warrenellis I still think this should have been the official theme tune:

KLFDoctor Who

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michielveenstra De hele dag al in m'n hoofd. Er waait klassiek over Nederland!


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michielveenstra Er is inmiddels een radioversie en kerstversie van gemaakt, maar de simpele albumversie is de mooiste uitvoering. Gaat onder je huid zitten!
warrenellis I am going, I am going, where streams of whiskey are flowing...
dirkpaul Don't know why, just felt like this song this morning. Brilliant song, brilliant lyrics.
dirkpaul Found this classic when looking for a love supreme by Coltrane... last one before I go to bed...
romeiro Erase and rewind. it's always time for a change.
dirkpaul One of my fav 90's bands. When crossover was still revolution. They still exist, but their latest material is less interesting. Nice live version this
gmolino .This Charming Man – The Smiths
sanderschenk No, my name is not Lolita you fool! Take a better look at my profile picture will you? Not quite a "sexually precocious young girl" right?

Julien Dore Moi Lolita

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sanderschenk Never been a big Rolling Stones fan, but this cover of Wild Horses by The Sundays is a job well done if you ask me.


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sanderschenk Most times originals are good. Sometimes I absolutely hate them. Jump is one of the latter. Thank god for Aztec Camera for saving this song.

Aztec CameraJump

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sanderschenk What if The Clash had went to India to record Rock the Casbah? Then we would have gotten this...
sanderschenk Good old rock and roll by Iggy Pop. Thanks and welcome to @pipetoro. (reblip)
sanderschenk Beware, you may think you hear The Smiths here. But no, you don't. It's only a placebo.
sanderschenk It's Johnny Cash again with a great cover. Like it? Go and thank @djwttw for it. (reblip)
sanderschenk Man, how I love covers. You get twice the fun. Listening to the cover and thinking of the original. Thanks again @djwttw. Keep 'm coming. (reblip)
sanderschenk Saw the word rebel somewhere in a blib, I believe it was in a Bowie song. Anyway, this calls for a rebel yell from mister Billy Idol. Go Billy.
sanderschenk A rebel yell again, this time from the Finnish band HIM (His Infernal Majesty). Well played live version.

h.i.m.rebel yell

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sanderschenk Too good to be left unreblipped... especially on a monday. (reblip)
aristippus303 feeling in a punk mood. Getting reday for a swift drive home.
Damaramu A little after lunch Maiden never hurts...
sanderschenk Looks like @meerameer is on a streak of acoustic blips. Nice! (reblip)

ACOUSTIC- Bush - Glycerine

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sanderschenk Had some trouble waking up. Well, not any more... (reblip)
cleks @CarolusMagnus everybody is loosing controooool ... nice choice mate !!! (reblip)
sanderschenk And number two... Vanessa Paradis. I remember every guy in Europe that was in his teens and in his right mind had a crush on her back in the eighties.
sanderschenk It turns out that royal ladies from a loooooong time ago have little sisters too... Be prepared, more white weddings coming up.
sanderschenk Hardly recognizable by the melody, but the lyrics match. And the title too ;-) Another White Wedding cover.
sanderschenk Getting tired of white weddings already? I'm not!
sanderschenk A Rolling Stones classic performed by The Tea Party. Welcome @jwester as new listener. (reblip)
sanderschenk By the sound of it this Emiliana Torrini must be a cute girl. At least she has a cute voice. (reblip)
sanderschenk Surprise! Exit pop/rock mode and enter classical mode... The Cure played with strings only.
sanderschenk Blaaaa, bla bla bla bla bla blaaaa, blaa blaaaa... Listen carefully, it's somewhere in the middle of the song. Hat tip to @DJstromer19. (reblip)
sanderschenk A Bacardi from Nada Surf or maybe streams of whiskey from The Pogues? Hmm, tough choice.
sanderschenk Where did I hear this before? Ah, Weezer did a cover on their latest (?) album. Welcome to @SCMurley. (reblip)

The BandThe Weight

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sanderschenk Time after time. Simply a great song. Well covered by Eva Cassidy. Thanks and welcome to @jjpjack. (reblip)
sanderschenk Was looking for the Beth Rowley cover of I Shall Be Released. Will have to with Nina Simone instead... Even better?
sanderschenk The Killers are over the top, too much. Nothing wrong with that though! (reblip)
BarrysLounge Oh my gosh - look what just went passed my eyes - Does your dog bight ?
rasbo un peu de variété française, Laure à l'écoute, Renan Luce a de jolis textes
loa_ricardo Acordei em um funk mood por assim dizer
sanderschenk Teenage Dirtbag in classical style. Not sure whether I blipped this before, but what the hack! Inspired by a blip from @DJstromer19 a few minutes ago.
sanderschenk Such a sensitive song. And a beautiful name too. (reblip)
BarrysLounge You talkin' to me ? Lovely Blips @lost_turtle listen to this! (reblip)
BarrysLounge If you only have one Blip @Babuxoxoxo xoxoxo to all my bliper friends! Only time for one blip today!!! (reblip)
gervis Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
gervis Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Homeless
BarrysLounge Not if you can be Blipping @Rajio ! Should I bother watching Quantum of Solace? (reblip)
BarrysLounge We don't care about no government warning ! Thanks @midy (reblip)
sheryonstone My name is Luka, I live on the 2nd floor, I live upstairs from you. Yes I think you have seen me before

Suzanne VegaLuka

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BarrysLounge Thanks for the props @ecphaff . Here's one of my favourite covers for you and @sanderschenk
oudnosh light and simple, wouldn't be the same without the piano
BillyBughead Not the song I thought it was, but it will do. Nice soft rock tune for when you wanna pwn some n00bs in WoW or Guild Wars lolz !!111eleven111!!!
sanderschenk Maximum dose of props for @Karuna for this Sea of Love from Cat Power! Awesome voice! (reblip)
nada Slightly better version.

OSTv2 Lilium

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rasbo @cagey2519 could blip every song from "O Brother" - I could watch the Coen brothers' movies again & again (reblip)
Marinette @romainpechard Les gens ont bien changé depuis que tu es parti...
liliansi ...non trovo la versione dei 7 seconds
sanderschenk Indeed a very nice cover from the Smashing Pumpkins. Thanks @dirkpaul. First 30 seconds remind me of a Jewel song. I'll look it up. (reblip)
BarrysLounge One of my favourite singers and songwriters @abarbosa and I was lucky enough to see him live

Peter Allen - I Go to Rio

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sanderschenk Live version of 1979 by the Pumpkins. A bit far away sound wise but still nice. Welcome @0vlad! (reblip)
BarrysLounge How have I never heard this before = the magic of the Blip ! Thanks @Gabrel ( and thanks for the follow ) (reblip)
sanderschenk Of all the covers I've blipped so far, this is by far the strangest! The Final Countdown from Toy Dolls. Via @DJstromer19 and @knitta. (reblip)
eck1973 I'M NOT IN LOVE - The Pretenders great version!! @StonyTunes (reblip)
eck1973 this is a tune, oh yes mark my words, oh ok then just listen n u decide
ecphaff this is a great track to chill out to. "what is soul?" "I dont know..." yeah man....
sanderschenk To be honest I like this Lily Allen cover better... Naive.
sanderschenk Man, I love Duran Duran and especially this song. Good cover from Mad At Gravity.
sanderschenk Some intriguing sounds in this song. And goodmorning to you all. (reblip)
k_mag Radiohead – Creep


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rasbo dancing is the only way to fight the cold @ecocity
rasbo slapping the bass, southern France hip hop just do it @priscilasv
rasbo The people in Guadeloupe are fighting against the government, pliss foss !
dirkpaul A very-underestimated track by Dire Straits... I love this. "Hallelujah, here she comes."
sanderschenk Another influence for Mazzy Star: "the massive guitar drone woven by The Velvet Underground on What Goes On".
warrenellis And this is how we do Sunday nights:
rasbo from In Bruges OST, best scenario possibly #oscars
ecphaff @rasbo thanks! from a beautiful and harrowing scene from "in Bruges". IMO friendship, dharma and self-sacrifice. made my stomach turn.. (reblip)
ptneves Well, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?) I really wanna know

The WhoWho Are You

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seanvincent one of my favourite bands that i will probably not see this side of the pond....shame it is..
sanderschenk Having a cup of coffee and feeling good! Let's make it a productive day in and around the house.
ShelleyH omg - you're gonna need more cowbell.
truejerseygirl This was on the Daily Show last night, and its been rattling around in my head ever since.
sanderschenk Catching up with the blips from @dirkpaul and found this one in the process. Definitely worth a reblip. (reblip)
daihard Good evening, everyone! Let's start by Prince tonight...
rasbo August 1955 : a young 14-year old boy was murdered. Bob Dylan sang for his memory


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dirkpaul From the most angry album by Skunk Anansie I bring you Secretly.
KathysArt @disconnesso - e poi dicono che non esiste l'amore vero.. Sara Lov – My Body Is a Cage (Arcade Fire Cover) (reblip)
ledfordphoto I :::heart::: Rock n Roll

Joan Jett - I Love Rock`n`Roll (early version with the sex pi

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liiiy Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh! Pro babão. =P
sanderschenk Brilliant cover version of Smells Like Teen Spirit! (reblip)
sanderschenk What to think of this track? Short and simple: nice! (reblip)
sanderschenk Thanks @ecphaff for putting me on the track of Matisyahu. This guy has a great musical style! Surprise, he is an orthodox Jew, with beard and all.
liligarcia @flavytcha veja: [MURRI ON] E-mail que recebi agora: "Lili, não vou usar meu trecho Quito/Manaus, vou com o Iron, de Eddie Force One". Ok. [MURRI OFF
sanderschenk Out of props, so I must reblip. No problem, my pleasure! Greetings @crispast! Like your Suede and Killers blip too by the way. (reblip)
sanderschenk @Karuna said: "I never thought I would like this song again, but here it is with Duffy singing, and...I like it again!" Me too! (reblip)

Duffy Tainted Love

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organicsue Iget down, but I get up again! *Chumbawamba – Tubthumping
TankPilot sorry about that spilt apple juice.
sanderschenk As promised. The Sun Always Shines on TV from A-Ha.
daihard I'm in the mood for ballads tonight. #7
sanderschenk Beautiful work from Coldplay. And of course the title fills me with pride... even as a resident from that other big city in Netherlands (Rotterdam) (reblip)


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dirkpaul I found a Simon & Garfunkel track @ecphaff. I hate them, but now I continuously hear Neil (Young Ones) singing "Hello darkness my old friend..."
ecphaff @dirkpaul thanks for the comic-relief. this is fun!!! LMFAO!!! :-)))
rasbo I love to give props to blippers that play songs I've uploaded (ones from consciencerasta.info ☛ http://is.gd/m9Yr ) BIG UP and keep blipping !
dirkpaul As heard on Dutch TV (DWDD) this evening. Hadn't heard this song for a long time, but it's still a great song.
rasbo there is a place, in... [pick a place you love and enjoy ☺]
sanderschenk A reply to this blip of @ecphaff: http://blip.fm/profile/ecphaff/blip/4596544. Same title... except for the part between parenthesis.
FiveFingers Easily two of the best cities in the world... x
dirkpaul "I remember Buffalo! I remember Hengelo! Seems to me I remember I every single f@#$ing place I know!"
daihard Found her CD while cleaning the living room... LOL
dirkpaul Was actually looking for 'Apartment Song' by The Hip, but I came across this interesting Joy Division cover by Calexico...
sanderschenk Good cover by Krezip. Change your heart... Look around you...
ecphaff He's talking about the new Pirelli Diablos... I think... :-)
daihard My name is Luka. I live on the second floor...

Suzanne Vega - Luka

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sanderschenk Welcome @sethcb! You're my 175th listener. That means I am already in the middle between the 100 and 250 badge. Thanks! (reblip)

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

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eck1973 tbh i dont understand a word but i like it :) hey blippers how y'all 2day its a sunny day here wahooooooo!!!


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eck1973 whaa who chop !!!


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sanderschenk I think Cocoon is a sympathetic band. I'll blip some of their own stuff in a moment, but first this very nice cover of Hey Ya!
daihard Yay @xhantee! BTW my nickname is "daihard". I know, it's easy to flip 'a' and 'i'... LOL (reblip)
rasbo say what ?! Soul Powah !!!
daihard Thanks @serendipitynz! Half an hour to go before the celebration here! (reblip)

The PoguesDanny Boy

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daihard Hope this doesn't offend you... @myniffie :)

PrinceSexy M.F.

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daihard Agreed @myniffie. In fact I blipped it just a few minutes ago. :) (reblip)
daihard Thanks much for the tips @brucifer! I'll try them tomorrow. (reblip)
dirkpaul "Instructions from the manual could no have been more plain The blues are still required." But it's springtime in Amsterdam!
dirkpaul Just heard the new Pearl Jam single, Brother... pretty good... but not available here. So I choose the 1st track I heard from them instead.

pearl jamalive

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ecphaff reading the account of the "JAWBREAKER" team. had to think of this song.
cleks nice tune ... good nite all !!!!!!!!!!!
daihard @brucifer Iron Maiden! It sure has been a while for me! (reblip)
daihard Hahaha... there's no Kokomo around here @myniffie :) (reblip)

Beach BoysKokomo

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brandisco Rich Girl (I am back in the 80's tonight)
daihard A Hard Day's Night...

Hard Days Night

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theclockworkbox Beirut – Postcards From Italy.
iara_syn música fodásticaaaaa!!!!


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TankPilot sun. (finally, after a week long rain)


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TankPilot words of wisdom from flea: fuck you asshole, you homophobic redneck dick. big & tough & macho, you can kick my ass. so fuckin what! so fuckin what.
Madigan thanks @briangreene, i knew i wasn't going mad!! (reblip)
sanderschenk For @dirkpaul and @ecphaff who were on a bit of a 'death' blipping streak earlier this morning...
sanderschenk Still playing with special characters. Let's make some noise with this cover of Ace of ♠♠♠. I imagine this is something for you @ecphaff?
sanderschenk Not exactly true mister Morrissey, my light IS going out. Well, just temporarily of course. Time to sleep. Have a good day, evening, night everybody!
sanderschenk Great cover version of "Don't dream it's over". Thanks @sandman 5 and @tubilino! (reblip)
daihard I gotta be daihard... LOL (I'm out of props for you @lilwldchld) (reblip)

Des'reeYou Gotta Be

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daihard I am going back to find some peace of mind in Seattle... LOL
daihard I'm OOP for you too @MaddMatt :) Well six minutes to go! (reblip)
sanderschenk Ah, the good old eighties... Never knew these guys were Swiss.
hansreitzema Yeah! | Albert King in da house
siavogel zomaar omdat het altijd leuk blijft, normaal, oerend hard.

NormaalOerend Hard

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thatgreenmaid Elvis Costello – Watching The Detectives I love this bass line. LOVE!
daihard I got reblipping to work on FF but not effortlessly. Something's definitely going on behind the scene... @ladypn (reblip)
daihard Strange @SevenTenths I've tried to reblip a couple of your Crash songs but blip.fm says can't find them. Hmm. (They found this one okay, though.) (reblip)
ecphaff cant wait to go to the "efteling" :-)
dirkpaul The original of Winehouse's Valerie.

The ZutonsValerie

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daihard [rb davidmiller vi@jakamacs] Carly Simon – You're So Vain (reblip)
sanderschenk Chris Isaak metal style...

Him - Wicked Game

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BradWest A strong singer with a message about a not-so-strong personality. Interesting contrast.
hansreitzema I.M. 11 mei 1981 - 11 mei 2009 | Bob Marley - Mr. Brown | vergeten nummer... ten onrechte!!!

Bob MarleyMr. Brown

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sanderschenk Man, this is good! Can't thank you enough @spydrgyrl for hooking me up! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
hansreitzema Help @AnitaUnderCover aan een koelkast! | Albert 'the Iceman' Collins plays Frosty
iara_syn "My name is Sue! how do you do! Now you gonna die!" mr. Cash ao vivo

Johnny Cash "A Boy Named Sue" ORIGINAL

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dirkpaul Ouch, @sanderschenk blipped us. Kind of painful to hear Hadley sing this... (reblip)
ecphaff the most beautiful version of this song. wish I could play a trumpet. the sound cuts through through your soul.

Cake on Fog Town Network

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dirkpaul @ecphaff: Motorcycle Emptiness?

Manic Street Preachers. Motorcycle Emptiness,

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ecphaff dreaming of vacation in Liguria. some exploring on the bike, and camparis at night.
shadowcastFM Been work on my own cocktail called "get the hell out a bed sleepyhead" ...tabasco and redbull :-)
Crispas 7. Noche del Demonio ¿Miguel Hernández era mariquita?

WIRE: Heartbeat (1979)

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sanderschenk Thanks for the follow @mcya! Saw you blipping Dear Prudence earlier today. I like this version a tiny bit better than that from Jerry Garcia Band ;-)

Siouxsie & the Banshees "Dear Prudence" (Nocturne)

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sanderschenk Good evening @Flurps! Lots of The The blipping going on today. Must be all the reblips. Like this one, it's simply too good to be left unreblipped... (reblip)
daihard [rb @angiece] Charlie Parker – Tico Tico (reblip)
sanderschenk Hi @camilakise, long time no hear? Or were we just not in blipping unison? Love this track by the way! (reblip)

Depeche ModeMartyr

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gobcarlqvist Cash.

Johnny Cash- Ring of Fire 1968

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dirkpaul Just listening to Amy McDonald on #pp09 - but this is the real fun Scottish music!

Robert Johnson-Ramlin' On My Mind

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sanderschenk @mcya: "lots of people do this song; i listened to all of 'em. this version? F#*@ YEAH !!" <<< You said it! (reblip)
sanderschenk My sweet daughter... she drives me crazy! It's way past 11 PM over here and she's still wide awake. Want's to play. She's three for crying out loud!
sanderschenk Good blipping by @Atomik. My favorite top three. This is # 3. (reblip)

MumI'm 9 Today

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sanderschenk Nice one Marcel! Love the original too. I believe it was from Black? @marceldeleeuwe (reblip)
lafuria The school of rock

Edge Of Seventeen-Stevie Nicks 1983

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gerardvanderstar Do you want to know what love is?

Foreigner-I Want to Know What Love Is

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sanderschenk Hey back at you @crispast ;-)

Pixies Hey

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sanderschenk @CalMa: "Il mio commiato, per adesso. Statemi bene tutti" <<< Thanks for the best wishes. It's fun learning Italian this way. Thanks Google Translate. (reblip)
TankPilot who has fruit packing factories downtown?
TankPilot as moby said: this is probably the only disco song about quantum mechanics.
Lochetic good morning blippers

"Good Morning Britian" by Aztec Camera

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sanderschenk More Silversun Pickups from the same radio station (?) recording. Enjoy.

Silversun Pickups- Kissing Families(Good Quality)

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davidmherman Reminds me of those nights @ The Fridge in Brixton: Respect@stustevens: "@djilo going again, as that one didnt play" (reblip)
shelltone ♪SOUVENIR (#12 in "THE STRANGER 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION 〔Disc2〕") - Billy Joel


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sanderschenk Inbetween meetings... This is the perfect blip for the five minutes breathing time I have now. Thanks @Ababernardo! (reblip)

Manic Street Preachers If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next, With lyrics.

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22Crystal22 Good morning, so Easy like Sunday Morning:)


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sanderschenk It's been ages since I heard this for the last time. Thanks @Myr! (reblip)

Rollins BandLiar

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headshaker it's sad that you think that we're all just scenesters.
sanderschenk Nice blipping @storylet! Love this track and the DCFC song you blipped just ago. (reblip)

Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

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Foo Fighters - The Best of You

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kerbero_chan We cannot forget those who has pasted away!!! Blind Melon No Rain

Blind Melon No Rain

| play
MissMacGuffin Pues eso, que te calles y me dejes marcharme ;)

Patti Smith's "Because the Night"

| play
sanderschenk @ecphaff Your S-Express blip somehow made me think of this other band. Lots of S' here... Good old eighties ;-)

Sigue Sigue Sputnik / Success (12" Mix)

| play
ecphaff parapapapapapa (no idea what theyre singing... but trying to get pumped up for work tomorrow :-( (made me think of the movie...)


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sanderschenk The Cure cover zen style...

Angie Hart-Pictures of you

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sanderschenk It was @b0nk that reminded me of this song in my early blipping days. The original version that was. How are things at The @b0nk Cult nowadays?
BarrysLounge This one is for you @LizzieMCullen


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sanderschenk My favorite Wallflowers song. Maybe that is because it's their only song that I know ;-)
sanderschenk One of the lesser known Simple Minds tracks. From their early years.
sanderschenk Nouvelle Vague does The Cure. Don't have to think about that. That's a certain reblip! Greetings to @storylet @rkmonkey @LadyFantastick and more... (reblip)
sanderschenk Waiting for the night to fall? Not me I ain't. Night has definitely fallen over here, so it's good night from me to you!
BarrysLounge Thinking about tomorrow's set at the Met Bar .... hmmmm
BarrysLounge Halston , Gucci , Fiorucci ! Dress to impress ....
sanderschenk @Atomik Love a good DM blip. Of course, a DM blip is always good! (reblip)
sanderschenk "john mayer sings tom petty. sweet!" <<< Sweet indeed @femarzano. And thanks for the follow. (reblip)
DrFunkypants I can't see anyone else smiling in here
sanderschenk Staying a bit with A-Ha. Two covers of the same song. Both very distinctive. Cover 1.

Take On Me-A-Ha-Ukulele Cover

| play
sanderschenk Staying a bit with A-Ha. Two covers of the same song. Both very distinctive. Cover 2.

Take On Me Metal Cover (A-Ha) with Death Proof Car Chase

| play
sanderschenk Strange?! Somehow that last blip, with the two cars chasing each other, reminded me of this superb clip from The Cardigans. Cheers!
sanderschenk It always makes me happy ☺ when I see this beautiful song on someones blip list. This time it's thumbs up for @femarzano! (reblip)
ecphaff falco cover "come on, rock me amadeus!"
TankPilot i wanna girl with a short skirt and a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong, errrm, jacket.
TankPilot u gatsta fight fight fight 4 yer right
Listersmate @StarStruk I LOVE this movie!!!

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

| play
gobcarlqvist Luna - Dizzy

Dizzy @ Luna

| play
sanderschenk Sweet Child of Mine cover played by two guys on #ukelele. Hilarious!
ecphaff some more more more (we should blast this from the speakers at work...)

IAM-Quand tu allais, on revenait

| play
sanderschenk Let me see you stripped... A Depeche Mode classic.
kimbach Compton was a nature-preserve for bunny rabbits before Gangsta Rap came along!!!
kimbach elsker bare smuds! #koxbox @bthecat: "if ♡ is a red dress...then get me one." (reblip)
kimbach all bow to our heavenly mother - we're all pwned #koxbox @JDsRecordShop: "[bob marley – sun is shining]" (reblip)
BarrysLounge Keep these tunes coming @SkankinMissP .... I'm learning and loving it (reblip)
DrFunkypants You're bound to lose... Billy Bragg & Wilco, from Mermaid Ave vol II
kimbach no no no no no no no no no no there's no limit #tabletfever #koxbox
TankPilot reminded/inspired by @starmunki

Danzig I'm The One

| play
TankPilot pickin' up where i left off: i bombed korea every night!!!!

i bombed korea by cake

| play
michielveenstra In navolging van @jkazius, een Valentijntje voor m'n meissie!

Hootie and The Blowfish -Only wanna be with you

| play
Vincentio Missing Summer: We need Motorcycles!
tonysacanix Antigo e estranho, mas é bom. "White Zombie - Thunder Kiss '65"
jccc The best cover of Hotel California.
Gioca sehr schön >rb>@Raha (reblip)

Quincy Jones "The Dude"

| play

Paul Weller plays 'You Do Something To Me'

| play
MexiGo On the Road List: Pulp – "Disco 2000"

PulpDisco 2000

| play
tonie47 clap your hands everybody...
TankPilot hell yeah!

Hell yeah-Bloodhound gang

| play
ecphaff "and we swing the hammer, and we sing..."

The Misfits-Last Caress

| play
TankPilot jefu to mififi? mififi! @Plastic mislim da mi je @kimen reko da je sinoć u 100tki vidio @bendrixa kak se bari s @trent_reznorom i @christy_of_beaumetz

The Misfits-We Are 138

| play
TankPilot thank the lord for answering machines

No DoubtSpiderwebs

| play
daihard Well it will be a few more days before I can drive again...
hansreitzema STIR IT UP! | I´ll push the wood | blaze your fire | then I´ll satisfy your heart´s desire
candy156sweet AC/DC - Shoot To Thrill Iron Man 2 ROCKS! So does AC/DC :) Have a good weekend!

ACDC- Shoot To Thrill

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TankPilot #longsongs sestre milosrdnice aka vinogradska


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