) ; cheers @coloured (reblip)
koiheart Lars Monsen – Solitaire Joik <3
koiheart Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion...But I'm perfectly sane now
czybulski Vorm Essen schnell auch noch Grüße an dich rb@stedo85: "Angus & Julia Stone – For You" (reblip)

Phonique: Our Time Our Chance (feat. Ian Whitelaw) (Official music video)

| play
koiheart Tindersticks – The Not Knowing
koiheart rb@natassou: "Airport Blues ~ arms and sleepers" Lovely choice~Many thanks! (reblip)
czybulski Cashier No.9 – 42 West Avenue
koiheart rb@LeavingGirl: Nigel Kennedy (and Kroke) Ederlezi. No. It doesn't get any better! :) Nor does your having added me! Danke! (reblip)
koiheart rb@kulue_: "thx for prop. rb@sosborne: "Wye Oak - Obituary"" I sure do love your playlist! I am honored by your adding me! (reblip)

Wye OakObituary

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koiheart rb@LacedRadio: She lives through what she loves...thank you so much for this lovely number. My heart is in your pocket. (reblip)
koiheart Philip Glass – Act III (King), Scene 1 : Newcastle March (1913) - Part 3 : Evening Song
koiheart rb@xtranguy: "cool. vi@sribler: "Jon Hassell"" Very nice choice. Gracias & thanks :) (reblip)
koiheart rb@pbriggsiam: ":)" Two smiles and a thank you! (reblip)
czybulski Husky Rescue - Sound of Love
koiheart rb@SabineWe: "Manu Chao – Desaparecido ♫" Great thanks for your help with the adblocker link!! I can now use Blip again as it should be! :D (reblip)
koiheart rb@SabineWe: "Un pianiste prodige, si délicat en solo, Tigran Hamasyan – Mother, Where Are You? ♪☆" *This* makes life meaningful. Warm merci! (reblip)
czybulski thx, have a good time rb @musicismynoise PJ Harvey – This Mess We're In (reblip)
czybulski Hi rb @kulue_ Sia – I Go To Sleep ... it's time for you, isn't it? (reblip)

SiaI Go To Sleep

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Herrbohm Und dann sang sie: "I will wait for you. Even Though You're With Another Girl." (reblip)
czybulski HI, you been on vacation? rb @kulue_ Anna Ternheim - Fly me to the Moon (reblip)
czybulski rb @kvstr The Middle East – Months (reblip)

The Middle EastMonths

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SuperMarki Wenn einer eine Reise macht...
koiheart Tomaso Albinoni: Adagio~Pause

Tomaso Albinoni: Adagio

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koiheart rb@DCCAsh: "would rather be sleeping" Your profile pic and music do much to waken the muse. Thank you! (reblip)
Herrbohm Wie der Wind, der dein Haar verweht.
2HandedJam *** Mozez - Venus Rise

Mozez: "Venus Rise"

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