duffboy Feel like listening to her :)
duffboy I heard a beautiful story related to the origin of this song. Thanks to gbrl, who played it for me last week.
duffboy wanted to hear this one in a while
clearskies I heard this in the film The Darjeeling Ltd..I like it

The KinksStrangers

| play
duffboy probably the greatest break up song ever written
duffboy haven't heard this one in a while
duffboy I need to hear something as mellow as this.
duffboy This tune makes me feel so alive.
duffboy You don't love me, you just love my doggy style...
duffboy We need some rock ballad!

03 Bon Jovi This Aint a Love Song

| play
duffboy The first track I hear from their new album.


| play
duffboy I need your lovin', like the sunshine...
duffboy I think I'm missing out on their music.
duffboy La busqué en italiano, pero es mucho pedirle a Blip todavía
duffboy I wanted "no pressure over capuccino", but this Alanis cover will do... I hope
duffboy How 'bout the original? Radiohead rules!
duffboy awesome song and lyrics, such a great ballad

Annie LennoxWhy

| play
duffboy Whatever happened to this band?


| play
duffboy un poco de Control, antes de ir por León
duffboy I was talking about Joy Division with a girl last night. Mental note: check out the band and get a hold of Control, , FM
duffboy Comiendo manzana, tomando algo frío en & Café
duffboy Saw Nacho Libre again last night: "Get that corn out of my face!"
amberella This just sneaked into my head whilst browsing some artistic photography. http://www.flickr.com/oladios/

Ben FoldsEvaporated

| play
duffboy need something to calm down, I'm pissed!
duffboy How much does it take you to cool down?

pj harveyrid of me

| play
duffboy Office + young people = dorm. My irritability: 100%
duffboy ok, hoy voy al gym temprano. Endorfinas al rescate!


| play
duffboy Quote from Jerry Maguire (al personaje de C.G Jr): "Are u Hootie?"

Hootie and the Blowfish - State Your Peace

| play
duffboy I dig this band, super funky and latin


| play
duffboy I haven't had sex/intimacy with someone I care for, in years

Brian McKnight_Anytime

| play
duffboy del nuevo disco, que compre y perdi sin haberlo escuchado

Cafe Tacubay Es Que

| play
duffboy @biancapalaci: me gusta twitter y esto de Blip. Me enseñas portugués y yo te ayudo con español!?
EnchiladaRex Its 1am here in London at the time of this Blip. Time for bed. Time to battle the demons that remind me that death haunts us. Life is a House of Cards
duffboy oh, the drugs, let's not forget the drugs
duffboy @biancapalaci: Guatemala. I tweet in english mostly.


| play
duffboy el amor ambidiestro @biancapalaci: will do so... right now!
duffboy Weird Al, don't we just love him and his accordion ways?
duffboy Se me olvidaba: ¿alquien sabe cómo colocar el formato correcto del tel. en la cuenta de Paypal?
duffboy that audio quality was shameful, how 'bout this one
Fa002 This song is a drug when your in the right mood
duffboy talking bout music and audiovisual productions with Spectre
duffboy Sexy tune for a sexy style I'm diggin 'bout myself 2day
DJVee He was the best part of the Hitchhiker movie. Most Definitely.
duffboy Always awesome tune. Bittersweet as hell. I owe it to myself to find more about this band (The Verve Pipe)
duffboy Greg he writes letters, and burns his CD's, they say you are something in those formative years
duffboy :( Las chicas este agno han estado culeras, bastante culeras, nada memorable y bastante insulsas. Deben reivindicarse
duffboy okay, let's try that again

PM Dawn

| play
paisley Black Hole Sun – Paul Anka - next.. Tony Bennett sings NINE INCH NAILS
duffboy i don't mind if you don't mind
amberella Keep a blue flag hanging out the backside / only on the left side / Yeah, that's the crips' side ... irc.freenode.net #blipfm
acidkiss Hit her with a hammer Teeth smashed in Red tongue twitching Look inside her skeleton

PJ HarveyThe Piano

| play
duffboy "He's Gump, he's Gump, what's in his head..."
duffboy necesito una coreografía estúpida... ¿acaso no todos la necesitamos?
duffboy yeah, that was the 90's for me: "Jump" by Kriss Kross


| play
duffboy sometimes I feel like my only friend
duffboy Estuvo chingona la clausura de Foto 30, conocí a Edna (lovely girl) y casaquée con @Toshita
duffboy I wrote a short story featuring this song, a few months ago: "You don't know what love is (you just do as your told)"
Torrefaction I don't listen to enough Kenny Wayne...he's fucking awesome.


| play
duffboy las fiestas en el cole tenían esta rola como soundtrack: "Respect" Erasure
duffboy nunca la volví a ver, quizas sea mejor
duffboy Now, we'll go downstairs to snack on something from the vending machine.

RushTom Sawyer

| play
duffboy I just want to sit here and watch you undress
duffboy maybe I'll forgive you, maybe you'll try

End Of The Road

| play
duffboy Last night I talked for over 4 hours with E. Lots of flirting and ego bashing/grooming. She loves Velvet Underground.
duffboy Will watch Magnolia with M. this up-coming friday. She seems like she`d be good 4 me.

Bloc PartyBanquet

| play
duffboy her placenta falls to the floor...
duffboy I love Tori. Lately I've been more into PJ Harvey, but Tori's lovely.
duffboy I love this band's name: "Mogwai".
duffboy Didn't go to the gym 2day, wondering if I should wake up uber early, or wait till 10 am or something...
duffboy "si nos quieren conquistar, tendrán que quemarnos vivos..."
duffboy this curse to just curse


| play
duffboy I'll never let go... pinche barco se hundió.
duffboy The Strokes y Regina Spektor, interesante combinación.
duffboy got my blip and my twitter mixed up
duffboy finished watching s4 of Grey's A. a couple of nights ago. Loved a Coldplay tune: "Death and all his friends".

ColdplayViolet Hill

| play
duffboy "winter just wasn't my season"
maggit I can't eat, I can't sleep. I can't sleep, I can't dream. An aversion to light. Got a fear of the ocean. Like drinking poison, like eating glass
duffboy "worn like a mask of self-hate..."
KarrieLyne Now I know that I did something wrong 'cause I missed you. Yeah yeah, I missed you.

Lisa Loeb - Stay

| play
evablue i think happy comes in a easy to swallow sugar coated ingestible non-irritable pill form, right?
duffboy Doin' some phone flirting with an 18 year old. I don't know when I'll see her again.
evablue @thessalian and on the internet, someone somewhere has heard of it or seen it or done it already or all of the above. ;)
duffboy Esta rola de Fito hizo falta en el concierto: "tanto tango, tanto dolor...", cadaver exquisito!
duffboy I listened to this Coldplay tune on a Grey's Anatomy episode... really mellow and emotional.
duffboy "...I wanna take you there..."
kikaluthor A música tema de Crônicas de Nárnia: Príncipe Caspian. Bonitinha.
duffboy Some is cooking a tasty batch of frijoles, where I'm currently logged in.
duffboy Hoy no pude evitar el albur, en una conversación telefónica: "Hay 2 palomas, me dan miedo". Ustedes podrán imaginar el tipo de comentario que hice

Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

| play
duffboy Come on magic fingers, do your stuff upon this keyboard!
duffboy This one is the actual song I wanted to hear. The Scorpions one is pretty weak.
duffboy Ya no quiero hablar con Edna: that girl is bitter as hell, totally not what I need in my life, not now or ever.

Cafe TacubaEres

| play
duffboy Es hora de preproducir. It's pre-production time, bitches!
duffboy I'd love to make love to the rhythm of this song...
elfgirl @NyQuilDriver did @Anomaly tell you this was her models' walking song? it fucken ruled! (reblip)
elfgirl dear BSS, can i be in your band too?
duffboy My weakness is that I care too much...

Papa RoachScars

| play
duffboy Una guitarrita delis... a tasty guitar lick
duffboy Writing an email to my lead actress. So grateful with her.

FobiaNo Eres Yo

| play
duffboy Got a headache, it's because I'm hungry.
duffboy I watched Run Lola Run last night... it has made my list of fav. flix!
duffboy Yo, flecha, flor, polen, flecha, abeja, oso, pez... EL CICLÓN señores!
duffboy Like a surgeon, heeii, cuttin' for the very first time!
duffboy Old at heart, but I'm only 28...
duffboy Silly me, wanting to go to the pool without my swim shorts.
duffboy you left my heart empty as a vacant lot, for any spirit to haunt
duffboy Starting a series of cash themed blips...
duffboy she was a bitch, but good enough to leave some change


| play
duffboy UB40 covering The Police... delicious!
duffboy THANKS Snapper!1006: kevin moore playing with old nasa recordings. @Diordan @magali @duffboy @mandipants (reblip)

Chroma KeyLunar

| play
duffboy Why the heck not, Britney's not going away, I might as well blip her.
duffboy This song sums up LiFE for me.

U2-All I Want Is You

| play
duffboy What's this dude singing? I lick you boom boom down...


| play
duffboy I'm late for Mon's shindig! Hurry up Duffboy!


| play
duffboy Starting my exit music, tired, hungry and sleepy
duffboy oh yeah, you got what I need, but u say...
OneLuvGurl @ladypn No Rain is one of my favorite songs of all time. Love it! (reblip)
duffboy What do you wanna do with your life? I wanna rock!
duffboy A song useful for sex, food or something equally fun :)


| play
duffboy it's the happy happy joy joy song!
duffboy Will blog a little before going home.
duffboy It is cash register time again...

U2"40" [Live]

| play
duffboy The numbers don't add up...WTF?
duffboy I think it's time for a cereal bar. Love the title of this song.
duffboy It is time to leave, see you 2morrow!
duffboy replip @sandraew: I was strong as I could be & nothing ever got to me. I was something to see. Like a rock. (reblip)
duffboy I promise to be your one and only
duffboy Will have some eggies before going to bed, midnite breakfast.
duffboy Love the title of this one: Lover's Spit.
duffboy Bailando, lo de nosotros vamos a resolverlo, bailandooo!
duffboy let me fill your life with joy and laughter...
duffboy Música para hacer niños, concebirlos, como estrellitas y duendes
duffboy un letargo de azul, un eclipse de mar
bendrix BRO you have an amazing blip list - i feel like a kid in a candy store. Mono was so under appreciated I loved Formica Blues reblp=>@Archibaldo (reblip)

MonoSlimcea Girl

| play
by_starla @CargoCulte--i've read him before--The Things They Carried, etc. didn't Caccciato win the Nat'l Book Award?
duffboy rockin' and rollin', good night y'all


| play
duffboy It's cash register time!

Tori AmosBliss

| play
duffboy I should rock out more often. Why not now?
duffboy There's a time and place for everything.
duffboy I think God is a piano gal, she likes to tickle the ivories.

Tori AmosGod

| play
duffboy Must shower when I get home, get the bad mojo off.


| play
duffboy Ethan Hawke is one of my heroes.
duffboy ready or not, here I come...

The Fugees-Ready or Not

| play
duffboy I wish I could be remixed... how would I sound?
duffboy Or should I stick to my roots?

depeche modehome

| play
duffboy Give me a good drum beat, and an erotic vocal.
duffboy You can just imagine strippers ruining this song...
duffboy God likes the bass from time to time. She enjoys it.
duffboy Tonight's final blip/twit. Good night everyone.
duffboy Old School was fun today: "Blue, you're my boy!"
duffboy Almost time to pick up León. I gave him shit 2day, kinda feel sorry.
duffboy "trying to make endsmeet, you're a slave to money then you die..."

Richard Ashcroft Bittersweet Symphony (Acoustic)

| play
anonymouskat I'm off to my first boxing lessons.. haha :D
duffboy @chrystin: "you're dangerous, cause you're honest"


| play
duffboy Dulce is shy, but she wanted to blip Shania (that sounds sexy ;)
duffboy Lot of people choose this one for their wedding, can't blame them
duffboy Sexy funky jam...oh yeah. Groove Theory, Tell me
duffboy "No cuelgues... es que quiero oir tu voz"
duffboy The window burns to light the way back home...
Soniamonia i can put my arms around any boy i see they dont remind me of you
duffboy "I'll meet you later in somebody's office"
duffboy Oh, the british, craddle of kickass musicians...
duffboy And I'll keep lying... I promise.
duffboy Something from The Headaches, 'cause I got me one. No Teenage Sex, though.
bendrix 22 of 35- a very memorable blip- Thanks @Stolen on 12/03/08<= U DID blip this- This is easily my fave Imogen track. It makes me very very very sad :_( (reblip)
duffboy The thing about being single that sucks: when you're feeling crappy and no one's there to do whatever :(
duffboy Wanted to hear the original for the first time. Led Zeppelin's Thank You
Michlerish rb from @formalhaut - "catchy tune from jamaica". Hey @Rajio, put this on cd2! (reblip)
duffboy If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you
duffboy Let's keep it on the down low, nobody has to know...
duffboy In my life, there's been heartach and pain... damn!
toosweet4rnr January 27 birthdays - Janick Gers, British guitarist (Iron Maiden)
toosweet4rnr [Come Sail Away - Eric Cartman – South Park] and now Cartman and I will be sailing away and into dreams... Goodnight everyone, see you in a few :)
duffboy Kinda scary, 'cause it's past midnight.

AC/DCHells Bells

| play
duffboy Tomorrow I have the day off. Will meet gBrl to watch Magnolia (to prepare ourselves for tuesday's thing), visit mom, and meet Marre, my artist friend
duffboy A fantastic live version of Running to stand still by U2
duffboy Pensando en ir a la fiesta del 3 aniversario de Hip Hop Nation, en ¿Corto Circuito?
duffboy Rocking power ballad that reminds me of one of my bros... (reblip)
duffboy Cafe Tacuba + Amores Perros = Aviéntame
DareToEatAPeach Think Train in Vain is the Clash's worst song. But this version is lively and I like the harmonica. Not as evil as the Anka cover I played earlier! (reblip)
duffboy My only blip for the night, so let's make it an awesome one!
duffboy Let's rock before we check out... RATM style!
duffboy "I've had enough of danger, and people on the street..."
duffboy I quoted the title from this song on my upcoming debut novella: Jesus to a Child
duffboy "And I knew the echo that is love..."
duffboy 'Cause a dude asked me about Vincent Gallo today, and he's in the video... awesome!

Jay-Z99 Problems

| play
Radiobread mmmmm.... ..Cat Stevens - Father and Son...
duffboy Although the Roberta Flack version sounds promising, yesterday I fell in love with the Leona Lewis cover
duffboy Til now, I had only heard a live version of this PJ Harvey rocking tune...
duffboy We all know the folks break up... it's what they do :(

Papa Roach - Broken Home

| play
duffboy Cause you know we love our meds! Well, not love... sort of need. (reblip)


| play
duffboy this one goes out to @imogenheap for rocking our world!
duffboy Had not heard this lovely track, nice...
duffboy Still on an Imogen high...
duffboy "...you and I were never meant to meet..."

Imogen HeapThe Walk

| play
Stephen_FBOMB_Kruiser Because I haven't played it in a week: Tegan & Sara-You Wouldn't Like Me (reblip)
duffboy "no quiero que dejemos de bailar así..."
duffboy "y en las tocadas la neta es el eslam, pero en mi casa sí le meto al tropical"
duffboy though I've tried I've fallen
duffboy One long day wishing for the right stuff
duffboy I don't mean to trip on anyone, but sometimes I do...
duffboy There's nothing left to do, there's nothing left to feel...
duffboy There should be more songs about fruit. Gonna eat a lot of peaches.
duffboy Nothing like a Marlango ballad to slow down the work mojo...
duffboy love your son (even the type that trashes your house with a kickass party)
duffboy Rockin' ballads for a rockin' thursday...
duffboy I wanna talk tonight...

OasisTalk Tonight

| play
miamism why do I like you anyway? from all sides and every perspective if you are not there a knot forms
duffboy You migh have heard of me... Nachoooo!
duffboy Some Foo Fighters, almost time to go...
duffboy Let's rock while we exit the store!
duffboy "We can't plant a house, we can build a tree, we can have all three..."


| play
duffboy "In a parked car, in a crowded street..."

U2Love Is Blindness

| play
duffboy If I were a girl, this is the type of stuff I'd audition with... Anna Nalick, yeah!
duffboy Naming your name after a continent, not cool. Perhaps a pet name would've been better. Sparky?
duffboy Suicidal people shouldn't listen to this awesome beats...
duffboy A great acoustic melody, There is
duffboy A live version of one of my new favorite songs, Depeche Mode's or not, just awesome
duffboy All music should sound this good...

Depeche ModeWrong

| play
duffboy Ironically, thinking about dad... miss him.
duffboy Still thinking 'bout the old man.
duffboy "You and I must make a pact..."
duffboy "you dig everything of which I'm ashamed" @mishu I dig you A LOT!
duffboy "Like black coffee, like nicotine, I need your love"

U2Hawkmoon 269

| play
duffboy The sounds from the More Cowbell SNL sketch. Hilarious!
duffboy La rola oficial para @diciembre7 en esta noche de movimientos telúricos.
duffboy Really dug having a Hendrix/Dylan tune in The Watchmen.
duffboy Had me some semi-unexpected crying while watching Grey's Anatomy (S2) today. I need to write fiction again.
duffboy @mishu, hope your blip works at work, so you can listen to this awesome track :) Kissitos, 'cause you deserve them. (reblip)
duffboy This song will serve as a vaccine for the stupidity of a person I'm about to call.
duffboy God likes the guitar, she put it in Jeff's hands.
duffboy I am now discovering Jeff Buckley (aside from Hallelujah, which is fantastic).

Jeff BuckleySo Real

| play
duffboy Can't stop this thing we started, don't want to anyway ;)
duffboy Couldn't find the MTV Unplugged version, but the studio version will have to do.

Bryan AdamsHeaven

| play
duffboy Before Derek Sheperd there was Ronald Miller, in this movie named after a Beatles song. @TakeOneMusic (reblip)

The Beatles - Cant Buy Me Love

| play
duffboy One of my favorite tracks from the new U2 album, Moment of Surrender.

Moment Of Surrender

| play
duffboy "They should Clinton in college!" - Henry Rollins
duffboy From The Crow soundtrack, Ghostrider by Rollins Band.
duffboy "...but Stipe's not far behind." One of my all time favorite songs, cried the first time I heard the MTV Unplugged version.
duffboy Radiohead kick so much ass, even when they don't try.

RadioheadAll I Need

| play
duffboy "...little drops of rain, whispers of the pain..."
duffboy I can't find my glasses, silly Duffboy...
duffboy I am so gonna rock this tune, with a friend, soon.

Damien Ricedelicate

| play
duffboy "Woman open the door, don't let it sting, I wanna breathe that fire again..."
duffboy "I need your lovin' like the sunshine..."
duffboy A cool Smashing Pumpkins's rendition of Fleetwood Mac's Landslide...
duffboy I think this is romantic: Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up
duffboy Let's do this Michael Jackson old school style, sans Michael Jackson...
duffboy From the Dangerous album, some of MJ's finest beats
duffboy For @mishu 'cause Michael Jackson knows how I'm into you ;)
duffboy I'd get a band just to perform this one song...
duffboy Some sexy stylin' groove to fight the sleepy goblins...
duffboy A couple of days ago I learned this was a Dylan original, I had only heard Draco's version
duffboy I'll make you lick my injuries...

PJ HarveyRid of Me

| play
mishu It´s amazing how you can speak right 2 my heart @duffboy Baby u are awesome!!!
duffboy For @mishu : cause "in my baby's arms I need no faith, I need no words to define myself"
duffboy Disfrutaría más de esta canción, con una mejor conexión, no rhyme intended: JL Guerra, R. Blades, Draco :)
duffboy This amazing U2 track was featured in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, one powerful film. @TakeOneMusic (reblip)
duffboy The vocal's for this track were harder than I thought. Love the dude's voice: Damien Rice - Delicate

Damien RiceDelicate

| play
duffboy "Two of Chicago's finest MC's!" It´s The Food baby, (everybody gotta eat, right?)
duffboy I want to be faithful... (I'm gonna be faithful)


| play
duffboy About to place some bids on London Andrew's ebay sale. Will not go crazy?
duffboy Let's rock before having scrambled eggie weggies with the gf and mum (Born of a broken man)


| play
andycarpediem @duffboy This song reminds me of you and lady Duff :)

Cafe TacubaEres

| play
duffboy "Not only do I not know the answer, I don't even know what the question is" (Metallica, My World)

metallicamy world

| play
duffboy @duffboy This song reminds me of you and lady Duff :) Thank you @andycarpediem ! (reblip)

Cafe TacubaEres

| play
duffboy Diggin the echo on the vocals (Scott Simons- Umbrella cover)
duffboy "You want commitment? Take a look into these eyes..." @mishu


| play
duffboy A post by @openzine prompted me to check some Goldfrapp. Will blip Kelly Clarkson shortly.

GoldfrappDeep Honey

| play
duffboy I have a feeling this song is a must for our rockin' wedding @mishu7 aka @mishu on blip
duffboy Angels & Airwaves is a must... too many good tracks to choose from. Will have to ask @mishu7 @mishu on blip
Hoof #easterhits The wall in which the cave was, was a wonderwall, I heard. Never heard it like LeeDM101 mixed it though.
duffboy That Johnny Quid really liked Bank Robber by The Clash.
duffboy Sexiness from the Black Strobe: I'm a Man
duffboy The band that played before the lights were shut down: The Subways - Rock & Roll Queen
duffboy Can't remember the scene in which this was played (Rocknrolla): Mirror in the Bathroom
duffboy "My belly stings..." Today - Smashing Pumpkins @phoenix113 (reblip)
duffboy "No se puede vivir del amor" - Andrés Calamaro Chillin' with @mishu aka @mishu7


| play
duffboy "But we're never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy" (and marry a hot german super model) Seal- Crazy


| play
duffboy This track takes me back to Grey's Anatomy... Season 3? Open your eyes - Snow Patrol
duffboy "I... want to... rock!" Twisted Sister style, bitches!
duffboy At a Barista Cafe with @andycarpediem , she just showed me her tattoo... nice!
mishu @duffboy .... Nobody knows it but you´ve got a secret smile and u use it only for me =) te amo
mishu When I believe in u my soul can rest... =) @duffboy


| play
duffboy I'm in a hip hop/dance mood. Timbaland feat. Justin T. Release
duffboy A Chemical Bros. remix: The Boxer (DFA Version), groovy
duffboy It'd be scary if it actually were 3am eternal...

KLF3am Eternal

| play
duffboy Free internet at the pastry shop (Holandesa)! Secret Crowds-AVA
duffboy This is too good not to share @mishu @andycarpediem Sirens, Angels&Airwaves again...
duffboy I wanted to hear Wet Vagina, but I guess this will do: Sonic Youth - Shadow of a Doubt
duffboy "I go out every night and sleep all day..." Nothing compares to you -Sinead O'Connor @Kikka (reblip)
duffboy Music for sex, I think this one was recorded in a sexy mood: Garbabe - Number One Crush
duffboy "They say you are something in those formative years" Tori Amos - Pretty Good Year
duffboy Rock on dudes! Interstate Love Song-style!
duffboy For @mishu (on blip) @mishu7 on Twitter. The First Time Ever I saw your face - George Michael
duffboy Though I'm not much of a fan, I'll go see a documentary about Iron Maiden tonight.

Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark

| play
duffboy I'm in a @imogenheap type of mood. Sleeping Cars...
duffboy A live song has a different type of magic. @imogenheap Daylight Robbery
duffboy Working out to RATM's Revolver would so totally rock!
duffboy Wake up!!! Rage Against the Machine. One of my fav. tracks from them.
duffboy I remember it from the Great Expectations soundtrack, Siren - Tori Amos

Tori AmosSiren

| play
duffboy I'm a procastinator fool today, well sorta. Depeche Mode - Stripped
duffboy A little something from 1991: PM Dawn - Set Adrift on Memory Bliss (it's a remix?)
duffboy "...and this is true" Girl you know it's true - Milli Vanilli
duffboy It's an old school monday: Sending all my love - Linear


| play
duffboy Saw Flight 666 saturday night. It was pretty good. Run to the hills (live) - Iron Maiden
duffboy "You know you're a cute little heartbreaker", listened to it last night at La Maga -Foxey Lady J.M.Hendrix Experience
duffboy A Nacho Lovers remix, 'cause I just ordered some nachos.
duffboy Love this nice rock ballad: Ever the same - Rob Thomas
duffboy An acoustic one from Matchbox 20: 3AM (piano & vocals)
duffboy Ohh, The pills won't help you now, The Chemical Bros. (featuring Midland)


| play
duffboy The Boxer - The Chemical Brothers: "I can't seem to fight this feeling..."
duffboy System of a Down - Prison Song. In case anyone was sleepy!
duffboy Yeah, a rockin' tune from Tori Amos- God

Tori AmosGod

| play
duffboy "Tiene miedo que al final, el día de mañana, de este odio y de este cambio no recuerde nada" El Padre - Cafe Tacuba

Cafe TacubaEl Padre

| play
duffboy "A water pistol, a water gun" PJ Harvey - Big Exit

PJ HarveyBig Exit

| play
duffboy For @mishu (on blip) @mishu7 on Twitter. "Paloma" (live) -Andrés Calamaro
duffboy A little remix of "Son of a Gun" by Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson - Son Of A Gun (

| play
duffboy "Mothers of the disappeared" by U2.
duffboy "Don't call it a comeback!" LL Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out
duffboy Grateful Dead - Me and my uncle
duffboy I was listening to Depeche Mode while doing the laundry today. So fucking awesome they are.
duffboy If loving their music is wrong, I don't want to be right! You saw that one coming ;)

Depeche ModeWrong

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duffboy This is for @mishu aka @mishu7 I wanna grow old with you (Adam Sandler)
duffboy The eighties had their moments Rick Astley -Never gonna give you up @giseleh (reblip)
duffboy Something to get me in a better mood. @TheLenzyme: (reblip)
duffboy Something like Seal always makes things better: Don't Cry

SealDon't Cry

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duffboy "You've got a bullet in your fucking head!!" It's RATM time - Bullet in the head
duffboy "Your anger is a gift" Freedom - Rage Against the Machine #escandalogt
De_Ann it's time again....thanks for 'playing' with me tonight, y'all are awesome! G'nite....
GiantPimpslapper Rage Against the Machine - Killing In the Name : Rage Against the Machine (1992)
duffboy We need some fun tonight. @ladypn: "What party would be complete without a little Love Shack? :) vi@RadioRider Thanks!" (reblip)

B-52'sLove Shack

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mishu It´s been minutes, It´s been days... It´s been all I will remember...
mishu Jah!!! This is one damn good cover....

CakeI will survive

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duffboy It's a Marky Mark sorta night! @melodyofyourlife: "come on, come on, Feel it, FEEL IT! LOL! :-P" (reblip)
duffboy Played Death Magnetic all night, an incredible experience, though I naturally got very little sleep :P
duffboy For a great concert last night, were this tune was covered in an awesome way. Fake Plastic Trees

Radiohead-Fake Plastic Trees

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duffboy The original by Journey was playing at this shop, a few minutes ago. Open Arms-Mariah Carey
duffboy Togetherness, well that's all I'm after...

Mariah Carey I'll be there

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duffboy Sade's voice is so sexy... No Ordinary Love
duffboy Took me a while, when it first came out, to know that it was a cover by Elvis. Can't help falling in love

Can't help falling in love- UB40

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duffboy "I don't like the drugs (but the drugs like me)" Marylin Manson, it's a remix
duffboy "...but only fools are know-it-alls..." Yeah, I'm blipping Bon Jovi!
duffboy "In an interstellar burst, I am back to save the universe" Airbag


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duffboy "Kicking and squealing gucci little piggy" Paranoid Android. An amazing video, right?

Radiohead paranoid android

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duffboy "The song is written for two people who should run away before all the bad stuff starts" Thom Yorke - Exit Music (for a film)
duffboy "For a minute there I lost myself, I lost myself. Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself" Karma Police

RadioheadKarma Police

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duffboy A great live version of Electioneering: "I trust I can rely on your vote."
duffboy "You look so tired-unhappy, bring down the government, they don't, they don't speak for us." No Surprises #escandalogt #freejeanfer

radiohead-no surprises (jools holland '97)

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duffboy "You smiled at me like Jesus to a child"
duffboy "You have been loved" from George Michael's MTV Unplugged
duffboy Stevie wonder never sounded so good, until George Michael got involved, with a little help from Mary J. Blige: As
duffboy Tonight, it's Soviet Kitsch by Regina Spektor. Ode to divorce is one of my favs...
duffboy "You're reading Fitzgerald, you're reading Hemingway, they're both super smart and drinking in the cafe" Poor Little Rich Boy
duffboy This may be one of the greatest songs ever written and recorded - Carbon Monoxide
duffboy This has nothing to do with the song, but I dig her makeup, so glamourous... The Flowers-Regina Spektor

"The Flowers" Regina Spektor

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duffboy Your honor, the rockin' tune of that album!
duffboy "Somedays aren't yours at all, they come and go as if they're someone else's days"
duffboy This Van Halen tune always gets me in a great mood: "Can't stop loving you"

Van Halen- Can't Stop Lovin' You (live)

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duffboy Gonna blip some from the Black Album by Metallica, starting with the S&M version of Enter Sandman
duffboy "You, you're my mask, you're my cover my shelter..." Sad but true
duffboy "Before you judge me take a look at you, can't you find something better to do..." Holier than thou

toad the wet sprocket - 1992 - all i want

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duffboy "Cause I wanna love you the best that I can" Hold my hand, a feel good song if there ever was one

Hold My Hand-Hootie & The Blowfish (Live in the X Lounge II)

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duffboy "Time" a live version by Hootie & The Blowfish: "like a wave bashing into the shore, you wash away my dreams"

Hootie and the Blowfish Time

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duffboy "I never thought the day would come when I would see his hand not mine, holding onto yours..." Goodbye - Hootie & The Blowfish
duffboy 1991 produced this funky unforgettable track. Never digged Spandau Ballet, but PM Dawn are great :D
duffboy @mishu (aka @mishu7: "our song... definitely =) @duffboy "No quiero dejemos de bailar así" ;) @luismuybien (twitter)" (reblip)
duffboy "I'm taking a ride with my best friend..." Never let me down again - Depeche Mode
duffboy "Don't let me down" The Beatles 1969, "...it's a love that lasts forever"
duffboy "The look in your eyes makes me crazy" @mishu @mishu7 Blink 182 -Down


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duffboy About to blip Lenny Kravitz's Greatest Hits, starting with Always on the run...
duffboy "I always loved you from the start..." I Belong to You
duffboy Oh the sweet bass and melancholy from "It ain't over till it´s over"...
duffboy He was born, long ago, he's the chosen, he's the one "Are you gonna go my way?" Awesome video!

Lenny Kravitz "Are You Gonna Go My Way"

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lukasgaertner @duffboy: "He was born, long ago, he's the chosen, he's the one "Are you gonna go my way?" Awesome video!" Where do you go? (reblip)

Lenny Kravitz "Are You Gonna Go My Way"

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duffboy "Now here you are walking right through my door..." Again

Lenny KravitzAgain

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duffboy "...feel like I'm gonna lose control" - Can't get you off my mind
duffboy I've always thought this tune is a bit of an answer song to Lennon's "Jealous Guy" -Stand by my woman
duffboy The Freshmen, The Verve Pipe: "...I can't be held responsible"