dynasticqueen I'm wanting something really smooth right now. Yes... this.
dynasticqueen From the 1993 The Crow soundtrack. Righteous.
dynasticqueen A band called Medicine. Obviously I am also having a Crow attack.

*** Time Baby 3 ***

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dynasticqueen This is how we did it in the ATL. And it was goooood.

Montell Jordan This Is How We Do It HDTV

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dynasticqueen Inva, doing her thing as the Diva in The Fifth Element. Superb.

Sad Tango (IN ENGLISH)

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dynasticqueen Begging like that will get you everywhere. Trust me.

fanmade mv RAIN -Because of you-

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dynasticqueen Ain't that the truth. LOL
dynasticqueen Makes you wanna dance with me...

Rain/bi "I LOVE RAIN" ♪My Groove♪

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dynasticqueen And it goes a little something like this!
dynasticqueen Do the jerk, baby. Go on, throw your back out... yeah...
dynasticqueen Anything she's asking for...I'll make it appear like a magic wand. You scared?
dynasticqueen Yep, you just got served. Ha. :)
dynasticqueen Watch out... you might get what you're after...
dynasticqueen Never trust a big butt and a smile. Trust. :)
dynasticqueen The coolest $#%! ev-vah... MJ and Janet.
dynasticqueen Can't you feel the wind tearing through your hair?
dynasticqueen I find it hard to control myself... Check you later, friends! :)
dynasticqueen I fell deeply in love with someone while this was out... :)
dynasticqueen OMG... more memories of waking up at the break of dawn, with him...

Michael Jackson/Break of Dawn

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dynasticqueen Tell the angels no... I don't want to leave my baby alone. No...
dynasticqueen Don't you know I... sit around... and I wonder who's lovin' you. Shoulda never made you cry... *shaking my head*
dynasticqueen There are those songs that make you just about break your own neck. :)
dynasticqueen A real favorite. Ran into it while watching Gundam 00. Yes, that panda has a gun!
dynasticqueen Another Gundam goodie. Middle Bro really digs on this one, and his taste is almost as good as mine. :)
dynasticqueen A must, if you have any kind of dream.
dynasticqueen Um-hmm. We've all been there, huh? ;)

SWV ft Missy Elliott -Can We (Prod. By Timbaland)

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dynasticqueen Callas doing Puccini. To have seen this on stage waaaaay back in the day...
dynasticqueen Jin, and Mei, and the incomparable Ms. Battle. Tragic love at its best, my friends.
dynasticqueen I'm going to do it my way, too. All the way to the glorious end. Just watch me.

Bi RainMy Way MV

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dynasticqueen Sure. Just let me pack a few things.
dynasticqueen From Gunslinger Girl, season one. Hauntingly beautiful, to me anyway.

The Light before we Land

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dynasticqueen My first thoughts were... why is a Brotha singing in Korean? lol Imagine my surprise!


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dynasticqueen My son would have done the same for me, hopeless as it was. Trust that.
dynasticqueen Penetration, and methodically so... just uhn.
dynasticqueen "Deep Forest," from InuYasha. I never could understand my crush on Lord Sesshomaru...

Do As Infinity- Fukai Mori-inuyasha

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dynasticqueen What are you waiting for? Shake it!
dynasticqueen Ha--my first Blip. And it would be Bi. Of course. Don't stop, baby...

비 ピBI RAIN Don't stop

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dynasticqueen 'Cause you get me so excited...
dynasticqueen Let's go to school, Sang Doo!

[HQ] Bi (Rain)- You Know MV

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dynasticqueen Next thing you know...

FLO Rida feat. T.Pain Music from the Movie Step Up 2 'Low'

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dynasticqueen One of the most beautiful pieces of music in existence. Trust.

♥♫ Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini"

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dynasticqueen I love listening to this while drinking hot tea with brandy... standing outside, in moonlight.

Moonlight Sonata

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dynasticqueen There is just no explaining this man's voice. Mmm. Shi won ha da...
dynasticqueen Just let yourself go completely on this one!
dynasticqueen Nan... ajikdo neoman saranghaneun, nan... ibyeoreul mideulsooga eobtneunan... honey, love that deep can kill a man.

Bi RainNan

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dynasticqueen A ridiculously beautiful song... from a soul with untold depth.
dynasticqueen Listen to that voice. I just feel like Rain today, so sue me. :)
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