jamescram You will be the death of me.
lxp Heavens above...

ABC - The Look of Love

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jamescram You do it to yourself.


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dswancanada sets a nice tone for the end of the evening.
dswancanada a great 'good night' song
dswancanada too lovely. Almost Blue - Chet Baker
dswancanada remembering who introduced me to Lou Reed and Velvet Underground
dswancanada I don't know why I'm always so surprised by how much I like their sound - The Dandy Warhols


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CBSpinner You Were On My Mind! Really, I'm not kidding... Message me and you'll see....
dswancanada seems like a Muse kinda day.


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dswancanada I missed the Blip but....thanks for reminding me.
nichiyoubi you know i'm not that kind of girl
jencvs The best thing you've had has gone away. ** Your loss not mine
RoseWolf When I want something and don't want to pay for it....
dswancanada is there such a thing as a Violent Femmes Standard?

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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RogerKint Your favourite shirt is on the bed and your swim trunks on your head....ugh!
star45 Alien Ant Farm - Movies – . . . 'afternoon / morning / eve to everyone! . . . the weekend's almost here!
oncee I suddenly feel like I'm back at Gumby's...NIN...Head like a Hole
dswancanada post buzzcocks gem, thanks @yamamiya Pete Shelley - Telephone operator (reblip)
TaraAtx I thought I was a fool for no one...oh baby I'm a fool for you.
star45 Hot Hot Heat - Bandages – . . .
dswancanada a bit more blue


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highlander Under the milky way from The Church .. easily the best Aussie band ever (reblip)
rogue_fm I think I'm reblipping myself. This is the one that I think could have been Elvis Costello's. One of few Petty songs I really like.
dswancanada perfect match for a marching band
dswancanada they say 'go big or go home' - take your pick.
dswancanada what a voice - some more Seal @Lisa212

SealWalk On By

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dswancanada more indulgence


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dswancanada rather than the alternative, here's The Middle @star45
Dillin_Chillin Big and Boomy...from Virgin Radio. France Bonjour.
dswancanada another of my theme songs (way girly huh?) @randymatheson
CaryAtid This is their lead with Straight Lines from Young Modern (most recent cd). Silverchair.
JuneCristhy a seven nation army could't hold me back
dswancanada a classic, thanks @starpower ....just hit the road and go... (reblip)
Will_the_bloke Cold water .. in the face .. brings you back to .. this awful place .. Clash - Mag Seven
VicFM Kiss me now that I'm older I won't try to control you Friday nights have been lonely Take it slow but don't warn me
dswancanada terrific idea, even better presentation?
dswancanada alright! thanks @djwttw and @SugarDoggy. k ... (reblip)


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KiddRock RB via} Jeffie ~ The Grass Roots - "Let's Live For Today" (1967) (reblip)
dswancanada perfect, thanks @DeAnn and @KitchenMC: #6 RADAR LOVE. I've been driving all night, my hands wet on the wheel. Golden Earring. (reblip)
shortygal And tonight we're gonna party like it's....


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dswancanada absolutely merits a RB, thanks @VikingKvinna: Yaz makes me want to throw on a miniskirt with some combat boots, & dance like everyone's watching. (reblip)


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Mangia This buried treasure is just waiting to be on a cool soundtrack for a cool movie... (reblip)
dswancanada didn't he just turn 60ish? thanks @23monkey67 (reblip)

Eddie Money - Two Tickets To Paradise

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dswancanada your sign off song - you're kidding right?@cdub
dswancanada I've never heard them before - they're terrific, thanks! @markmac (reblip)
dswancanada @kristenlou, no idea of the time frame but the sound is still there
julesjulesjules i want to sleep with common people (reblip)
tardisgrl ace! @JJDJ Gnarls Barkley – Gone Daddy Gone This is Great! (reblip)
PaulaC Won't you stay with me one more day?
randymatheson I would not complain of my wounded heart
dswancanada you can't beat it for down and dirty stones, thanks @krdl109 (reblip)
Chief_TWiT No more resentful thoughts. I hear you knocking, but you can't come in, baby!
dswancanada I like this much better than the original
dswancanada what a surprise, now we're talking flashback, thanks to @rogue_fm and @microskomp (reblip)
musoSF I dislike most prefab pop, but this one I couldn't resist. Brilliant, brilliant production. And let's face it, the choreography was great too.

N'Sync - Bye Bye Bye (cd version)

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cdub "it's the shape of her legs - it's the way that she curses" (reblip)
dswancanada if only, thanks @jbene (reblip)

13-T-Rex - Ballrooms Of Mars

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dswancanada my favorite version @DownLow

Womanizer(Britney Spears cover)

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dswancanada I won't confess - I'll dance instead
dswancanada swan song for tonight - goodnight all and thanks
pura トイデジが一台壊れたかも.... もう売ってないやつなのに。
mr3arnest BEST COVER- Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy
mr3arnest THE ORIGINAL_ I Want Candy by the Strangeloves.
Jeffie The Tremeloes - "Here Comes My Baby" (1967)

02 Here Comes My Baby

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dswancanada thanks @morganh, someone else was looking for this a few days ago (reblip)
dswancanada not sure what reminded me but... glad of it
dswancanada i'm sinking... gotta sleep, night all and thanks
jonarablu I don't know if they are reforming @dswancanada ..would be cool though!
temirov Some more chanson from not so chansonish part of the world
dswancanada - good thing i love it or it would never be worth the 50 crap versions I went through to get to this, enjoy
rogue_fm A great live acoustic version. A whole different feel (needless to say). Less anger, more passion & longing.
dswancanada a clubbin' classic, thanks @ICEGIRL152 and @DeAnn (reblip)


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dswancanada time to say goodnight and thanks for the props and the music
GiantPimpslapper Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) ...from Electric Ladyland (1968) .nice.
GiantPimpslapper Stone Temple Pilots - Dead and Bloated ...my favorite song from the album "Core" (1992)
cdub guess what show i'm not at tonight - that's right - the ting tings. mother scratcher!
stena [snow patrol-run] "light up, light up, as if you have a choice, even if you cannot hear my voice, i'll be right beside you..." & giving props due! ^_^

Snow PatrolRun

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dswancanada thanks @DanceDog, the cover was good but this is the version I love the best (reblip)
tardisgrl immortalized on various OST's.........and the Muppets--For What It's Worth http://tiny.cc/FLAA4
organicsue G'nite @accdias maybe we'll find our way tomorrow. @>--------- (reblip)
connorhalo I remember hearing this during commercials for the original Matrix before it came out and thinking ' WTF is this!?'
GR8FL I would find elevators much more interesting if this kind of music was piped through.
dswancanada got one, not in the good way. time to say goodnight
dswancanada an example of politically incorrect contradiction - it's offensive and you can dance to it
dswancanada don't know the vintage of this song but, they've done it well

Greg Khin Band - The Break Up Song.MP3

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dswancanada anything goes in a place like this - Ontario?
dswancanada you weren't rude, just busy blippin @JJDJ
dswancanada remember this one? @Flying_Roundhouse

Dream Academy - love_parade

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dswancanada credible cover considering the competition.
dswancanada pretty sure I don't want to understand
dswancanada my Epiphany? - I'm not sure!
dswancanada more 'Jam (locked in the pantry, apparently) @Flying_Roundhouse
dswancanada out of props for you @Klemmie but, you've just blipped 3 of my fav guilty pleasures in a row (reblip)
dswancanada in keeping with the theory - go big or go home - some more guilt and pleasure @Klemmie

Ricky Martin - Livin la vida loca(english)

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dswancanada apart from ultravox...a little midge, @GR8FL

0847 - Midge Ure - If I Was

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dswancanada thanks @mikegil, now that's a great cover (and description!) (reblip)
dswancanada a song, a dance, a lifestyle
dswancanada well done, with heart @cdpeirce (reblip)


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dswancanada thanks @80sAirwaves, haven't heard this in ages, nice choice (reblip)
dswancanada thanks @ManaJunkie and @ICEGIRL152, perfect tune to pick up a grey afternoon (reblip)
dswancanada was looking for FYC - johnny come home - found this instead - and liking it
dswancanada I always forget that I like this (???)
dswancanada it's alive and well - living with 2-tone in by bedroom ;0) (reblip)
dswancanada I never understood 'boxing clever' - good at fighting?


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dswancanada in case you do remember OMD

OMD - If You Leave

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dswancanada kinda inspirational and surprisingly potent
dswancanada that's better

Roxy Music - The Main Thing (Dance Mix)

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dswancanada a different sort of Mmmm

Debussy: Syrinx - solo flauta

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dswancanada ah yes


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dswancanada although I shouldn't need a reminder, thanks @cristianerocha (reblip)
dswancanada here's a couple of steps back into the past

0847 - Midge Ure - If I Was

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dswancanada maybe tomorrow

Billy Talent - Try Honesty

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dswancanada a very big house in the country
dswancanada you have to crank it (reblip)

Spirit - I Got A Line On You

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dswancanada I've the same props problem so, thanks for this @Sandman5 (reblip)
GiantPimpslapper Sublime - Wrong Way

Sublime - Wrong Way

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rogue_fm Hey there @ICEGIRL152 What's shakin'? Gonna tune out for a half hour or so to watch the news. You know...a program about what's happening in the world
SylentSyd Odds...love 'em...closest Canada has to Squeeze, imo...
weething @RadioFreeIllinois erm... just venting so work frustration. 2 of my illos got killed because the client couldn't secure the copyright. 20 hrs work.
dswancanada must be time to go - i'm all outa props, again. thanks to all and goodnight.
dswancanada two canadians at once, oh my - enjoy, @moderntimes, and you too sinistercinnamon
dswancanada more flower power


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dswancanada it's the dancing glasses - I'm feeling a bit trippy
dswancanada what's on the corner that's good enough to ease that pain?
dswancanada time to go, thanks for the props and all the great tunes!
dswancanada 'cause it's cute and catchy
dswancanada thanks @sinistercinnmon, great choice (reblip)
dswancanada my intro to roxy (a sentimental fav) @GR8FL
paulacoutinho This fire is out of control... I'm gonna burn this city... Burn this city... (reblip)
johndunne Peter Schiling – Major Tom (Coming Home)
dswancanada you're hittin' all the right notes tonight @DJuiceMouse (reblip)
MRL DJ Zebra – This tainted love


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dswancanada thanks @ICEGIRL152, every time I see your current profile pic I laugh, love it. (reblip)
dswancanada thanks @ICEGIRL152, more old school (reblip)


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dswancanada night all, thanks for the tunes and props
JJDJ Gnarls Barkley – Crazy ||@Shamalamastreetman Good! How about you??

Whiter Shade of Pale - Procul Harum

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dswancanada ah, another little cracker
Stay19 Boy Is Fiction – If You Hear Me Fall<><>
dswancanada loved the look of the video (song's good too)
ICEGIRL152 thanks @storylet did i already rb this? oh well who gives a fuck, i like it :-) @AnnieLicious - @stockmanmarc @crowjane @star45--ME TOO @deadwood4! (reblip)
weething good evening blippers @randymatheson @RocketmanUSA thanks for props @penfabulous